tagGroup SexAll Ashore Ch. 01

All Ashore Ch. 01

byEvil Alpaca©

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons (or companies), living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

It is also a long story. If you don't like longer stories or are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to skip this one.

This story contains m/f and f/f sexual encounters.

----------------- -----------

Tara was beginning to think that she needed to rethink her "let's go see the world" philosophy. She had gotten tired of living in a small town. Her high school graduating class had consisted of fifty people, and that was considered a busy year. Tara had played sports (even football, as the kicker), participated in school functions and excelled in academics. Not because she was really all that interested in any of it, but because the more things she had to occupy her mind, the less likely it was that she would go mad. Her parents had wanted her to stay on and help at the farm like her older brother and sister had done. Tara had wanted out. Her original plan had been to join the military, but she realized that she wasn't looking to be in an even more disciplined lifestyle than she was accustomed to. She had seen an advertisement in the paper once: it was one of those general ads that circulated in newspapers across the country from time to time.


For Tara, it had sounded like a dream come true. She filled out one of their generic applications online, got the call, got hired, and she found herself on her way to sea. As a maid. She didn't care at first. It was a start, and she would still get an opportunity to see some spectacular places. Her first voyage was on a huge cruise ship heading up to Alaska. She was told that some of the ice formations she would see were breathtaking. So she rolled up her sleeves around her tanned, well-toned farm girl arm's and went to work.

Things weren't too bad at first. She wound up bunking with a thirty-year-old woman who had been with the company for about five years. She was sweet and sassy, with all the stories and attitude of a truck-stop waitress, but the face and body of one of those models from the men's magazines. Her generous curves made Tara very self-conscious of her own unexciting body. She was pretty enough with her long brown hair and big blue eyes, and had attracted quite a bit of attention from those Kansas farm boys she had grown up with. She was slim with a fairly tight little ass. But her breasts were on the smallish side, only warranting a small A-cup, and they seemed particularly small when compared with her companions 36-DD's. The woman's name was Keira, and she was a very funny woman. She showed Tara the ropes and the ship. From the first tour she had taken, she was amazed by the size of it all. Those ocean liners were literally floating cities that were bigger than the town she grew up in regards to their capacity. She had seen the western coast of the United States, gazed out at the Pacific Ocean and had been captivated by it all.

But as with most things, the bloom was off the rose after a week. At that moment, she and Keira were cleaning up one of the luxury cabins while its occupants were having lunch. The room was a wreck, and there was a used condom dripping lazily from the ceiling fan.

"I am NOT touching that!" said Tara.

"Don't fret it darlin'," Keira said, enjoying the young woman's discomfort. Everyone freaked out a bit the first time they found one of those. "I'm just wondering how he got it up there. Either he was a really good throw, really lucky, or really happy to see someone." She got up on the bed and grabbed it with one gloved hand. She looked at it closely. "Looks like an extra-large. Someone must've had a good time this morning!"

Tara started to tremble. "So gross," she said and started to strip the bed. "Oh God! Another one! And . . . and it's full!"

------------------------- -------------------

That evening, back at their cabin . . .

------------------------- -------------------

Tara was dead on her feet. It seemed that the longer people stayed at sea, the wilder they became, and she had been forced to clean some VERY interesting messes that day. She sat on her bed, listening to Keira get ready for her night out. She and some of the other off duty personnel met at one of the ships many lounges after their shifts were up to discuss who had the weirdest day. Tara never got invited to those gatherings. It seems that she was too young. So she'd stay in the room and watch in-house movies.

Keira came out, looking like dark-haired sex bomb. She had on a low-cut, tight red top that showed off a tremendous amount of cleavage. Add in some black stretch-pants and red high heels, and she would have looked at home at almost any club on Earth.

"You look like hell, girl."

"I don't see how you can do it," Tara whined, curling her legs so she could rub her aching feet.

"Here, let me get that," Keira said, pulling up a chair and taking one of Tara's feet in her hands. Tara had to admit that her roommate was doing a much better job than she herself could do. Keira rubbed that foot for a few minutes before place the bottom of the foot on her ample chest, then started massaging Tara's lower leg. Tara caught herself staring at Keira's cleavage more than once.

'It's just because that's where my foot is resting,' she tried convincing herself. But her eyes kept drifting back.

"Listen," said Keira after a while, "why don't you come out with us tonight?"

"But I'm too young to drink," Tara replied. But she was a little excited. She'd never been invited to come along before.

"You don't have to. Just through on your casuals and we'll go." Keira temporarily switched to her Tara's other foot.

Tara was increasingly captivated by the woman's breasts. She wished she had a pair even half as big. 'Why the hell am I thinking about this?' she questioned. "I don't . . . really have any party clothes."

Keira looked confused. "Oh, you mean like this? Don't worry about it toots. This is just my style." She put Tara's foot back down. "So hurry up."

Tara suddenly found that she had energy again. She rooted through her stuff for a pair of snug jeans and her Raiders sweatshirt. She liked baggy tops because they hit the flatness of her chest. Keira didn't seem to care about the reasoning of Tara's decision, but rather the speed.

"C'mon, let's go! The 'first' stories are always the best!" Keira grabbed Tara by the hand and yanked her out the door. She led the young woman to the Chameleon Lounge, where about a dozen people were waiting. Tara recognized most of them. They were a fairly good-looking crew to begin with, but her eyes instantly noticed Carlos. Carlos was a dance instructor, and his classes were ALWAYS full. He had that perfect California tan, a v-shaped torso and an incredibly low body fat index. He had the big green eyes, soft-looking lips and slightly tussled black hair that all gave him his exotic look. He was actually from San Diego. He was one of those guys that girls from eighteen to eighty wouldn't mind getting a piece of, and Tara was no exception. But he was known as a breast man, so Tara realized that her fantasies were as close as she would ever get to him.

"Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late," started Keira. "Everyone, this is Tara. She came onboard a few weeks ago. This is her maiden voyage!" The crowd hooted it up while Tara blushed and tried hiding behind her bunkmate. Keira grabbed the younger woman by the shoulders and thrust her towards the group. "Everyone, be gentle! I wasn't sure if I wanted to introduce her to you scoundrels, but I figure she's toughened up a bit. She found her first used condom today . . ." Keira was interrupted by another round of applause and laughter.

"Where'd you find it?" asked one very tan, very blonde girl. "I used to do maid service work until I got transferred into waitressing, and I always found those things in the weirdest places."

"It . . . it was hanging from the ceiling fan. Which was still on."

"Eeewwhh!" was the collective response. Keira pushed Tara into the booth and then sat next to her, ensuring the girl wouldn't be able to make a run for it. Instantly, the conversation turned into who had found the strangest objects and where. From toilet plungers between a mattress and box spring to a live chicken in the bathroom, everyone had a story to tell. Tara was laughing her ass off within minutes. Admittedly, the conversation was bawdier than most she had participated in.

But then things started getting uncomfortable for Tara, particularly after the blonde girl from earlier, whose name was Sunny, was talking about a group of guys at one of the restaurants that had been hitting on her. One of them had apparently been particularly hot and very charming. She had wound up giving him a blowjob in the men's bathroom and had gotten a hundred-dollar tip for her troubles. Tara's jaw hit her chest. That was so . . . sluttish. But then things got worse. Everyone at the table seemed to have a story like that. No one seemed to notice that Tara had begun to squirm. Finally, she told Keira that she needed to use the bathroom. As soon as she was out of sight, she high-tailed it out of the lounge. She felt bad about leaving and not telling Keira, but she was completely wigged out and she couldn't even completely understand why.

------------------- -----------------

About half an hour later . . .

------------------- -----------------

Tara had already changed into her nightshirt and had just opened up the book she was reading when Keira came in the door. "There you are. Shit girl, you scared the crap out of me. Why didn't you tell me you was leavin'?"

"Sorry," Tara replied, glancing down at her book. "I wasn't feeling well and I was tired, so I just . . ." She knew without looking that Keira was staring at her. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye as the older woman sat at the foot of the bed.

"Now that you've gotten the bullshit out of the way, why don't you tell me what's really bothering you? It looked like you were havin' a good time and everyone liked you."

"I . . . I just didn't feel comfortable anymore, okay?" Tara responded bitterly.

"Jeez, don't bite my head off," said Keira defensively. "I just thought you might like to get out and meet people and make friends. Don't worry. I won't ask again," she said as she got up and headed for the door.

Tara felt like crap. She hadn't meant to offend this woman who had tried being her friend, and she didn't want things to get ugly seeing as they had to live together for a few more weeks. But just as she sat up to apologize, Keira stopped and turned to face her, looking a little sheepish.

"I'm sorry hon," the woman said. "I keep forgetting you're kinda new around here."

"I'm sorry too," said Tara, closing her book and putting it on the nightstand. "I'm . . . I mean . . . Is that what this is all about? I mean, is this whole cruise just one big floating orgy? And . . ."

"Is THAT what this is about?" asked Keira, her face beginning to smile again. "You think that because some of us have engaged in 'loose sexual behavior' that you're going to be expected to?"

"Not . . . not exactly. I mean, it just seems like everyone does all this stuff and . . . and I'm not sure I could. Isn't it against the rules anyway?"

"Yes, technically it IS against the rules. But even the Captain breaks the rules from time to time. And no, no one expects you to do anything. Most people who work on this ship don't. But think about it from the point of view of those of us who do. Most of those people at that table are young in body or at heart. And we spend a lot of time at sea. If you stick around, you're gonna discover that people get kinda lonely when they're away from land for weeks or even months at a time. Some people are strong enough to wait it out, others aren't. Some people have problems meeting that special someone when they're always between ports. So we take our pleasure where and we get the opportunity. As far as my own . . . appetites go, I've done a heck of a lot more stuff than blowin' some guy in a public place since I've worked here, and I don't regret a single one of them. The brochure promised us adventure when we signed up, and we intend on havin' some. So if you're a little more traditional or conservative or whatever, that's cool with me and I'm sure it's cool with the gang. Just don't be so quick to judge us."

Tara sighed. "I didn't mean to. I'm just thinking that maybe I'm a little . . . over my head here. I just wanted to get out of that town so badly . . ." She was getting flustered, so Tara just stopped talking.

"You never know if you're ready until you try. If not now, you'll be facing the same stuff a few more months or a few more years down the road." Keira brushed the hair away from Tara's eyes. "I'll let you think things over, and I'll tell everyone you just weren't feeling well." She grinned and pushed up on those titanic tits. "Don't wait up!"

----------------- -----------------

The next day . . .

----------------- -----------------

All through their workday the next day, Tara was glad that things were still good between her and Keira. Keira stories were actually getting bawdier, including innuendoes about things she had done in the very rooms there were cleaning. Tara was blushing for hours. Keira was just too much fun! She was so confident and so free-spirited, and her energy was kind of contagious.

Towards evening, she and Keira were getting ready to start on another luxury cabin. The occupants were apparently just on their way to dinner as the maids showed up. They both appeared at the doorway dressed to the hilt. Both were in their early forties and looking good. The man was about six feet tall with short black hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He looked like one of those guys who had been physically active his whole life, with broad shoulders and a still relatively trim waistline. His female companion (neither were wearing wedding bands) was a classic beauty, almost as tall as her male counterpart. She had a little more meat on her body than Tara did and she had a gorgeous rack. It wasn't as pronounced as Keira's, but was easily in the C-cup range. She had high cheekbones, ruby-red lips and perfectly done makeup. The woman had medium length, curly brown hair and long eyelashes. She was wearing an incredibly black evening gown that was cut low in the front to reveal cleavage and had a v-cut in the back that went all the way down to just above her butt. 'This,' thought Tara, 'is a woman who knows that she's got it all.' She was obviously not wearing a bra, letting those large breasts swing and bounce just beneath the surface of the dress.

"Oh, hi!" the woman said as the four of them almost crashed into each other. "Listen, the tub is draining really slowly. Could you get someone to take a look at it," she said with a smile. Tara smiled back. The woman had beautiful teeth, though Tara's eyes almost instinctively drifted down to those breasts. They weren't moving around nearly as much as she thought they should, but they were still beautiful. She wondered if they were real.

'What am I doing?' Tara thought suddenly. First it had been Keira's chest, and now this woman's. 'Just because you don't have 'em,' she told herself, 'doesn't mean you should be staring at everyone else's.'

"We'll take a look at it," Keira said politely. As the couple wandered off, Tara noticed her friend checking the woman's ass out.

"Keira," Tara said with a gasp.

"What? Can't a girl admire the view?"

Tara began wondering about which side of the fence her friend liked to play. She knew that Keira had engaged in sex with men, but she also realized that Keira had been intentionally vague about the details of some of her adventures.

Once inside, Keira answered her question. "I noticed your brain seemed to be on overdrive for a moment, so I thought I'd clear the air. Yes, I've had sex with women before. Actually, the best sex I've EVER had was with women. Is that gonna be okay with you?"

"Strangely, yeah," Tara said. "For some reason, I'm not even that surprised."

Keira looked incredibly relieved. "Cool. I . . . I wanted to tell you earlier, but I was afraid of layin' too much on you, making it hard to handle. You know, you're alright for a country bumpkin," she said.

Tara smashed the girl in the face with a pillow, eliciting a feigned look of indignation. "No need to be mean," Tara said. Then she paused. "She was awfully pretty," she said at last.

"Yeah," returned Keira with a strange smirk. "She was."

---------------- -----------

That evening . . .

---------------- -----------

Keira had already taken off to meet with the gang, and Tara was sitting on the bed. She had been invited to go along again, but she honestly just hadn't felt like going. She got a long hug from her friend and had become very aware of the heat generated by those breasts. She wondered if Keira noticed that Tara had started to blush.

She got a call from her supervisor. The couple that they had encountered earlier that day had requested another set of towels and more hand soaps. Tara assured her boss that she'd get right on it. She was still in uniform, so she swung by the laundry and a supply closet then headed up to the cabin. There was a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, but she thought things were okay since they had actually made the request. She knocked.

After a minute, the door opened a crack and the woman poked her head out. "Hello again! Thanks for being so punctual," she said. The woman appeared to be sweating a little and was also slightly flushed. Even someone as naïve as Tara could guess what had been going on, or what was about to go on. The woman suddenly looked nervous.

"Are you alright?" Tara asked.

"Yes, I'm . . . Oh shit. Listen," the lady said, "I've got a very strange favor to ask, but please just stick with me for a moment. Me . . . my companion and myself were about to . . . well, have sex. And I was wondering if . . . maybe . . . you'd like to watch."

You could have knocked Tara over with a feather at that moment. Her head was swimming, and she could barely believe what she had just heard. "Ex-... Excuse me?"

The beautiful woman was blushing. "I'm sorry. I saw you looking earlier," she said, glancing down at her heaving chest, "and I thought . . . Listen, he . . . my companion and I are both a little bit of exhibitionists. You wouldn't have to do anything yourself. Just watch. And I'll pay you a hundred dollars. Please," she said with an air of desperation. "We'd really appreciate it."

Tara had no idea what to say. Just twenty-four hours ago, she had been almost completely oblivious to the sorts of things that went on behind closed doors on these ships. Now, she was being asked to watch a very attractive couple have sex, and was being offered a hundred bucks to boot.

The woman looked nervous. "No one has to know," she said. But Tara barely heard her. She was captivated by the woman's look of incredible longing.

"Okay," she said dazedly. The woman looked ecstatic.

"Thank you," she said, glancing over her shoulder. "Listen, my name is Karen and his name is Sam. Just . . . just follow me inside. You can sit on the chair and watch or . . . well, if you want to, you can play . . . with yourself," she said, maybe a little too hungrily. She took the young woman by the hand and led her inside. Sam was actually buck-naked and tied to the bed with silk scarves. His erection was sticking straight up in the air. Tara had only seen that sort of thing in a porn-video her brother had hidden in his dresser at home. Sam didn't seem upset at all. Rather, he was grinning at the woman.

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