All About ME!


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


Backstage at a WCW Monday Nitro/Thunder taping in late spring of 2000, WCW's hot young tag team known as "The Perfect Event", consisting of "Perfect" Shawn Stasiak and "The Event" Chuck Palumbo are heading backstage after beating down Ric Flair and Lex Luger. Both wrestlers are dressed in matching black wrestling trunks, kneepads and boots. Shawn smirks at Chuck, "We totally showed them a thing or two... they've got to learn not to mess with members of the New Blood!"

"Yeah man... it's great, we're becoming famous for putting down those has-beens.... Pretty soon it's going to be all about us around here...." Chuck replies as the two studs walk right past Kimberly Page when Chuck makes his comment.

The separate wife of WCW star Diamond Dallas Page and current close associate of WCW President Eric Bischoff, Kimberly Page raises her eyebrow and folds her arms as she rudely turns towards Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak "Excuse me! What did you just say!? All about you!?" Kimberly rudely snaps as she slightly narrows her eyes, while dressed in a pair of tight-fitting black pants and a black tank top with the word "ME" imprinted on the material of the tank top in silver writing.

Chuck and Shawn both stop walking and then both turn around with raised eyebrows, "Whoa... relax Kimberly... chill out..." Chuck says as he puts his hands up as he looks at the stunning former leader of the Nitro Girls.

"It can't all be about you Kim..." Shawn Stasiak replies as he folds his arms, "We're the Perfect Event... people are gonna want to talk about us..."

Kimberly grits her teeth together as she glares at Chuck and Shawn "Oh but it is about ME!" Kimberly snaps and folds her arms with an arrogant, proud smirk "My new FRIEND...Eric Bischoff told ME so..." Kimberly says as she presses her lips together as the conniving former wife of Diamond Dallas Page locks her eyes with Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo.

Shawn rolls his eyes a bit, "Oh please... if it's all about YOU then how come we're the ones out there making headlines?" Shawn snaps a bit.

"Whoa... whoa... chill Shawn..." Chuck says as he tosses his long curly dark hair back, "I'm sure we can settle this without any shouting..." Chuck says, "And we can find out if it's all about US or all about Kim too..."

Kimberly sighs as she rolls her eyes "Oh gee...great!" Kimberly snaps "Please...I already know all about ME! When I was a Nitro was all about ME!" Kimberly snaps as she unfolds her arms and places them of her slender, but rounded hips.

"That was like 3 years ago!" Shawn snaps as he unfolds his arms and puts them on his waist as he slightly glares at Kimberly.

Chuck steps between them, "Hey... everyone relax... look if Kimberly thinks WCW is all about her... then let's make it all about her..." Chuck says as he looks at Kimberly and licks his lips slightly, "What do you say Kim?"

Kimberly raises her eyebrow and presses her lips together into a smirk "All about ME?" Kimberly laughs softly as she tosses her wavy, dark brown hair back "Well...I love when it's about ME..."

Chuck Palumbo smirks a bit, "Thought you might..." Chuck says before he looks over at his tag team partner, "Whatcha say Perfectshawn? Wanna make it all about her?" Chuck asks with a smirk.

Shawn Stasiak thinks about it for a long moment before he realizes what Chuck is suggesting then he smiles, "Sure... I'll make it all about Kimberly..."

Kimberly nods her head approvingly "Good...cause everything is about ME!" Kimberly Page replies with an arrogant smirk.

Chuck smirks and nods his head, "Great... well... let's really make this all about you... and get where no one can see it..." Chuck casually suggests as he steps around the stunning Kimberly Page and starts walking down the hallway.

Shawn smirks a bit, "This is going to be... a perfect event..." Shawn says to Kimberly as they both follow Chuck towards Kimberly's own private dressing room.

Kimberly Page presses her lips together and smirks as she and Shawn Stasiak following Chuck Palumbo to Kimberly's private dressing room "So...this is really going to be...all about ME?" Kimberly asks with a sly smirk as she glances at Shawn.

"Oh yeah it is... if fact... it's going to be so much about you... you're going to beg for more...." Shawn replies as he licks his lips just as a rather noticeable large bulge starts to form at the crotch of his wrestling trunks. A short distance ahead of them, Chuck Palumbo stands at the entrance of Kimberly's dressing room and he's holding the door open for her and his tag team partner. Kimberly locks her eyes with Chuck Palumbo and smirks slyly as the self-centered, conniving WCW Diva enters her own private dressing room, purposely swaying her seducing hips back and forth as she walks.

Shawn Stasiak shakes his head, "Chuck... you're a genius..." Shawn says as looks at Kimberly's hips sway from side to side as she walks.

"I know... and you're welcome..." Chuck laughs as both of the hot, young studdly wrestlers step into Kimberly's locker room. Chuck closes the door behind him as he says, "All right Shawn... let's show Kimberly... what we got for her...." Chuck says as he and Shawn both start to lower their black wrestling trunks before Kimberly can even turn around.

"What do you got for ME!?" Kimberly asks as she arrogant, sultry WCW bitch turns around to face Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak.

"Oh just these...." Shawn replies as he and Chuck step out of their wrestling trunks and stand up straight in front of Kimberly. Between both men's legs are two of the largest and thickest cocks Kimberly has ever seen, and the size alone shows that both men are worthy of their tag team name 'The Perfect Event.'

Chuck puts his hands on his hips and smirks, "Hope that two fat fourteen inch dicks helps make this all about you..." Chuck Palumbo says with a slight laugh.

Kimberly presses her lips together and licks her lips "Mmmm...damn...I guess this is about ME..." Kimberly replies with an eager laugh as she glances down and lock her eyes on Chuck and Shawn's two large fourteen-inch cocks "Why don' boys come here...if this is about ME!?" Kimberly slightly snaps as she lowers herself down to her knees on the floor of her private dressing room.

"Sure..." Shawn says as he and Chuck slowly walk over towards the stunning Kimberly Page with big smirks on their faces. The two muscular young studs stand right in front of Kimberly with both of their dicks slowly becoming harder as they put their hands on their waists.

"See we told ya... this is all about you..." Chuck Palumbo says as he licks his lips.

Kimberly smirks "I see this is about ME..." Kimberly says with a slight laugh as she reaches forward and wraps her soft, smooth self-centered hands around the hardening shafts of Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak. Kimberly guides her left hand smoothly against Shawn's shaft, as she moves her right hand along Chuck's shaft as she swiftly strokes both hard, large cocks in her hands.

"Ahhh mmmm... I bet these are the first two big dicks you got in a while..." Shawn says with a laugh as he moans. The two studs both smirk down at Kimberly Page as she quickly pumps both of their large, thick cocks with her smooth delicate hands. Kimberly presses her lips together as she looks up and locks her soft, but manipulative eyes on Chuck and Shawn before she leans her head down and places her tongue on the head of Chuck's cock as she starts to circle her tongue around the head of his cock while she continues to stroke Shawn's cock at a quick, gentle pace.

"Mmmmm yeah... oh yeah I like that..." Chuck Palumbo moans as he tilts his head back as Kimberly's tongue circle around the head of his shaft, leaving it coated with her warm saliva. Shawn Stasiak licks his lips as the former Nitro Girl Leader jerks off his shaft and he bends down a bit and he starts feeling up Kimberly's firm, round tits through the material of her black tank top.

Kimberly slaps her tongue against the head of Chuck's cock sharply before she lifts her head and turns to face Shawn's cock. Kimberly licks her soft, pouty lips before she spits her warm saliva onto the head of his cock. Kimberly glances back at Chuck with a smirk "Get behind ME...but don't'll get my mouth again.." Kimberly Page says arrogantly as she turns her head back to Shawn's cock as her warm saliva drips off of the head of his cock. The arrogant, bitchy Kimberly Page opens her mouth and lowers her head on Shawn's cock, taking him deep into her warm, prissy mouth.

"Awwww... fuck yeah..." Shawn Stasiak moans as he puts both of his hands on top of Kimberly's head and pushes her dark hair back as she closes her lips around his thick, hard fourteen-inch shaft.

Meanwhile, Chuck Palumbo steps around behind Kimberly and smirks, "Kimberly... you're going to love just how much this is about you..." Chuck says as he kneels down and starts to tug on Kimberly's tight-fitting black pants, pulling them down from her waist to reveal her smooth, round ass cheeks. Chuck lowers Kimberly's pants down completely and pull them off of her smooth, tanned legs, before he gets himself perfectly positioned behind her. 'The Main Event' licks his teeth as he looks at Kimberly's ass for a moment before he pushes his shaft into her warm, tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh...all about me..." Kimberly moans against Shawn's cock as her stunning, self-centered body rocks forward as Chuck Palumbo suddenly thrusts his cock deeply into her hot, tight pussy. Kimberly Page begins to slowly push herself back against Chuck's hard, thick fourteen-inch cock as she begins to smoothly bob her head on Shawn Stasiak's cock as she laps her wet, delicate tongue around his cock, while her warm saliva drips against his cock as she bobs her head eagerly on his cock.

"Ohhhh ahhhh fuck yea... mmmm... suck that perfect dick..." Shawn moans as he moves his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock in and out of Kimberly's warm wet mouth as she bobs her head smoothly on his hard, meaty shaft.

Meanwhile, behind Kimberly, Chuck has his left hand on Kimberly's waist as he pumps his cock in and out of the bitchy WCW diva's hot tight pussy, "Mmmmm fuck... totally... about you..." Chuck moans as he smacks Kimberly's firm, round ass with his right hand.

Kimberly closes her eyes as she gently twists her head on Shawn's cock while her hot, self-centered perfect body slams back against Chuck's cock, taking him deeper into her hot, wet and tight pussy "Ohhhhh...mmmm..." Kimberly moans against Stasiak's cock as he moans vibrate and bounces his shaft as she sucks, bobbing her head at a quicker pace while she begins to grind her pussy against Chuck's thrusting cock. Chuck Palumbo firmly grabs hold of Kimberly's slender, sexy waist and he uses his upper body strength to pull her back towards him so that her ass cheeks smack back against his waist as he slams his shaft in and out of Kimberly's pussy at a fierce, but steady rhythm.

Shawn Stasiak grits his teeth slightly as Kimberly Page slaps her tongue around his cock as she sucks on his shaft. "Ohhh shit... you suck so perfectly...." Shawn groans as he pulls his saliva covered cock out of Kimberly's mouth and he then starts to pull on Kimberly's black tank top, pulling it over her head and down her arms to reveal her round, firm tits as Chuck continues to fuck her from behind.

Kimberly gently grits her teeth and tilts her head back as her hot, tanned and now sweating body continues to slam back against Chuck Palumbo's hard thrusting cock "Mmmmm...ohhhh...I want that cock back in MY mouth!" Kimberly moans to Chuck Palumbo as she licks her lips.

"No... ahh... problem..." Chuck grunts as he slows his thrusts down and he pulls his cock out of Kimberly's hot tight and wet pussy.

With Kimberly looking back at Chuck, Shawn lays down on the floor in front of her and he smirks, "Hey Kimberly... how about... you show me... just how exactly this is about you?" Shawn says with a smirk as his thick saliva dripping cock points straight up. Before Kimberly can reply to Shawn's comment, Chuck Palumbo easily lifts her up from the floor and he lowers her down on Shawn's cock so that her pussy goes down smoothly onto Shawn's perfect cock.

Kimberly grits her teeth as she sits straight up, mounted on top of Shawn Stasiak's hard, meaty cock "Ohhhhh shit..." Kimberly Page groans as she rocks back on his cock before she leans forward and places her hands on his smooth, very muscular chest before the bitchy WCW Diva begins to rock and grind her hot, self-centered body against his cock, occasionally bouncing on his massive hard cock.

"Ahhh yea.... mmm... yea...." Shawn moans as he keeps his hands off of Kimberly's body as he occasionally thrusts his cock up into her hot, wet pussy.

Chuck moves over to the left side of Kimberly and Shawn and he holds his thick cock near her mouth, "Here's that dick you want back in your mouth..." Chuck says as he puts his right hand on Kimberly's head and has her look towards him so that he can stuff his shaft into her warm moist self-centered mouth. Kimberly lifts her eyes up and locks her manipulative, seducing eyes with Chuck Palumbo as she sticks her tongue out of her wet, warm mouth and flicks her tongue against the head of Chuck's cock before she opens her mouth and leans her head into his cock, taking him into her warm, wet mouth. Once Kimberly Page wraps her lips around his cock she begins to bob her head against his hard, meaty shaft while at the same time she bounces quicker and smoother on Shawn Stasiak's cock.

"Mmmmm... yeah... ohhh yea... now this... is a main event..." Chuck Palumbo moans as he thrusts his pelvis forward, making Kimberly slightly deep throat the majority of his huge, meaty cock as sweat rolls down his powerful muscular body. Shawn Stasiak licks his teeth slightly as he puts his hands on Kimberly's slender sweaty hips as he starts bucking his hips to thrust his shaft deep up into Kimberly's bitchy pussy.

"Mmmm...mmmm...ohhhh...yesss..." Kimberly moans against Chuck's cock as she takes him deeper into her warm, wet mouth until the head of his cock hits the back of her throat. Kimberly grinds herself roughly against Shawn's cock as she slams down as he thrusts up into her tight, warm pussy.

Shawn groans a bit as the former Diamond Doll grinds her hot wet pussy down against his cock so hard that it breaks his focus. He looks up at his tag team partner and grins, "Hey... ahhh Chuck... let's make it... really about her... make her... feel the bang in her ass!" Shawn groans as he mocks Kimberly's estranged husband Diamond Dallas Page while making his suggestion to Chuck.

"Ahh... hot idea..." Chuck groans as he pulls his cock out of Kimberly's warm wet mouth so that he can get behind her. Chuck kneels down and shoves his entire cock deep into Kimberly's hot, tight asshole.

Kimberly closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she feels Chuck Palumbo insert his large, fat fourteen-inch cock into her tight, hot asshole "Ohhhh shit..." Kimberly groans as she rocks forward, grinding her pussy against Shawn Stasiak's cock at the same time.

Chuck and Shawn both get smirks on their faces just as the two powerful studs start to deeply fuck Kimberly's tight ass and wet pussy respectively. "Ahhh damn..." Chuck grunts as he pounds Kimberly's asshole with his large cock, using sharp, hard thrusts to make the bitchy self-centered WCW diva rock harder on Shawn's pistoning shaft.

"Uhhhh... fuck... this is all about... you for sure..." Shawn grunts as he sits up a bit and puts his warm mouth on Kimberly's tits. The wrestler nicknamed "Perfectshawn" sucks on Kimberly's right tit as he slaps his tongue against her hard erect nipple as he and Chuck double team her.

"Ohhh yesss...everything is about ME!" Kimberly Page moans loudly as she rocks back and forth between the sweaty, muscular bodies of Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak as sweat drips off of her own hot, self-centered body "Ohhhhh yess...give ME those cocks!" Kimberly moans loudly as Chuck and Shawn savagely ram their cocks hard into her ass and pussy.

Shawn lowers his head from Kimberly's tits as he grits his teeth as he puts his hands on Kimberly's hips as he tries to fuck her harder. "God damn... fuck... this is totally... about you!" Shawn Stasiak moans as he deeply thrusts his shaft up into Kimberly Page's hot, wet pussy as he starts to cum hard, filling her hot cunt with his warm, sticky cum as she bounces on his shaft and slams herself back against Chuck Palumbo.

Chuck wraps his arms around Kimberly's hot body and he grabs her sweat dripping tits as he continues to fuck her ass with sharp fast thrusts. "Ahhh... ahhh fuck... shit yeah..." Chuck grunts as he starts to cum inside of Kimberly's hot tight ass. He and Shawn continue to thrust their cocks into Kimberly's hot wet pussy and asshole as they fill her with a large amount of warm cum.

"Ohhhh yesss...cum in ME!" Kimberly moans self-centeredly as she grinds her pussy sharply against Stasiak's cum-spent cock as she thrusts herself back against Palumbo's cock, forcing his cum-oozing cock deeper into her asshole "Ohhhhh fuck yesss!" Kimberly moans loudly as sweat drips off her body.

"Ahhhh... ohhh god damn... fuck... it is... all about you Kim..." Shawn groans as the hot, sexy Kimberly Page keeps moving between himself and Chuck as she makes sure every drop of cum leaves their cocks. Once he's done cumming, Chuck pulls his shaft out of Kimberly's tight ass and some of his warm cum drips out of her asshole.

Kimberly licks her lips as she arches her back slightly, sitting up on Shawn Stasiak's weakened cock "'s always...about ME!"


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