tagLoving WivesAlison's Fateful Afternoon

Alison's Fateful Afternoon

byBig Gunz©

Alison Preece was bored. She was also horny, a dangerous combination for a woman whose husband was not around for a couple of weeks. An even more daunting proposition when a handsome, muscular contractor was.

The 29 year-old high school teacher was off for the summer and stuck overseeing some renovations to the house while her husband Philip was away on a business trip. It wasn't spending so much time at home during her vacation that put her in such a jaded mood, it was the fact that her husband was out of town and she was lonely. It was about half way through her hubby's 13 day trip that her loneliness was joined by its ugly cousin, horniness.

Alison and Philip had been high school sweethearts and got engaged in college. They married shortly after graduation and by all accounts had a pretty good life together. Neither had ever strayed from one another the entire time they had been in a relationship, as a matter of fact neither one of them had even slept with another person – ever.

It was likely some combination of her current solitude and long-time, deeply hidden curiosity of what it would be like to be intimate with another man, which led Alison to a certain fateful summer afternoon.

She had noticed right away that Brad, the contractor they had hired to finish the basement of their recently purchased home, was a handsome man. Slightly older than her, she guessed mid-thirties; he was muscular and tanned with sandy brown hair and a goatee - much more rough and rugged looking than her office-bound husband.

Alison had also noticed that their new contractor did not shy away from taking advantage of any opportunity he had to check out the lady of the house. He made virtually no attempt to conceal his lingering glances whenever she was in his line of sight. She could not help but admit to herself that she was kind of flattered by the attention, especially with Philip not there to pay her any.

A beautiful woman, she knew that plenty of men, not just Brad and her husband, were regularly giving her the once over wherever she went. At the high school where she taught it was common knowledge to both students and faculty alike that Mrs. Preece was by far the most fantasized about teacher – by both groups.

Alison was around 5'6" tall, with a gorgeous face and killer body. Her dirty blonde hair fell to her mid-back in multiple layers of long, relaxed spiral curls that helped give her a certain flirtatious appeal. She kept herself in great shape and had managed to keep practically the same figure she had back in high school when she had first met her husband. Her legs were sleek and shapely, and her ass curvy and tight, but it was her ample bosom that garnered the most attention. A natural 38C, her breasts were round and firm, and often difficult to contain in some of the tight-fitting or low-cut tops she frequently fashioned.

So, with all the pieces in place – a beautiful young woman who was lonesome and in an easily aroused state of mind, a ruggedly good-looking contractor who clearly liked what he saw, and an out-of-town husband – the stage was set for that fateful summer afternoon.

The flirting was innocent at first – perhaps. There was the lemonade she brought him in the morning. Then there was the friendly hand on her shoulder that remained a bit too long. And of course there were the stolen glances, by both of them, whenever she entered or exited the basement.

Brad certainly was enjoying the playful interaction, the pleasure he took in their back and forth was apparent by the growing bulge in his tight work jeans. Every time he set his eyes on her that day his manhood ached. He could not know for sure, but he was fairly certain that she had taken some extra time and special considerations when she prepared herself for the day.

Alison was wearing a white cotton blouse, low cut and tight around her chest. Tied in a loose knot just above her navel, the shirt was only buttoned a few times, leaving a significant amount of her amazing cleavage on display – the white lace push-up bra underneath not hurting either. The ridiculously petite Daisy Duke Jean shorts she paired it with ran so high on her leg that she most definitely would have been flashing her panties – if she had bothered to put any on. The beautiful layers of her wavy rounded curls trailing down her back added the final touch to her ensemble.

As hard and horny as the rugged contractor was getting, the effect of the day's flirtations were also taking their toll on the lady of the house. By mid-afternoon, after a playful bit of teasing on her part and an overly long stare at her bosom on his part, she found herself to be quite hot and bothered – and in need of some relief.

Slipping into her bedroom after leaving Brad and his aching manhood downstairs to pine for her next appearance, she made her way over to the bed and hastily prepared herself for some long overdue personal attention. First, she undid the buttons on her blouse and untied the bottom, flipping open the shirt and freeing her overflowing chest. Next, she popped open the button on her short shorts and unzipped, allowing the cool, air-conditioned draft to tickle her smooth shaven pussy. Finally, she slid her shorts right off and kicked them to the floor, allowing her to spread her legs wide and feel the full effect of the chilled air against her hot and moist cunt.

Alison's hands started at her neck, slowly running her fingers down through the curls that lay tangled on her shoulders and onto her tits. Her right hand continued south, while the left stayed behind and began to gently massage her breasts. With a soft moan of anticipation, her right hand made its way down to her crotch and onto her mound. Squeezing her hardening left nipple through the lace of her bra with one hand, she used the other one to slowly run a finger around her parted pussy lips. Shuddering with expectation, she gently eased her middle finger into the warmth of her yearning cunt and sighed in liberation.

As she began to pinch her now erect nipples and slowly stroke her finger in and out of her dampening pussy, her mind began to wander from the task at hand, or hands to be more specific, and she allowed her thoughts to turn to that of fantasy. At first she pictured Philip coming home and the two of them racing upstairs for a passionate night of lovemaking. She truly did miss her husband and yearned for his return, but as she masturbated to these images, she found the release she was craving too slow in manifesting itself. Becoming desperate for an orgasm, she soon found other thoughts slowly creeping into her sexual fantasy.

Both the pressure she was exerting with the pinch on her nipple and the rate at which her finger raced in and out of her cunt increased exponentially as she allowed her mind to travel to places it had never ventured before. Gone were the images of gentle lovemaking with her husband. Instead they were replaced by a picture of something much more illicit and torrid. She squeezed her eyes shut and imagined Brad taking her forcefully and having his way with her. The thought of the muscular contractor on top of her made her squeeze her aching nipple so hard that she let out a little gasp of pain, while at the same time necessitated the index finger of her right hand to join her middle finger in pleasuring between her legs. She furiously fingered herself to the fantasy of becoming intimate with this handsome man, but not making love to him – fucking him, hard and dirty.

Alison's manic masturbation began to completely consume her entire body in her quest for sexual release. Her left hand zealously groped at her bra-covered tits, while the fingers on her right hand feverishly dunked in and out of her pussy at an ever increasing pace. The bed squeaked with the movement of her entire body as she began to moan in pre-orgasmic delight. So loud did her moans become, that she was completely oblivious to the entrance of another person into her bedroom.

Brad could not believe his good fortune. He had come upstairs to use the washroom – in truth to jerk off and relieve his own sexual frustration, when he heard the noises coming from the master bedroom. Peeking in, he was stunned to find the very woman responsible for his current dick discomfort sprawled out in all her glory pleasuring herself. Instantly the ache in his groin was amplified to an almost unbearable level. Watching her in the throes of self-gratification, her hands attacking her body, her eyes pressed shut, her moans increasing – he could not stand it any longer.

His move to the bed was both clandestine and expeditious. By the time he dropped himself beside her, his hands and lips were already moving to their assigned positions. Landing to her left side, his left hand immediately covered her busy hand over her pussy, while his mouth quickly met hers and forced a hard kiss against her lips. Still lost in the haze of her sexual fantasies, Alison allowed herself to instantly return the kiss, her tongue hungrily darting out and into his mouth. It was not until he broke the lip-lock and aimed the attention of his lips at her heaving bosom, that she managed to snap back to reality and open her eyes.

She watched in stunned silence as Brad's hand moved from between her legs to clutch at her right breast and directed it against his awaiting mouth. She gasped as she felt the warmth of his tongue through the lacy material of her bra, and was still speechless as he quickly turned his face back to hers and engaged her in another ravenous kiss that she could not refuse. Everything was moving so fast that what was happening was barely even beginning to register in her mind by the time he slid down her body and repositioned himself in between her open legs – his head promptly dropping down to greet her dripping snatch.

Replacing her busy fingers with his mouth, he had already managed to facilitate several wet licks up and down her swollen cunt lips and had begun darting his tongue in and out of her soggy fuck-hole by the time Alison had even begun to turn her thoughts of astonishment and resistance into words. In fact, her own body was clearly moving faster than her mind at this point and had already began to rock to and fro, in pace with her aggressor's talented oral weapon. She almost managed to utter some semblance of a vocal reaction, but was quickly halted by the sensation of his lips sucking relentlessly on her clit. Her half-words were subsequently replaced by guttural sounds of animalistic arousal, and she stared in awe as her invader pulled away from her red hot pussy and spit on her fiery fuck button. She could not even begin to rationalize the feelings she was experiencing - never before had she received this kind of oral attention from her husband.

As she watched Brad continue the wet assault in between her legs, she felt her body give in more and more to the pleasure that this erotic ambush was providing. By the time he inserted a pair of his rough fingers into her snatch and began to pump away, her mind had begun to join her physical defection. Her head snapped back in response to the sensation coursing through her body, and her attempts at verbal refusals turned almost completely into animated moans of acceptance. The final barrier of her mental defence came crumbling down as her handsome intruder pulled his fingers out of her dripping cunt and proceeded to bring them up to her lips. Like a starved savage, she enthusiastically licked and sucked at the offering – thrilling in the excitement of tasting her own creamy love juices.

Alison trembled uncontrollably as she watched his gifted mouth return its concentration to her needy mound, and she bit her bottom lip as she felt the rush of an orgasm begin to wash over her body. She cried out and grabbed hold of the bed-sheets as he licked, sucked and fingered her through an intense release of her pent-up sexual frustrations. Her heart racing and head spinning from the massive explosion of sexual energy, this time when he presented his sticky fingers in front of her face she immediately grabbed hold of his hand and jammed them into her mouth – lapping hungrily and desperate to savour every drop of her sweet pussy nectar.

Still clutching at his wrist, she was easily led up onto her knees as Brad repositioned himself into a kneeling position on the bed. Pulling his cleansed fingers away from her thorough mouth, his hands worked fast to unbuckle his belt and undo his jeans. By the time he had his cock out, she needed no encouragement to speedily take hold of his manhood and slide it in between her anxious lips. Straight away she implemented a steady and deliberate rhythm of taking his dick as deep into her throat as she could, pulling her mouth completely off of him, and then slurping his meat back in between her lips. As his hips matched the pace of her cock-sucking, his right hand found its way to the back of her head and he grabbed a handful of her dirty blonde locks. He looked down at her in delight as she halted the blow job and began to stroke his unit vehemently. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes as he smiled devilishly and used the fistful of her curls he had intertwined in his fingers to redirect her mouth back down to his penis. Returning the favour of his move earlier, she spit on the head of his cock before her lips descended back onto his shaft.

After several more minutes of Alison's determined combination of sucking and stroking, he slowly brought his hands down to the sides of her face and gently moved her away from her rigorous work of blowing him. He guided her up to face him and pulled her in for a deep kiss. The taste of his pre-cum danced between their tongues only briefly, for as quick as the lip-lock began, it ended, and he swiftly relocated her with a forceful shove that sent her tumbling rearward and landing on her backside on the bed. Adjusting rapidly, she made herself more comfortable and stretched her legs out in front of her as she watched him swiftly remove his sweat stained t-shirt. She let out a gasp as he grabbed her behind the knees and hauled her towards him, leaving her eager cunt mere inches away from his throbbing manhood.

Brad's dick slid into her in one slick movement. He plunged in and pulled completely out of her pussy several times before finally slamming it all the way home and beginning his cadenced thrusting deep into her fuck-hole. With her eyes squeezed shut in sexual delight, her hands made their way down to her heaving bosom and slid her bra down below breasts. He held her by the knees as he pumped his cock in and out of her hot cunt at an accelerated pace, necessitating her hands to clutch at the bed-sheets as her body rocked back and forth in time with his tempo. She moaned and licked her lips as she felt his balls slap against her ass with each powerful thrust of his hips. He watched in approval as her tits swayed back and forth in rhythm to his fuck-pace, then pulled his rock hard meat out of her and slapped the tip of his dick against her clit several times – drawing an equal amount of squeals from his lover. Watching as he slid his cock back inside of her greedy pussy, her hands flew back onto her breasts and began vigorously massaging her massive orbs and pinching her erect nipples.

A few more minutes of fucking followed, until he gradually slowed his speed and eventually pulled out of her. Alison held her breath in anxious anticipation as he once again repositioned them both, this time placing her on top of him, straddling his crotch with her back to him. Once again, her slick and stretched snatch offered little resistance as she lowered herself down onto his throbbing manhood.

With her new location on top of Brad, it was her turn to set the pace of their fucking, and hers was one that began slow and gradually increased. With his hands placed firmly on her ass, she leaned back and placed hers on his chest for balance as she began to slide up and down on his dick. As her speed picked up, she swung her left arm around to her front, allowing her hand to immediately move down to her cunt and her fingers to begin viciously rubbing her clit. She began to cry out in rapture as she bounced up and down on top of him, his hands now helping guide her ass up and down to aid in accelerating the rhythm of their sex. Her long curls danced on her shoulders in time with their fucking, as her hand traveled from her beat red clit to her animated breasts in an attempt to secure her huge tits as they flailed about her chest. She moaned deeply and slowed her pace, beginning to rotate her hips and grind her pussy deeply onto his cock. Her head flipped back in satisfaction, her curly locks swaying away from her sweaty back and into the face of her lover.

Sensing another orgasm building, Alison picked up the tempo of her riding and began springing up and down at her fastest rate yet. Her enthusiastic cries became louder and more frequent as her hand alternated between clutching at her bosom, leaning against his chest for stability, and running through her hair in the throes of zealous lust. With a near-primal scream, the explosion hit her. Her body shook involuntarily as her second orgasm grabbed hold of her with a fury she had never felt before. Slowing her fuck-pace to a near halt to recover from her release, she tenderly rolled her hips, swirling his pulsating meat inside her drenched cunt until she could see straight again. Her hips began to pick up speed as her head cleared, and she figured he must be getting close to being finished himself. Leaning forward slightly, she grabbed hold of her impressive tits with both hands and started rocking back and forth in a sit-down motion, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy at her will. Without delay, her passionate moans were beginning to be matched by his lustful groans, signalling his finale would be imminent.

With a firm slap on her ass and a buck of his hips, Brad indicated his impending orgasm and directed her off of his throbbing manhood. Without any further guidance or instruction, she instantly got down on her knees and grabbed hold of his pulsing dick, aiming it at her hungry mouth. Sliding his cock between her lips, her right hand slowly and firmly began stroking his shaft, desperate to facilitate his release. Sucking and pumping fanatically, her blonde curls flew wildly as her head bobbed up and down on his fuck-stick. Feeling the wave building under her firm grip, she pulled her lips away from the tip of his rod and gave a couple more hard strokes. On cue, a stream of his hot white fuck juice erupted and splashed directly onto her waiting tongue. Her hand continued to pump feverishly, coating his shaft with his cum as she squeezed every drop out of him. Slowly she lowered her head back down, taking the head of his softening prick back into her mouth and delighting in the salty taste of his delicious man cream. Pulling back gradually, his dick eased from her mouth, leaving a string of cum and saliva between her lips and the head of his cock. Her eyes darted to meet his stare briefly, and then she turned away with a sly smile.

As she turned away from his eyes, the realization of what she had done came crashing down on Alison like a ton of bricks. She had cheated on her husband – the man she loved. She felt sick to her stomach as she silently cursed herself for being so foolish and week – giving into temptation in a moment of loneliness and lust. She hated herself. Shame washed over her psyche and words like 'slut' and 'whore' were painted across her mind's eye. How could she have done this to Philip, her devoted and loving husband? Even worse, how could she have been such a willing and enthusiastic participant in this adulterous act? She felt like a slut, and knew that whore was the appropriate term for a woman like herself. She vowed right then and there that it would never happen again and that she would spend every minute of every day trying to make up for the unconscionable betrayal she had perpetrated this fateful afternoon. Of course the first thing she would have to do would be to stop stroking Brad's stiffening dick, and wondering to herself if he was ready to go again...

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