tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll About Zack Ch. 09

All About Zack Ch. 09


I twisted away from Zack.

"Look I'm not in the mood Zack, go home please,"

He pushed me back against the wall. I struggled a little pushing on his chest. I kept turning my head away, but finally his lips found mine. I gave up the struggle pretty quick, and feeling his hot tongue in my mouth, I started to respond.

"See auntie you want it really," he said with a chuckle.

I slapped his face and pulled away again, I managed to make it to the living room. His hand went up between my legs and he grabbed my pussy from behind. He began squeezing my pussy, and pulling me back against him, until I covered his hand with mine. I pushed his fingers into the thin material of my panties! We sort of stumbled to our knees on the carpet, and he pulled me over on my back. He reached up my skirt, and I felt the vain attempt my panties made to keep me protected. The elastic snapped and I heard them tear. Two pairs of hands fought frantically with the front of his trousers. We seemed to be getting in each others way!

"Look just stop will you?" he said pulling my hands away.

I did only for a few seconds; as soon as his hard cock came out of his trousers I was frantically grabbing it.

"Get it in me!" I whimpered.

His cock nudged at my entrance, and with a stiff jerk that had me gasping, he was in me! I began to undo my blouse, but Zack just brushed my hands away and ripped it open sending buttons in all directions. He reached in my bra and just grabbed my tits and yanked them out! He mauled and pulled at them roughly, causing me to whimper and gasp. His tongue went back in my mouth again. My legs crossed over high on his back, and I could feel his cock gain another inch into his aunt's wet pussy. He was bucking hard and fast, and we were actually moving along the carpet!

"Let me breath!" I gasped, finally getting his mouth off mine.

"Fuck off," he replied with a chuckle, like I had asked for something weird.

We fucked like rabbits, like it was the end of the world in a few minutes time. My own orgasm was knocking on the door, and as it washed through me I wrapped everything around my nephew. I just clung to him feeling my pussy pout and twitch on his hard dick. He was grunting too, and sweat built up on both our bodies. His mouth was right by my ear and I could hear every grunt Zack made, and the odd swear word that escaped under his panting breath.

"See you love it auntie, you are such a big slut, bigger than mum!"

Zack was now gripping my hair with both hands and ramming hard into me. I know it was just the passion but did he have to do it so hard? I mean we had moved right across the carpet, and my head was banging on the kitchen door! I felt him shoot in me again, just like he did the first time. But I wouldn't be running away to clean myself up. I was now on the pill. I'm sure if I told Brian he'd jump down my throat. Still if he was fucking Faye then did he expect me to stay faithful or married to him? Zack's face was screwed up as he squeezed everything he had into me, until he collapsed panting heavily.

Finally his weight was too much for me and I managed to push him off. I crawled out to the hall and dragged my handbag back into the living room. Why I didn't get up and walk I didn't know, maybe because my legs were still like jelly. I got my cigarettes out and gave one to Zack. The top of my head was hurting now, where it had constantly thumped against the door. I'm sure when I looked in the mirror it would be flat on top! We just lay on the carpet smoking. I could feel a dribble running down my backside from my puffed up pussy. My nephew's spunk had filled my cunt and was now back out, and making its way to leave a stain on the carpet. I wondered whether I would be able to see it the next day. Would it be there when my husband returned from his business trip with the slut of the year? No I'd better clean it up. Zack went to the loo as I finished my fag. When he came back he threw me some loo roll. I chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

I didn't answer, but in all the time I had been married my husband had never even considered that it might be nice to hand me some tissues! Hardily romantic but at least Zack was thinking of me. Maybe Faye would have a pile by the bed in the hotel? She wouldn't need much with the little dribble my husband had to offer.

"God he had better be using condoms!"

"Who had, Uncle Brian?" Zack asked.

Zack looked at me like I was mad. My words were supposed to be thoughts.

He sniggered, "so you think Uncle Brian is fucking her. You are far sexier."

I looked at him, did he really mean that? He bent forward and took my nipple in his mouth; he kissed and sucked it gently as I cradled his head.

"Am I really Zack?" I mumbled faintly.

He lowered me carefully on my back. His cock slipped up me again.

"Yeah Aunt Sylvie, you know when I came in and saw you bent over the table. I wanted to push him out and take his place. You are too sexy for him, much too sexy."

I clung to him as he fucked me slowly. I could feel his solid inches between my legs, I could hear his little excited gasps, and I could smell his skin. I ran my fingers through his hair, as his body stiffened. My pussy tingled and waited until he began to shoot. This time I didn't push him off. I just held him in my arms, until he finally moved ½ an hour later. I watched him dress.

"What do we do now Zack, where do we go from here?" I asked, as I struggled to get my torn blouse the right way round.

He shrugged. I don't know what I was expecting but I wanted more than a shrug. It brought home just how stupid this was. I was now just a fuck for my nephew. It seemed he could take me or leave me. He had a golden opportunity to stay the night, couldn't he see that? He walked towards the living room door.

"When will I see you again?"

I felt humiliated asking but I wanted him. He just turned and grinned.

"Look this was a one off auntie, you were drunk, and I took advantage of that to get what I wanted."

"You mean you don't want me?" I whimpered.

"No I didn't say that. I want you but not like this. I want to push you to limits, boundaries, or whatever."

"So that thrills you does it, wanting me to humiliate myself?"

"Come here," he said softly.

I hesitated for a moment. Finally I made my way to him. I stared into his eyes feeling so nervous.

"Do you want me to carry on dominating you, making you do things like I've done in the past?"

I looked down; I couldn't admit this could I? It was exciting, scary, sexy, and perverse.

"You'll be expected to do things worse things, if that's what you want then we could have real fun together. Your husband doesn't come into this. You're not even to think of him. I'll turn you into my slut, do you really want that?"

He turned away and went to the front door. He looked back at me weighing me up.

"You are a good fuck auntie, but that is not enough."

I fingered my aching pussy that night. I thought of all the things Zack had made me do. At the time I was frightened, but now looking back it thrilled me being scared and out of control. Could I really let that happen again? By the morning I thought I would have gotten rid of those feelings. I went and made myself a cup of coffee. Mum and my stepfather arrived for lunch. We sat in the kitchen eating as the doorbell rang. I just stood staring at Zack. My mind was all over the place. He moved inside the front door and pulled his zip down!

"My mum and dad are here Zack!" I whispered frantically.

"I know I saw the car. Suck me off."

I shook my head refusing him. Then he held up his mobile phone.

"Maybe mum would like to see this?"

I pulled the living room door closed. When I turned round his hands went on my shoulders. I was still shaking my head as I went down on my knees.

"I won't take long auntie, so the quicker you start, the quicker I finish."

My heart was coming through my chest again. But I put his purple head in my mouth. I began sucking him and tossing him off. This was crazy and stupid but I was sucking for all I was worth. My head bobbed back and forth, and my hand worked his shaft.

"Sylvia your dinners going cold!" my mother shouted from the kitchen.

"I'll be right there mum," I shouted, and then plunged back over Zack's cock!

I could hear him grunting through his teeth. Then I felt it hit my throat, I swallowed, and swallowed, but the stuff kept coming! I coughed and choked a little but I still kept pumping with my hand. Shit the bloody front doors wide open! I slammed it hoping to god nobody had walked by. I looked up into Zack's eyes. He was grunting and becoming louder, I just prayed he wouldn't cry out. His salty spunk slid down my throat. Finally he pulled me to my feet.

"Go Zack, quickly," I panted.

"Give me your panties, now."

I slipped my tights and panties down and handed them to him.

"Now go for god sake go," I hissed.

I closed the front door, and as I turned round dad was stood there.

"It was j, just a salesman," I blurted out.

He lifted his napkin to my face, and I felt him wipe a wet trickle from the corner of my mouth.

"Your dinners going cold," he said with a grinning face.

I sat back at the table and tried to keep my hands from trembling.

"Bloody salesmen," my stepfather said to my mother.

"You know Sylvia you really should be more forceful with them. They are only after one thing you know?"

I looked in shock at my mother.

"Money dear, I meant money!" my mother replied, with a shocked look on her face.

"Some might not be though, I bet some prey on lonely housewives, some would want more...." my stepfather said.

"Oh that's enough of talk like that at the table," my mum said, with her hands pressed to her ears.

I took a deep breath trying to calm myself, and trying not to think of the cock that 5 minutes ago was shooting in my mouth.

"Sylvia you've got white wine sauce on your top," my mum said pointing.

I quickly glanced at my grinning stepfather and rubbed it with my napkin.

The following week my sister arrived with her 4 kids. We spent a few days going out and having a laugh. She left the older two with Zack. They all got on well; Zack used to visit his father in Scotland from time to time, even my sister seemed to get on with him. Brian did a barbeque for us all and Stephanie insisted that Zack should come.

"God look at him chatting to your sister."

My eyes drifted to Zack and Stephanie.

"Trevor wants to meet her to see if they can patch things up. We might end up looking after Gordon and Ricky for a few days, Mum said she'd have the other two."

"Look some of the guys are going to Portugal next weekend." Brian said.

I knew where this was leading.

"What about our holiday? You promised but you haven't done anything about it," I spat.

"Look the guys have been on at me, and I've missed the last two. I'll take you away in a month or two."

"Well go on your precious golfing holiday. You seem to want to spend more time away from me lately," I spat under my breath.

"I won't go if you don't want me to."

"Oh go on I couldn't stand you sulking like the last time!" I snapped.

I watched Annie as I called my sister chatting with Zack. They were laughing and joking, and sometimes talking in whispers. Every time I went near them they seemed to clam up. Maybe I should tell her what Zack was like. I watched her get up, and Zack's eyes roamed over her backside. He noticed me watching, and just smiled. I went to collect the plates from the table where Zack sat alone.

"You're not jealous are you sexy?" he whispered.

"Don't be so ridiculous Zack, and just leave my sister alone she's got enough to worry about," I grizzled.

"Sylvie I'm nipping down the pub with Zack. Brian said he'd walk the kids to mum's house."

"What do you mean? I mean Rick and Gordon are old enough to drink take them too," I mumbled.

"No they had enough last night. Besides Zack said we might be late, so could we stay here the night?"

She was bouncing on her toes like she did when we were kids. She always got her way then.

"You should ask Brian, it's his house too."

"He said ask you. So you don't mind then?" she asked with a smile.

"Look Stephanie Zack is a, a young man now."

"Yeah I know walking in the pub on his arm will really boost my ego!"

My mouth dropped open and she began to laugh.

"God Sylvie do you think I'd take advantage of Zack Christ he's Trevor's boy. I wouldn't do anything like that, well not without a few more drinks."

I knew she was joking, but it was her I was trying to protect and not Zack. It was gone midnight when they came home. I could hear my sister's drunken giggles. Brian was sound asleep. I heard Stephanie shushing Zack several times, and then that dirty laughter of hers. I listened as they went into the lounge. I heard more giggling and the chink of glasses. I must have slept for awhile because the next thing I knew the house was quiet. Apart from my sister's muffled groans! It was now 2.30 and I just couldn't believe Zack was screwing my sister! I crept out onto the landing and listened at her door.

"Harder baby, god harder," she moaned excitedly.

How the hell could she do this? My sister was screwing her husband's son! I wanted to kick the door in and yell and scream. But I just couldn't do it, Zack had too much on me for that. He knew I wouldn't be sleeping. He was doing this on purpose. Well if he thought I was jealous then he could bloody well think again! I wandered back to my bedroom. I stayed there listening for the next 20 minutes. I heard a door open and the loo flush, then the door closed again. God he had a bloody nerve going back in for round two! I dozed off again, but I was soon wide awake. I just couldn't sleep now. I waited for a short time and then I crept downstairs for a cigarette.

"What's up auntie can't you sleep?"

I jumped out of my skin. There was Zack on the couch.

"Pass out did she?" I snapped, "I heard you Zack so don't deny it."

He stood up blocking my path to the kitchen.

"What did you hear?"

"You fucking her, my sister, did you get her pissed Zack, and help her up to bed?"

"So what if I did?"

I slapped his face hard, and he grabbed my arm twisting me to the couch.

"Go on then rape me and I'll scream." I hissed.

"You wouldn't scream you'd love it."

I began beating on his bare chest as he forced his lips on me. I fought and struggled to keep his tongue out of my mouth, but I guess I didn't fight hard enough. I could feel his cock rubbing between my legs. I pulled his hair and he winced as he let off the kiss. I just stared through the dark, narrowing my eyes. I lashed out slapping his face. I did it a second time, only softer. I couldn't manage a third slap. I raised my hand all right, but it sort of dropped into his curly black hair. I pulled myself up and thrust my tongue in his mouth. I hooked my left leg over his backside, and pulled him down until his cock slipped into me. I began working my leg pulling him into me. God knows how many times our dancing tongues slipped from one mouth to the other. I could feel my nails digging into his back, I didn't care whether I drew blood or not. Zack winced at one stage and pulled off the kiss. He slapped my bare ass cheek, so I slapped his face, fair trade?

"You are a little jealous slut," he spat mocking me.

"Don't fuck my sister again," I said, in a pleading tone rather than a pissed off one.

"Oh a little scared of the competition are you?"

"I mean it Zack, please don't," I whimpered.

He jabbed into me harder and I had to really stop from crying out. I bucked my hips to meet his thrusts. I could see his grinning face in the moonlight. Even now he was mocking me as he got what he wanted!

"Do you like it Auntie Sylvie? Do you like me fucking you instead of her?"

There was that sick little grin that I had come to hate. But it also gave me the desire to carry on. Just the way Zack tormented me had my juices flowing.

"Yeah, of course I do," I whimpered.

His grin spread as he started riding me even harder. Zack was back in control again, and I found it as erotic as he did!

"Am I a better fuck than my sister?"

His face took on a surprised look for just a second. Then he slipped back into bastard mode.

"Only because you are desperate for it, and a fucking slag," he mumbled in my ear.

I felt him pumping into me. My poor ass was close to bursting through the bottom of the couch! I clung to his neck as I felt my orgasm explode into life. I had to remind myself not to scream out, in case the whole town heard my lust filled cries. 3 times I tried to put the thin strap of my pink nightdress on my shoulder, until I realised that at some point it must have been ripped off. I moved to the door as Zack pulled the covers over his body on the couch. I climbed the stairs and slipped in next to my husband. I felt guilty as hell, but it was nothing to when I saw his eyes staring at me in the dark! I just waited for him to hit the roof!

"What's up with you?" he said.

That was it, his eyes shut and he was asleep again! I stayed quiet not daring to breath. This had happened a few times before. Each time it put the fear of god into me. When he had been drinking he would sometimes just open his eyes, and spout a few words and then sleep. I remember once he just opened his eyes and called me a 'fucking ugly cow', it just happened. The next morning I was in tears and he swore blind he couldn't remember saying it, he couldn't even remember waking up! I rolled over after a couple of minutes. I still wasn't sure if at some point in the night, I'd wake up with a knife in my back!

"So what time did you get in last night?"

"I don't know we had a good time though," Stephanie said, and then she noticed my miffed expression, "Oh sorry did we wake you up?"

My mouth dropped open.

"Look sorry Sylvie, I just couldn't help myself, anyway its no big deal is it?"

My mouth dropped even further. I watched my sister butter some toast and snatch my coffee. She smiled a cheeky grin.

"So you didn't really mind did you? I mean it was a one off, and he was rather good," she chuckled nudging my arm.

"Its bloody disgusting Stephanie," I hissed, trying to keep from waking Zack in the next room.

"God it was just a fuck, why are you so upset? I mean we were as quiet as we could be. Away I doubt if I'll see him again."

"Doubt if you'll.... see who again?" I asked mystified.

"Look I can't remember his name, oh Donny, it was Donny."

"You had sex with, Donny, and not......"

She looked at me a little strange, "look I've got to go and pick the kids up."

I watched her take a last swig of my coffee and she was gone. I rushed in to Zack and shook him awake.

"You little shit you let me believe you had sex with Stephanie," I snarled.

"Well you seemed to like the idea."

"Don't get smart with me; do you know how jealous I felt? Shit, I didn't mean that."

I backed away from him, putting my hand to my mouth at the same time. I didn't mean that at all, it just slipped out. I really don't know why I said it, god, fuck, how embarrassing, fuck!!!

"Get dressed and go home," I mumbled.

I tried to talk to Brian when he eventually woke up. I wanted to confess everything to him. I couldn't live like this anymore. I sat in tears on the bed and wanted to plead to Brian to forgive me. I just couldn't tell him, I just sat there crying. While I knew the thought of me going with Zack turned him on, well I think it did, I just couldn't tell him I had gone and fucked him in the night.

"Look Sylvie why don't you go back to bed you look tired. I've got to go into work to clear a few things up."

"But it's Saturday, why are you working on Saturday?"

"I have to Sylvia; I said I'd be there at 12."

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