tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Business Ch. 02

All Business Ch. 02

byL.Fortune West©

Believe it or not, and I'm still a bit ashamed of this, but it took me three weeks to do anything. The first five days or so I was so busy masturbating to the footage that I didn't have the energy or the inclination to think about the possibilities. Then I started to scheme.

I saved the file onto my hard drive. I copied it onto two flash drives; I stashed one at my mum and dad's place, and one in a place in my flat where it wouldn't be found. I sent the file to myself in an email, then set up two other email accounts and sent emails from myself to those accounts. In retrospect, maybe I was being excessively paranoid. She wasn't, after all, working for the fucking KGB, but it was nice to know that whatever happened I would have the footage of her being painfully sodomized by a black guy to hand, if and when I needed it.

By now a week and a half had gone by. In work I hardly looked at her at all, I kept my head down. I wanted her. I wanted both of them, and I'd known that I had an opportunity to get what I wanted the moment Faith got her clothes off in that hotel room. I was scared though.

Faith was a formidable woman. I'm not formidable. I'm not assertive. I've been getting professional help to try and build my confidence. I haven't felt like there's been much success. I couldn't see myself going up to her, showing it to her and taking things forward from there. It seemed ridiculous, the idea of me doing that! I didn't know if I was going to have the bottle. I kept thinking about it, wondering how I was going to do it, what I was going to say. A couple of times I went in there in the morning planning to speak to her but I put it off because I was scared. The more I thought about it the more frightening it got.

I was in on a Friday. Faith wasn't in at the start of the day. I think she got in just before ten. She had a dress on, a blue dress. She didn't normally wear dresses. She did look good. Even by her standards she did. I'd seen the dress before but on this day she was wearing boots with it, brown boots that went up her calves. She looked good. I was having to consciously stop myself from turning and staring at her whenever she came out of her office.

Melissa came in about an hour after Faith. They were both in Faith's office, at the back on the far right. I realized with perfect, crystal clarity, that I could have both of them. I could have them. I wanted them as much as you could want people. I knew I could have them. The fear came on me again, but it was different. It was that gut wrenching fear when you're petrified but you know deep down you're actually going to do the thing that's scaring you, and you want to get it over and done with, to make it go away. Can you relate to that?

Melissa didn't stay long. That was good, because I wouldn't have been able to go in there and give them both the news at the same time, that would have been beyond me. Faith was in her office on her own, which was rare. It was a window of opportunity. I turned the volume right down on my phone, I played the file to about a third of the way through, when Ron had started fucking her and she had started enjoying it, and I paused it. I was all ready. I had this yellow sticky note in my hand so it would look like I was taking a phone message in to her. My breathing felt labored. I think I was actually shaking, but I still went in.

I went in to her office. Faith was always really nice to me. I had to put the stuff about the problems I'd been having on my CV, word would have gotten around, so the women there seemed to treat me like a little orphan that they felt sorry for. I quite liked it. She was behind her desk.

Everything seemed greeny-blue in those offices, turquoise. The glass at the front, the chairs and curtains, everything was either green or blue.

'Hello Tony,' she said. She was so beautiful. With the nerves and just the sight of her up close I could hardly speak. I swallowed.

'Hi Faith,' I said. She had to be able to see something was up, had to. I didn't say anything else for a couple of seconds.

'How can I help Tony, is everything ok?' She said. She was smiling. She looked so pretty.

'I need to speak to you about something,' I said. She looked confused, which was fair enough. If I had a problem I needed to discuss I was supposed to go to my line manager, Alan. If not to him then I was supposed to go to his manager, Steve (Steve was alright). There was no earthly reason why I would need to speak to the mighty Faith about anything.

The point of no return was approaching.

'About what Tony? I'm a bit busy,' she said. She was still being cuddly, nice Faith, but I realized that wouldn't last much longer unless I had something good. I had something pretty fucking good.

I unlocked the screen on my phone. She was on the screen, her and Ron. It was paused.

'I need to show you something,' I said. I moved towards her, she was behind her desk and I held the phone out and turned it over. I clicked the play button.

'I'm sorry, you need to show me-'she didn't finish her question because she'd suddenly registered what was on the screen. Her expression changed, quite dramatically.

'Can you shut the door Tony?' She said. It was a command. It came out sharply and abruptly. I shut the door.

'I want you to give me your phone,' she said. She was conscious of the people in the next office; she couldn't afford to raise her voice. She wasn't being nice anymore.

'Give me that phone and we'll forget about this conversation. Ok?' She said. She's a strong woman. She put her hand out for me to give it to her. I nearly fucking did; she had that much authority in her voice, and in her manner. Again, I could hardly speak. I had my hands in my pockets; I didn't want her to see them shaking.

'I made six copies, Faith. I'm not giving you the phone, or any of the copies,' I said.

'Ok... I'm going to have to get the police involved, unless you give me all the copies of that video,' she said.

'Faith, respectfully, you wouldn't be able to prove anything, and I can just upload it onto twenty different porn sites before the police even send anyone down here,' I said.

She looked up at the ceiling in exasperation. She didn't say anything. I didn't say anything either.

'What do you want from me, do you want money? Is this blackmail, just so we're clear?' She said.

'I don't want money,' I said. I was looking her right in the eye. She probably had an inkling, from the off, what my intentions would turn out to be, but the picture must have been getting clearer for her now.

'Then what do you want?' She said.

It took me a few seconds to think a way to put it.

'Ok... If I need something from you, you're going to give it to me. That's going to be the arrangement. If you're good about it, I think it shouldn't be too bad. If we start having problems though...'

'What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What do you want?' She said.

'Look, if you want me to spell it out... I want sex. From you. That's what I want.' I said.

'I wouldn't sleep with you in one million years because you disgust me,' she said. I thought it was well put.

'You're going to be on the internet in about eight minutes. I'll send you links to the sites, you'll see the video and how many people are watching it. You're going to beg me to take the clips back off, and you'll offer me anything I want to get me to take them off. Or... we can just save the time and trouble and we can reach an agreement. How long do you think it will be before someone you know sees it?'

'You're a fucking little bastard,' she said.

'I want you to work late tonight. I'll work late too,' I said.

It took ages for her to respond. She was thinking.

'Ok,' she said.

I didn't get a great deal done that afternoon. No one noticed. I told Steve I was going to work late because I was going to the gym. There wasn't time to go home and then go to the gym so I'd stay for a bit then go straight there, that was the rationale. Faith was in her office. When everyone else had gone she shut the door.

It took more guts to go in there then than it had before. I didn't knock, I went straight in. She was working on her computer. She didn't acknowledge my presence, didn't look up from the screen. It was an act; you could feel the tension coming off of her. I went around and closed the blinds. It took me a few go's to figure out how to close them as opposed to raising or lowering them. I was shaking again.

'Faith,' I said.

'Yes?' She said. She didn't look away from the screen.

'Take off your clothes. Keep your boots on. Take everything else off.'

And she did it. She got up and she did it. She had this look on her face as she stripped. I liked her anger, it turned me on.

Her body was incredible, she looked incredible. The dress was on the floor, she took the bra off, took her knickers off. All her clothes were in a pile and she was stood there in front of me, naked except for those boots. She wouldn't look at me, wouldn't even look in my direction. She kept looking down at the floor.

'Come around this side,' I said. She did. She went to put her arm in front of her breasts, and the other hand in front of her vagina. 'Don't do that,' I said, 'I want to see you.' She took her arms away. She was in front of me. She still looked down.

'Move that stuff off the middle of the desk. I want you to sit on the desk, facing me,' I said. There was a bunch of things on there. She moved the phone over to the edge, the receiver came off the handset and she had to put it back on. She pushed a couple of cardboard files out the way and this thing she had, to put pens and pencils in. She cleared a space and sat on the table. She had her legs crossed tight. Her breasts were natural. They were fantastic.

'Open your legs for me, as wide as you can.'

She opened her legs. She was blushing again. She must have felt uncomfortable but I didn't fucking care at all because It looked more arousing than anything else I'd ever seen. I can't describe it, even. I got my phone out. I wanted to take a picture. She looked down and saw my phone. She rolled her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling like she was disgusted.

'Look into the camera while I take the photo,' I said.

She was shaven, down there. For some reason I hadn't thought she would be, not entirely. Her legs were wide open. She looked at me and I took the photo. I still have that photo. Nobody could have looked better, no one. Actresses, models- whatever you've got, I'm still going to say no one could top her; she was like the queen of everything.

'Get down off the table,' I said. It had taken me about two minutes to become completely accustomed to having my orders obeyed. She stood in front of me.

'Get down on your knees,' I said.

There was a moment's hesitation. First of all she went to do it. Then she sort of froze, like she was considering whether she was going to do it, whether she really had to. It was only a couple of seconds. She got down on her knees. Her face was in front of my crotch. I was as hard as I could be. I took the side of her face in my palm; I couldn't help touching her, caressing her.

She has this cut glass, precise beauty. Every atom of her face seems perfect, like it's been arranged for perfection, to tantalize you. Her skin was smooth, warm, soft. I was pulling her face upwards a little bit but her eyes were still focused down. She didn't look so angry now, she looked different. She looked like she wasn't really there. I took my dick out. It felt like rock. I was worried I'd come before we even got started. The tip of it was a few inches in front of her nose. She looked at it for a split second, then she looked away again.

'I know this isn't what you want to be doing, but it's going to happen. Best things is if it's quick, I'd assume,' I said. 'Close your eyes. Imagine it's someone else. Put your hand around it.' Her eyes were closed, then I was in her hand. The skin of her hands and her fingers was soft; it felt fantastic having her touching me. I'd switched the phone camera to video. I filmed her.

'With your right hand you're going to cup my balls. I don't want you to squeeze them or play with them or anything like that, just cup them.' She did it. 'Grip slightly harder than that... yeah, that's spot on. Keep your eyes closed... Now put it in your mouth.' She pushed her face forward, the tip of my cock brushed against the side of her mouth. She moved her mouth across and took me into her mouth, an inch or so in. I had to concentrate pretty hard to stop myself coming right then. It felt lovely, it looked lovely.

'We can probably get this done fairly quickly,' I said. I didn't even mean it as a joke.

'Take it in further... Further. I don't want to choke you or anything but I want to go in further.' This wasn't fun for her. I put my hand on the back of her head. I was gentle; I pulled her head slightly towards me. I was about halfway into her mouth. I was happy with that.

'Close your lips tight around it,' I said. She did. 'Now let's start moving up and down, ok? ...That's great, but slower. Slower, ok? Imagine it was someone else; imagine it's someone you love. Slower. Up and down. That's it, that's great, get the rhythm going. She kept her hand round my balls as she sucked.

Her head was going up and down on me; her face was going up and down. I could feel her lips tight around it, and her tongue flicking against me in her mouth. The only sound was her breathing gently through her nose. I still had my hand in her hair at the back of her head; I was rubbing her, caressing her.

Her lips were tight around my cock. That pressure I could feel as she moved her mouth up and down it, rhythmically, was amazing. She seemed to start feeling the rhythm. Her eyes were still closed. Her head was moving up and down, up and down. I could feel her tongue inside her mouth. This is probably the most attractive, most alluring woman I've come across in my life, my cock is sliding in and out of her mouth.

I didn't want it to end. Her head was still bobbing up and down. Her lips were so tight around it; the warm feeling of being in her mouth was almost more than I could bear. She opened her eyes at one point, just for a second. She was sucking on my cock, moving her head back and forth, up and down. Her eyes opened just for a second, then she closed them again.

I held it off for as long as I could. The pressure built up and built up. The warmth of her mouth, the way her lips slid up and down on my cock in that slow rhythm, there was no way I was going to last long. I told her I was going to come; I couldn't hold it any more. I came in her mouth. If she'd tried to take her mouth away I probably would have held her head in place, but she didn't. She took it.

There was loads. I'd never come harder. When it was all pretty much out I pulled away. She opened her eyes. There was a coffee mug on the left side of the desk which she spat into. She went to put her clothes on but I stopped her.

'Come here,' I said. She came up to me. 'Give me a hug.' I held my arms out. She still wouldn't look at me but she put her arms round me. I hugged her pretty hard. It felt good, for me at least. I stroked the side of her face. I kissed her cheek. I didn't have the nerve to kiss her on the mouth.

'It was lovely. Thank you,' I said. She didn't respond, she went back over to her clothes on the floor.

I went to the gym. A guy I knew, Dave, was there. We were both doing squats. He was on the machine; I was using just the barbell. It was a good session. I got back quite late. Interesting day.

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