tagLoving WivesAll For Her Husband

All For Her Husband


I love my husband very much and will do anything for him as you will see.

We've been married for a little over ten years and we've actually become closer as the years have gone by. About five years ago we were having some problems with our sex life. Maybe we were getting a little bored with each other, I'm not really sure, but it did one thing for us, it made us really open up with each other about what was happening in our relationship (especially sex) and we discussed it very honestly.

Part of our honest discussions involved talking to each other about our deepest sexual fantasies. At first it wasn't as easy as it sounds but finally my husband told me about one of his strongest fantasies that was to have me dress and act like a slut.

When he told me about it I was, of course, surprised because I'm your average soccer-mom and, I like to think, the furthest thing from a common slut.

Thinking back, at the time, I remember feeling that that there was more to his fantasy and he was holding some of it back. I was right. In time, it all came out. The rest of the fantasy was that he wanted me to go to a local truck stop late on a Saturday night dressed like a slut and offer myself to any truck driver that wanted to fuck me in the back of their truck. Afterward I was supposed to tell him exactly what happened in the most intricate detail leaving nothing out before we would finally make love.

Every time we talked about his fantasy he would get very aroused and we could hardly wait until we could get to bed and fuck. When that happened he was like himself again, hard, long lasting and incredibly aroused. I will admit that his fantasy really turned me on even though at first I tried not to show it. (My wet pussy always gave me away)

After learning his fantasy I tried to pretend that I'd done what he wanted. I made up very elaborate stories about getting fucked at a truck stop just the way he imagined it...but it just didn't work very well. I guess I wasn't convincing enough. Anyway, in time I did begin to get use to the idea and I found myself getting very wet and turned on just thinking about it.

I wanted to make my husband happy so, without telling him, one Friday afternoon I went to the local adult boutique and bought a very sexy, short dress that came down just below my pussy and was cut-low in the front so that my breast were easy to see (and feel), plus black stiletto high-heels, stockings and crotch-less panties. I had plenty of gaudy jewelry at home to finish my outfit and complete my slut look.

That next night (Saturday) my husband went to a game and wouldn't be home before 10 o'clock and I took my time getting myself ready. I teased my hair, put on my new outfit, applied heavier than usual makeup and was completely ready when I heard him come home. I waited in the hallway and when he saw me at first he almost didn't recognize me and I simply said to him, "Are you ready to give me a ride to the truck stop?"

We were both very quiet as we drove across town to the largest truck stop in the area. I was very nervous and a little scared and when we got there he pulled the car back behind a long line of big rigs and I got out. Before I closed the door I looked at him and smiled, saying, "I'm going to go get fucked then I'll be right back." He just looked at me as I closed the car door and walked away.

It was only a few minutes before a nice looking trucker stopped me and asked me if I wanted to see the inside of his truck and I agreed. He was about my age, thin, nice looking and had a nice smile. He opened the door and helped me climb into the cab by putting his hands on my ass and gently shoving me from behind. He followed me up and after he closed the door he indicated the bed in the back part of the cab. I'd never been in a big rig truck before and tried not to show it. I sat on the edge of the bed as he asked me how much I wanted and I said something dumb like, "The usual."

I know I wasn't very good at it the first time. I really didn't know how to act. I sat on the edge of the bed in the truck while he pulled some curtains across the windows to give us some privacy. When he was finished he turned and put his hands under my short skirt and began to rub my pussy which was embarrassingly wet by this time. "Why don't you suck my cock to get things started?" He said, and I undid his pants and found his cock and pulled it out. His cock was hard and the head was swollen and a deep crimson color and I teased the tip with my tongue before slipping my lips over it and down the hard shaft. The driver groaned as I worked over his meat. His hands were inside my blouse and gripping my breast and occasionally his fingers would gently squeeze my nipples. I could feel his ball sack tighten more and more as I sucked him.

I was amazed at how hard it was and yet, I took it into my mouth and tried to take it all the way down my throat. I was getting so turned on I could hardly stand it. I wanted to get fucked in the worst way and what made it even more erotic was that I knew my husband was sitting in our car not too far away while I was being the slut that he wanted.

I could feel the cock in my mouth getting hotter as I sucked the head and fondled the ball sac near my chin.

The driver suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and said, "Lay back on the bed so I can fuck you."

I stood up and got naked and the driver looked at me kind of questioningly and said, "Usually you girls don't get undressed, you just want to get things over, get the money, and leave."

"I'm new at this." I answered honestly.

Except for my stockings I was nude as he finished getting undressed. I lay back on the bed so that he could fuck me and I realized that this was the first cock, other than my husband's, that I'd even touched since we were married – and just a few moments ago I was sucking on it. Now, as I lay in the truck with my legs spread and my pussy exposed to him, I was about to have that same cock in my cunt and do everything I could, as a woman, make it fill me with cum.

As he got on the bunk with me he positioned himself above me. Placing his hands on the bed on both sides of my shoulders as his cock found the entrance of my vagina. His face was only inches from mine and the feeling of his cock, about to enter my cunt, turned me on so much that I felt like the fuck-slut my husband wanted – a fuck-slut that just needed to get fucked...needed to have her pussy hammered and pumped full of cum.

"Fuck me I begged," as his cock plunged into my vagina roughly several times. As we fucked the pleasurable feeling was almost more than I could stand, I was like an animal that just needed to be satisfied. I had several orgasms that hit me right in a row and before I knew it, he was starting to cum. I could feel his cock slamming into me and getting very warm. Suddenly, I felt the unmistakable feeling as his cum shot into my cunt. The first shot made me have a huge orgasm that was so strong I thought I would pass out from the intense pleasure.

After his cock stopped pumping his hot load of cum in my cunt he pulled out of me and I could feel some of his cum run down the crack of my ass.

As I was getting dressed he looked at me and said, "You're new at this aren't you?" And I answered with a half-smile and a nod.

"Was it that obvious?" I asked.

He nodded and said, "You enjoyed it...most of the girls fake an orgasm, get their money, and leave as quickly as possible. you're a lot tighter too."

I didn't know how to answer so I just smiled.

I climbed down out of the truck on shaky legs and as I started to walk back to where my husband waited in the car another driver stopped me and asked how much for a blow job and I was so surprised I didn't know how to answer. Finally I just said, "The usual." He handed me a twenty dollar bill and undid his pants and pulled his cock out as I knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock right there between two trucks.

It wasn't long before he let out a low groan and really begun fucking my mouth harder and harder as he shot a load of cum in my mouth. I didn't know until I got home that some of his cum was stuck in my hair and on my skirt.

I found my husband sitting in our car and as I got in I had the feeling that I just wanted to get home, get naked and get in bed with my husband so that I could describe to him, in detail, what his fuck-slut had done just for him.

Better yet, to show him the evidence of the cum that had squirted inside my cunt and mouth.

When we did get home we rushed to our bedroom and threw our clothes off and I stood naked at the end of the bed and let him look at my naked – freshly fucked – body as I filled him in on every detail of the evening and my experience as a slut for him.

As my husband lay on our bed listening to me he was slowly stroking his cock which I swear was longer than I'd ever seen it. I barely finished before he reached up and pulled me down the bed with him. In moments we started fucking like we were twenty years old again. We fucked for hours that night...just like we did when we were first married. I was so happy to have gotten our sex life back to the way it used to be.

We go to the truck stop about once a month and then back home for some terrific sex. It really made things better for our marriage and it's something that we both enjoy. I've learned a few things, how to be more careful, and things like that – the bottom line is that it's been a real marriage saver for us.

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