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All Hallows Eve Feast


Gertie looked at the image of the naked woman in the mirror with amazement. The large dark eyes sat in a face the color of pale china gave her a look of mystery and intrigue. The aquiline nose with its slight curve was so different from her normal sharp beak with the big wart on the tip. This nose only added to the perfection of her large red lips and straight white teeth. It was a face devoid of imperfection except for one tiny beauty mark on her right cheek.

The image's long black hair contrasted with her alabaster skin, it shinned as it picked up the reflection of the lights overhead. The wavy hair cascaded off her shoulders to lie on the tops of her breasts firm as melons and just as large. Gertie liked the way the breasts stood atop her chest, at attention just as her nipples erect stood in the sea that was her areola. She continued her gaze down her firm flat belly to the dark bush covering her pubic bone, noting it was shaped into a heart, dark as the heart beating inside her chest. She turned to see her derrière, not flat and shapeless as a model but full and round making her body curvaceous. All of this on top of long shapely legs made for a package guaranteed to turn a man's will into putty.

This last thought made Gertrude laugh yet it was not the cackle that she was accustom to making but a deep throaty laugh sinuous in itself. The old hag liked what she saw and was now sure that not only the spell she had cast but also the potion she had brewed would do exactly as she'd hoped. Although the spell came from the large book of spells, the potion was a combination that as far as she knew had never been made before. The witch had wanted a spell that would make all men her slave and as she looked at her reflection she had no doubt that it would work. Ah yes, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and now she must go out and find a man to give a little taste.

She picked up the bra to put on, something she never wore but did so today. Not for support but for cleavage and as she put the straps over her shoulders she saw at once the bra had the desired effect. Next came the red satin blouse and she wondered how many buttons to leave undone, one not enough, three too many, and that made two just right. Tiny red panties, then the matching garter belt and after attaching her nylons, she put on the tight black skirt, she liked the way it hugged her curves. Once again, she looked at her image in the mirror and knew it was right. Not over dressed, not too sexy, more professional it was an outfit perfect for an afternoon lunch.

Gertie took a cab to that little bistro on Sunset where everybody goes to be seen. The first test of her powers were successful as the cabbie refused payment for the ride and told her it was his pleasure just to have her in his taxi. The next test was the maitre d, who seated her in the A-list section without her even asking. She casually gazed at the celebrities searching for the one who wielded the most weight in this town. When she spied Martin Scorsese, she knew he would be perfect; she arose and walked directly to his table. He looked up ready to dismiss her as one of the countless ingénues that approached him but one look into her eyes had him jumping up and offering her a chair.

"My name is Eve, Eve Reborn if you will and I'm here to reject the guilt put on all womanhood since the dawn of man."

"And what can I do for you Ms. Eve Reborn," he said with a smile.

"I want to use the influence you have in this town to help put on a celebrity gala, a costume ball with the benefits going to abused women across the country."

Mr. Scorsese's lunch was now forgotten and growing cold, while he barked orders into his phone to some underling. Once he hung up, he turned his attention back to Eve.

"I have an afternoon meeting at the Directors Gill and I would like you to attend it with me. I will announce our soirée and get all on board to help."

The two stood before the podium as Mr. Scorsese announced the plans for the Halloween Costume Ball, a benefit for abused women to be held the week before Halloween. Eve cringed at the word Halloween a word hated by all witches as it belittled their most High Holiday, All Hollows Eve, but she held her tongue. All were quick to join in and everyone had ideas. A handsome young man that Eve only later learned was named Leonardo DiCaprio, stood and suggested they start the donations by biding on the right to have Eve as their date for the gala. Everyone loved the idea and with Eve's OK began a frantic bidding war that ended with Mr. DiCaprio winning the bid with a final bid of six figures. It was decided that the theme would be fairy tales and everyone would come dressed as their favorite fairy tale character.

The night of the gala Gertie dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She wore a very low cut peasant's blouse, thus exposing miles of delicious looking cleavage. Her daringly short pleated skirt surely would fulfill every man's schoolgirl fantasy yet no schoolgirl would ever wear such tall platform shoes. Topped off with the red riding hood and picnic basket complete with wolf's tail hanging out the side Eve looked like someone who could only be in an adult fairy tale. Leonardo, as he had begged Eve to call him, arrived at the gala dressed as the mighty woodsman and he looked ruggedly handsome. Eve was pleased that he wanted to coordinate costumes and thought they made a good-looking couple.

The celebrity filled gala was a roaring success with each A-lister trying to outspend each other for a worthy cause. At the end of the evening, Eve was asked on stage by Mr. Scorsese to address the throng. As she stood there looking out on all the famous faces she wondered what the rest of her coven would think of her if they could see her now. Well luckily, they would never know of her ruse and she couldn't wait to undo her spell and get back to some normalcy in her life. As soon as the amount of the pledges was announced, she thanked all the naughty men but warned them to take better care of their women. She left the stage to the sound of roaring applause then asked Leonardo to take her home.

In his limo, he asked if she would come to his mansion located in Beverly Hills. Since she was curious how it looked inside she agreed but warned him that there would be no foolishness and he assured her he would be on his best behavior. The beautiful home was like a palace inside and as he showed it to her, his bedroom turned out to be her downfall. The huge canopy bed with the brocade spread that matched the tapestries on the walls made Gertie think back to a fantasy she had as a young woman. She was always a peasant girl lured into the castle by the handsome prince. She would lie on his bed allowing the prince to deflower her in this place of luxury.

This would be her chance to make this long lost dream a reality and she went to her woodsman and kissed him softly on the lips. He undressed her slowly caressing and kissing the newly exposed skin as her costume came off. She lay on his bed allowing him to worship her body with his mouth. When he arrived at that spot on a woman that makes all men their slaves, she peeled back her labia with her fingers to give his mouth access. She marveled at the feelings he was creating inside and soon gave in to the orgasm welling up from deep inside her body. Now Gertie had experienced many orgasms in her lifetime but most had come from the witches in her coven. She marveled at how this mere mortal had created such a wonderful feeling in her and instantly decided she would allow his manhood entrance into her folds.

She watched fascinated as he slid a french letter over his turgid shaft. She of course, knew what it was but had never seen one this close before. Gertie was aware she was getting wetter and wished he would hurry. He then mounted her and she sensed him slip into her with ease. She now felt so full and she began to push her body against his. They worked in unison to achieve not only his release but hers as well. After, he asked her to stay but she declined and then biding her woodsman adieu, she allowed his limo to take her home.

Once home Gertrude realized she was far too tired to reverse her spell and decided to spend one more night as Eve Reborn. Sitting in front of her mirror, she ran her hands over her perfect alabaster skin reveling in its softness. As she allowed her fingers to trail from her breasts down her flat stomach to the V between her legs, she could feel the arousal building inside her. She let her fingers slip inside her slit to feel her own wetness and then to trace that cleft to the top. At just the touch upon her pearl she almost orgasmed but held back determined to fully enjoy this last climax as Eve. Oh how she teased herself always pulling back just before that point of no return and then with a final flurry she gave in to the demands of this beautiful body and she came as never before.

In the morning, she knew her first duty was to reverse the spell and get her life back to normal. She thought she knew just what she had to do but when she tried the simple reversing spell nothing happened. Not discouraged she went to the tome that held the secrets that witches had shared with each other for centuries. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she could not change Eve back into Gertrude. As the days pasted without results she began to panic, their yearly feast was nearing, and she couldn't possibly go as Eve Reborn. At first, she decided to skip the coven's most unholy night but quickly realized by doing that she would break the coven's magical count of thirteen. There was no way to avoid it she would have to attend as Eve and face whatever punishment the coven decided to give her.

All Hallows Eve, that night when most witches are elated with feelings of celebration, and the joining of their sisters under the stars, but alas Gertie felt nothing but dread and foreboding. She arrived to the circle purposely late making sure that she was the last to show. She let her robe drop to the ground and walked into the circle naked as her sisters. The gasp was audible as the witches stared at her with mouths agape. Gertrude realized that her sisters knew not who she was so she quickly gave the secret signs of her coven to the group. She went to the center and knelt before the High Priestess,

"Oh great Priestess, it is I your humble servant Gertrude and as you see I have turned myself into something I cannot reverse. I beg your forgiveness but I am here on bended knees to accept whatever punishment you so desire to give to me."

"Gerite, is that really you? We were all just talking about Eve Reborn and the great job she did at her gala. I just knew Eve was a witch but I had no idea she was from our coven."

All of Gertrude's sisters gathered around her as they marveled on her beauty and her mastery over the male of the species.

Much later after their great feast and celebration, High Priestess Endora allowed the honor of worshiping at her personal temple to go to Gertrude or Eve as all her sisters now called her. The Priestess relaxed in her throne as Eve knelt between her legs, enjoying her special honor. As the Priestess casually ran her hands through Eve's locks, she began to talk to her.

Eve, I was wondering if you might do me a favor, my daughter, you remember my daughter Samantha, she says she has no desire to be a witch like her mother. Do you think you might work your spell on her, you see she has a mortal that she swears she is in love with; I believe his name is Darwin or Darrin...

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