All about Vick


Kitty screamed hysterically! She was in full panic mode!

"MY GUN AND YOUR MONEY!" the man said raising the knives into the air. "YOU AND YOUR BITCH ARE DEAD!"

Kitty screamed even harder and felt herself get wet, very wet! She felt Vick's arm move and heard a loud noise. He quickly stood and pushed her behind him.

"I give ya yer gun," he said pulling the trigger again. She heard something hit the ground near her, but she couldn't tell what over her own screams.

She heard feet scramble and a few more shots go off.

A minute or an hour later, still screaming, she felt a hand on her back and quickly moved away from it.

"S'okay," she heard Vick say. He put both of his strong hands on her shoulders and turned her toward him, pulling her into a hug. "S'okay, s'okay..." he repeated. "Gone fer guud," he said rocking her.

"No one hurts ma gurl," he said feeling her relax a little. He just held onto her, and she wasn't letting go. His strength was her only comfort.

Eventually she spoke. "You... you saved me..." she said into his chest.

"'Course," was all he said.

She relaxed her arms and pulled away a little to look into his eyes. "Weren't you scared?"

He shook his head. "Only he maybe hurtcha," he said reaching out to stroke the hair away from her forehead. "You k?"

She nodded and locked onto his eyes. But then she suddenly became aware of something and turned red. She shook her head. "I- I'm sorry. I, uh..." she said glancing downward toward her wet lower half.

Vick laughed. "S'okay. S'get tha' off," he said helping her stand. He bent slightly and placed his hands on her hips while asking, "Kin I?"

Her breath caught feeling his large hands on her down there. She felt the fear being replaced by want. She simply nodded with her mouth open.

Vick put his fingers inside the waistband and tried to pull the skirt down. It wasn't going to make it.

"Z-zipper," she heard herself saying.

He reached around and found it, pulling it down to release the tension. Then his fingers easily found their way inside her skirt, nylons, and panties, pushing them down while feeling down her legs.

Her breath caught again and she felt a different kind of tension coming from his strong hands running along her. She should have been embarrassed being exposed in front of him like this, but instead all she felt was a growing need for him that she couldn't explain.

She lifted her leg when he grasped it and pulled, then the other one while she felt first her shoes and then the wet garments being removed from her legs.

He stayed hunched over in front of her and slowly ran his hands back up her legs. He stared into her very hairy pussy. The embarrassment started to creep in again.

"S'like fire, red hairs," he said. She felt his hand move the few inches left and stop to touch those hairs. "S'perdy." She felt faint and started to go weak in the knees.

He quickly stood and caught her, holding her body along his. Only then did she realize she hadn't taken a breath in a while. She also became aware of the wet spot in his jeans from a cold chill.

"Did I get you wet, too?" she asked.

"Yah. Easy'a fix," he said backing away slightly.

Kitty watched with rapt attention while Vick unbuckled his belt and started unbuttoning his pants. Each button he popped caused Kitty to jump a little more, and it felt like he was doing it agonizingly slowly.

She watched as the dark, curly hair appeared. POP! She saw the base of his dick. POP! She saw more of it and time stood still. She remembered the last time she saw one, when she and Tommy Newsome fooled around and he put his thin, small thing inside of her. She didn't feel much of anything...


Vick's was HUGE! At once she felt excited and scared. He wouldn't... Not... She stared at it with wide eyes and mouth.


It sprang free with the simultaneous pop of the last button and his action of pushing the jeans down his legs. It slapped his belly on the way. She watched it bob a few times until it just stayed there sticking straight out from his body. She felt heat growing in her loins, and another wetness that started to embarrass her again...

Vick pulled off his t-shirt as well and picked up their discarded clothing. She saw his chest hair in her peripheral vision but it was more like a fleeting memory since all her attention was on his big dick! She watched him move about near the stove and lay out their clothing. Then he returned to her and stood very closely.

He saw her gaze. "Kin touch 'f ya want," he said. He wasn't sure she heard a word of it and repeated himself. Then he put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up to look at his. "I says touch it."

She still wasn't reacting to his words, so instead he leaned forward and kissed her. His tongue pushed into her mouth. Even still she wasn't really reacting.

He reached behind her and put one of his large hands on her rear end to pull her close. The other hand he used to push downward on his dick at the same time so that it would go between her legs. That she had to feel! He brought that hand up to the back of her head.

She started to respond. He felt her tongue probe forward and her hips move just a little. Then her legs closed and trapped him between while she breathed in deeply.

She held still like that for a few moments, trapped between reality and apparent ecstasy. She didn't know what to do, but had few thoughts running through her mind. Although it was more feeling than thought, those were: "Will he have sex with me?" and "Will I care if he splits me in two?!"

She was vaguely aware of him rubbing against her private parts... She heard herself saying something but could hardly believe it herself. The words she heard in her own voice were, "Vick. Please."

He picked her up like she was weightless and laid her on the unmade bed. He looked down at her and muttered something like, "'Zis junk?" she thought, but it didn't make sense. Then his hands reached down to her blouse and tore it off of her like it was made of tissue paper. She thought she heard a couple of noises, like something hitting the ground...

Kitty felt herself yelp and growl with the force of the action. She felt him turn her over. The pinch in the middle of her back was unmistakable, and her bra soon joined the pile of discarded clothing.

He smiled hungrily at her, which she mistook for judging. She started to become a bit embarrassed and was about to move her arms to cover up when he whistled and said, "Boo-tee-fuhl! Gurl'z glowin' wit dat red harr!" He reached out with both hands and felt her breasts. "Dem big boobies iz wondermous!"

She didn't even know she was doing it but her hand moved on its own and bumped into his dick. The moment it did she grabbed at it and used her palm and fingers to feel along its length.

"Dats righ' gurl. Tell Vick whatcha want now," he said confidently while twisting her nipples in his fingers. It shot right through her body and made her wetness grow along with her desire!

He felt her pulling his dick toward her and looked down to see her point at her fiery bush with her other hand. Kitty, for her part, was acting on impulse and had no idea what she was doing.

"Tell Vick gurl," he said but again no words came out of her mouth. Only her actions, again, indicated anything.

Vick suddenly looked at one of the windows as if concerned about something, but Kitty was still concentrating on him. He looked back down at her and was just about to open his mouth when...

BANG! A loud noise went off outside along with the rattling of the chains again. BANG BANG BANG!

Kitty reacted instantly by sitting up enough to put her arms around Vick and pull him down onto the bed with her. She was shaking and clinging to his body tighter than he thought possible.

"I-is-is h-he b-b-back?" she asked in a squeaky voice in his ear.

Vick smiled even though she couldn't see it. But there were so many reasons for that. Feeling the naked, alabaster girl beneath him was making his rod harder than he could ever remember it being. Except for the slight pain of it being trapped between them instead of straight out, he reveled in it. Her skin was so soft, her large breasts pressed against him... His mind articulated it with a silent, "Wowie!"

"Naw. Dead guyz not back," he said. He felt her grip loosen a little and lifted his head. "Ma gurlz safe," he said with a smile.

So many feelings overwhelmed her at that moment, but the overriding one was lust. The same feeling that kept her from talking a few minutes ago now asserted itself again. She craned up her head to try to kiss him, but he stayed out of reach just enough. She kept seeking his lips and it seemed like he was trying to stay away.

"Kiss me!" she demanded, not even believing her own voice.

Vick's expression changed to something she couldn't read, although happiness was part of it. She didn't have long to study it because his face fell right to hers. His strong tongue pushed its way past her pursed lips roughly, taking control back.

At first she didn't know what to do. Tommy Newsome didn't do this. He barely kissed her at all before he tried to put his little thing in her. He barely kissed her afterwards. This was different. This was intense! It was powerful! It was... it was getting her hot! She felt like she needed him in every way possible!

In the second it took her mind to catch up she realized that her tongue was already working with his. Her breathing increased: strong, loud breaths. Another need grew from it, spreading from her chest down her body and gathering in her pussy. She needed something there. She needed him there!

Her right hand snaked its way between them and gripped his shaft again. But this time she was pushing it downwards, as if she could will its physical form to pass through hers to connect in just the right place. She started pulling it to the side to turn it in a semi circle to her target... That's when she felt his strong hand stopping her by the wrist.

"Tell Vick gurl. Whacha want?"

"I- I..." she started, unable to say more.

"Tell or we dun," he said starting to pull her arm away from his dick.

That was enough for her. She pushed hard against his grip to continue to hold that thing of his... that thing so much bigger than Tommy Newsome's... so powerful it might...

"Th-that w-won't f-fit..." she said.

Vick chuckled. "Fit guud! Go easy."

She felt his body shift a little and then a hand was on her pussy. Fingers were being pushed inside and she could hear a squishing sound that she thought was disconnected from her. She took a deep breath while she felt her whole body go tense and every nerve exploded from an intensely new and pleasurable feeling! She felt the fingers part and try to stretch her...

"You b'fine. Bess'ever!" he said. "Ya love it!" he said lowering his lips to hers again.

Without trying she kissed back like a woman possessed! Her left hand went around his head and held him tight. She was pushing his tongue back into his mouth and exploring his this time, even surprising him!

The hand on her pussy stopped and moved away, making her feel like a giant, dark, empty pit opened up and swallowed her whole. He pulled his head away, with Kitty unsuccessfully struggling against his effort.

He moved his hand to her face and inserted one finger in her mouth and the other in his. She was at once repulsed and insatiably drawn toward her own flavor. Vick closed his eyes and sucked her juices off, obviously enjoying it. She watched his face and it inflamed her further.

He opened his eyes and removed his fingers. Kitty's face turned to follow the digit like it was life-giving manna.

"Whatcha want gurl?"

"I... want... YOU!" she growled.

"You wan' me wut?" he asked dumbly.

"I-I w-want... PUT IT IN ME!" she commanded in such a way that it even scared her! Her hips started moving in circles, trying to get any kind of contact to fill the void, but mostly for the obvious filler.

She needn't have bothered because he lifted his hips to start the process. Her right hand pushed hard on his dick and before she knew it the huge thing was pointed at the right place. That's where her panic began again.

The panic didn't last long because his strong hand was back on her pussy. This time his fingers weren't going inside. Instead they were touching her...

"ooooooooOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed out when he pressed against her in a way that shot the most intense pleasure through her body. He rubbed it and her screaming increased. Her hand flew from his penis and gripped the bed, pulling the lone sheet from it.

Luckily when her hand was removed he was poised in the right spot. He desperately wanted to push in and split her in half, but something stopped him. He stopped his other hand and gripped his dick to move it up and down her slit, pressing himself forward on her button at the top.

Her screaming was music to his ears! He had her but needed that one last... He stopped cold at her entrance. "Las' chance," he said.

Her eyes snapped open and she tried to make sense of what was going on. She was desperate, incensed, ravenous! She reached up and clawed at him, trying to latch onto his skin and pull him down to her. She tried to make her need known...

Then her feet shot up around his ass and pulled him. He knew that was enough and started pushing into her incredibly wet pussy. She was tight, incredibly so! He watched her eyes close and her mouth silently scream while he pushed two inches inside her.

He stopped and pulled back a little. The disappointment on her face was priceless! Her legs drew her feet closer together, trying to get him inside her more. He pushed forward, a lot harder this time and managed to get five inside her. She started turning red.

He pulled back again, almost all the way out. She clawed and pulled on him again.

"Bref," he said holding still until she took a breath.

He smiled at no one in particular and pushed hard into her, burying nine of his eleven inches inside her. She, again, screamed without making a sound.

He held still for a few moments hoping she'd get used to him. After a couple of moments of watching her take very few breaths and slightly relax, he started moving back and forth just a little.

She was so wet that he easily slid inside of her, even if she was so tight that he felt like there was no way he should be able to move! After a few seconds of the slight movements, Kitty's legs urged him onward. Vick started drawing them out to longer and longer pumps.

Her lust went into overdrive feeling him sliding back and forth inside her, stretching her in wonderful ways! Her voice returned and she started screaming aloud while it moved further and further.

"OHHHH!! YESSSS!!!" she screamed. "YESSSSSSSSS!!!!" She was about to scream again when he pushed from almost all the way out to the point he couldn't push anymore! His pelvis rammed into hers and ground her button hard!

Her guttural, primal, moaning scream was enough for the neighbors to hear, and they were probably a mile away! She certainly scared off or completely confused any animals in the woods! But the only thing Vick was hunting at that moment was the redhead underneath him!

He raised himself up on his arms and started pounding into her. Each assault on her pussy when he bottomed out drove her further and further into oblivion. After a few slams she could no longer scream. She could no longer focus. She could no longer keep any pressure on her legs, only remaining loosely hooked to him.

The feeling inside her was incredible, like nothing she ever felt before! It felt like her hair lit her skin on fire and that every square inch was touching something electric! Every time he pushed in she felt whole and complete. Every time he pulled out she felt a part of her was about to die. She needed him!

But all that was secondary to the fact that she was feeling the most immense shocks of pleasure she'd ever felt! She wanted to scream but lacked the energy to do it! She wanted to feel this way forever!

He grunted and slammed hard against her while she felt something new. He was groaning loud and jerking his body against her. His penis was actually getting bigger inside her! It seemed to throb and she felt like she was being massaged from the inside! She was overwhelmed and screamed one last time before she blacked out.


Kitty woke some time later, confused with a heavy body on top of her. She struggled to get it off of her until she remembered... Vick... making love... She suddenly felt calm, completely forgetting about the rest of the night.

She put her hands around his back to hug him and felt something wet and sticky. She raised her hand and looked at it, seeing a dark liquid on her fingers in the pale moonlight. Fear started to overwhelm her when she realized that Vick wasn't moving!

She raised her head and saw the ski mask mugger pointing a gun at her.

"Goodnight bitch!" he said pulling the trigger.


Kitty uttered a blood curdling scream and thrashed about underneath Vick.

"Whas'matter?" he asked but she continued to scream. "S'okay," he said. "Vick's gotcha," he said trying to calm her down.

When he moved his pelvis a little, stirring his dick inside her, reality started setting in again. Kitty moaned in the middle of that scream and her head snapped to his face, which was staring at hers in the light of the floor lamp.

"You- you're all right! You're not dead!" she said desperately, feeling his back for what must have been blood.

"Whyd'ju think ize dead?" he asked, completely confused.

His back was unscathed. "I-" she closed her eyes and shook her head. She opened them again and smiled into his eyes. "I had a bad dream I guess. I thought the mugger was back to kill us."

Vick smiled kindly. "Naw. He dead. He no hurt ma gurl!" he said leaning down to kiss her.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned into his kiss.

He pulled away and stared into her eyes again. One of his hands smoothed away some hair from her face.

"Make me your girl again. Please?" she begged.

He smiled and quickly moved off of her, making her feel more empty and alone than she'd ever felt in her life. But it was short lived. He was beside the bed, reaching under her with one hand, the other on her belly. He easily flipped her over, turned her, and held her up in the air until she understood that she should use her arms and legs to hold herself up.

He positioned himself behind his little doggie and brutally pushed in. She felt like one of those cartoon wolves whose eyes popped out of their head! He was deep in her before, but now she felt like her insides ran for cover and bunched up in one spot beneath her throat!

All she could do was moan loudly. She didn't have enough energy to scream. Vick held onto her hips and used them to rapidly piston inside of her. Her arms quickly lost control and her shoulders fell to the bed to be ridden any way Vick desired.

Shock after shock overwhelmed her body while he pounded her happily used pussy into submission. He came again, his cum actually squirting out of her with nowhere else to go when he pushed forward. It ran down her leg.

"Whoowee!" Vick yelled out after his latest triumph. "You iz one hot gurl!"

Kitty barely heard a word. She was so tired that she could have been asleep already and dreaming the whole thing.


She awoke some time later with Vick making love to her again. The waves of pleasure washed over her, but she had no energy to do anything about it. She remembered waking a couple more times in the night this way, although she was never sure it was anything but a dream... the best dream ever...


Kitty awoke in her own bed with sunlight filtering through the cracks in the drapes. She had no idea how she got there and felt strange thinking about the dreams she had. Were they dreams?

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