tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Aboard! Ch. 02

All Aboard! Ch. 02


My thoughts lingered on the woman onlooker as I boarded the train and made my way to the restroom. The 'occupied' sign was lit on two of the three restrooms and I contemplated my options. Inside one of these rooms was a sultry brunette with green piercing eyes. She had been corrupted by her need to close a deal with my boss and at this moment her clit was surely being teased and tortured by the panties I had instructed her to pull up into her pussy. If things went as I had imagined, she would be my willing slave until lunchtime when I was to arrange a meeting between her and Mr. Reyes, my boss. I had often fantasized about dominating a woman and had even dabbled a bit with previous girlfriends. But never before had the control been so complete. I found the power intoxicating.

One of the status signs on the doors slide to unoccupied and the door opened. An old gray haired lady shuffled out and made her way past me smiling a warm smile. I found myself smiling back but not out of courtesy, but more out of the knowledge of what was waiting for me through the other door. I stepped forward and rapped sharply three times.

"Shana, open the door now." My voice raspy and slightly hushed.

I saw the sign flip over and I took the doorknob and twisted. The door opened and I saw Shana backed against the back wall of the cramped room. I stepped in far enough to close the door and relocked the door before leaning my back against it. I had expected to be greeted by the sight of Shana's pussy being split by her panties. Instead, she stood fully clothed, her shoulders raised and it looked as though she was trying to make a stand. My cock was growing hard just looking at her standing there defiantly. I had always enjoyed it more when my slaves fought back.

"Well, Slut, I see that you have a problem with following instructions. That can be remedied."

"No!" she crossed her arms to emphasis her point. "I'm not doing this, you're not doing this. You are just a bully. A sick son of a bitch bully. I'm getting out of here. Now!"

She pushed herself off of the wall and made the two steps necessary to reach me. She put her arm out to try to push me aside and gain access to the door. I decided that this was more a show for her self esteem and took her arm and twisted it behind her back as I swung her body around. My other arm came up around her neck as I bent her ear to my mouth.

"I don't know what you are trying to pull but you will do as you are told. I understand that you are having a hard time coming to grips with your situation, but I have offered to help. And I will help you if you pay my fee. And my fee is you. You for the next four hours or so. Not a bad price at all considering that it buys you your company. Now I am willing to overlook your outburst this time. Once more and I walk away. No more chances. Understand?"

Her head moved almost imperceptibly in a nod as I felt tears run over the arm that was holding her head in place. Sensing that she had finally accepted her fate I released her neck but kept a grip on her arm. My hand moved down to unbutton her blouse as I shifted us around so that she was visible in the large mirror. Her tits still hung outside of her bra and their slight curvature pushed her nipples up. I gripped each tit in turn and squeezed each hard until I heard a gasp.

"Have you ever done any bondage, Slut?" her breath had quickened as I kneaded her nipples with my free hand.

"Not really. One boyfriend tied me up once. That's it."

I moved quickly to grip her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and applied pressure as I twisted it. I steadily increased the pressure until she was writhing against me trying to pull her tortured nipple free.

"What are you forgetting, Slut?"

"What! I don't know! I answered you! Please stop!"

"Think about it. You answered me but not properly. How are you to address me?"

"Master! Master! Please stop!"

I relaxed my grip and gently kneaded her nipple. I looked in the mirror to see that it was bright red and distended. My cock strained against my pants and was riding against Shana's ass as she squirmed. I figured that it was time to see just how obedient of a slut she was going to be.

"When I release you, you are to remove your skirt, sit up on the counter and spread your legs. Understand?"

"Yes." As she saw my hand come up and start to grip her other nipple she quickly added, "Master! Yes, Master."

I gripped her nipple and pulled hard, lifting her tit straight away from her body and then started twisting. Shana squirmed and tried to bend over to get away. I bent with her and then roughly straightened her back up using her arm and nipple as leverage.

"I gave you one pass when I let your outburst go earlier. Every infraction with be met with swift discipline. Now remove your skirt and get your ass up onto the counter."

"Yes, Master," left Shana's lips in a whisper.

"Speak up when you address me, yes?"

"Yes, Master," she said with more force and conviction.

"Good." I released her nipple and arm.

She took a tentative step forward and reached behind her back to unzip her skirt. She half turned and wriggled her hips to slide the skirt down her legs. She stepped out of her skirt and turned to slide up onto the counter.

"Wait!" I approached her and looked her straight in the eye. "Why aren't your panties up in your pussy where I put them?"

"They were hurting me." A few seconds delay, "Master."

"They were meant to hurt. They were meant to make you feel like the slut that you are for the day. They were meant to tease and torture that clit. Now put your legs out wide and squat down until I tell you to stop."

Shana's face showed confusion and a bit of fear but she complied. She planted her high-heeled feet about three and a half feet apart and started to squat. Once her thighs were parallel with the floor I told her to stop. For the next two minutes I watched as a sheen of sweat formed on her forehead and her thighs began to shake, making the lace of her thigh highs quiver.

"You are to stay exactly as you are. Don't move and do not flinch. If you do either, I will start over. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

I nodded my approval as I leaned forward and gripped her panties at the crotch and pulled them aside. I have always been partial to a nice set of pussy lips and Shana's pussy was quite exceptional. As the panties were pulled aside, her lips came into view. One dangled down a good inch and a half. The other slowly unstuck from her labia and joined its mate. Both lips were red and slightly swollen. Unsure if the redness was from excitement or friction from her panties, I ran my finger between her lips. Unable to resist, I slid my finger up into her pussy and found her wet. Not excessively wet, but still, she couldn't hide her reaction. As my finger found her clit, Shana gasped. I circled my finger around her clit and applied a good amount of pressure directly onto it.

"Mmmm." Shana's legs shook more as she fought to maintain her position and control her pussy.

"Remember not to move."

"Yes, Master." Her voice was throaty and husky. Her transformation surprised me but excited me even more. I drew my hand back and brought it up on the inside of her left thigh with enough force to leave an immediate red mark in the shape of my hand.

"Oww! What the hell!"

She stood up as much as she could without moving her feet. I placed my hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down into her squatting position. She started to stand again as she saw my hand draw back for another slap. Instead of slapping her thigh, I grabbed her pussy lips and started to pull down.

"I told you not to move or flinch. We can do this all the way to the city or you can follow your instructions and maybe receive some pleasure."

Her pussy lips were stretched down at least three inches and my fingers were white where they gripped her. Slowly Shana returned to her squatting position and I slowly slid my fingers down until each of her lips snapped up. She gasped as the first lip released and a whimper escaped her lips with the second. I looked up at her face to find her eyes closed and drew my hand back again. This time I targeted the inside of her right thigh. Once again she rose up but this time she quickly returned to her position.

Ten more slaps followed the first two and her thighs were fiery red. Again I slid my fingers in between her pussy lips and this time found that she was indeed wetter than before. Shana moaned and dipped down to meet my hand. I thrust two fingers inside her pussy and hooked them forward.

"Oh God, yes." Her thigh shook harder as she fought to maintain her squat and fight off the pleasure.

"Slut, look at me." She opened her eyes and met my gaze. "You are not to cum without my permission. Do you understand?"

Her face was a mask of confusion as I continued to apply pressure to her G-spot. Her breathing had grown halted and erratic.

"I have to ask you for permission to cum? I need to cum now. May I cum please?" Seeing the stern look on my face she quickly added, "Master. May I please cum, Master?"

This was exactly the position that I wanted her in for the last of her discipline. "No, you may not cum. You are not to move either."

I quickly yanked my fingers from her pussy to the combination of a sharp intake of breath by Shana and a slurping from her pussy as my fingers pulled free. Before she could adjust, I brought my hand up full force directly on her pussy. Her pussy lips were compressed and then pulled away from her body as they stuck to my hand. Even as she was rising up to protect her tender pussy, I was bringing my hand up for another strike. I quickly placed my left hand on her shoulder to keep her in position as I delivered three more strikes directly to her pussy. After the fifth strike, tears started to form and roll down her cheeks.

"There are consequences for disobedience. Now, I want you to tell me when the pain is gone."

As I finished speaking, I thrust three fingers into her pussy and began fucking her pussy with my hand. With in seconds, Shana's thighs were shaking and she managed to speak.

"Please may I cum, Master? The pain is gone. I need to cum. God, please!"


That one word released a dam in Shana. Quite literally. I had seen a woman 'squirt' before, but Shana's body sagged until her ass was nearly touching the floor and her pussy gushed until there was a sizable puddle on the floor and my arm was soaked. I continued thrusting my hand in and out of her pussy as she continued to ride her orgasm. Five minutes in, all I had to do was barely stroke her G-spot to continue her ride. I gave her another two minutes of riding her wave of pleasure and then removed my hand. A couple of minutes later she had composed herself.

I looked down at her squatting at my feet. Her make up was streaked from her tears and sweat, her hair was mussed and hanging slightly limp around her face and her tits still peeked out from her unbuttoned blouse. Her nipples were bruised and still swollen. Her thighs were a warm glow of red and her pussy was a pleasant pink and puffy. She looked even sexier to me now. "Get up on your knees, Slut. I think its time that you earned that favor."

Shana twisted around to get her knees under her. She slipped twice in the slick puddles she had made. She rested back on her heels and looked up at me. I stepped forward and watched as she undid my belt and pants and pulled them down to my thighs. My briefs had a large wet spot from my cock oozing precum. I pulled my cock out and placed it at Shana's lips.

"Start sucking. Show me how talented you are, Slut."

And show me she did. Her tongue darted out to lick the head of my cock. It tickled the underside of my shaft as she took me into her mouth. Slowly she sucked up and down my cock, alternating suction strength. As I placed my hand on the back of her head, she complied with the pressure I applied and swallowed my cock down her throat. I held her head in place for a good thirty seconds before allowing her to back away and take a breath. Strings of spit hung from her chin as she gasped for breath.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," I demanded.

Her tongue laid against her bottom lip as I took my cock in my hand and started stroking myself. After a few seconds, I slapped her tongue with my cock. I then took her head in my hands and started slowly fucking her mouth as she slurped and gasped for air. A couple minutes later, I was unable to hold back any longer and started to shoot cum into her mouth. She molded her lips around my cock as I finished and looked up at me as I pulled my cock from her mouth.

She raised her eyebrows in question and I answered, "Swallow it, Slut."

I could see the disgust on her face, but she struggled and swallowed. A few seconds later her eyes welled up and tears started rolling down her cheeks. She buried her face in her hands and started to cry in earnest. I dressed and gave her a couple of minutes and then gripped her elbow and helped her to her feet.

"What's that all about?"

"I don't really know. It was like a weight was lifted. I don't know how to describe it." A pause and then, "Master. It was just like a dam let loose after you came and the tears just came."

"Regardless, you need to get cleaned up." I looked down at her legs and saw that her hose were a mess. I checked my watch, "We've got about twenty minutes before we pull into the station. I suggest that you lose the hose and get yourself more presentable. We have a short trip to take after we get into the city. Make sure your panties are pulled up since you failed to follow that instruction before and lose the bra."

"Yes, Master. May I ask where we are going?"

"My company has a couple of apartments in the city. We will be using one of them until we leave to meet Mr. Reyes."

Her surprise registered on her face as she realized that we were just getting started.

"Come on out when you are done cleaning up. I'll find us a couple of seats. And don't disappoint me, Slut."

I gave her ass a slap before opening the door and stepping out into the hall. I was heady with the realization of what had just happened. I had a woman completely in my control. I wasn't about to waste this opportunity. I had used the apartments before, but never imagined that I'd use them to fulfill one of my fantasies. I started walking down the aisle and sat down in the first spot that had two free seats.

About ten minutes later, Shana walked up and seeing me, sat down next to me. She placed her briefcase on the floor and crossed her legs. The hose were gone and her knees were red from the bathroom floor. I moved my hand to her knee and leaned towards her.

"Uncross your legs and show me your panties are how they are supposed to be."

Shana looked at me with alarm, saw I was serious and quickly glanced around.

"Yes, Master." As she uncrossed her legs, spread them slightly and slowly moved the hem of her skirt up her legs. Slowly, her pouty pussy lips came into view, split apart by her panties.

"Very nice, Slut," I whispered as I gathered the panties in my fist and gave them three sharp tugs, digging them up into her clit with enough force to make her wince and cry out as she covered her mouth with her fist.

"I see that you remembered to remove your bra as well. Good."

As I released my grip on her panties, a woman walked past our seats making eye contact with me and smiling as she broke our gaze and followed my arm down to Shana's lap. It was the same woman who had gotten onto the next car as we left the station. Shana had failed to notice the woman as her eyes were closed in discomfort. I pulled Shana's skirt down and turned in my chair to see the woman disappear into the restroom we had come from.

To be continued...

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