tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted


"Take off your blouse."

She started to fumble with the buttons but his impatience took over as he stood up, ripped the blouse apart sending buttons all over the room, and sat back down again.

"Take your tits out."

She lifted both her sagging tits out of their white, lacy cups and let them hang down.

"Try to suck your nipples."

She lifted first her right then her left tit towards her mouth but failed to reach her nipples. He got up again and walked over towards her, lifting each tit in turn, sucking it gently into his mouth to make her nipples stand out. Her inch-long nipples had always been something he liked about her body and it had been too long since he sucked on them.

Letting her tits drop again he walked behind her, so close that she could feel his hard cock pressing against her arse through both their clothes. He reached around her, gabbing each tit and squeezing them both, enough to make her squirm in discomfort. Then he reached for her nipples and squeezed them tightly. After a few seconds he released them but her relief was short lived.

"Bend over."

She did as she was told, bent at the waist and steadied herself with her hands on the glass top of the coffee-table. She knew he would pay a lot of attention to her bum; it had always been a huge attraction to him but she couldn't understand what he saw. Maybe when they had first met and she was a slim size 8 or 10 (UK sizes) but not now. Ever since the children had been born she had piled on the pounds and was now nearer a size 16 or 18. He lifted up her short black skirt over her thick thighs, admiring the black stockings and suspenders that he had ordered her to wear. He didn't stop until her skirt was around her waist and he had the perfect view of her large white, cotton knickers stretched across her massive arse. He ran his hands over the taut material then raised his hand and spanked her right cheek as hard as was humanly possible, all the pain she had caused in the past and all the anticipation of this moment merged in that slap and made her jump up in shock and pain.

"What did you do that for?" she screamed at him, turning to face him, holding her abused arse and protecting it from any further attack.

"Your body is mine, your cunt is mine, your tits are mine and if I want to spank your arse, I will. Now bend over again."

She looked at him, pleadingly, but knew that he was right and knew that her repayments had just begun.

Just over four months ago her most recent boyfriend had walked out on her and she very quickly fell behind in her mortgage repayments. Now the bank were about to take the house from her and it was their children that suggested she ask her ex-husband (their dad) to help out. She arranged to meet him at the local Hilton and he agreed to buy the house and allow her to live in it rent free. She relaxed for the first time in weeks and then he asked,

"How are you going to make your repayments?"

She was flustered at first as she really thought he would just give her the money. Eventually, she muttered something about paying him back in small amounts but he just laughed in her face.

"I don't want your money. I want you."

"I don't understand," she said, totally bewildered. He had never even spoken to her since they split up.

"The terms of the agreement are this: once a week you will present yourself to me, dressed as instructed by me, and for the rest of that day you will be my sex slave. Your body will belong to me and anything I want to do to it is allowed. You will only speak when spoken to; you will only go to the toilet with my express permission and if I want to watch then I will. I will tie you up. I will spank you. I will cum in your mouth and on your tits. I will fuck your cunt and your arse and you will never say no or hesitate to follow my instructions. Do you understand?"

"You're mad," she shouted. "I'll never agree to that!" and stormed away from him.

Yet here she was as he had commanded. He had texted her with the day, time and location and once again they were in a large suite at the Hilton; at least he was giving her some privacy.

He raised his hand again and spanked her hard, this time on the left cheek. She jumped again but this time managed to remain bent over the coffee table. Five more slaps fell on each cheek until he saw a nice red tinge in each and stopped.

"Open your legs."

She moved her legs apart, fearing what was to come next but strangely aware that her cunt was dripping.

"You liked that, you fat slut, see if you like this!" This time his hand came up hard against her pussy lips and the pain shot through her whole being. She collapsed in a heap on the floor but this time he left her there to recover. However his patience wasn't his strongest virtue and after a few minutes he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up on to her feet.

"Sit on the coffee table."

She sat on the cold, glass top feeling her large, sore arse spread across the hard surface. He dropped his trousers and boxers and stood right in front of her, his cock dangling inches from her face.

"Suck it like the whore you are."

She knew this was coming too. She had always hated putting his dick in her mouth and never made any attempt to give him a blowjob, even though she loved him eating her pussy. She took his prick in her hands and allowed the head of it to enter her lips.

"I said suck it, whore".

She knew what she had to do but tried to make him cum with her hands moving up and down quickly while only the first few inches of him entered her mouth. He could see exactly what she was doing and slapped her hands away.

He stepped back, removing his cock from her mouth and said, "Start playing with yourself."

She looked blankly but he roared at her, "Start playing with your clit and stick some fingers up that cunt."

She sat there with her tits hanging out, her legs wide, her knickers around her ankles and knew that she had to do exactly what he said. When she brought her right hand down to touch her slit she knew that she was already wet but couldn't believe how much her juices were flowing. When she brought her other hand down to start playing with her clit she thought she would cum with her first touch. As she continued to rub her cunt, her fingers and hands moving ever faster, he stepped forward again and lifted her chin.

"Open your mouth."

This she did obediently and immediately he plunged his hard cock all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull back but he grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to fuck her mouth and rape her throat. She had never had anyone's cock so deep in her mouth before and she struggled to breathe. Her hands had left her cunt as she struggled to prise his fingers from her hair but he was too strong for her and kept thrusting in and out of her lips until she felt his cock swell in her mouth and the first shots of his cum hit the back of her throat. Still he kept thrusting as her mouth filled with cum and she tried desperately to avoid swallowing it. It started to pour out of our mouth down the sides of his cock but still he kept cumming. Eventually he let go of her hair and she tried to rush to the toilet to spit out her mouthful; but he grabbed her by the arm, swung her round to face him and said, "Swallow it."

She couldn't believe the man who had married her could be so cruel because he knew how much she had avoided doing this when they were married after the one and only time she had ever tasted some pre-cum on his dick. He held her chin up and pinched her nose until she had no choice but to swallow. She did so and the tears were streaming from her eyes.

He lay down on the large double bed and said, "Clean me up, bitch." She came over to where he lay and knelt down by his side. By now he was naked but she still had all her clothes on, even though her tits, cunt and arse were on full view.

"No," he said. "Lie down on top of me so I can eat your cunt while you clean up all the cum you let drip on to my balls.

She got into position on top of him, opening her legs as far as the knickers around her ankles would allow, lowering her cunt to just above his face and started to clean his cock and balls of his own cum. He had a great view of her pussy and had waited a long time to taste it again so he pulled her down onto his mouth and started to lap at her sweet juices. The more he licked her, and he hadn't even touched her clit, the more his face and neck were soaked by the pussy juice pouring from her.

By now she had cleaned his cock and balls and he was as hard again as he had been when he had fucked her face. He tossed her off of him and she fell roughly on to the floor.

"Get up on the table, bitch."

She looked blankly at him again because she wasn't sure exactly what he wanted. He grabbed her by the right tit and hauled her across to the small dining table that sat next to the large window so that anyone dining in their room could look out over the city.

"Kneel on the top of the table with your arse stuck up and your forehead on the table."

She knew that anyone with a view of the hotel would be able to see her if they happened to look up but she did as she was told. He went to his small case and pulled something out then stood behind her with a perfect view of her arsehole and pussy lips sticking out between her slightly opened legs. At first she wasn't sure what he was doing behind her then she knew as she heard the tell-tale "click" of his camera. She shuddered in embarrassment and tried to hide her face but he came round to the side and told her to face the camera. "Click" again and this time there would be no doubt whose cunt and arse were on show.

"Just a little insurance policy in case you should ever think about defaulting on our agreement. Do exactly as you are told or these and all the others I'm going to take will be sent to your mother, your boss and all your family. Understand?" She nodded her head numbly, knowing that any prospect of ever escaping this pact had just disappeared.

"Get down and stand against the window."

She did so and stood with her back leaning against the large floor to ceiling window.

"No, turn around and press your tits against the window."

Again she did so, reluctantly this time as, again, she became aware of her vulnerable position to people walking below and vulnerable to whatever her ex-husband wanted to do to her next.

He came and stood immediately behind her with his hard cock pressing against her arse. He put his hands on her fat hips and pulled her roughly back a step from the window. "Open your legs."

This time she knew what was coming. He was finally going to fuck her and maybe, just maybe, she would be allowed to cum. He pressed his hard penis against the outer lips of her pussy and pushed hard. There was no finesse, he was fucking her and he didn't care how it felt to her. All he wanted was to feel her cunt walls wrapped around his hard cock as he plunged in and out of her dripping hole.

She had never had him like this before. When they were married he had always been loving and always made sure she had cum before he did. Now it seemed that she was just a piece of meat to him, a hole for him to place his cock in and to fuck. As his thrusting became quicker and rougher she felt herself being pushed forward against the window with her big, fat tits squashed flat. She also felt he orgasm building deep within her but, again, just before she got to that critical point, she felt his cock swell and felt him flooding her with his cum. He continued to push into her but as soon as he was finished he pulled out of her cunt, leaving her feeling frustrated and gaping.

"Sit on the edge of the bed."

She did so.

"Open your mouth."

She did so.

"Clean your pussy juices off my cock."

She did so and tasted her own cunt for the first time on his prick. It tasted sweet but musty at the same time. She actually liked the taste but suddenly became aware of his cock growing in her mouth. She couldn't believe he was nearly ready again but thought he might be finished even if he did get fully erect.

Her illusions were shattered immediately.

"Lie back."

As she did so he raised her fat legs on to his shoulders, pulled her arse cheeks apart and pushed his hard cock against her virgin arsehole.

"No! Oh please, no! You know I've never done that." He didn't; he knew she had never let him fuck her arse but he didn't know until now that she had kept her arse to herself.

"I'm going to do it and you're going to beg me to do it."


"I want you to say, fuck my big, fat, stinking arsehole."

"Please no. I can't do this," she pleaded.

"Say it!" he demanded as he reached down and twisted her nipples.

"Please fuck my arsehole," she screamed.

"That's not it," and he twisted her nipples some more. "Say it right!"

"Fuck my big, fat, stinking arsehole," she cried.

He pushed his cock against her hole.

"Fuck my big, fat, stinking arsehole," as she felt her hole stretching.

He pushed the head in and for the first time ever she felt her hole being filled from outside her body.

"Fuck my big, fat, stinking arsehole," as she felt she was going to be split in two.

He pushed again and slid his rock hard cock all the way into her tightest hole.

"Please fuck my big, fat, stinking arsehole," she sobbed.

So he did. He rammed in to her tight, tight hole and knew this would be his best fuck ever. He fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. In her position she couldn't move from under him and lay there suffering her fate. Finally, just before she passed out, she felt her back passage fill with his cum and he slipped out of her. "Hold your legs up."

He reached for the camera and took one last snap of his cum dipping out of her gaping arsehole. The he moved round to the side of the bed and pulled her head to the edge.

"Clean me."

This time she tasted her own anus and wondered what he had planned for her next.

When she was finished, he dressed and walked to the room door.

"See you next week!"

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