All Hallow's Eve


As I broke from my daydreaming I smiled at Melissa, thinking on her last statement: "Oh, as if you would be upset at living with two hot women?"

Still smiling I continued the fun answering, "Well, we would have to get a bigger bed!"

I was rewarded by a pillow thrown at me as we both laughed.


The next day I left work early and headed to the airport. Melissa would also be getting out of work early, but would meet us at home—I was the chosen chauffer.

Security being what it was these days; I parked in the Hourly Parking area and waited in the Baggage Claim area, the most hassle-free place to meet somebody in the airport. Examining the flight monitors I saw Mary's plane had already landed, so knew I would not have long to wait as two arms suddenly wrapped around my waist and a body pressed against me from behind, a familiar female voice saying, "Hello stud, care to take advantage of a beautiful brunette?"

Turning around I grabbed Mary in a big hug, kissing her fully on the lips as she returned both the hug and kiss enthusiastically.

"Damn girl it's been too long!" I told her, looking at her at arm's length. "And damn, you look fantastic!" I told her, saying nothing but the truth as I admired her body.

Just like her sister, Mary looked better and better each year. She was dressed comfortably for the long plane trip in a sports bra and yoga pants, and with the hot figure both her and Melissa shared, her tight clothes were enough to cause every testosterone-driven eye in the vicinity to focus upon her.

Her bare waist, exaggerated by the low-riding pants and tapering in from her firm breasts, was accented by a classy glittering navel ring, and as my eyes drifted lower, I could not help but notice the straps of a black thong hooked on her pelvic bones above the waistline of her pants.

Mary had let her hair grow, now almost as long as Melissa's as I continued with the compliments, telling her, "Your hair looks incredible!"

Mary blushed at the obvious admiration from me, smiling. "I've looked worse, hell in New Zealand we were lucky to get a bath every few days, let alone a haircut!" she exclaimed, reminding me about the boxes. As if reading my mind she stated, "And before you ask, no, I'm not saying what they are until both you and Mel are together!" she grinned mischievously.

Closing my mouth and smiling at her—she knew me all too well—I helped her get her bags and took her to the car.

"Damn, it's good to be back home!" she said as we drove. "I missed this. Let me tell you, traveling and fame and fortune are nice, but a person has to get home to their roots at some point. And God I've missed you and Mel; it's been what...three years?" she asked, shaking her head at my correction of it being four. "Way too long to visit my most favorite two people in the world!" she laughed. Giving me a mischievous grin as I drove, she then said, "Next year I'm going to fly you two to me, those deliveries cost a fortune!" she exclaimed.

Opening my mouth to ask her about the boxes, she immediately put her hand over my mouth, the scent of her perfume intoxicating as I smiled behind the soft warm flesh of her palm.

Moving her hand away, I grinned and instead said, "I was about to say it's good to see you too!" I lied.

"Mhm," she said knowingly. Giving me another grin as she turned her head towards me she said, "Bullshit John, I know you as well as my own sister, it's killing you both, isn't it?" she asked teasingly.

I nodded, knowing I would get no answers until she was ready to tell both Melissa and myself together.

I was happy to see her again. As much as I was cringing at the prospect of family members invading our house for the next week, it had been far too long since she had visited. It was like a missing piece of the family was back in place, something you did not openly realize was missing until it was finally back.

And she did look good, my thoughts again drifting back to that Halloween week years ago.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, each lost in our own thoughts, knowing it was pointless to talk about goings on until the three of us were together, so nothing needed to be repeated.


If you have ever heard a car starting in the winter with a loose fan belt you will have an inkling of what it is like when two close sisters finally are reunited after being apart for such a long time, both girls screeching in unison as they hugged.

Excusing myself to take Mary's bags to her room and change out of my work clothes, I told them they could have some time to catch up as I went upstairs, my ears still ringing from the noise.

The evening was spent catching up on everything—including our failure to conceive—as Mary reassured Melissa the doctors would have caught anything wrong by now.

"When it happens, it will happen," she said, echoing our own thoughts.


Later that night, while making love to Melissa, my thoughts turned to a sports bra and black thong...

"Uhn...uhn. Oh...John," Melissa was grunting, "Oh...God...yes!" she moaned as I slammed into her, my cock slamming into her velvety soft cleft over and over.

We were both close to exploding.

", take it now!" I grunted, my cock slamming one final time into my wife's pussy as I reached orgasm, while Melissa's legs clutched tightly around mine, her body shaking uncontrollably as her body also climaxed.

We knew each other so well we had timed it perfectly, both gripping each other tightly as we cooled down from our simultaneous release.

Lying next to her in the afterglow I smiled. "I do love you, you know," I whispered, feeling myself become flaccid inside her as her pelvic muscles continued to clench and hold me inside of her for a few more seconds.

Adjusting my position to get more comfortable, I felt myself slip out of the warmth of her crevice as Melissa made a soft whine, our close intimacy broken.

"That was nice," she whispered, "even if you were thinking of my sister."

Surprised, I looked at her smiling face, impossible to lie to her, "OK, you caught my hand in the cookie jar," I confessed. "I'm sorry," I whispered back.

"Bah, I don't worry about you with another woman," she smiled, "least of all my own sister! Besides, I know there are times she's fantasized about you as well. Hell, I've even fantasized about you two together," she whispered wickedly as she hugged me. "Who knows what could happen someday," she grinned.

I smiled back at her. She was correct in stating anything could happen, as we had agreed to an open relationship since first dating; however, I wondered how serious she was, or if she was merely in one of her 'after sex playful teasing moods.'

It was no secret to either of them I had fantasized about Mary—we HAD dated in high school after all—but I was wholly devoted to Melissa. The farthest Mary and I had ever gone was some extreme heavy petting in the back of my car, but both girls knew my tastes, particularly after the 'twins' event.

Melissa smiled, "I know—you love me, you lust my sister" she said. "It's alright you know, we're all adults. And besides, I know nothing would happen between the two of you without me!" she winked in the dim light of the room, the darkness broken only by the outside garage light coming through our window.

We had similar conversations in the past. It was all playful talk, but thoughts of Melissa and Mary together were enough to get me hard again.

Melissa sensed the stirrings in my groin as well.

"Oh no, it's bed time Mr. Wilcox," she admonished to me. "We both have to work tomorrow and it's already past 2:00 am!" she said, untangling herself from beneath my legs and settling in for the night.


The next morning Mary asked if we slept well. I looked at her briefly wondering if we had been too loud in our lovemaking, embarrassed as my wife answered, "Well, John gave me a nice little nightcap!" she grinned at her sister.

"Let me guess, he was thinking about me?" Mary asked innocently.

I felt myself blushing further.

"Of course my dear," Melissa answered, giving her sister a kiss on the cheek. "Who knows, maybe our firstborn will be all your doing!" she laughed with Mary.

I folded the morning paper exaggeratedly as I said, "If you two don't mind, I'm going to finish getting ready for work," I told them, getting up and trying to ignore the sisterly banter at my expense.

Both girls grinned at me and I finally smiled back. They enjoyed teasing me, never passing up an opportunity, and they also knew I enjoyed it as much as they did. It had been too long since Mary's last visit, and I had forgotten what it was like being around them together, both feeding off of each other's personality.

Later as we were leaving for work—carpooling to leave Mary with one of the cars—Melissa asked what Mary's plans were for the day. "I assume you're going to be visiting everybody," she said, handing her sister the spare house key.

"Actually, I need to start unpacking those boxes," Mary answered. "And I need a strict vow from BOTH of you not to enter the garage until I say so!" she grinned, knowing we were about to ask what was in the boxes as both of us looked at her questioningly. "Come on you two! I want to give you both a nice little present, so please?" she begged.

Reluctantly we agreed. Although not knowing what she had in store for us was driving us both crazy, we also knew Mary felt a need to repay us.

A few years before she had done The Terminator movies Mary had hit rock bottom financially and in terms of her profession. In her despair, she contemplated quitting her career and coming home. Although Melissa and I were still getting on our own feet financially we could not let Mary's dreams crumble. After Melissa and I had a long heartfelt talk, we took a second mortgage on the house, sending the entire $200,000 to Mary, saying she could pay us back when she 'struck it big.'

Neither Melissa nor I wanted the money back—it was a gift and something we were happy to do for her. Mary was family and that was all that needed to be said; however, by the end of The Lord of the Rings job Mary had paid us in full, yet still feeling a need to give us more, which we adamantly refused.

"Sis, you know you don't owe us anything," I told Mary as Melissa nodded in agreement.

"I know, but you two BELIEVED in me, even when I didn't myself. The least I can do is show my appreciation once and a while!" she answered. "Besides, I know what you two went through to help me with the house and all, so let me enjoy myself, will ya?" she asked.

Agreeing to her requests, we headed to work.


The rest of the week went as expected—family, family, and more family. The house was invaded at all hours of the day without pause from not only Mary and Melissa's family, but also my own. Having grown up and knowing both girls for years, my family was just as enamored of the girls as their own.

I knew Melissa wanted to take a few days off work to visit with her sister alone, but Mary told her not to, stating there would be plenty of time to catch up, even as we watched each day go by and her departure date getting closer and closer. Against Mary's objections, Melissa at least came home early most of the week in order to monopolize her time with her sister, particularly when we were not inundated with relatives.

For me, work became a refuge from all the estrogen seeping into the walls as various aunts, cousins, friends, and so forth came to visit. It had been years since many had seen Mary, and this was an opportune time to catch up on all going on in their lives.

Compounding my wife's frustration at spending time with her sister, Mary sequestered herself in the garage in the evenings, making all sorts of racket which piqued Melissa's and my own curiosity more and more. Reminding us of our vow not to pry, we let Mary keep her little secret, inwardly dying to know what she was up to.

Saturday we had a family reunion party scheduled in Mary's honor. Melissa's and Mary's family was not small by any stretch of the imagination, and adding to the throng was my own family, so our three-acre backyard was full of people. The entire day was filled with screams of laugher from kids in the pool accompanied the laughter and chatting of adults as we socialized. Our two families had become quite close, and even my parents came to visit for the day, although both were getting up there in years of age where travel was a burden, as they had known Mary for years not only from my marriage with Melissa but from when Mary and I dated in the past.

It was an enjoyable day, although I was dreading cleaning up in the evening.

'I'm going to have to do it all over again next week,' I thought to myself, thankful for the additional expense I had paid the catering company to return in the morning after the party to clean up, allowing us all to sleep in.

Next week was Halloween, mine and Melissa's favorite of all the holidays, and we always held a blow-out costume party. The party was considered 'adults only,' as it sometimes got wild, and each year seemed to push the envelope of decency.

It was all clean fun, not a sex party, and although it was not uncommon for a bit of 'hanky-panky' to go on throughout the night, sex was not the main theme, instead it was a chance for the neighborhood to get together, have some fun, and let loose.

Over the years the party had grown to become a rather large event, including not only our immediate neighborhood, but also the surrounding subdivisions. Last year we had over 200 people attend, and this year promised to hit that number and more as I was once again thankful for our large yard.

Our first party had occurred several years ago—the infamous 'Night of Twins' as I dubbed it, when Melissa and Mary had dressed identically. Since then we had been hosting a costume party each year, the venue getting bigger and bigger.

Instead of charging admission, people donated money at the door for prizes awarded at the end of the night for a variety of costume contests: Funniest, Scariest, Sexiest, Best Male, Best Female, and Best Overall—as well as my two favorites, Most Believable and Least Recognizable costumes. At the end of the night the votes for each category were tallied and the winners split the money evenly—after the costs of the party were removed.

The party paid for itself in full, as everybody chipped into the pot generously, and we had been surprised at how charitable people were. Several of our neighbors told us they were happy to put in the money while we did the work, making the event an investment well worth donating.

The Most Believable costume contest involved not only dressing up, but acting the role you were dressed as. Doctors offered medical advice and physicals; lawyers gave various legal counsel; pirates talked the part, attempting to steal people's 'booty' and so forth.

Last year the Sexiest and Most Believable awards were both won by June Sinclair, a cute single redhead living a few blocks up the road. She had dressed as a prostitute charging every male—and a few females—to get 'friendly' with her. To my surprise and delight, Melissa had handed me five one-hundred dollar bills as a present, telling me to have my way with redheaded whore, but I had settled on just some heavy petting for fifty dollars, putting the rest of the money in the pot towards the prizes.

Surprisingly, June had even donated her own 'earnings' in the pot and by the end of the night I estimated she had herself donated over $5000.00 to the prize fund, literally doubling the pot!

It was not surprising the young woman had 'earned' so much, as she had recently gotten out of a bad relationship and wanted to 'sow her oats,' and as attractive as she was, there was no shortage of men wanting to help her out in her goal. She had even taken on three men at once, the moans of her and her 'Johns' audible even over the noise of the party as their business transaction was completed in the secluded section of the yard by the forest.

When Melissa told me this year June was coming as a nun and her new boyfriend a priest, I had laughed openly at the irony.

The Least Recognizable costume was for those with masks or full body costumes hiding their identity. Throughout the night everybody would attempt to figure out who was who—the person with the least amount of people correctly identifying them being declared the winner. Typically somebody in a full gorilla suit or similar costume won the contest, barely talking the whole evening to remain unknown. To me it was too much of a sacrifice, as every person who had won said being quiet the whole night in order to remain anonymous meant they could not enjoy the party, though there were always several people trying for the award.

The contests had become extremely competitive, many people planning months, even a year in advance for their costumes. It had actually become taboo to ask somebody what they were dressing up as, people not wanting to ruin the contests, and the whole neighborhood got caught up in the festivities. Not only were the donations to the pot generous, but many brought snacks, hors d'oeuvres, and even decorations to help.

Regardless of how wild and crazy the party became, the 'Rule of Las Vegas' was in full effect—what went on at the party, stayed there. Although it was not a sex party, as I mentioned it was not uncommon for little trysts to occur, and everybody who attended the party came with the full knowledge of what could take place. Even so, we occasionally saw a marital spat over one of the spouses straying when caught up in the heat and ambiance of the party—so we always stated it was an adult-oriented party and suggesting couples come with full disclosure on what was permitted between them beforehand.

Melissa and I had our own little game as well, making bets with each other on which guest was going to pair up with another by the end of the evening, the looser being the other's personal slave the following week. Sadly to say, I had only won once, as Melissa could pick out the various trysts about to occur in the blink of an eye.

This year Melissa and I decided to go as a pair of vampires from the Underworld movies. I was going to be a Victorian era noble vampire, while she was going as a Death Dealer, complete with tight leather outfit, trench coat, and weapons.

I was looking forward to see everybody's reaction to her tight outfit, which when she had tried it on had seemed painted to her body. It was so tight and form fitting, we both agreed she could not wear anything underneath, as the thin leather was so tight against her body her panty and bra lines were too visible. As such, I had a feeling she would win the Sexiest costume easily, even if she was fully covered!

I took a small amount of pride on it possibly being the third time Melissa won that category.

The first time she had won was when she and Mary had dressed as twins, winning it together. As twins, the two sisters had swept the contests, winning Best Female, Best Overall, Most Believable, Sexiest, and Least Recognizable. The last was affirmation to me the 'innocent' twin had not always been Melissa, most people assuming he married sister and hostess of the party would not have been as brazen and slutty as the other twin had been.

The second time Melissa had won Sexiest Costume as well as Most Believable, dressed as a stripper. To go with her role, we had installed several dancing poles around the yard that year, and completely acting the part, men lined up in droves around each one as Melissa moved through the party, paying her to perform.

She spent most of the night doing table and lap dances, as well performing on the stripper's poles—having taken several months of pole dancing classes in preparation for the role.

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