All about Vick


She had her coat on but it felt strange. It felt like... She reached into her coat and felt nothing underneath it. Her other hand went to her skirt and lifted to find she was likewise unclothed underneath it.

The memories of her night with Vick flooded into her mind again, and she couldn't help but massage her breast and finger her pussy. She moaned while she closed her eyes and remembered...

BANG! Her door flew open, causing her to sit bolt upright.

"What in Sam H...? What are you doing, Kitty?" Her father bellowed from the doorway. She quickly stopped her hands and tried to cover up, hugging her arms over her barely covered body. She also felt a stabbing pain in her head from his loud voice.

He continued, "Where were you all night? AND WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES?"

Kitty cringed again from the pain in her head while quickly turning red and opening her mouth. Anything she said would be used against her and she felt like she should lie, but nothing she said would be believed. Nothing but the truth in her state...

"I- I, uh..." she started.

"WHO WAS HE?" he yelled staring at her legs. He quickly looked back to her face but pointed where he was looking. "THAT-THAT..."

Her father closed his eyes and, she could tell, suddenly remembered to count to ten. The red rage that was spreading to his chest was another indicator. Kitty was never more afraid for her life in her own home than that moment. She felt herself shaking like she was very cold and obviously very scared.

But her dad sat down on the bed beside her and took a breath. His tone was suddenly tender. "That's evidence that you've had sex," he said bobbing his head toward her lap, "so don't deny it. Tell me what happened," he said in a concerned tone.

Her mom suddenly appeared in her doorway wearing her house coat. "What's all the yelling about?" she asked.

Her dad looked at her and then back at Kitty. "Tell her. Tell us."

Kitty looked at her parents, watching as her mom sat down on the bed and put her hand on her back.

"You must be hot. Let's get that coat off..." her mom started.

"NOOO!!!" her dad exclaimed, startling both ladies. He took a breath. "That's the only thing she has on."

Her mom's shocked eyes shot toward Kitty. Kitty nodded embarrassingly, looking away.

"Then get out!" her mom said to her dad. "We'll be out to discuss this in a few minutes."

"But..." he said to her stern look. "Yes mother," he said standing and walking out.

Her mom closed the door behind him, standing at the door looking away from her daughter for a moment. She turned back and asked, "Were you... Did this boy force himself on you?"

Kitty shook her head before she even felt words form. "No, Mom. I-" she looked away. "I wanted it."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

Kitty thought a moment before she nodded. "He asked me what I wanted before he did anything."

"And you...?"

"Yes. He was so strong and..." She wanted to say protective but she wasn't sure she wanted to bring all that up. "He was a nice boy. So good..." she finished quietly.

Her mom nodded and said, "Let's get you cleaned up and go talk to your dad. Take those things off," she said facing Kitty and holding her ground.

Kitty stood but felt embarrassed when her mom didn't move. "H-here?"

"Yes," she said tenderly but expectantly.

Kitty nodded and looked away, removing her coat first.

There were no marks on her upper body as far as her mom could tell. Kitty hesitated with the skirt but her mom cleared her throat. Kitty unzipped it and pushed it down to reveal her completely naked body to her mom.

Instantly her mom saw the same evidence dried onto her leg that her dad saw. She also saw how abused her daughter's pussy appeared.

"Turn around," her mom said.

Kitty did as asked, feeling very self conscious. Her mom checked her body for any signs of abuse. Kitty heard a relieved sigh behind her.

"Go and clean up in the bathroom. Take a shower and meet us at the table," her mom said walking to the door and opening it. "Don't take long," she said walking out the door. She left it open and opened the bathroom door for good measure.

Kitty turned and let out the breath she held. She picked up her robe and walked to the door to look out. Seeing no one she ran across the hall into the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. Thoughts of Vick came back into her mind while the water ran down her body. She longed to feel him again, longed to feel his touch. But she couldn't touch herself. Her parents were waiting for her...

Half an hour later Kitty walked slowly, quietly, and unsteadily toward the dining room. Thoughts of a trail ride and how she felt after coming down off the long ride on the horse flitted through her mind...

"You can skip the cautious walk, Kitty. Get in here," her dad said forcefully yet caringly.

Kitty still walked unevenly, but sped her pace to do as told. She approached the table and cautiously took her normal place to find breakfast waiting for her.

Her parents waited until she started to eat, skipping grace. They joined her to practically start inhaling their food. Seeing their haste scared her a little.

But she couldn't eat much because her stomach felt queasy. She pushed her plate away long before her parents were finished.

"Did you have a lot to drink last night, dear?" her mom asked.

"I- some wine. Maybe a lot. I don't know," Kitty said looking away not wanting to tell the truth.

"So what happened," her dad asked. "Tell us about this Vick Bonicelli."

Kitty didn't even know his last name. "How did you know his name?" she asked with an appropriately confused look on her face.

"I called Marcie's dad," her dad said. "Now tell us."

Kitty sighed, knowing she was sunk. So she told them that he picked her up and took her to a scary movie. She was about to leave out the mugger, but knew she shouldn't bother.

Her parents were very concerned. "Are you all right, dear?" her mom asked. "That wasn't the..."

"No. Vick took the gun out of the mugger's hand and beat him up. He ran away," Kitty said.

"Then what happened?" her dad asked.

Kitty took a deep breath and feared telling the rest, but the determined look in her dad's eyes was too much for her. "He took me back to his place. I, uh, drank some wine and the noises around the house had me scared. Then the..." Kitty looked her mom and dad in the eyes for a moment before looking away and bracing herself. "Then the mugger came back and threatened to kill us with knives."

"WHAT?" her mom screamed out. Her dad looked like he was going to explode!

"It's ok," Kitty said. "Vick had the gun and shot it at him. He said... he said..." Kitty started shaking at this point, figuring her parents would end her life then and there. "Vick said he killed him."

Her dad flew out of his chair and stomped to the phone in a flash, shaking the pictures on the walls. He dialed the operator and demanded the Sheriff. Her dad began telling the story.

"He what?" "What do you mean 'dead'?" "Yeah I know what dead means." "What I mean is..." "My daughter was with him last night." "I don't know what you..." "Yes, we'll be there shortly," he said hanging up the phone.

He turned to his wife and daughter. "We need to go to the police station right away." He turned to Kitty. "Get dressed quickly!" he ordered.

30 minutes later they were at the station, where Marcie and her dad were already waiting. Kitty was whisked into the Sheriff's office where she told her story again.

"Are you sure it was Vick Bonicelli?" he asked her.

"He said his name was Vick, yes, but he never said his last name," Kitty said.

The Sheriff stood and went to his door. "Marcie, come in here," he called out. She quickly ran to the door and went inside. He closed it behind her. "Describe the boy you set Kitty up with."

Marcie did, and it was indeed the same guy with whom Kitty spent the night. Generally it fit the description of the "Vick" that the Sheriff knew, although that kid was not as big or muscular.

"Are you sure his last name was Bonicelli?" the Sheriff asked Marcie.

"Positive, sir. At least that's what he told me," she said. "Why?"

The Sheriff opened the door again and ushered the girls out. There were five other officers waiting.

"Where did this happen, Kitty?" the Sheriff asked.

"It was a house in the woods somewhere. I wasn't quite sure where he took me," she answered.

"Mr. Woodbine, you and Marcie can go home," he said to the two of them. "Mr. Murphy, I'd like your daughter to accompany us to identify anything that we might find."

"She's not going anywhere without me!" Kitty's dad said.

"Or me!" her mom said hugging Kitty tightly.

"Fine. The three of you can ride with Officer Smith here," the Sheriff said.

The ride into the country was swift thanks to the emergency lights. Kitty had never been in a car that went that fast before, including the ride in the Mustang. Except for how scared she was it was actually a bit thrilling.

Thrilling it was, until she felt the urge to throw up from the motion and her twisted stomach. A bag was shoved in front of her face by her mom just in time. When she was done her mom tossed it out the window.

They arrived at the cabin with the emergency lights turned off long before they arrived. Officer Smith said it was to hopefully catch anyone still there by surprise. But their car was last and the officer stayed in the car with them further away from the others.

Ten minutes later the CB announced that it was safe to approach.

"Is this the same cabin, Kitty?" the Sheriff asked when she got out of the car.

She looked at it, feeling strange to see it in the light. A chill ran up her spine for some reason.

"Yes. It definitely is," she said.

"Come inside," he said.

They walked in the door to see what Kitty thought was a very strange sight. There was no refrigerator, no lamp, no TV, no bed, and no potbelly stove. Nothing that was there the night before was present. Two of the windows were broken even though hours earlier they were fine.

"But... but this can't be! Where is everything?" Kitty asked, astonished.

"It looks like someone's been here recently, but this cabin's been abandoned ever since Vick died two years ago."

"Abandoned? Vick..." Kitty's head snapped to look at the Sheriff. "Vick what?"

"Vick died in a car fire two years ago. He killed a man who owned a '67 Mustang and took it on a joy ride before running off Miller's Ravine. The car started on fire and he was burned alive."

"B-b-but... but he was..."

"What kind of car did the boy last night drive?" the Sheriff asked.

"A-a-a... a '67 M-M-Mustang," Kitty said feeling another cold chill strike and spread across her spine. Her whole body suddenly went cold and she started to fall.

Her dad caught her and picked her up. He carried her back to the police car and laid her across the back seat.

Kitty found out that there was no sign of a struggle, no bullets, no blood, and especially no body. There was nothing at the cabin to explain the noises she heard the night before. There was no sign of anything that happened between her... her and... and Vick?


Janey looked up from the manuscript at her mom. "You made this up!" she said in exasperation. "There's no way this is about you and my biological father!" Her mom promised her that she'd explain on her 18th birthday why she had two birth certificates, the original having her grandparents' last name...

"I promise you it is. It's the story of how you were conceived," Kathy said with a sigh. "You wanted the whole truth. I'm sorry it was so much of the truth," she nervously said to her daughter.

"No, that's fine. I didn't mind the sex. Kinda hot actually!" Janey said with a little redness forming on her cheeks. "But you're trying to tell me my dad was a... a GHOST?" she asked shaking her head. She looked to see her mom nodding.

Janey looked to the woman on her mom's right to see her nodding as well. "You believe this too Aunt Marcie?"

"Yes. That was the actual story from 1969 when you were conceived," Marcie said. "I typed the original version for her back then."

"Then where do I come into this, Mom?" Janey's best friend Emily asked beside her.

Kathy and Marcie looked at each other and nodded, both taking a deep breath.

"Because he was also your dad, Ems," Marcie said to Emily who was also celebrating her birthday.

"I call bullshit! There's no way a ghost spermed you up and... Wait... we're sisters?" Emily asked likewise looking at Janey. They both felt a strange connection finally explained and smiled at each other.

"Yes. Half sisters of course," Marcie said.

"The half that's a ghost?!" Emily said.

"Yes and no," Kathy said.

"Make up your mind!" Emily said.

"He faked his death, didn't he?" Janey asked, startling Emily.

Kathy smiled at her daughter's intuition. "Yes, honey. He did. We found out two years later that he killed a second person who he burned in the car he stole," she said. "No one ever figured out who it was."

"He confessed to a man one day about the whole thing," Marcie said.

"Really? He didn't seem from this," Janey said holding up the manuscript, "to be the type to suddenly grow a conscience. It doesn't seem like he cared all that much about another person's life."

Kathy shook her head. "He didn't really, except for Marcie and me," she said sharing a knowing look with her.

"Why was that? Why did he treat you with such respect?" Janey asked.

"We don't know. We figured he had a really good mother," Marcie said.

Kathy continued. "You see he stepped on a landmine in Vietnam and was lying on his deathbed. They couldn't save him but they did pump him full of pain killers.

"The medic at his bedside heard him start to talk to his nonexistent friend Paul, and humored him by pretending to be this Paul. Vick told his imaginary friend everything about the car theft and how he fled to another state and became someone else. As this person, Lance Shaft..."

"You made that up!" Emily and Janey said simultaneously.

Kathy and Marcie laughed.

"We're telling the truth!" Marcie chuckled.

"Vick wasn't very bright," Kathy added.

"Yeah, we can tell!" Janey said rattling the manuscript in the air. "Unless you exaggerated that part."

"If anything she undersold it," Marcie said with a chuckle.

"Anyway as Lance he volunteered and joined the army. He really did want to go and kill commies after all. He left for Vietnam the very next Monday, just three days after you were conceived, Janey," she said reaching out to place her hand over her daughter's.

"That makes me the older sister!" Emily said laughing.

Janey stuck her tongue out at Emily. "Ok, so why did you believe he was actually a ghost?" she asked.

Kathy and Marcie looked at each other and smiled.

Kathy continued. "You see, before he went to basic training he wanted to come back to his home one last time."

"He drove into town in his '67 Mustang and I saw him first," Marcie said. "It was a Thursday and there was no school that day or the next. I was walking over to Kathy's place and he stopped to ask directions. I leaned into his car and was infatuated the moment I saw him. We talked a lot and then he and I... well Kitty here was more graphic about it but let's just say you were conceived that afternoon, Ems," she said to her daughter.

"Is your story as hot as Aunt Kathy's?" Emily asked her mom, realizing that she really was her Aunt in a way. Janey was hanging on her response as well.

Marcie laughed. "He was hung really well... so yeah," she sighed, "it was, until one point, the best of my life!" she finished with a broad smile.

"Ok, that story later," she said pointing at her mom. "What happened next?" Emily asked.

"He told me he was only in town for a short time and wasn't looking for anything long term. He wanted to meet the girlfriend whose picture he saw in my room. He asked me lots of questions and I answered them," Marcie said.

"That's how he knew about mom's favorite 'Bernginy' wine?" Janey asked.

Marcie nodded. "He promised to have sex with me one more time after he had a date with her," she said. "I, uh, couldn't refuse," she said blushing and looking away.

"So he took me out that Friday, which happened to be Halloween day," Kathy said. "We found out through all this that he hooked up with his old buddies and came up with this big plan," Kathy said.

"And one of his friends was the mugger. Then he and the others rattled the house to rattle you," Janey said.

Kathy smiled at her daughter. "I'm so glad you didn't get any of your father's low IQ!" she said proudly. She turned to Emily. "You too!"

"Yeah great, we're not stupid like him," Emily said rolling her eyes. "But why did you believe he was actually a ghost?"

"There was no evidence that he was back in town. Those friends were questioned but revealed nothing. No one remembered seeing him at the burger joint or anywhere else. They couldn't find where he stayed other than the cabin, and he disappeared. The police didn't really tell us anything at the time," Marcie said.

"So we believed that he was actually a ghost. Everyone we went to school with heard the story and believed it too! Pretty much everyone believed in ghosts back then." Marcie said.

"And they did such a good job cleaning up the cabin of everything that I doubted it was real!" Kathy said.

"You had to know it was real when..." Janey started pointing to herself.

Kathy interrupted her, "Yes, obviously I knew something was real when I missed my period and your nans took me to the doctor." She smiled and sighed, "The rabbit died."

"And I only saw him the one day. He told me he wanted to go out on a date with Kathy that Friday, what time, and that he'd find her home. I fell asleep in his arms and when I woke up your grandparents were home and he was gone," Marcie said.

"So when did you stop believing he was a ghost then?" Janey asked.

"Well you see, when the medic was sent home at the end of his tour he actually came looking for us. Vick had told him the entire story and he wanted us to know everything," Kathy said.

"Why didn't he write you or something?" Janey asked.

"He couldn't. All he knew was Vick's real name thanks to his story and where he was from," Marcie said.

"So he came back here and found you?" Emily asked.

"He sure did. Vick spoke highly of the two beauties he bedded with enough detail that he wanted to meet us," Marcie said.

Kathy smiled. "Much more than that actually. After he told us he helped us try to find Vick's friends. Only one of them was still around, and it happened to be the mugger."

"You found HIM?" Janey asked angrily.

"Sure did!" Kathy said. "He was living with the guilt of the night for so long that he was relieved to finally be able to spill the rest of the beans. He apologized so many times that we started to feel sorry for him." Kathy paused and looked at Emily. Emily looked back into her eyes.

Marcie spoke and actually startled the girl. "And that's when I started dating your dad," she said.

"Wait... Dad is... is the guy... who... who..." she stammered and looked into the living room to see the back of her dad's head.

"Yes, dear. He thought he was helping a friend 'get some' before he went off into the service, but when Vick left it started to tear him apart. He's a wonderful man other than that one incident."

Something her mom said earlier popped back into Emily's head. "So is Dad the one who gave you better sex than Vick?" she asked not believing the question herself.

Marcie turned a little red hearing that, and nodded shyly.

"Is he as hung as Vick was?" Emily asked with a chuckle.

"EM!" Marcie said loudly and laughed. She leaned in close and lowered her voice. "No but it's more than adequate and he can use it oh, so much better!"

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