tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Business Ch. 06

All Business Ch. 06

byL.Fortune West©

I was having a good time. I was doing all kinds of stuff to this incredible, golden lady. She was so frightened of being exposed that not only was she doing whatever I told her to do, she was so desperate to please me, to keep me happy and stop me from putting her all over the internet that she was actively thinking of ways to get me off. She was coming to me and initiating things. And she was so beautiful, she was so perfect. She would walk through the office, every male head would turn. Every guy in there is looking at that face, those legs, those breasts, her rear end, the way her hips drew in like that, the way she was so narrow round her waist that you couldn't even understand it. She'd smile at guys in there and they'd blush, that was the power her looks gave her.

She was perfect, she was like sunshine.

Imagine if sunshine was something you could call on the phone and summon. Imagine if sunshine was something you could fuck. The other men would watch her and they would want her, and I'd be thinking, I'm going to get her round and I'm going to fuck her tonight, any which way I want to, and she's going to take it.

Life was good.

I wanted Melissa as well.

One of the things I loved about taking Faith was seeing the contrast between the ball busting office queen who didn't take shit from anyone, the scary Faith who would put you right in your place if she felt the need, and the Faith on her knees with cum dripping from her face. The Faith having an orgasm as you sodomised her. I loved that sense of having tamed her. It's a bit sad that I was thinking like that, I think. It makes me feel like some misogynist, chauvinist pig. I don't want to be like that (I spend a lot of time in that office with men who really do seem to still be living in the 1970s. They don't impress me) but I can't deny the satisfaction I got. The thing in the toilet, when it suddenly got really intense, that was Friday evening. That night, I believe, was the first time that Faith was able to swallow semen without any difficulty at all. She normally struggled. The first couple of times she had been on the point of gagging. This time it just went straight down, no problem at all. I saw her do it and I remembered the time she had been quite curt with me on the phone a few months earlier when I'd failed to pass a message onto her quickly enough. It's a buzz. I'm being honest about it. I'm a bit ashamed, but I'm not going to pretend I didn't enjoy that feeling. When she swallowed that cum right down like it was a sip of martini, I thought 'you've come a long way baby.'

I'm a bad person aren't I?

The reason I bring this up is because I'd started itching for Melissa. The distance between work Faith and sexual slavery Faith was wide. With Melissa I thought the transformation would be even more profound. Melissa was more intimidating than Faith, tougher. With Faith, there was always some sweetness there to counteract the fact that she could be so hard and direct with you. You very occasionally saw the yin as well as the (more common) yang. And when she was pleasant it seemed genuine. Melissa was scary as fuck, that's reality. When she was nice to you it felt like she was acting. It was normally stuff like she'd be nice to you to show someone else (Faith, quite often) that she liked and was liked by the little people, the worker ants. I resented it a bit, attracted to her as I was.

Pulling faith's hair whilst having violent anal sex with her was not something I could have initiated. She wanted me to do it, she must have thought that was what I wanted and that by giving it to me I wouldn't even think about putting photos of her with her legs open on the web. I couldn't have done that to her without her consent though. With Melissa I pretty much knew I'd be prepared go a bit further. Deep down I felt that it should have been me in one of those offices at the back, with fuckwits coming to me with yellow sticky notes. If my brain hadn't suddenly started doing what it had started doing, just after uni, if I'd been well, I like (need) to think I could have been one of the big people. I wanted to get at Melissa so I could make her feel like a little person. The thing with Faith wasn't like that. I didn't resent Faith's status because she was a brilliant woman. I wanted Faith because I thought she was perfect in every way, and that's the end of it. With Melissa I wanted to turn the tables. I wanted to bring her down. I wanted to do it soon, too.

There wouldn't be a reason for me to be in the ______ office. The only time I could be in a room with Melissa would be when she came to our place. There wouldn't be many opportunities, I certainly wouldn't have the sort of window I had with Faith. Melissa was usually working out of Faith's office when she was at ours. I wanted it to be similar to with Faith, I wanted to lay it out for her, then get her to do something for me. The best chances would be if she was in the kitchen by herself, or if she was outside the office or on her way to or from the toilets. It was going to be tricky, and I knew it.

I gave it some thought and worked out what I would say. I wasn't going to hang around, I wasn't going to show her the video footage, I'd tell her I had it and then take her off somewhere (probably to the disabled toilets, which was becoming my favourite place in the world). I could show her the incriminating evidence there, then I could take her. I knew it would be scary but I thought it would be worth it. I waited for the next time she came in.

It was a while before I saw her. I was still doing stuff with Faith. She'd be over at the weekends. I don't think we did anything in work in that time. I remember an occasion she was round, it was cold so I had the fire on. I liked having her sitting round naked. We were both reading, and every now and then I'd get her to come over and suck me off. I'd just beckon to her, didn't even have to say anything, she'd come over and do it. I'd got her to the point when she was sucking my dick exactly how I wanted her to. The whole weekend would go like that, she would sit there naked until I wanted her, I'd come in her mouth, she'd swallow. She'd go about eight; maybe I'd have her round on the Sunday as well for more of the same.

Melissa always seemed to wear grey. That sounds boring but she actually had a bit of style, in my opinion, anyway. She used to wear this big flat cap at a funny angle on her head sometimes. I thought it was pretty cool. She had a bit of life in her. She had a spark of energy; it came out when she was with Faith and with a few other female manager types that used to haunt the office, when they were together. She seemed to be the life and soul of things. She got my dick hard, that's the truth. That woman has always pushed all my buttons.

I can't remember how long it was before Melissa was back in, couple of weeks maybe. I think she was wearing grey. Trousers I think. She had long blonde hair, but it was straighter than Faith's. Faith's hair has this very slight natural curl, like Kate Moss' used to have. I was shitting myself when I saw her in the office. I'd been running through the scenario in my mind over and over, but I'd been mainly imagining what I was going to do to her once I'd told her the news. When I came into work and saw her there it suddenly occurred to me that I was going to have to confront this really frightening woman, and tell her that she was going to be my cum receptacle for the near future. I was more scared than I'd been with Faith, way more.

I hope no one noticed how anxious I was. I tend to get really pale when I'm scared, sometimes I even shake. No one else seemed to pick up on it. At my desk I'm facing away from Faith's office. I wanted to see if Melissa went into the kitchen so I had to keep turning round and looking every now and again. I wasn't getting much work done. I couldn't concentrate much anyway, truth be told. If she'd gone out to the toilet or for a cigarette I would have seen her go and I would have followed her out. She was mostly with Faith all the time. I was frustrated at one point because I saw her coming out of the kitchen with two coffees. If I'd seen her go in I could maybe have made a move.

She went out for a cigarette not long before lunch.

I nearly bottled it, I nearly did. I thought, well I've got Faith, Faith is incredible, I don't have to go through this again, I can stick with Faith, Faith'll do whatever I want. I nearly gave up on it because I was scared of Melissa, I didn't know how it would turn out. Then I imagined Melissa on a bed, on my bed. Ever since I'd started there I'd noticed Melissa, I'd fantasised about her, I couldn't let the chance I had go, just couldn't.

This thought process had run quite quickly, quicker than it took to type it out. I had a sticky note (Those little yellow notes for phone messages were brilliant for me! Me with a sticky note was like Indiana Jones and his fucking whip). The note said I had a video of her masturbating Ron and then watching Ron sodomise Faith in the ______ hotel room. I was going to give her that note and then see where things went. I went out after her. Where people smoked was out the front doors and round the corner to the left. It was all glass windows so I could see her stood in front of the bench that was there for them. She had her back to me as I went to the doors

I believe she smiled indulgently when she saw me come around the corner.

'Hi Tony!' She said. It was just like with Faith. Maybe Melissa knew about me as well, and felt sorry for me. I went towards her with the note. I was frightened to the point that my balls were now inside my body. I probably was trembling with fear as I took those paces towards her.

Her phone went off.

She answered it. She did that thing where they hold their pointing finger up as if to say 'one moment.' I was just stood there, feeling like my nerves were going to snap with the tension. She was talking to some woman called Liz. Who I wanted to fucking assassinate. Then Deborah came out, I hadn't heard or seen her on her way out, I heard her as she was right behind me. Deborah was big and old and loud. Sometimes I found her entertaining and a genuinely lovely person, sometimes she made me want to smoke crack.

'Hi Deb,' I said.

'Hello young man,' she said. Deborah and Melissa got on well, they were friends. They could sit out there for hours yapping (while we were inside actually earning our fucking money). The chance had gone. I went back (the fuck) inside.

In the afternoon she went into the kitchen by herself. I still had the note I'd written, I'd put it in my wallet (I was too paranoid bin it). I went across the office. I didn't know how long she'd be in there so I was really pacing along. The phones started ringing. I looked round frantically to see if another flunky was around to answer it. There was this guy called Nick, who hardly even had a brain, who should have been there, but wasn't. I went back to my desk to get the phone.

The phone call was for this guy called Peter, old guy, who was even higher up than Faith. I put the call through to him in no seconds flat. I went back towards the kitchen. I got in there. Melissa was still there. She stood by the work top. She was eating something, a chocolate bar or something, while she waited for the kettle to boil. This time I didn't even notice the fear, I just steamed in.

'Hi Melissa,' I said.

'Oh hi Tony,' she said. 'What was the message before?'

I didn't have the message. The message was on my fucking desk.

'Shi.. I left it on my desk. Two seconds, I'll go and get it,' I said.

'Oh ok.' It was lovely the way she smiled at me then, it took me by surprise. I turned to go back. Faith was coming in.

'Hi Tony,' she said, without looking at me at all, just looking at Melissa. '______ have been back on the phone. They want to know how many outcomes for this quarter so far and how many are projected.'

'Right ok,' said Melissa. I'll email Jo now... Or

I'll ring her if she doesn't get back to me straight away.' Faith stayed there, probably waiting for her coffee. Neither one of them noticed me going. I remembered when Melissa had caressed Faith in that hotel room. I didn't pick it up at the time, but when I'd played the video back afterwards I'd seen the look on Melissa's face as she'd touched Faith.

I got back to my desk, the note's on the desk. It was face down. I was glad it was. At this point I thought that, basically, God had stepped in. God had decided that I wasn't going to come to an arrangement with Melissa that day. Melissa was not going to assist me in the achievement of orgasm that day. And you don't mess with God, so I got on with my work.

It got to half four, mass exodus. I was going to stay for a bit, I was meeting someone at the gym; we were going to spot each other (my squats were getting bigger but they were getting scarier too). Faith, Melissa and a male manager had also stayed. Faith and Melissa sometimes worked really late if there was a deadline coming. The male manager, guy called Scott, was doing his own thing. He came out of his office to leave. I was getting ready to go as well. They came out at the same time, cigarette break I think.

Scott said his goodbyes and went. I was stood by my desk as they walked up. I knew what would happen, they'd make a fuss and tease me a little bit, I'd play along. I was putting my coat on.

'Hi Tony,' said Faith. She looked at me this time. 'Just going?'

'Yup. Gym.' I said.

'Look after those muscles,' said Melissa. I wanted to ejaculate into her mouth and down her throat.

'I'll try,' I said.

Faith came up to me and put her hand between my legs. She put her hand on my junk, basically. Nothing was said. She had hold of me; she started to rub, gently. Melissa watched her do it, stood and looked at it. I was looking at Melissa. She was as surprised as I was (and I was surprised), but she didn't laugh or giggle or anything. She swallowed, and went with it. She watched as Faith gently rubbed my genitals through my trousers.

'Stay with us for a bit,' said Faith. I didn't respond. I don't think I could have done. She took her hand off my groin and took my hand; we were going back to her office. She looked at Melissa. She looked at Melissa and she did this thing, she sort of flicked her head back towards her office, gesturing for Melissa to come with us. She wasn't smiling when she did it; her expression was firm, hard. She was commanding Melissa to come back to her office with us. Melissa followed us.

Faith was in boss mode. Normally our encounters were her doing my bidding, like a slave, like a fucking geisha or something. But with Melissa there, she was in hard-nosed business-woman mode. I liked it.

'Shut the door,' she said to Melissa. Melissa shut the door. Faith took off the blazer she was wearing. She took her blouse off and her bra. She did this quickly and aggressively, all business. I stood and watched her. I had an erection. Melissa went to grab Faith's breasts. She couldn't help herself from reaching out to touch her.

'No. Stand behind Tony,' Faith said. 'Press up against him. Put your arms round his waist.' Melissa did exactly what she was told. I could feel her body against me. I could feel her breasts against my back. I reached back around to try to pull her against me even harder. Her body wasn't as firm as Faith, but that softness, pressing against my back and against my butt, it felt good. Faith got down on her knees in front of me.

I don't know what it was like for them, but for me the situation was shaping up nicely.

Faith came towards me, undid my trousers. She pulled my trousers and my boxers down. It was actually pretty uncomfortable for a second because the waist of my boxers caught on my erection and tugged it downward. Faith raised herself up so that her breasts were right in front of my cock. When I tried to move my hip forwards to rub my cock against them she pulled away.

'Reach around him Melissa. Wank him off.' Faith was talking to her if she was a slave, as if she was a minion. Her tone of voice was firm and assertive, like a princess talking to a servant that she didn't particularly like. And I got the feeling Melissa was happy with it, that Faith treating her like that was even turning her on. Melissa's right hand came down. She took hold of me. Her grip was beautiful, perfect. This was not the first time she'd had hold of somebody's dick. 'Aim him lower. I want him to come on my tits,' said Faith.

Melissa started masturbating me. She was good at it; she knew what she was doing. I just let it happen. I was looking down at Faith, at her breasts. Faith wasn't looking up at me; she hadn't made eye contact with me at all since she'd started groping me out by my desk. She was looking down at my cock as Melissa masturbated it. Every now and again, Faith's balance took her forward slightly and the very tip of my cock would brush against one of her breasts. When she felt it she would pull back away, slightly out of reach.

Melissa had started thrusting and grinding against me, rhythmically, as she masturbated me. Her body was pressing hard against me. Her other hand was holding me around my chest, really gripping on. She was great at it. Feeling her hand on me like that was incredible. This was the woman who had intimidated me all that time, who'd scared the bejesus out of me. Now she had my dick in her hand.

I could hear her breathing heavily. She started to kiss the back of my neck as she pulled on me. I looked down. Faith was rubbing her breasts, running her hands around herself. She had this look on her face; I'd seen it before when she was really aroused. It was like she was ashamed, like she was reproaching herself inside for how much she was enjoying what was happening, I'd seen that same look in the toilet.

Melissa started fucking against me. She was banging against me as she masturbated me. Faith's eyes were closed now. She was still caressing herself. It looked like her other hand was down between her legs. I felt Melissa licking the back of my neck, really pressing her open mouth against my neck and licking my skin aggressively.

I came all over Faith's tits.

I nearly fainted. Honestly, I felt light headed and my eyelids did that thing, it was that good.

I grabbed Melissa's hand and stopped her.

'Melissa,' said Faith.

'Yeah?' Melissa said. She'd stopped grinding against me, had let go of me.

'Get the tissues off my desk. Quickly! Come and wipe me off,' said Faith.

You should have seen her move. She got the box of tissues in a flash, she got down in front of Faith and started wiping the cum off of Faith's breasts. She was wiping away, used up one tissue, got another one, kept going. Then she put the tissue she had down. She took Faith's breasts in her hands. She was squeezing them. Then she started to caress them. Faith let her do it. It was intimate, sensual. I watched it happen. Faith looked down at Melissa as Melissa touched her. She had the look on her face again. Melissa leaned forward and kissed Faith's breast, high up on it. Then she took one of Faith's nipples in her mouth. When she took her mouth away Faith cupped her face with her left hand, she drew Melissa's head upwards until their faces were level. She kissed Melissa on the mouth, very briefly. Then, she pulled away, stood up.

'We'll leave it there' she said. I was nearly hypnotized by all this. I was stood there; I can imagine my mouth hanging open. Faith got dressed. Melissa got up off the floor and turned away, went towards the door. She looked a little bit hurt and a little bit shocked maybe. We left together, the three of us. No one said anything. At the door, Faith went one way to her car, Melissa went the other way. I went across the car park towards the bus stop. No one said a word.

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