tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll About Zack Ch. 04

All About Zack Ch. 04


We sat on the couch just cuddling. Well he was cuddling me; I just sat there feeling numb. Just a short while ago I was a faithful loving housewife, who got annoyed at the thought that my husband wanted me to have sex with other men. Now I had fucked my sister in law's husband, and I was being blackmailed by my nephew. He had made me do such disgusting things, and now I was the one who had begged him to give me an orgasm! From time to time I would reach up and kiss his lips. I felt like his girlfriend. I wondered what Brian would make of my submission to Zack. I pictured him tied up in the chair opposite us; I would fetch and carry cups of tea and biscuits for Zack. I would then return to snuggle in Zack's arms like a love sick girlfriend. I don't know what we were watching on the telly, I was staring right through it. For the last hour he had his left arm around me, idly groping my breast and nipple. His right hand was down between my legs, just fiddling with my wet lips. I looked down at the hard cock that I was gently caressing. What would my husband make of that!

"I heard you talking to your mum about your sister; she's not as pretty as you."

I raised my head and looked into his eyes.

"She might move back down here from Scotland, now she's splitting up with Trevor."

"Why is she splitting up with dad?"

Sometimes I used to forget Trevor was Zack's father, silly seeing as how he would go on holiday with them, and talk about it to me when he was just a nice little nephew.

"I don't know, I just guess they don't love each other anymore."

It was then I started wondering about my future. He kissed the top of my head as I lowered it back onto his chest.

I stood in front of him in the bedroom. I was feeling scared now, not because he was forcing me, because I wanted to make it good for him! I had lost my will to fight; somehow Zack had worn me down. The more control he gained the more arrogant and assured Zack became. It turned me on when I lost control. With my husband sex was a mutual thing. Although he nagged me to go with other men, he knew when to stop. Sex with him was just like having dinner, we ate what we liked, and we never tried anything different. We had gotten used to what we did with each other. I suppose this would explain why I had sex with Danny, after years of the same old thing I finally tried something new. Now look where it had got me?

I knelt before Zack. My fingers trembled with excitement, as well as fear. My nephew had complete control over his worried aunt. He groaned approval as I held his hard cock. I swallowed and knelt up. Just 6 inches away was a large purple head. I could feel my lips tremble as they parted. I moved my head closer, closing my eyes at the last minute. Hard dick brushed my lips, causing me to shudder as I took him in my mouth. He gasped a little and then stroked my hair. I remembered the girl Becky on his phone. How he had gripped her head, pushing her right on his excited cock. I didn't want him doing this to me. I just wanted to let myself do what had to be done. I swirled my tongue over his cock head. He gasped and twitched a little.

"Look at me," he moaned.

I opened my eyes and trailed them up his flat stomach. Our eyes met and he groaned again. My free hand rubbed over my lips, teasing my wet pussy. This was the boy who I bought presents for, worrying in case he didn't like them. I even took ages selecting his birthday cards. Now I had his cock in my mouth, and all I was worried about was if he was enjoying his aunt's attempt at oral sex! I began to bob my head. My left hand pumped his cock, and my right hand kept busy between my legs. My eyes drifted away from Zack's. I started concentrating on making him happy. I closed my eyes again, as I worked him from the front of my mouth to the back. I didn't know how long I could keep this up. I shuffled around from time to time getting comfortable. Zack was groaning more and more. I noticed his legs twitch slightly. It wouldn't be long now. He would soon spew out hot spunk into my mouth. I was breathing hard through my nose, not only due to sucking him for the last 10 minutes, but also because I had 2 fingers buried in my aching pussy, right up to the knuckles! I could hear my juiced up fanny squelch. The sound excited me, and repulsed me at the same time. I wondered whether this present was the best I could give my nephew, his aunt on her knees sucking him off into her mouth?

"Oh fuck you randy tart!" he spat, through gritted teeth.

Far from making me feel sick like it would have done days ago, it actually spurred me on. His hips started to thrust forward. A hand gripped my hair and I just hoped to god he wouldn't choke me! I felt a hot spot on my tongue, it gradually got larger. Then his cock seemed to spurt. I sucked hard wanting to taste my nephew's spunk. It was hot, salty, and very thick. Zack was grunting hard now, strange little whimpers escaped him. I can't imagine what it would feel like to shoot hot spunk into your auntie's mouth? I looked up at him as his eyes burnt into mine.

"You fucking loved that didn't you slut?" he panted.

I withdrew from his cock and saw a big white blob hanging from his cock. It threatened to drop off, probably on my thighs or maybe even my tits. Zack had other ideas; I closed my eyes as he rubbed his spunky cock over my face. I felt a hot, wet trail cover my cheeks, nose, and closed eyelids. Zack was still grunting and holding my head by the hair. I could hear in his groans how much this amused him, rubbing his spunky cock all over his quivering aunt's face!

"Go on then tart let yourself go," he sneered.

The hardness of his cock seemed to heighten my arousal, and the way he spoke to me if I'm honest. He grabbed my hair really hard.

"Go on I want to see your face when you orgasm, finger your pussy make it happen," he spat.

I just looked into his dark controlling eyes, his lips turned up at the edges into a dirty smile. My mouth opened and I gasped. I'm sure my red face and whimpering cries amused him. Was his aunt really the slut he said she was? Finally I had to close my eyes as I whimpered through an intense orgasm. Even when I finished he was looking down on me, like I belonged to him.

I felt a wet cloth on my face. I just sat there with my eyes closed as Zack's trembling hands cleaned me up. He stretched out a hand and I took it. He gently pulled me to my feet. I felt really quite strange, like a ghost or something watching what was happening, and not really being involved in it. But deep down I knew it was me surrendering to sex, sex with my nephew!

"Did you get it all on your phone?" I mumbled.

"Yeah, every sexy grunt and groan, from start to finish," he smiled.

"You won't, show anyone will you? I mean it's just between nephew and aunt isn't it?"

He grinned at my worried expression, but he wouldn't tell me. He was enjoying tormenting me, and enjoying every minute of it.

"Just keep me happy auntie, it's my phone, and I can do what I want with it, got that?"

I nodded dumbly, but even so I was still adamant there was no way he was going to fuck me!

We slept together that night. Zack had his arm under mine and his hand cupped my breast, I didn't object, he now had complete control over me. I began thinking of my husband, Brian would go mad if he knew, or would he? Was I now living out my husband's fantasy, without him! It was Saturday tomorrow, whenever he was away he used to phone on Saturdays. How could I tell him what had happened? I suppose I couldn't really, well not everything. I left Zack sleeping as I filled the washing machine. It was just before 10 o'clock. This was when Brian usually phoned. I answered the door and took the bouquet of flowers just as the phone started ringing.

"How are you? How is he?"

I had tears in my eyes.

"It's OK Brian," I mumbled back.

"What has he done to you?"

"Nothing really, I don't want to talk about him."

"Sylvia I managed to convince them I have to go home earlier, I'll be a couple of days."

"I can cope; don't put your job on the line again."

"You mustn't tell Tina when she phones. You must be strong darling, I'll be home soon then we can go away for awhile, a holiday."

"It's OK I can cope. Anyway thank you for the flowers," I said, trying to sound happier.

"What flowers?"

My face dropped and my hand went to my mouth.

I went back to my bedroom. Zack was sat up smoking one of my cigarettes.

"I didn't know you smoked," I mumbled.

He stood up and put the fag in his mouth. I felt his fingers slacken the belt to my dressing gown. I found myself holding my arms away from my body as he slipped it off my shoulders, I stood naked before him. I took the cigarette from his mouth and took a puff as he knelt down.

"Uncle Brian is coming home early Zack," I mumbled, as his tongue flicked my clit.

"So? What does that mean?"

"It means we have to stop this," I answered surprised by his question.

I gasped as he pushed a finger deeper into me. I could feel an orgasm building by the second. Why the hell was I like this?

"Thank you for the flowers Zack," I mumbled, as my orgasm made me writhe on his tongue.

He stood watching me as I dressed; I pulled my panties up feeling the white sticky puddle make contact with my pussy. My lips quivered, as Zack watched like a scientist would with a first experiment.

"You see auntie you are going to wear my spunk in your knickers."

"My mother and stepfather are coming today Zack. You will let me change this afternoon won't you?" I asked swallowing hard.

He smiled at me, knowing how much my appearance would shock my mother.

"No," he said, grinning cruelly at my worried face.

My mother looked shocked; my stepfather just sort of, looked.

"What the hell are you doing dressed like that?" my mother hissed.

"I'm playing tennis straight afterwards," I replied, with my prepared feeble excuse.

"What in white 5 inch stilettos, and hose?"

"No mother I'm taking my trainers."

"I haven't finished yet," she snapped interrupting me.

I went to protest again but she held her hand up stopping me.

"You are wearing a red bra under a white top. You are wearing a ridiculously short skirt."

"Tennis skirts are like that Martha," my stepfather said.

"Yes I know, but we are supposed to be going into town! For heaven sake Sylvia you are 27 next month. It might be acceptable for a 19 year old, but quite frankly I have my doubts about that. I'm not going into town with you unless you change."

She crossed her arms, waiting for me to run up the stairs.

"Fine, then don't bother!" I snapped.

She waited for a split second with a very surprised look on her face. I had never ever stood up to mum like this, especially when she was right. She opened her mouth to speak but she didn't, she just turned on her heels and left.

"Sylvia, are you cheating on Brian?"

I just stared at my stepfather. I wanted to say no but I just couldn't.

"You know I never thought he was good enough for you, if you are then, that is up to you."

"What are you saying dad?" I mumbled.

We heard my mother call him from the car.

"You look beautiful Sylvia, maybe a little over the top for walking in town. But well, if a stepfather can say his daughter looks sexy, then this would be the time."

I watched him gulp, and his eyes dropped to my legs. I called him dad because it pleased my mother. I wondered if she would still let me call him dad, if she knew about the kiss he had forced on me on my 21st birthday.

"Your mother had beautiful legs, not that she showed them off. But yours are better. I, I, must go, I love you Sylvia."

He turned quickly not giving me the chance to reply. He walked quickly down the path. Just 3 years ago I saw him coming out of a paper shop. I nearly called to him, until I saw the porn magazine he was tucking into his overcoat.

I closed the door and lent back against it. I could feel Zack's spunk in my panties. When I looked up he was staring at me. His hard cock stuck out of his trousers. He took my hand and placed it round his cock.

"You really are a Daddy's Girl aren't you Sylvie?"

I knelt down under the light pressure from his hands on my shoulders. I took his cock in my mouth, almost without thinking what I was doing.

"Did you see the way he looked at your tits and legs?"

I managed to mumble a 'yes' with a mouthful of Zack's cock. Then he showed me his phone. My stepfather's face was on it, filling the small screen. I heard my mother and me arguing. But all the time my father's eyes were staring at me. They rolled up and down my body. I didn't notice at the time, but now I could see he was risking getting caught by my mother, just for the thrill of eyeing up his stepdaughter!

"Let's face it auntie we are a pretty fucked up family."

He pulled me to my feet and tugged my tights and panties down. He smirked as his finger found my wet pussy. He pushed me back on the stairs; he pulled my shoes then my tights and panties off. He began kissing my pussy.

"Zack please stop what if the builders want something?"

"Well if they saw you like this I'm sure they would. Anyway I think it is time you made them a drink, don't you?"

"No make me come first," I pleaded, as he pulled away.

I sat there pulling up my tights. Zack wouldn't let me put my panties back on. The two builders were repairing our guttering. Zack knew they were coming today. The older one couldn't keep his eyes off me. My little tennis skirt barely covered my ass. Zack made me stand by the back door and we listened to them. Apparently (according to the two of them), I was gagging for it, and my legs went on forever, and surely my old man couldn't keep a horny tart, with such big tits happy. Oh I nearly forgot I was blushing so much because I wanted them to stiff my ass! I was lost completely now. Zack had me fighting with my mother, and I was doing whatever he wanted with very little, or no argument. Even to my own disgust I was wondering if my stepfather, fancied me! Well I knew the answer to that. Maybe Zack was right and we were a fucked up family. He was controlling everything I did, and the grey area between right and wrong was pulling the opposites together. So much so, that level headed women like I considered myself to be, was under his complete control! That is why I walked out into the back garden carrying a tray of coffee, with the gusset of my tights below the hem of my skirt! I was trembling and nervous. I was blushing, and worried. But I was so turned on! I saw them both looking at the gusset my tights, just below the hem of my white pleated tennis skirt, out of the corner of my eye. Did they think that I was a bored randy housewife that filled sex stories involving men like them? Men who came to repair things, or delivery men, or maybe salesman? The younger of the two (I guess he was about 20) looked like he was holding back. The older man in his 40's had probably seen this all before. My metal heels scraped on the patio, as my shaking legs took uncertain steps.

"Where would you like it?" I mumbled.

I saw the grin on the older man's face. I knew even as I said the words they would both be thinking of the double meaning. Brian said they were cheap, that's why we hired them. I didn't realise the older guy was quite so menacing. He came from the dodgy area of town, and with a black eye and a cut lip that both looked a few days old, he worried me.

"Why don't you put it on my tool box love?"

I blushed even more if it was possible. Especially as the younger guy sniggered!

I had to bend down now. I could feel both of their eyes watching. They were waiting for my ass to come into view under my tiny tennis skirt, sure enough it did. I closed my eyes as I bent down. The gasp from the younger guy that was quickly hushed up by the older man, told me they had seen too much!

"Would you, like some biscuits, or something?" my strangled voice asked.

I already knew the 'or something' was the wrong thing to say. The older man stepped forward. His hand went up the back of my skirt and he gently caressed my nylon encased ass. I tried pulling away, but he just wrapped his other hand around my waist and pulled me back. I felt his lips on my neck, and I could smell his fag stained breath. He chuckled dirtily in my ear, when he realised I wasn't objecting his finger pushed deep in the crack of my ass.

"I think the or something would be more appealing," he groaned.

I felt his other hand slowly raise the front of my skirt. My eyes looked at his mate. He gazed between my legs at my pussy under my tights. Did he notice how wet I was?

"Go on Jimmy give her cunt a little kiss. God I want to stiff your hot little ass," he said with a dirty chuckle.

My heart was beating like mad as the young man dropped to his knees. The older guy pushed against me stopping me from pulling back, his hand was up the back of my skirt mauling my ass. I spread my legs a little. I gasped as his tongue licked the length of my pussy. His mate chuckled dirtily in my ear, as his finger pushed my tights into my backside.

"So do we go inside and give you what your old man can't? I'd be willing to knock something of the bill for a sexy ass like you," he sniggered, as his wet tongue slid up my face.

I never got to think about a reply. I heard my mother shout, she was in the bloody living room!

"Ah Zack where is your aunt?" I heard her ask.

I half stumbled through the back door. My pussy was having an argument with my brain and my heart. She wanted fucking, but my brain and my heart told her no!

"Oh Sylvia I'm sorry I shouldn't have had a go at you. I'm just well, a little old now, if you know what I mean? Just seeing you look so pretty reminded me of what I've lost."

"Mum you are still pretty, I'm sure dad thinks that too."

I cuddled her, hiding my red face over her shoulder.

"He had a right go at me. He said I shouldn't have been so horrible, and he's right, but you don't look right for walking around town, sorry I'm just feeling old."

I grabbed a tissue and handed it to her.

"You know he told me you had nice legs, he told me mine were just as good. He does know all the right things to say sometimes. Anyway he said he'd drop you off to tennis later. I think he wants to talk to you or something, he was very insistent."

I put my head back over my mum's shoulder. My pussy was still dripping from what had happened outside. Now I wondered what my stepfather wanted. Yes I did fleetingly think about the way he looked at me. But surely he wasn't going to make a pass at me? I saw the builders leaving in their truck 20 minutes later, and I breathed a sigh of relief, but were they as frustrated as I was now? Dad dropped mum home and would return shortly.

I tried to ask Zack to leave the house. Eventually I settled for him staying silently in his room, even so I had conditions to meet before he agreed, he wanted a blowjob, and I wasn't allowed to refuse. I watched his mobile phone, he had videoed everything from the back bedroom window. I watched the shot that looked down on me, as I took the builders tongue in my mouth. I could now remember the feel of his hand travelling over my ass. Now I could see the younger man knelt in front of me. I whimpered as he kissed my pussy. My final act was to twist out of the builder's arms, and struggle to the door. I watched the phone as the screen went all blurred. Zack must have been racing down the stairs to intercept my mother. So there I was knelt before Zack again.

"My dad will be here shortly Zack, please don't hold back?"

Zack just smirked at me, "you had better do a good job then auntie."

I plunged my mouth over his hard cock. I went too far and gagged. I pulled off coughing but soon returned to my task. My naked tits felt squashed between his thighs. He had deliberately clamped his legs together. I managed to get them out after a few minutes.

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