tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll About Zack Ch. 02

All About Zack Ch. 02


Zack left before Brian came home. I tried reassuring my husband that I could cope. I just hoped Brian could too.

I tried to distance myself from Zack at the wedding. I suppose not even he would be sick enough to spoil his mother's big day. However I could see the smirk on his face as I danced with Danny. Tina wanted a dance with her brother, and said I could dance with her new husband. Brian and I just looked at each other. Danny wasn't too bothered, but then again he didn't have an 18 year old tormenting him.

"Hey sis not so friendly with my husband," Tina said with a laugh.

I moved my hand off his hip; I didn't even know it was there. What with everything else going on in my mind it just didn't register.

"I'm only joking Sylvie don't look so worried."

I managed to smile at her and realised she was just teasing me again, as usual.

When the dance ended Danny kissed me. I wasn't really expecting it, and it must have shown on my face.

"Don't worry honey, it was just a one off, we agreed, OK?" Danny whispered.

I nodded, but I still found it hard to believe that I had sex with him. Not only that, but for some stupid reason I felt jealous of Tina, just for a second. While I danced with Danny I remembered how satisfied I had been that night. But it quickly went out of my mind when I saw the smirk on Zack's face!

Towards the end of the night Tina insisted I had a picture taken with Zack. I mean how could I refuse? I could see she was a little drunk.

"Sit on his knee Sylvie," she whispered and then chuckled, "and don't go wriggling around, if you know what I mean?"

I just lowered myself onto his lap, sideways on with my arm around his shoulder. Why the hell Tina had said that I didn't know. She was always teasing me, but to say that was a little too close to the mark even for her!

A few weeks ago I wouldn't have thought anything about sitting on Zack's knee. Now I had to stop my mind coming up with the thought about where his cock was, and it was his mother that had firmly planted it in my head! My ass was now sat on his lap, somewhere down there was his cock, touching my backside! I tugged my skirt down a little, but he still had plenty of leg on show.

Tina couldn't seem to get her camera to work. I winced as Zack stroked the underside of my crossed thigh; everyone seemed oblivious to this, apart from my husband. Brian moved forward, and I shook my head slightly telling him 'no'.

"You've got great legs auntie, better than mum's," Zack whispered.

Finally his grinning mother got the camera to work. How could I spoil her big day when she looked so radiant and happy? I couldn't.

"I love that perfume Auntie Sylvia, are you wearing it for me?" he whispered.

I just sat there trying to smile, as his hand groped my thigh and he groaned slightly.

By the end of the night Brian was drunk, he was soon tucked up in bed snoring his head off. My mind wandered to Zack in the next room, and the light touch of his fingers that stroked my leg. He had made me give him the black tights I wore to the wedding, but why?

Tina came round midmorning and had to go up and wake Zack up. They went off to lunch without Danny. Brain was still sleeping; he always did after too much booze. I found myself in Zack's room. Under the pillow I found my tights. I wanted to scream and throw them away, but again I held back. I found myself going through his bag in the hope of finding the video; I know a bloody stupid idea. I found nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. But he had left his mobile phone for some reason, and I thought this might hold a clue.

"Brian, come here," I called.

I could hear Brian snoring it just made me angry with him. Why wasn't he helping me to find a way to stop this?

I scrolled down the video section. Maybe Zack had managed to copy the tape to his phone. I didn't know much about mobile phones, I didn't even know if it was possible. One particular title had me quaking 'Becky blowjob'. I pressed play and in the grainy picture I saw the top of a girls head. The phone was pointing down at her. My hand covered my mouth in shock as I heard Zack panting, and this poor schoolgirl gagging on his cock! I watched as he had hold of her hair. Then he started groaning and forcing himself harder into her. The poor girl Becky (I assume) was gagging and choking, and then I heard her swallow! I stopped it and threw it back in his bag. I remembered Zack talked about a new girl at school. Her name was Becky, and Zack said she seemed a little older than 18 sometimes, is this what he meant by that?

"I'm going out to tidy the garden," Brian called, later that afternoon.

I found myself back in Zack's room. I opened his phone again and scrolled past the video I had watched. Then I came across 2 titles that had my stomach churning, 'Aunties Legs'. I sat watching the phone tremble in my hand. I didn't want to look but I had too. The screen came on, and even though the images were blurred, I knew it was my legs under the kitchen table. I remembered Zack sat opposite Tina and me, playing with his mobile phone that she gave him for his 18th. I didn't think anything of it at the time; I didn't even know his phone had a video on it. I watched the very blurred picture as it moved to Tina's legs! I gasped out loud, he was videoing his own mother's legs!

The video ended and I moved to the next. There was Tina and me going up the escalator, the very day I had tried to stop all this.

The backs of my thighs were there in broad daylight! This picture was far clearer than the under the table shot. I shuddered as the camera seemed to be getting closer to my legs. There they were filling the screen, my little white panties with the flower print under the central seam of my tights!

The picture blurred and shook and seemed to be shut off quickly. That must have been when I turned round. The next video clip was entitled Miss Newark. I knew she was a school teacher, and Zack seemed to be under her desk! I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops, and what looked like a bare pussy, until she snapped her legs shut.

The front door slamming quickly had me gasping, and I dropped the phone.

I scrambled under the bed, trying desperately to retrieve it. I had to almost jam myself under the bed just to get one finger on it!

Heavy footsteps were now on the stairs, too heavy for Tina's. My stretching fingers only pushed the phone further away!

"Sylvie we're back!" I heard Tina call.

"I'll be down in a sec!" I called back in a flustered voice.

One final effort, one final stretch, and I managed to grab it.

My fingers frantically pushed all sorts of buttons, in an attempt to switch it off.

I threw the phone into Zack's bag and quickly flipped the flap over.

I met him on the landing. I knew my face was flushed, and I must have looked guilty as hell. I could see the quizzical expression on his face.

"I've left a present for you on the bed," I mumbled.

Zack pushed past me obviously not believing me. I watched him stop and stare at my yellow lacy panties; I had worn them under my wedding outfit. He looked back at me and picked them up. He rolled the material through his fingers as I watched in shock. He pushed them under his pillow, and as an after thought, he seemed to feel for my tights that he had left there.

"They are still there Zack," I whispered, "if, if you want them that is?"

He grinned and nodded. It was like he now thought I was trying my best to please him. I just hoped he didn't think I was enjoying this.

I had stood on the landing just staring at his bedroom door for 10 minutes. I had collected the washing and had it under my arm. I decided to go back and check his phone. Leaving my panties for him was a spur of the moment thing. It was the only way I could think up, to remove suspicion about me coming out from his room.

"The kettles boiled!" Tina called from the bottom of the stairs.

I hurried down the stairs now regretting giving him my panties. It was just like those embarrassing moments, you know, the one you cringe about forever when you remember them? So my cringing moment was giving my nephew my dirty panties as a trophy, and then asking him if he wanted them!

Tina and Danny went on honeymoon that night to Spain. Zack went up to bed, no doubt to do whatever disgusting things he did with my underwear!

Still he was off to school tomorrow, and then Brian and I could search his room at Tina's house. We were there nearly 2 bloody hours. I had got so desperate I even made Brian search Tina's room! All we succeeded in doing was knocking ballet dancer onto the floor and breaking an arm off. That afternoon Brian glued it back on and I returned it. The whole situation was now hopeless. We had come up empty handed, and my husband was leaving for the airport tomorrow evening. I saw him looking at two tickets, and asked him why he had two.

"I'm taking my secretary on this trip," he replied, as he stuffed them into his inside jacket pocket.

"You never have before," I mumbled.

He just shrugged his shoulders, "I need her on this trip Sylvia, besides she has worked very hard for me, helping to get things right."

Brian went back to Tina's house the next day, but again he hadn't found the video. Short of ripping up floor boards I didn't know what else to do.

"Do you think he'll try anything while you're away?" I asked faintly.

"Sylvia I don't know. What will you do if he does?"

"I don't know, but I can't really do much can I?"

I felt Brian slip his arms around my waist from behind me. His lips nuzzled into the back of my neck.

"You have to keep him happy, like you suggested," he whispered.

"He's very confident Brian," I mumbled distantly.

"Yes he is, just like in our fantasy."

"No don't say it," I said interrupting him, and twisting out of his grasp.

How could my husband be thinking such a thing, and why the hell was I thinking it too?

Zack hadn't shown any interest in me that day. I just hoped he was happy doing whatever he did with my underwear. He even told us he was going out, so we could have some time alone together. But that night in bed I had thoughts and images that I couldn't get out of my head. Brian fucked me quietly that night, but all I could think about was Zack, was he listening for a grunt or groan, that would tell him his aunt was having sex?

An hour later I looked across at my sleeping husband, as I brought myself to a silent orgasm.

Things changed the morning after Brian had gone. Zack was sat eating his cereal.

"I don't want to see you in jeans again. When I come home you will be wearing a short skirt. Do I make myself clear?"

I just stood with my trembling hands in the sink. I had stopped in mid flow of washing a cup. I just couldn't bring myself to look at him.

When Zack came home from school he smirked at his nervous wreck of an aunt. He just smiled at my compliance with his order from the morning. I could feel my legs tremble as he looked at them.

"Why aren't you wearing tights?"

I couldn't answer for awhile. He just stood there waiting.

"I, I'm sorry. I'll wear some to, tomorrow," I stammered.

"Make sure you wear a shorter skirt too, just above your knee isn't good enough Sylvie."

"I haven't really got many miniskirts, only the ones your mother gave me. I prefer long lengths."

Why did I have to say miniskirt? I could see Zack gulp.

"Then you had better buy some hadn't you, Sylvie?"

There he was using Sylvie again. His dark eyes burnt into mine so much that my lip trembled slightly. But for some reason I just stood there and nodded.

"Now I'm going out with my friend later, you don't mind do you?"

"Of course not Zack," I mumbled.

He took a last look at my breasts before he moved away.

I went to bed before him that night. I just lay there waiting for him to come in. There was no way I was going to sleep, in case he came in and jumped me!

I lay as silently as I could, as I heard him climb the stairs. I pulled the quilt up to my neck.

"I'm home auntie Sylvie," he whispered through the door.

I didn't answer him, but I'm sure he knew I wasn't a sleep.

I only let my grip on the quilt go when I heard him shut his bedroom door. The tears fell down my cheeks, and my trembling hands fumbled in the dark for my cigarettes and lighter. I puffed hard on the tip, watching the red end shake in the dark.

I waited for the last of the red glow in the ashtray to disappear. I had the same odd feeling that I had when we kissed in front of Brian. I felt disgusted with my husband as he watched Zack kiss me. I couldn't believe that Brian looked like that kiss had turned him on! The way he just stared at us, I know it was a horror filled expression, but in away, I knew he had some sort of a thrill, even though we both didn't want it to happen.

I began thinking that maybe Brian knew Zack was there when he talked to Danny. Why would he do that though? He couldn't possibly know Zack would ask to see the video could he? Would he tell Zack? Was this some sort of scheme, some sort of sick thing my own husband had dreamt up? No he couldn't do that to his wife could he?

I suppose with all these thoughts, I was trying to get rid of some of the guilt that I held. While I hated being in this situation and just wanted to forget it all, why did I get a wet feeling in my panties when I kissed Zack? Why did I get a wet feeling when he leered at me?

I could hear grunting from his room at some point in the night. I knew what he was doing. I crawled silently out of bed and listened at his bedroom door. Why I was doing this I didn't know. I was going to burst in on him and scream and shout. But deep down I knew it wouldn't do any good. I could hear the odd word that he mumbled between excited groans. 'Suck me, Auntie Sylvie, god that's good, right in front of him.' By 'him' I think Zack was referring to my husband! Brian was right it was just like our fantasy, but it seemed so sick that Zack was taking the part of my lover! It had me wondering again, if Brian knew Zack was there as Danny and my husband talked? I made my way back to bed as I realised Zack was now on the verge of coming. I didn't want to listen to that.

As I moved away I heard him say, "I love you Auntie Sylvie."

I looked back at the closed door in shock. It was louder than his earlier mumbles. I couldn't be sure, but it was almost as if he knew I was there, listening. I sat up in bed smoking another cigarette. If he knew I was out there, how the hell could I look him in the eye the next morning!

I was up early despite not getting much sleep. I went to Zack's room and tapped on the door quietly.

"Zack, Zack would you like a cup of tea?" I called softly.

"Yeah, please," he said slowly.

I could hear in those two words he was wondering what I was up to. I suppose you are too? But don't get me wrong, while I did get excited by the way Zack treated me. It was the WAY he treated me, and NOT Zack. I hope that makes sense.

I was still scared of what he might do. But I couldn't help thinking, if this was some man that was part of my husband's fantasy, something we could both stop at anytime, then would it be so bad?

OK maybe I'm trying to find excuses, or a way to justify my plan, but I had to get the video back regardless of anything else. If that meant sucking up to Zack and showing him a sexy aunt, then that would be my goal.

But no way on this earth was he ever going to have sex with me!

I went in with his tea. I forced a smile at him as he sat up in bed.

"You'll be late for school," I mumbled.

"I'm not going today. I thought we could go out somewhere."

His answer stumped me. While I didn't want him getting angry, I still didn't want him here with me.

"Look you must go to school you can't just take days off Zack."

"We are going out. Now go and get dressed, and you know how."

I shuffled away pulling my dressing gown tightly around me. I sat on my bed wondering what the hell he had planned.

I wore a white bra and panties set, mink coloured tights, a simple white blouse and a black skirt 4 inches off my knee. I looked in the bottom of the wardrobe and pulled out a black pair of court shoes with a 3 ¾ inch heel. I grabbed my jacket that went with the skirt and went downstairs. Every step I took was a step nearer my fears, until finally we were face to face in the lounge. I'm sure he could see how nervous I was, but he as usual, was calm and full of confidence.

"Where do you want to go?" I mumbled.

"Brighton would be nice."

"Brighton, but that's miles away!"

"Brighton," he said, cutting me off.

It's hard to drive with your legs jammed together, and feeling so vulnerable. Zack was enjoying the view, and I don't mean out of the window! Several times I felt my skirt riding up as I changed gear. The first time I went to pull it back down Zack's hand stopped me. He didn't say anything, he didn't need to. So from then on I never tried to again. I could feel my hem dangerously close to exposing my panties. I tried to blot out that thought, but it just wouldn't go.

We parked in a car park, and I felt a little easier being out on a street full of people.

Zack acted normal, well as normal as he was likely to. That was until we went for something to eat. He made me sit next to the wall, and then he sat on the outside seat. I felt a hand rest on my leg just above my knee. He would have felt my trembling leg. But I made myself sit there as his fingers flexed. I felt so nervous in case anyone noticed. He only moved his hand when the waitress approached. He ate a plate full of food; all I could manage was a cup of tea!

"Come on auntie, time to go shopping," he said, with a strange confident smile.

When we went to leave he offered me his hand. I suppose it would have looked like a caring gesture to anyone who noticed. But to me it felt embarrassing. I reluctantly took his hand and slid across the bench seat. He kept hold of my hand, even after I stood up he didn't let go as we walked to the door.

I tried to pull out of his grasp when we got outside, but he gripped me more firmly until I gave up. I was only thankful I had worn sunglasses to hide from the curious stares I received now and then. My face was coloured up for quite a time. I slipped my hand out of his and pushed it through his arm. I hoped to god this looked more fitting.

I remembered walking with him just a year or so ago. Nobody stared as I had my arm through his. We were aunt and nephew and it seemed OK. But now maybe because of my red face people looked, just the occasional glance, but they looked all the same.

Zack seemed pleased that I had put my arm through his without being told.

"So I think you need to buy more miniskirts don't you?"

He could tell I was feeling uncomfortable with his request, but I didn't know what he would do if I refused.

"If that is what you want?" I mumbled.

He smiled and we went into department store. He left me to get a couple of skirts while he went to the computer games section. I ended up with 3 new miniskirts, and he ended up with 2 games that I paid for!

We went into another shop, and his hand dropped to my backside. At first I tried to move away but he grabbed my hip until I got the message. So we looked at things in the shop. I tried my best to keep to the quieter part of the gift shop, but Zack was all for showing me off! He picked up an ornament of a lady with a puppy in Victorian costume. I could see the woman behind the counter giving me such a dirty look, as Zack had his arm round my waist. I flustered, and I flushed some more as I found the money to pay. Then we left the shop, with Zack's hand firmly on my backside as it rolled.

"Can we go home now?" I mumbled weakly.

He nodded, maybe he realised I didn't want to be paraded around on his arm anymore. When we got back to the car I felt so relieved. Zack had grown even more confident, and had walked up the street with his hand in mine again.

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