tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll About Zack Ch. 15

All About Zack Ch. 15


I spent the next few days in bed, why the hell he didn't get a cold too was beyond me. He did look after me though, even if I did have to yell at him to turn his music down. I had other things on my mind too. In a couple of days my other nephews would be staying, as I returned to full health Zack started to tease me about it. The day before they arrived he was fucking me hard. I just clung to his body as he told me the twins would get what they wanted, or their mother was going to find a video in the post!

I felt nervous as hell, even with my sister there. She was with me for an hour or so, but as soon as my sister left the atmosphere changed. Zack took me up to my bedroom and told me what to put on. I stood trembling as he handcuffed my hands behind my back. He sucked my nipples in turn as he fingered me. My slight protests about how wrong this was just stopped. He helped me down the stairs and opened the door. I blushed and shook as the twins looked over my near naked body. It was bad enough that I stood there in red high heels, and hold up black stockings, but the clothes pegs on each nipple and the 6 or so that hung from my pussy lips, just made it worse! Now I know I said earlier I had tried the peg thing, and it hurt like hell, but Zack had done something to them so they didn't bite so much. The boys looked at my breasts; I cringed as Gordon twisted one of the pegs, watching my face for a reaction. He chuckled at the words Zack had put on my tits in red lipstick.

"Nephew's slut, sort of fitting for you isn't it?" Ricky said with a grin.

I winced as Zack flicked the pegs between my legs. I wanted to ask him to stop, but with my panties jammed in my mouth all I could manage was a grunt. The two 21 year olds just looked at my private places with lust filled expressions.

"You look very wet auntie," Ricky said, as they all grinned.

"Yeah we've got plans for you for the next few days," Gordon said, staring wickedly into my eyes.

Yes I was frightened but so aroused. My 3 nephews were going to use me as their sex slave whether I wanted it or not! Zack moved me towards the back door. He switched off the light and opened the door. He helped me down the step and took me down the garden path. I was grunting into the gag.

"You're lucky its dark, but it's a shame it is so cold. Still just ½ an hour out here tied to the gate." he whispered.

I was really struggling hard now. I twisted and turned away, which just amused him. When we got to the bottom of the garden my eyes opened wide as he opened the gate. I lent back against him, and started mumbling my protests into the gag.

"Oh did I forget to mention you'll be tied on the outside of the gate? Well you know the fun we had in the alley that time?"

I struggled harder and pushed back against him more forcefully.

"Now look it's just the same, the alley at the end of the gardens, and the garages just that back onto that. I mean just half an hour stood here, what are the chances of someone coming down the dark alley at midnight?"

I was shaking my head frantically.

"Oh I see what you mean; there isn't much chance of someone walking down here. So do you want me to cuff you to the front gate?"

My mind was all over the place now. I just wanted to stop this and get back indoors. I could feel the cold wind on my skin, and then the cold wooden panels of the gate as Zack held me against it. He fed the cuffs through the bar and cuffed me back against the gate. He pulled my panties from my mouth. I took a big gulp of cold air.

"Zack please don't do this, for god sake you can't be serious?"

"Well you could always call for help now," he mumbled in my ear.

He began toying with the pegs pulling them and twisting them.

"Oh looks like you are out of luck auntie."

My eyes shot to the end of the alley. I could see the figure of a man coming up the alley. I pulled at the cuffs trying to get away before the man noticed me.

"Oh dear auntie looks like your first customer. Well I'd better be off, you don't want me spoiling your fun," he whispered.

I felt him flick a few of the pegs, and he backed away. My eyes turned to the figure about 80 yards away. He was walking with his head down. I just prayed he went into one of the back gardens before he noticed me. OK it was dark, but he would pass me and notice, the alley was only 5 feet wide! Still he didn't look up he just kept coming forward. He seemed to have a long coat with a hood. It was then I thought it must be one of the boys. I was still frightened, but who the hell would come down the alley at this time of night? My breathing slowed a little as I relaxed. I couldn't quite make out which of the boys it was, it was way too dark for that. The distance had halved now, the figure was walking incredibly slowly obviously this was designed to build the tension. I was just so relieved it was one of my nephews that I wanted to call to him to hurry up, so we could get in the warm. I opened my mouth to speak, just as he got to the gate of my next door neighbour. I watched the hand grab for the gate. I smiled about to let him know that wouldn't fool me, until he opened the gate and went in! I looked over my shoulder and could just make out Mr Williams as he took his hood off. I held my breath for god knows how long, I just watched wide eyed as he went slowly up his garden path. I was just in shock for the next few seconds. I jumped out of my skin as a hand grabbed my mouth, stopping me from screaming.

"Keep quiet in case he comes back out," Zack whispered in my ear.

I felt the cuffs slacken and I pulled my wrist away. I stared at Zack wanting to give him a right mouthful. A hand tapped my shoulder and I shrieked. I jumped into Zack's arms feeling pegs flying off my body.

"Ricky you bloody shit!" I hissed.

"I couldn't get past him to warn you, he was going up the alley just as I turned the corner."

I felt Zack wrap a coat around me. I just flung it off and marched into the house, pulling the last of the pegs off as I went. I went straight up to bed and covered myself up. 10 minutes later the boys came in with a cup of coffee. They all apologised and left their rather miffed aunt alone.

I stood looking out of the kitchen window the next morning. I could see the coloured pegs in the distance where they had fallen the night before. I stubbed out my cigarette and continued cooking the breakfast. Mr Williams was a nice enough man, he reminded me of my husband in many ways. Sorry my ex-husband. In the early hours of the morning I had woken up feeling horny. I remembered the fantasy I had. It started drifting back into my mind.

I imagined Mr Williams taking me, as I was tied helpless to the gate; he was twisting the pegs on my nipples, as he fucked me hard and frantic. He would then walk away leaving his spunk trickling down my thighs. Next would be a group of young men taking a short cut home from the pub. They would have fun with me first, tormenting my pussy lips with the pegs, which Mr Williams had so thoughtfully replaced! My mouth would be passed around the group of guys, my nipples tormented and my ass fingered. I would have to hold onto the gate, and wrap my legs around the waist of the first man. He would get off quickly, only for another to take his place. Eventually they would all have fucked me and my pussy would be so sore, until the last man moved forward. Harvey would sneer down at me and climb on the gate. He would thrust his cock in my mouth making me gag. His mates would cheer and encourage him. By now lights would be going on. Footsteps could be heard, as angry neighbours came down to complain about the noise. Harvey would look down on me and smile, like the cat that had got the cream.

"So you didn't want another date bitch, but just you wait until I get back to the office and tell everyone," he said laughing so loud it would hurt my ears.

He would pull out and shoot nearly a gallon of spunk in my face and hair. I would stay there cuffed to the gate as the men left me dripping in spunk. Torches would shine in my face blinding me. Gasps and snide remarks would follow, until several of the men fucked me, unable to resist. Women would look on and hurl insults, but they wouldn't stop their husbands from fucking me. Eventually I'd be set free and a woman would turn a hose on me. The cheering and baying would start again. I imagined walking into the office the next day; the whole place would have pictures of me gagging on Harvey's cock all over the walls!

"Sylvia the toast is burning!"

I snapped out of my fantasy to see Zack ejecting the bread from the toaster. I left them to eat breakfast. I went out for a walk and ended up by the tree. My fingers drifted slowly over the engraving that Zack had made. I walked round to the other side. I gazed at the other engraving. I knew the teacher from Zack's mobile phone. I wondered what she looked like, and the boy Pete. Were they happy? What did the boy's mother and father think? What would anyone think of them, come to that what would anyone think of me? It was this last question that finally made up my mind, it seemed to somehow clear my head. I went back to the house determined to say my piece. All three of them sat there and I told them what I thought. One by one they apologised, even Zack. Back at work I threatened Harvey with sexual harassment; he never came near me again.

Zack moving out was still a shock. I came home from work and there was Zack loading his mother's car with his stuff.

"Zack is coming to live with me. How are you doing?"

"OK I guess," I mumbled.

"Sylvia, Zack had told me some things that have, well shocked me. Quite frankly I'm a little disgusted with you; Zack told me how strict you were with him."

I opened my mouth to speak but she cut me off. She moved closer to me.

"Do you still miss Brian?"

I thought it was a strange question; even so I nodded a little. I wanted to respond to her earlier remark but Zack was still loading the car.

"Ready darling?" she called to Zack.

She looked back at me.

"Do you want a cup of tea before you go?" I asked, hoping it would give us time to talk.

"No, I'm taking Zack to meet his Uncle Brian and Auntie Faye," she responded with an amused grin.

She just looked smiling at the humiliated woman in front of her. Tina knew full well what she had said hurt me, and she revelled in it!

A week later Stephanie phoned in tears, she had split up with Trevor for the last time. In April my stepfather died, he never did get to fuck my ass. I began dating 6 months later, Mr Williams my neighbour.

"Sylvia, I have never mentioned this, but before we dated, I, I saw you once."

I looked at him as he reached down the side of the bed. He opened his hand and I saw two clothes pegs.

"You saw me tied to the, gate?" I gasped.

"I never said anything. I saw someone watching you, it was too dark to see who it was, and I figured you were both playing some, some game. I well, do you like that sort of, thing?"

I looked at the pegs again, still in shock that he had only brought this up now.

"Do you want to; I mean I've thought about it for a few months. I just never mentioned it until now because I wasn't sure if...."

I placed my fingers on his lips. I was still a little shocked but would it be that bad, just to try with him?

"If you want to try these things, I won't stop you," I mumbled, feeling slightly wet.

I teased my nipples and felt him clip the pegs to them. He looked at my face for a reaction. I smiled nervously, hoping this was what he wanted.

"You were handcuffed weren't you?"

I nodded, "it sort of left me powerless, out of control."

I watched as he dangled a pair of handcuffs over my head. We both smiled as I reached my hands up to the head of the bed.

Stephanie saw me staring at her fourth child once. She broke down in tears and confessed. I must admit I had always wondered why he was ginger, the same colour hair as my stepfather. Still her secret was safe with me.

We have picnics in the park, and James once caught me looking at the tree. I counted 21 different couples names engraved on the tree over the last year. I even chuckled once, as a man and woman stood waiting for me to move from the tree. The next day I went back there, and two new names had appeared. As long as the tree stood there it would be a constant reminder of that night. It would be somewhere that I would visit from time to time, for the rest of my life. Just to remember what I did with Zack, all those things that would live with me, until my final day on this earth.

Anyway enough of that, my story still has a little way to run yet.

I ripped off the packaging of my birthday present. My mouth dropped open, and I made my way to the bathroom. James watched me fill the sink with a grin on his face, and then he waited patiently downstairs. Two hours later I walked into the living room. He gasped when he saw me. His eyes travelled up my body.

"They won't like it if you're here to start with, get out," I purred.

He nodded and took one last look at me and then left.

I had my orders for the weekend.

"Well how do I look?" I asked nervously.

Four sets of eyes trailed over my trembling body. I had dressed as instructed to please the men that looked me over. 4 inch black stiletto heels, black opaque tights, and a skin tight figure hugging mini dress, which only just covered my ass! I wasn't allowed to wear panties or a bra. So there they stood, my nephews, Gordon, Ricky, and the youngest 18 year old David, all my sisters' kids.

"Did you tell your mum you were staying with friends?" I asked with a gulp.

"Yeah, and I told her I only fuck blondes," said the fourth man.

"Do you like it Zack?" I mumbled with a fluttering heart.

He grabbed hold of my blonde hair twisting it in his fingers. I gasped and felt a trickle between my legs. My Birthday present from James was a bottle of blonde hair dye. Going from black to blonde was quite a change, it was done to humiliate me, and it did. My mum said I looked like a whore the first time I did it. Now here I was with my long shaggy hair coloured again. The first time I wasn't allowed to tell her I did it for James. When she asked him he told her I wanted to do it. I knew mum would ask as soon as I went upstairs, but I didn't, I listened from behind the closed door.

"She got whistle at in town today James. Men think she is a tart," my mum said quietly.

"I know, when we go out she seems to enjoy getting chatted up. She has started going out with her friends more often. When I go to pick her up she is always laughing and joking with some man."

"I should have a word with her for you," my mum said in a miffed tone, "or she'll end up like her sister with kids by god knows who!"

"No it's OK; she's just going through a phase. I think deep down she still wishes she was with Brian," James said forlornly.

"No darling you are twice the man he ever was," my mum said quietly.

"You are so good to me, but please don't say anything to Sylvia, I'm sure it is just a phase, honestly. But I do wish she was a little more like you. You really have welcomed me into the family, although we are only engaged."

I heard a soft kissing noise.

"Oh James!" my mother said in a shocked chuckling voice.

I heard another kiss and then a slight gasp from my mother.

"She'll be down soon, you, you shouldn't, James," my mother panted.

Zack finger fucked me as we listened, and I bit my bottom lip as I came. He disappeared silently up the stairs so my mum didn't know he was with us. I felt red faced and flustered. I coughed pretending I had just come downstairs. My mum's face looked very red too, but she tried to hide her embarrassment, I pretended not to notice. She made her excuses and left. We went back to the bedroom, and as James fucked me Zack whispered in my ear about my future husband James, wanting to fuck my mother! You see James isn't very good at the domination thing. I told him the things that Zack had made me do, I also admitted to liking, it but not at first. When James had gotten over the shock of knowing it was Zack that night in my garden, he asked me more and more questions. So we came to this arrangement, Zack could torment me while James looked on. I suppose he wasn't that much different from my first husband. But he left the decision up to me. At least we had control over when it happened, but Zack had become more devious over the last few years. He wanted a blonde and that was the price I had to pay. That was the first time with Zack, and it happened a while ago now. But the next time, this time, I had an even bigger price to pay. Gordon and Ricky would be there, and for the first time David. James had to submit to Zack's dominance too, he had to make a pass at my mother the first time we did it. But now the second time he wasn't allowed to be with us for the first few days. He went to see his mum who lived in Wales, so it sort of worked out well for us both I suppose.

So that was why I had gone blonde a second time. And here I was kissing Zack, as his fingers hoisted my dress up. My 3 leering nephews stared at my shaved pussy, under my black tights! Zack made it clear he was in charge of everything, even the others that would torment me this time. I could see how eager they were, especially David, but they knew to stand back until Zack told them otherwise. Zack pulled the neck of my dress down, and I felt him inspect the label.

"Zack it really is too small," I mumbled.

"Yes two sizes too small, just like I requested, and that is all that matters."

So there I was 20 minutes later stood close to the factory. In 5 minutes men would come streaming out on their way home. The dress moulded itself to my body. While it was black the tight clinging fabric thinned over my boobs, my nipples pushed little bumps into it, and the long tight sleeves clung to my shaking arms. I watched as Zack drove off and parked down the other end of the street. I was separated from the car by nearly 500 yards I guess, and between us the main factory entrance. I jumped as I heard the whistle blow for the end of the shift. I struggled to get to my watch under the tight material. The two minutes went by and I started walking. My high heels clacked on the pavement. At first one or two emerged from the large iron gates, then a flood of men eager to get the weekend started streamed out! Hundreds of sets of eyes ran over the leggy blonde. I gulped and tried my best to act normal! I could feel the tight hem of my dress ruffling up. So do I tug it down or pretend I hadn't noticed how much thigh was on view? The laughing and joking of the men relieved to be out of work, soon settled into nudges and pointing. Eyes trailed all over my body. I felt like someone charging into battle heavily outnumbered me against hundreds of leering men! The whistles soon started, ringing in my ears, they became louder until so many men whistled it was just a constant noise! As the first group of men passed me comments about my huge tits and my tight little dress started. Every part of my body shook, my heavily painted lips hung open. The cherry red lipstick I wore seemed to pull my bottom lip down. I was right in the middle now going in the opposite direction to all these males, all shapes and sizes, and from 18 to 60 year olds. I just had to tug my hem down, I just had too!

"Hey pull it the other way love!"

The comment shouted from the man received loud cheers. I swallowed hard, hurting my throat in the process. My face seemed to be on fire and my blonde locks bounced, almost waving to the men. They walked in front of me and I had to side step them. I tried to pretend I couldn't hear the whistling, or the comments about my legs and nipples. Again I tugged my hem down, it just attracted more cheers. I felt a hand glance on my thigh, I side stepped again and bumped into a middle aged guy. We did this dance on the pavement, as he deliberately swerved in my way several times. I just put my head down to avoid his grinning eyes, not only his but everyone else's! I felt a hand grab my backside; I wriggled away scraping my metal heel on the pavement. The sound grated in my ears. I was nudged and jostled as I half stumbled through the still cheering and whistling men. I had increased my stride and had to keep tugging my hem down which alarmingly seemed too high! By the time I had passed the main body of men, I didn't know how many times I had been groped! My ass and my tits seemed to be constantly touched up, and at one point a hand actually made it up the front of my tight dress. One of those men would have felt just how wet I was, I bet he was sniffing his fingers right now, and offering them to his laughing mates! I almost fell into the car at the end.

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