tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Business Ch. 03

All Business Ch. 03

byL.Fortune West©

That first time in her office was on a Friday. I was probably in for a few hours over three different days the week after that. I didn't speak to her or have any contact whatsoever with her. I wasn't sure how I felt.

I did what I did before. The video and the photos I'd taken I copied multiple times and made sure I'd have access to them come what may. When I was in she seemed perfectly normal, same as ever, slightly distant, fairly intimidating. She was probably expecting me to do something else. I didn't. I don't think I did anything the next week either, she may not have been in when I was in that week. The really top brass were quite often out and about at different meetings and corporate jollies.

Then I made another move, my baser instincts got the better of me. It was another Friday. She was in before me. She had this business suit on and she was wearing her glasses. A few other people were there, managers. I thought something dramatic might have been happening but no one told me anything. Throughout the day I was thinking about initiating something but there weren't opportunities. I didn't want to send an email, I didn't want a paper trail. I had to do things verbally, but there was always someone in with her, or if she was out of her office there were people around her. In the afternoon she went into the little kitchen at the far end by herself. I went in after her. I had the yellow sticky note again, that was my cover story.

Talking to her in the kitchen was dodgy because someone could walk in, or there could, conceivably, be someone round the corner who could hear. The kitchen door was always kept open. She had her back to me as I entered. She looked round, saw me, looked away again. She'd seemed to stiffen. I stood behind her, as close as I thought was appropriate. I didn't want to be the first person to speak, so I just stood there. Eventually, a couple of seconds after it had started feeling awkward, she said, 'hello Tony.'

'Hello Faith,' I said. She still intimidated me, despite the fact that I'd ejaculated into her mouth that time. I went closer, and reached round and fondled her left breast. She didn't pull away or stop me from doing it. I put my other hand on her butt; she was still facing away from me. I think she was waiting for the kettle to boil. We were stood there for a second or two, me with my hands on her.

'Can you work late again tonight?' I said.

'No,' she said. It was abrupt, non-negotiable.

'I thought we were friends, Faith. I thought we had an arrangement,' I said.

'We do have an arrangement,' she said. 'I had to start early. It's been a hectic day, alright? I'm sorry but I really don't want to do anything tonight. Can we do it another time. Please?'

I wasn't happy. I was worried that if I caved then it would always be like this, there'd always be something. I gave her the sticky note.

'Put your mobile number on this and bring it to me at my desk. I want work number, personal number and your land line. If I want to contact you you're going to be available,' I said.

She took the note. 'Ok,' she said. I still had one hand on her rear. I moved it underneath to rub against her vagina through her trousers. I was getting an erection I wouldn't be able to hide when I went back out. I let go of her, went back to my desk. She waited two hours to bring the note back with the numbers. I was wondering whether she was going to, and what I'd do if she didn't.

I'd decided I was going to make a gesture, when I did catch up with her. I didn't want her to argue with me again, I didn't want anymore 'not tonights.' The power was already corrupting me. I think I rang her just after I'd finished a beer. I rang her landline. She answered. Instead of asking if she could come to my flat the following day, I told that she was coming to my flat the following day. I told her to wear something nice, and to wear her glasses, I told her she looked nice in her glasses.

She rang at twenty to three to say she'd arrived. I'd said three. I'd said that she didn't want to be late. I told her to go in the car park; I went out to get her. She was wearing tight black jeans; I couldn't see what was under her coat.

'Hey, you alright?' I said.

'Hello,' she said. Coldly. She still couldn't seem to bring herself to look at me. She followed me round to the flats, into our block. I was glad no one was about; I wasn't sure how I could have explained her being there. She took her coat off when we got inside. She had this sort of camel coloured top on. It wasn't revealing or anything but it looked good, tasteful. She looked nice.

'Get undressed, Faith. Keep your glasses on,' I said. She put her clothes in this neat folded pile on the floor in front of the television. I appreciated that. I like everything being just so in my flat. I don't like clutter or anything, stuff being left around. I got a hangar from under the stairs and hung her top from the door handle to stop it getting creased.

The first time I'd seen her naked she'd been blushing, as if she was embarrassed. She was like that again now, stood naked in front of me. Her face was red. She was flawless; I have no idea what she was embarrassed about. I felt myself getting hard just looking at her, and knowing what I was going to do.

I'd planned it. I'd bought a bottle of baby oil, I'd put it in the kitchen. I went and got it. I got the top off and there was the plastic seal underneath. It was fiddly getting it off. When I went back in she was still stood there. She saw the baby lotion. I went over and sat on the couch. I didn't want to shut the windows because it was sunny outside for the first time in ages; I liked having the light coming in. Hopefully no one would see.

'Come here, sit face down across my lap,' I said. She did it. She didn't say anything, she just did what I told her. She wouldn't look at me still. I was in the middle of the couch; she laid on me, awkwardly. He butt was over my lap. Her feet were to my left. She rested her head on the cushion, looking away from me. She rested her face on her hands. It was quite a sight looking down at her, the way her hips tapered like that, her legs. I was hard, I was aroused. My dick was pressing up against her as she lay across me.

I had tissues, I'd put a box on the couch in preparation. I put layers of tissues down; the thought of getting oil on my couch was too hideous to even entertain. I couldn't help stroking her before I started, caressing her, feeling the curve of her buttocks. The skin was smooth, milky. I could have just stroked her and touched her like that all day.

I poured baby oil onto my fingers. I tried to be as careful as humanly possible. With my left hand I parted her cheeks as best I could. I could see the hole. I put my fingers against it and I started rubbing the oil onto her. First I rubbed it on to the outside, then I tentatively, gingerly pushed my middle finger inside her rectum. I put it in a bit further; I was trying to work the oil into her. I took my finger out and poured more oil on. I spilled some onto her and wiped it off before it could run down. Then I put two fingers in. I pushed them further into her. When she'd first felt my fingers there, she stiffened. Now she wasn't responding at all. She just lay there. Her eyes were open; I don't know what she was looking at. I got my fingers in deeper. I started moving them in and out. I was getting aroused. I stopped for a second. I looked away and tried to think of something else to bring myself back from the brink.

I went to work with more oil. I took my time. Eventually I got three fingers into her. She didn't react or respond at all. I got my fingers in deep. I'd imagine it would have hurt her. I shouldn't really have put three fingers in there. I haven't done that since, I don't think. I was doing it for a few minutes, sliding my fingers in and out of her, with her lying across me.

Eventually I thought I may as well crack on. I stopped fingering her, I wiped my hands off.

'Get onto the rug, on all fours,' I said. She did what I told her, but she was facing the wrong way. I wanted her to be sideways on to the camera.

'No, I want your head to be pointing at the television, your feet towards me,' I said. She got into position. I waited a while just so I could look at her.

'I want your upper body to be parallel with the floor like that, and your head up, ok? What handed are you?' I said.

'Right,' she said. I stood behind her, looking down on her.

'Support yourself with your right hand,' I said. I took my jeans off, and my t-shirt. I hadn't bothered with boxers so I was naked now. I was hard, I was ready. I got on my knees behind her.

I remember being struck by how quiet it was. You could have heard a pin drop. You could feel how stiff and tense she was, how much she wanted to be somewhere else.

I had my cock in my hand. I shuffled forward slightly. I separated her buttocks again with my left hand. I placed the tip of my cock against the hole. I'd oiled her up like a boss; I could feel it on me.

I pushed against her sphincter. I felt some give and I kept pushing. I thought it was going to be a struggle for a second, then she sort of twisted herself slightly, just for a moment, then it was easy, I was inside her. I could feel her, her insides, against my cock. It was tight, I felt pressure. I pushed further in, then still further, far as I could go. I could hear her now. She'd gritted her teeth; she was breathing though gritted teeth. She was breathing heavily. It felt good being in there, it felt nice.

'With your left hand, reach between your legs, and hold my balls,' I said. I felt her hand on my balls. She had the grip right. I remember it, I was inside her, she's holding my balls, I'm looking down at her and I consciously thought: this is it. It can't possibly get any better than this. Ever.

I had hold her round her waist. I eased out, maybe a few inches, then back in. I did it slowly. I thought I was being gentle. She sort of hissed as I went back in. I did it again; eased out, then back in. I started to feel a rhythm, I went with it. I went with it some more.

And it felt that good, fucking her like that, that I just couldn't rein myself in. I forgot about 'gentle.' I fucked her hard. She was making these noises. Her teeth were still gritted; she was making these sort of suppressed, very brief cries, but like it was through her nose. It's hard to describe. It turned me on, hearing her. She didn't let go of my balls. I kept fucking her. I was in hog heaven, that's the reality. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to be there fucking her like that for ever and ever and ever. It was beautiful, it was perfect, just the best thing that could happen. I put my hand on her shoulder to get more leverage. She got louder, she was trying to be quiet but she couldn't, she was almost shrieking now as I went into her. I was reaching forward and groping her as I fucked her.

There was only so long I could go on like that. I felt it coming, then I just let go. I didn't think I could come harder than I had the time before, but I did.

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