tagIncest/TabooAll Girl Family Reunion Ch. 09

All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 09


While the girls upstairs were finishing their foursome, the four girls in the basement were crammed together on Mallory's bed.

They were laying in a circle, with each girl licking and fingering the pussy of the girl in front of them. Mal was slurping away at her sister's pussy, her fingers rubbing roughly at her clit.

Lizzie was moaning, her mouth clamped hard on Jill's opening, her hands squeezing and kneading the older girl's ass cheeks.

Jill was lapping hungrily at Candace's butt crack, wiggling her tongue against her asshole wantonly, and pistoning her fingers in and out of her drooling snatch.

And finally, Candace was grunting as she tongue fucked Mal's pussy, burying her face deep in her cousin's open folds, and holding her thighs open wide.

The four girls, panting and moaning, were bringing themselves ever closer to yet another orgasm, their young bodies resilient and energized even after fucking each other senseless for the past hour.

The bed sagged beneath them, taking relentless punishment as they humped and ground against each other on top of it.

This was the scene Brittany, Jess, Nikki and Tiff found when they burst into the room, as naked as their cousins.

The four girls on the bed looked up from each other's pussies, their eyes wide at the sudden invasion. They looked up at their cousins, seeing their naked bodies and naughty smiles, and all realized what was going to happen.

They shared knowing looks with each other, and quickly extricated themselves from their tangled positions so they could stand face to face with the new arrivals.

"Seems like you girls have been behaving badly down here all this time." Tiff said teasingly, her hands on her hips.

"Yup, you caught us!" Candace giggled, stepping forward. "Now what are you going to do with us?"

Tiff leaned forward, licking her lips seductively, and Candace grabbed her, pushing her tongue eagerly past the older girls lips and pressing their naked breasts together. They started to make out hungrily, their hands quickly beginning to explore.

Nikki shivered as she watched her sister make out with their cousin, and stepped forward, wrapping her arms around them and sucking on Tiffany's neck. The kissing girls moaned as they felt someone joining them, and they quickly welcomed her, Candace pulling away and planting her lips on Nikki's for the first time.

Mallory groaned, then glanced over at her sister. Lizzie was openly eying their younger cousin, Jess. Mal turned her attention back to the action in the middle of the room, and stepped forward, running her hands over Nikki's body.

Nikki gasped, and turned, taking Mal into her arms. The two pressed their sweaty bodies together, luxuriating in the feel of each other's skin. Their mouths joined in a loving kiss, which quickly deepened until their tongues were pushing deep past each other's lips.

Jess was returning Lizzie's lustful stare, now, and she slowly approached her. As she stepped within reach, Lizzie grabbed her cousin, pulling Jess's mouth to hers greedily, their tongues dueling as their hands sank to paw at each other's asses.

Brittany looked awestruck around the room as her cousins paired off. Her eyes finally landed on Jill, who smiled warmly at her, opening her arms in invitation.

Brittany groaned, and suddenly leaped at her older cousin, pushing her back until they both landed with a thud on the bed. She covered Jill's lips eagerly with her own, the two whimpering as their bodies slid deliciously against one another.

As Mal and Nikki continued to make out in the middle of the room, they reached for each other's dribbling pussies. Their fingers rubbed at each other's gashes, causing them to groan as they kissed.

Eventually, Mal tore away from Nikki's lips, kissing her way roughly down her body until she was kneeling in front of her, and dove into her pussy with her tongue. Nikki squealed, her head thrown back as she felt her cousin lap at her pussy.

Candace wrapped an arm around Nikki, while continuing to make out with Tiffany, reaching for the girl's soft tits. She squeezed one tightly, stroking the nipple with her fingers.

Nikki turned her upper body, grabbing Candace and pulling her away from her sister. Their lips collided, and they made out energetically as Mal continued to suck her cousin's pussy.

Tiff pressed her body against Candace's from behind, grinding her crotch into the younger girl's ass cheeks. Her juices quickly coated the hot flesh, and Candace started to hump back, whimpering against Nikki's invading tongue. Tiff's lips were on her neck, and her hands were sliding down her torso until they reached her cunt.

Candace wrenched her lips from Nikki's, groaning in ecstasy as she felt Tiff's fingers invade her pussy. She continued to squeeze hard on Nikki's tits, while Nikki lowered her lips to suck at Candace's nipples.

Mal continued to lap hungrily at Nikki's dripping gash, reaching up to pump her fingers inside. As Mal fucked her, Nikki shuddered, her legs starting to give out.

She lowered herself to the floor, Candace and Tiffany quickly following.

Lizzie and Jess made their way to the bed, making out furiously, and fell to the mattress next to Jill and Brittany.

Lizzie was on top of her younger cousin, groping at her tits as they ate each other's mouths. She began to kiss down Jess's body, sucking her nipples greedily. Jess moaned, and looked over at her other cousins.

Jill was staring back at her, a faraway look in her glazed eyes. Brittany was curled up on top of her, sucking on her round tits and grinding her crotch into her older cousin's stomach.

Jess bit her lip, leaning forward and claiming Jill's lips with her own, and the two started tonguing eagerly as their tits were thoroughly sucked.

Lizzie soon traveled lower, kneeling on the floor and spreading Jess's legs wide. She lunged forward, slurping at her cousin's throbbing clit and gripping her tight ass firmly in her hands.

Jess squealed into Jill's mouth as she felt Lizzie go to work on her. She pulled away, looking down with fiery eyes at the girl between her legs, and gyrated her hips wantonly as she was licked.

Brittany quickly resumed kissing with Jill, and slid her hand down between their writhing bodies. Soon her fingers were flicking excitedly at Jill's clit, and the older girl's hips shot up from the bed, humping at the invading digits.

She grabbed her young cousin forcibly, rolling her over onto her back, and climbed on top of her, mashing their drenched pussies together. She reached for the girl's neck, holding her tightly, and started fucking her.

Mal and Nikki were now sitting on the floor together, their legs wrapped around each other, kissing passionately.

They slid their asses forward, pushing their cunts together, and whimpered desperately as they started to writhe simultaneously.

Candace was on her hands and knees, licking and kissing at Nikki's shoulder. Tiff was behind her, her face buried in the younger girl's upturned ass. She was licking her rosebud thoroughly, her fingers rubbing deftly at the pussy below it.

Desperate to increase the pressure of their pussies, Mal and Nikki leaned back on their hands, thrusting their cunts harder against each other. Their bodies glistened with sweat as they started to fuck harder, their tits bouncing as they worked.

Candace stretched to reach Nikki's lips again, and the two devoured each other as they were fucked. They were humping so violently, though, it was impossible to keep their lips connected, and so the kiss quickly devolved until they were desperately licking each other's faces.

Brittany wailed as Jill continued to drill their pussies together, unable to control the pleasure engulfing her tiny frame. Their sweaty bodies slapped together over and over, shaking the bed as they grunted and groaned.

Suddenly, Lizzie was hovering above Brittany's face, her eyes filled with desire for her younger cousin. Brittany struggled to lift her head, crushing Lizzie's lips with her own, and soon they were absorbed in a hungry embrace.

Jess was kneeling behind Lizzie, eager to return the pussy loving she'd just received. She leaned forward, greedily slurping at her cousin's exposed pussy and asshole.

Lizzie squealed, her pussy gushing with juices as she felt her cousin's tongue lap at her body. She reached out, grabbing Brittany's tit and squeezing it hard as she was thoroughly worked over.

Nikki was now laying completely on her back, and Candace had climbed on top of her in a 69.

She licked at both Nikki and Mal's pussies as they continued to slap against each other. Nikki eagerly responded by pulling her cousin's dripping beaver down onto her face.

Tiffany pulled her head up from Candace's ass, gasping for breath. She locked eyes with Mallory, who bit her lip as she watched her sexy older cousin.

Tiff quickly crawled over, pushing Mal back on the floor and devouring her lips. The two made out furiously, causing Mal's pussy to fall away from Nikki's.

Candace quickly replaced Mal's cunt with her mouth, sucking hard on her cousin's opening.

Mallory rolled on top of Tiff, their thighs jammed tightly against each other's pussies. They quickly started to grind together, their mouths glued tightly. Mal's hands groped at her cousin's tits, while Tiff's gripped Mal's firm ass tightly, pulling her down hard on her leg.

Candace whimpered into Nikki's pussy as she felt the girl's tongue push it's way inside her. She humped herself down hard on it as it wiggled inside, and redoubled her effort's on Nikki's gooey snatch.

She sucked hard on the girl's clit, shoving three fingers deep into her opening, and felt her cousin's tongue vibrate inside her as she moaned deliciously.

Candace continued to finger fuck her cousin energetically, sitting up on her face and grinding her cunt hard against her tongue. She pumped her fingers faster and faster, her other hand squeezing at her cousin's sweaty tits.

Nikki's hips gyrated wildly beneath Candace's persistent hand. She gripped Candace's ass tightly, rolling the girl over until she was on top, both girls again sucking thirstily at each other's honey pots.

Lizzie was panting now, her breath rasping as she was fucked by her cousins. She was still on her hands and knees on the bed.

Jess was leaning against her back now, kissing her wet shoulder blades, her fingers pumping between her legs in her steaming pussy.

Brittany lay beneath her, sucking hungrily at her nipples. She cried out in ecstasy, her body shuddering, and pushed her pussy back harder against Jess's fingers.

Jill was reaching for Jess now, pulling the girl away from Lizzie, and brought her to the foot of the bed. The two girls made out, their bodies dripping in sweat, their hands busy between each other's legs.

Jill pulled Jess into her lap, and the younger girl straddled her, their pussies thrusting together as they slurped at each other's lips.

Lizzie crawled over Brittany's body, straddling her face in a 69 position. Both girls were trembling with need as they dove for each other's sticky cunts. They gripped each other tightly, their tongues working deftly between each other's pussy folds.

Brittany reached up, her hands clasping desperately at her cousin's bum. She pushed her hand along Lizzie's sweaty ass crack, and shoved a finger into the girl's velvety sphincter.

Lizzie wailed into Brittany's pussy as she felt her ass getting fingered. She pushed her face forward, running her tongue down to lick at Brittany's own tight asshole. As her tongue laved at the tight opening, Brittany quivered, her hips thrusting upward to give Lizzie better access.

Jill was sucking ferociously at Jess's tit while the two humped their pussies together. Jess leaned back, thrusting her chest into her cousin's face, her legs wrapped tightly around her hips. Her ass bounced on Jill's lap, their squishy cunts smacking together harder and faster.

She reached forward, gripping Jill's head firmly to her chest, as her body convulsed in rapture. Her pussy splashed juices all over Jill's tits, and they wriggled their wet bodies together, spreading the fluid over each other's skin.

Tiff was now licking and sucking excitedly on Mal's neck as she humped the girl beneath her. Their gushing pussies slammed into each other over and over, their bodies drenched in perspiration.

Tiff pushed herself up, scissoring her legs with Mal's so their pussies were now fucking directly against each other. The intensity caused both girls to squeal, and they pumped their hips faster.

Candace dragged her exhausted body off of Nikki's, watching her cousins fuck on the floor next to them. She crawled over, grabbing Tiff's face and mashing their lips together in a hungry kiss. Tiff groaned against Candace's tongue, her torso arcing as she continued to grind on Mallory.

Nikki pulled herself from the floor. She was still panting with exertion , but the fire in her pussy still hadn't dissipated.

She crawled to her sister, taking Tiff's nipple between her lips and sucking it eagerly. She felt Mal's hands groping at her ass, and looked down at the sweaty girl below.

Mal was pulling at Nikki's ass, her tongue licking at the air seductively as she stared at Nikki's body. Nikki shivered, lifting a leg and straddling Mal's face. She immediately felt her cousin's tongue going to work on her pussy, and got back to lapping at her sister's burning nipples.

Candace's pussy was begging for attention. As she made out with Tiff, she reached down, cupping her own pussy and fingering it roughly. It wasn't long, though, before Tiff's hand replaced hers, and she squealed happily as she felt her cousin's fingers push up inside her.

Nikki watched Tiff's fingers pump into Candace's pussy, and she reached out, grabbing Candace's ass and pushing her fingers between her cheeks. Her cousin wrenched her lips from Tiff's, crying out as she felt fingers pumping in both orifices.

She leaned into her cousins, and the three of them licked and kissed each other's lips as they gyrated their bodies in pleasure.

Jess grabbed Lizzie's head, yanking it away from Brittany's gushing pussy and covering her lips with her own. The two kissed passionately, Lizzie grinding herself down on Brittany's face.

Jill crawled over, covering Brittany's cunt with her own mouth, and sucking the sweet honey from her snatch with excitement. Her tongue pushed deeply into her little cousin, causing the girl to gyrate hard against her face.

Jess and Lizzie sucked face for several minutes before the younger girl pushed Lizzie away. She turned around, sticking her ass out invitingly at the disheveled girl.

Lizzie lunged forward, shoving her tongue hard against Jess's anus, and pulling her down to the mattress. She fell to her side, still attached to Jess's ass, and Brittany lifted her head, following her cousin's pussy as it pulled away.

The younger girl dug her fingers in Jill's hair, holding her in place between her legs, and twisted her body so she could continue lapping enthusiastically at Lizzie's opening.

Jess groaned as she felt Lizzie wriggle two fingers up into her pussy, all the while licking at her sweaty ass crack. She looked above herself, and saw Jill bending forward on her knees ahead of her, licking out Brittany's snatch. She struggled to reach, grasping helplessly at her big cousin's slippery thigh.

Jill looked back, seeing Jess desperately reaching for her, and moaned, laying on her side and spreading her legs wide. She slid her hips forward, until she felt Jess's hands encircle her legs and her lips clasp to her clit.

The four girls humped and moaned, slurped and squealed as they each ate the pussy in front of them. Fingers sloshed in gushing openings, and assholes were thoroughly bathed in saliva and sweat.

Candace was impaling herself harder now on her cousin's fingers.

Tiff and Nikki were each pumping her holes ferociously, and they were sucking hungrily on her tongue and lapping at her chin as they fucked her.

Tiffany pounded her pussy hard against Mal's, her clit burning as it mashed into her cousin's nub. Her legs were drenched in sweat, and her tit was aching as Nikki gripped it tightly.

She kissed and licked desperately with her lips, moving back and forth quickly between her cousin and sister.

Nikki whimpered continuously as her pussy writhed against Mal's chin. Mal had spread her ass wide, and was spearing her tongue deep into her anal cavity. She yanked frantically at her sister's tits, and groaned as Tiff and Candace both bathed her face with their tongues.

Mal was gasping for breath as she worked on Nikki's succulent ass and pussy. Her own cunt was boiling with need as it was pummeled by Tiff's powerful pelvic muscles. She was drenched in sweat, her cousins bodies pinning her down and their juices leaking all over her flesh.

Finally, Candace wrenched her lips from Tiffany's, screaming as her most powerful orgasm yet lurched through her body. She convulsed against her cousins' hands, her pussy juices spraying all over their lower bodies.

Nikki's whimpering voice rose to a wail of ecstasy as her cunt gushed and climaxed all over Mallory's chest. She clamped her legs firmly around Mal's head, humping maniacally as pleasure inundated her senses.

Tiffany cried out as Nikki grasped desperately at her chest, and her pussy finally slammed home on Mal's, spewing her gooey orgasm all over the girl beneath her.

She held tightly to Nikki with her free hand, her other one still trapped tightly between Candace's clenching thighs, and struggled to stay in position as her orgasm destroyed her.

Mallory let out a piercing howl, joining her cousins in orgasm as their hot cum spilled out all over her body. Her cunt melded itself to Tiff's, their cream overflowing through the tight grip their thighs held and drenching both of their torsos.

The bed was wobbling violently as the four girls atop it sped to climaxes of their own. Brittany yelped and locked her thighs around Jill's head as her pussy finally exploded.

Jill guzzled as much of her cousin's spend as she could, but it seeped out around her lips, pooling thickly on the bedspread beneath them.

Lizzie felt Brittany screaming against her pussy, her fingers gripping her ass tightly. She ground her cunt hard against her cousin's gaping mouth, feeling her tongue lash at her desperately.

She finally howled with bliss as her cream flowed from her orgasming pussy, drenching Brittany's contorted face.

Jess was gyrating wildly, her cousin's finger hooked tightly in her ass as she ate her out. When Lizzie came, her finger started to pump wildly inside her, causing Jess to careen over the edge into her own powerful climax.

She screeched excitedly as her pussy trembled, cum cascading from her orifice like a geyser.

Jill could feel Jess's fingers pumping wildly in her snatch. The younger girl was cumming, and her arm was pistoning uncontrollably.

Jill's stomach leaped as her orgasm suddenly railed into her, and she gulped for breath as her body reacted. She tremored and squealed, her pussy gushing, and gripped Brittany's legs tightly as she let the pleasure envelope her.

The room was now filled with the deafening sounds of eight women screaming and wailing. Cum spewed from their eight steaming pussies, drenching the floor and sheets, and filling the room with an overpowering smell.

For several minutes, the eight spent young women lay in a pool of bodily fluids, their skin plastered to each other in sweat, their breathing labored and hollow. It was now close to 4 in the morning, and they were all thoroughly exhausted.

Slowly, Jill lifted her head from the mattress, looking around at her sexy family.

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