tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll About Zack Ch. 07

All About Zack Ch. 07


"I'm due on today," I mumbled.

I watched my husband's face; he looked more than a little worried. He licked his lips.

"What if I'm pregnant? What if I'm carrying his baby?"

"Well you get rid of it," Brian stated.

My hand went to my mouth and I hurried to the kitchen in tears.

Brian slipped in bed next to me.

"We could pretend it's yours?"

He looked at me like I was mad. Was I?

"Would it be so bad? You know how much I've wanted a baby, couldn't you just pretend?"

I never saw him again that night.

"Sorry I wasn't thinking straight last night. We have to talk about this though. Don't you agree?"

I watched him pick up his briefcase and head to the door. I caught him up and tugged his arm.

"If you are pregnant you get rid of it, or..."

"Or what Brian, you get rid of me?" I spat.

I heard the front door slam.

I cooked tea that night but neither of us ate anything. We just gave each other the odd look between us, with little or no conversation.

"Well you obviously haven't yet, have you?"

I just sat there and tears began to fall. I jumped as Brian's plate full of food hit the floor.

"Leave it!" he snapped.

Finally 2 days later I came on. I phoned Brian at work. I wouldn't let the secretary put me off. Brian was called out of a very important meeting.

"Brian I came on, I'm not pregnant, I'm not darling. Do you still love me?" I sobbed.

"Look I have to get back to the meeting, see you later."

Two months later we were out with some friends and we were both a little drunk. Brian had been working hard lately, and he seemed to spend more time at work than with me. Zack was in the pub with his mates but we kept our distance, until I went to the loo. I felt a hand pat my backside.

"Hi Auntie Sylvie," I heard him whisper close to my ear.

I looked up and there was Brian just staring at us. I felt my nephew's lips on my neck as I just stared at Brian. I pushed myself away and walked to Brian as Zack moved away. I grabbed Brian's hand for protection. We heard Zack call to his mates about going on to the next pub. We both knew that Zack was still interested in me that night. We never spoke about it even when we got home. Brian fucked me hard that night, it was almost as if I could have been anyone underneath him, and I wondered if he was thinking of Zack with me.

I went round to Tina's a few weeks later.

"Oh hi stranger," Tina said. My sister was coming home for a few days with her kids. I told Tina just out of kindness really, I didn't want her bumping into Stephanie in the street. Again she wasn't that bothered, but thanked me for letting her know. She seemed more interested in telling me Zack had done well with his exams. Bully for him I thought. Zack came in and gave my legs the once over, when Tina had gone upstairs.

"How are you auntie?"

I could feel butterflies in my stomach. His dirty leering eyes rolled up my legs again. I pulled them under the chair and tugged my hem to my knees.

"Sylvie make Zack a cup of tea will you, I'm going for a bath, Hi sweetie good day at school?"

I moved to the kitchen as Zack told his mother he couldn't wait to get out to work next month. God she lapped it up, sounding excited for the little shit! I stood waiting for the kettle to boil. I could feel Zack behind me just watching me. Tina was running her bath upstairs. I watched his hand come round in front of me. He held his mobile phone, and there I was bent over gripping the fence, as he shot his spunk on my ass.

"You see I still keep it on my phone. I just thought you would like to see it again."

I could feel his hand gathering up my knee length skirt. It wasn't until his hand began to glide over my backside that I managed to speak.

"Zack please you've had your fun with me, I will tell your mum this time, if, if you don't stop."

His hand left my backside.

"So when did she tell you?"

I spun round tugging my skirt into place.

"When did she tell me what exactly?"

"That she set it up with Danny? I heard them talking about it ages ago. I know you thought it must have been Uncle Brian and Danny I overheard. I just gambled on that, and boy did it pay off!"

"You mean all the time you threatened me with telling your mum, you, you knew it was her idea in the first place?"

He nodded with that big grin on his face, as it sunk in to my brain.

"You see auntie if you had refused me then I was, well, fucked. But this time you can't refuse."

"What are you on about?" I said feeling my anger rise.

There I was on his bloody phone again.

"You know you really should have been more careful, giving daddy a little kissing session with the curtains open," he sneered.

I knew my hem had ridden up my thighs, I just left my pussy exposed to stepfather, I thought this was as far as I'd go. Then he kissed me and I jumped up, but Zack didn't have that on his phone did he! I knew too why my stepfather had spent a few minutes in the loo afterwards, all those weeks ago.

"Look after what your sister did to my mum, I thought maybe on your 27th birthday next month, I could show this to your mum."

I had to cling to the sink behind me. My nightmare was starting all over again, unless I did something fast.

"I'll tell Tina you forced me. You can't wriggle out of it this time," I spat.

He just grinned at me. Then held up his bloody mobile again, and showed me the video of his aunt sucking his cock!

"Go on then tell mum. While you are doing that I'll nip round the corner and see your mum. Now I know you enjoyed our last night together, and I'm guessing you aren't pregnant. So why don't you just do as I say?"

I was panting hard. OK I did enjoy some of it, but I couldn't go through all of that again, could I?

"Look, Brian's away next month, why, why don't you come round and see me."

I struggled as he shoved his hand up my skirt. I stopped when he found out how wet I was. His fingers pushed between my legs and I just let him. Well I had too didn't I? His cold black eyes stared into mine.

"Just admit it auntie you love it don't you. You love being out of control. Well I realise its more Uncle Brian's fantasy than yours. But I can tell you love it too, probably more than he does now."

I gripped the sink harder as his fingers pushed my panties right into my pussy.

"Its wrong Zack, we, you shouldn't do this," my trembling voice croaked.

"Oh auntie you really leave yourself wide open don't you?"

I felt him wrench at my panties and we both heard the thin material tear. My legs skidded further apart as his finger pushed up me again. He started fingering me quickly. Two fingers worked in and out of my dripping pussy.

"See I remember how you like it, fast and furious," he hissed.

"Zack your mother is up, up stairs," I gasped.

"So what, it's dangerous and exciting. You love that you just have to be pushed into doing it. Look at you with that sexy red glow on those cheeks. I bet you don't get this from Uncle Brian, do you?"

I couldn't admit that to my nephew.

"Oh come on auntie, you are nearer my age than your husband's. Doesn't that turn you on sometimes? How about you kick him out and I move in?"

I thought about what he said. It ran through my mind over and over. While I would never do what he asked the thought of it turned me on! I could hear Tina moving about upstairs, and the sound of the water rushing down the drain pipe. The bathroom was directly over the kitchen.

"She'll be down soon auntie you had better fucking hurry."

"I can't Zack. Oh fuck!"

"I bet I'm better than him in bed. In a few years our age difference won't show so much. I'd fuck you morning, noon, and night!"

"Stop saying that, I love Brian," I whimpered.

I heard footsteps move from the bathroom to the landing. I tried to get his fingers out of me.

"You must stop, stop this please Zack," I whimpered.

"She's on the stairs auntie, she's coming, you better too, you fucking horny cow. God your cunt feels sloppy!" he hissed.

"Oh you dirty bastard!" I spat.

My heels scraped over the tiles, as I quivered to an orgasm. I panted and gasped feeling every nerve ending in my poor pussy hit unrivalled heights. I tried to push his fingers out again but he pushed my hand away. We both heard Tina humming happily as she reached the lounge, in a few seconds she would be gasping and then yelling at us. We both heard the telly go on, and Tina's bare feet padding across the lounge towards us in the kitchen. Zack pulled his fingers out and smeared them in my pussy hair. I pushed my skirt down and noticed my panties hanging round my ankle, as Zack moved away. My face felt red and I cringed as Tina walked in the kitchen. I stood behind the table that was now between us, trembling with fright.

"Oh hi sis, you still here?"

I just nodded I couldn't speak, my voice would surely give away the state I was in, if my face hadn't already. Oh shit, it had!

"What's up?" Tina asked.

She looked between Zack and me. Suspicion took over her face. She moved round the table and spotted my panties hanging off my ankle.

"Aunties knickers broke mum; I think her elastic snapped or something."

"They are an old pair, I didn't have any others, clean I mean, I, I felt them go," I said in a strangled voice.

"God I'm embarrassed."

"Don't worry Zack honey. These things happen," she said sniggering, "go and get your auntie a pair of mine out of the airing cupboard. Oh god Sylvie, your face is a picture!"

All I could do was smile nervously, as she laughed her head off. I scooped my panties off the floor and put them in her bin.

"Its not funny Tina," I mumbled, feeling my juices run down my thighs.

"That's the second time he's seen your panties. Hey you aren't trying to seduce my son are you, Mrs Robinson?"

I laughed awkwardly, more annoyed with Tina's amusement than anything else now. But the way she said it, the tone she used, it was almost as if she was serious.

"I'd better be going," I mumbled as Zack came back in.

I snatched the panties from him and began putting them on, as he and Tina moved towards to lounge. I pulled them up and cringed.

"See you soon," Tina called.

I looked at Zack as I got to the front door.

"Did you have to?" I snapped under my breath, feeling the puddle of spunk he had deposited in his mother's panties, sometime before giving them to me.

"Hey Zack, come and rub some cream into my feet honey!" Tina shouted.

He just grinned at me, "mum wants me, but I'll be in touch sexy."

He pushed his fingers against my skirt, forcing the material into the wet panties. I pulled away and left hurriedly.

It had been a week since that day. I thought about telling Tina her son was blackmailing me. I thought of going to see mum to explain everything, in the end I did neither. I just felt that maybe Zack would stop. Silly I know, because he had enough on me to keep me under his thumb, for the rest of my life! Brian was being very understanding, he knew I didn't want to talk about what happened when Zack stayed, and he never pushed me. But we were in the middle of one of those early morning fucks; you know when you're not properly awake. I was clinging to Brian and my mind drifted to Zack. Several times I tried to force him out of my head but I just couldn't. I began to finger myself as Brian slowly moved in and out.

"What's up Sylvie?"

"Nothing, I just feel like touching myself," I mumbled.

"To help me along a bit you mean?"

I smiled at him, "you don't mind do you?"

"I bet you didn't have to with him, did you?"

Brian had upped the pace, and I could feel his body shaking. Even his cock felt bigger than normal. I just watched his face, still not giving him an answer. I was mesmerised by the intense expression Brian was wearing. He was really starting to up the pace even more! I hadn't seen him this excited for ages.

"What do you want me to say?" I asked faintly.

"Just tell me, please?" he grunted.

I knew this was just dirty talk, but did he really want me to tell him I had enjoyed fucking Zack? After all I had gone through did he really want to know?

"Tell me please?" he panted urgently.

I knew he was close to shooting. I pushed my finger right in next to his cock. Zack filled my head again. The disgusting things he made me do ran through my mind, things that had turned me on. Brian started to jerk and spasm.

"Please Sylvie don't tease, tell me did you enjoy it with him?" he panted.

"Yeah I enjoyed some of it with Zack," I moaned, as my pussy gave in and I came hard.

Brian humped into me with a final thrust and just held it there. I was still under my husband knowing he had finished, and I was squirming like an eel! When I eventually opened my eyes I could see a questioning look in Brain's eyes.

"I meant Danny," he said shocked, as he moved off the bed.

When he came back from the loo I was sat on the edge of the bed. Shame is hardily a strong enough word for the way I was feeling. I expected a cold shoulder, or yelling. I had even thought of going to the spare room. I just sat there too shocked to cry, because of my awful blunder.

"Get into bed," Brian said softly.

I couldn't make out how he was feeling, or I didn't understand. I slipped into bed with my back to him. 'I'm sorry' was about to come out of my mouth, followed by tears that had suddenly come to life in my eyes. I cringed as he wrapped his arm round me. Was he going to strangle the cheating bitch now!

"Sorry I thought you knew I was talking about Danny. But was Zack really that good?"

He wasn't yelling, and he wasn't being sarcastic. He just asked me in a sleepy after sex tone.

"I don't know what to, to say. Brian I, feel so, so sorry."

He planted a kiss on my neck!

"Sylvia, you mustn't worry. I've got an important meeting this morning, and we'll talk later."

That was it! He nuzzled into my back and drifted to sleep. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Was he going to kill me as soon as I fell asleep? Or was he secretly thinking of Zack all the time? When I woke up I decided my husband needed a good breakfast. Yeah like that was going to make things right! When he came downstairs I got his cooked breakfast out of the oven. Would it now hit the floor with one sweep of his hand? He sat down and grinned at it. Now he was playing games with me!

"Brian," I started.

"Just let me eat this wonderful breakfast in peace."

I poured him a cup of tea, and I stood rubbing my hands nervously. The breakfast went into his stomach followed by the tea. It wasn't until he was at the door that I called to him. I raced into the hall and there he was just grinning at me!

"Brian we need to talk, tonight."

"No we don't Sylvia, let's just forget it."

I reached up to kiss him smelling his new aftershave, but he just moved his head away. I was still stood in the doorway as his car went out of sight. I tried to fathom it all out but I just couldn't, not at first. I phoned his office and I was told by a rather snooty secretary my husband was with very important clients all day, and couldn't be disturbed unless it was an emergency. Maybe things would go back to normal now? Hopefully Zack wouldn't pester me again. Perhaps Brian was right, and we just had to forget about it.

"Come on sis get some sun. Get your bikini on."

There I was out in the back garden with Tina. We just sat chatting, well she was chatting. I was still bloody confused; I just wanted to be a normal wife again. Tina could talk for England and gradually I relaxed. A couple of glasses of wine and I began to smile again, until she mentioned Zack.

"So this copper brings him home, and tells me he caught Zack and his girlfriend, Becky something, having sex on a bench, down by the river."

My mouth dropped open.

"Oh sis don't look so shocked, I'm the one who used to treat him like he's still 10 years old, until recently."

"What did you say to him?"

Tina laughed and took another sip of wine, "what could I say, apart from the obvious."

I looked a little mystified at her.

"God Sylvie, I asked if he used a condom. Oh and I told him to save it until they found somewhere private. I mean I've done it out in the open and it certainly gives you a rush. But he should have been more careful. You know you ought to try something like that with Brian."

She began laughing again.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh the thought of you having sex outside the bedroom for one, I bet you would die of embarrassment."

"How do you know I haven't?" I snapped.

She rolled over sensing I was annoyed.

"Oh Sylvie sorry, but you told me things were a little slow in that department. Still did Danny help?" she asked with a grin.

She had changed to a more caring tone that quickly had my anger subsiding.

"A little I suppose," I mumbled.

"Sylvie you won't try anything with him will you? I mean it was just a one off, before we tied the knot."

"No things have picked up in that department anyway."

I was down on my front now; just relaxing and feeling quite mellow, until Tina spoke again.

"Oh hi baby, how was your last day at school?"

I could feel my body stiffen.

"OK mum, hi Auntie Sylvie."

Tina sat up and smiled at Zack, she casually lent over and picked her bikini top off the back of the garden chair. She put the cups over her breasts and then turned her back on Zack. I watched as he clipped her top together as she held her hair up! I just mumbled hello as I heard Zack kiss his mother. I knew she sunbathed topless at home, but did she do it in front of Zack? Well she didn't rush to cover herself when Zack walked into the garden! I protested once, I protested twice. But now it was too late. I could feel Zack working the sun cream over my back!

"I'm just going to change darling then we had better go."

I watched her kiss Zack and they looked at each other with big grins on their faces. I heard the slapping of Tina's sandals as she walked into the house. According to her my back looked a little red, and Zack was very good at rubbing cream on.

"God you are so tense auntie," he said with an amused voice.

I just stayed there hoping to god Tina would hurry. I wanted to tell Zack to stop but I didn't want to make a scene. I felt his young hands drift over my back. Maybe it was the wine or something, but after the initial shock I sort of got used to it. That was until I saw Tina and my husband coming out of the house! Zack pulled his hands away but I could already see the look of disbelief on my husband's face. I wanted to crawl under the hedge and hide. Tina gathered her things together and they left.

"Come into the house," Brian said firmly.

I followed him in feeling such intense shame. I just hoped I could convince him it wasn't how it looked; besides Tina was there too. But I suppose it didn't matter to my husband now. After our session early this morning I was in deep shit, and this was going to take a hell of a lot of explaining! I stood close to the kitchen table. I was too frightened to look at Brian. Besides I thought the little damp patch on my yellow bikini would show.

"Brian, don't get the wrong idea, it, it was Tina, she told Zack to, to rub...."

My bikini bottoms began to slowly slip down my legs. That was all it took to shut me up.

"Shut up you little tart, and bend over the table. I just hope you realise why I'm doing this?"

I closed my eyes waiting for a stinging slap.

"Please don't hurt me," I whimpered.

Again my eyes opened up like saucers, because my husband had just pushed his cock in my pussy!

"I suppose that little wet mess in you bikini, is because you wet yourself with fright?"

"Brian I don't know what, to...."

His hands pulled at my hips rolling me back onto him. He was riding me hard already, and grunting like a wild animal. I just gripped the far edge of the table. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

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