tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll I Ever Wanted Ch. 03

All I Ever Wanted Ch. 03


The first thing I felt was someone getting on to the bed with me and settling between my outstretched legs. After a very brief moment a hand touched my left breast and fondled it, caressed it almost. Then the person obviously moved forward as a soft, wet tongue began to circle my already enlarged nipple. My ex-husband knew that I loved my nipples being licked and sucked; almost as much as he used to enjoy doing it. What I didn't know was who it was that was now lavishing such exquisite torture to both my nipples. Ever since he had tied me to the bed, my arms and legs stretched to their limits, blindfolded me with a black satin scarf and pushed my dirty knickers into my mouth, he had not uttered a word except to explain that, with all my other senses being deprived, the sensations that I was about to experience would be exaggerated to the extreme.


Well that answered one question; the sound of the camera photographing someone sucking on my nipples had come from the side of the bed. There was no way one person could be doing both. It wasn't the first time my ex had allowed someone else to fuck me; I guess this was going to be one of those days when I would have to satisfy two men at once. I had been so embarrassed the first time he shared me, even though I was fucked like never before and I came so many times I could hardly walk out of the hotel room. It's not that I was a prude during our married life but he was always more adventurous, always wanting to try something new. Now I knew that he could do anything he wanted with me and I couldn't say no. If he'd just wanted sex I could have lived with that, enjoyed it even. He wanted more than that. He wanted to fuck me anyway he pleased. He wanted to cum in my pussy and my bum. He wanted to use and abuse me. And there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

The other person's mouth was now alternating between both of my throbbing nipples, licking one while rubbing the other between their fingers. If I'd still been wearing my knickers instead of tasting myself from them then I know they would have been soaking from the juices leaking from my pussy; as it was, I could feel them trickling out and down the crack of my bum.

"I told you the slut would like it. Look at her. Her cunt's absolutely dripping."

Another question answered. My ex's voice came from the same direction as the sound of the frequent "clicks" of the camera. Whoever's mouth was now trying to suck each of my huge breasts in turn into their mouth was not my ex but obviously knew what they were doing as I could feel my whole body tense with the first stirrings of my orgasm. It had always been the same with my breasts; any attention to them and I was close to cumming. When I felt my knickers being removed from my mouth I gulped in a huge lungful of air but that wasn't allowed to continue as someone's hard prick was stuffed into my open mouth. As my nipples continued to be assaulted, I sucked the cock (my ex's, I presumed) and gave myself over to my rapidly approaching explosion. I sucked and sucked; the tongue licked and licked; sucked and licked; sucked and licked until finally it hit me and I screamed out around my mouthful of cock and shook uncontrollably. He kept fucking my face, the tongue kept licking, until I came back down to normal and realised that, once again, he had forced me to cum for him and someone else I wasn't even allowed to see. I couldn't deny that my ex knew how to make me cum but I hated him with every inch of my being for what he made me do and, now, who he made me do it with.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, tore off my blindfold, and asked, "Did you like that?"

I was still trying to adjust my eyes when I felt the tongue leaving my large, extended, left nipple. I looked down to see what sort of man had been brought along to use me this time. I instantly wished I hadn't. Instead of the broad shoulders and dark hair of my ex's best friend that I expected to see (and secretly wished for), I saw the auburn curls and penetrating green eyes of my ex's new girlfriend looking back at me. I had never even kissed another woman before; never even looked at one lustfully; now here was my very nemesis working her way down my body and moving very slowly, very sensuously towards my bald pussy.

"Oh no! Please, no! Not this! Not another woman! Not her! Please!"

"I've told you before, you don't have a choice. You can never say no to me again. Besides, the photos I've taken already and the ones I'm going to take later will be great additions for my blackmail file should you ever try to get out of our "arrangement".

I knew there was nothing I could do, least of all because I was still tied securely to the bed. He could do anything he wanted with me and he obviously had every intention of doing just that. He seemed to be taking as much pleasure from humiliating me as he was from fucking me. She, on the other hand, seemed to be only interested in pleasure.

Her tongue had now reached my hairless pussy. She slowly, tantalisingly, ran her soft tongue up and down the length of my puffy lips. My pussy was pouring with juices and she just seemed to lap them all up. As she eased my lips open with her tongue, she stiffened it and poked it in and out like a small cock. If I could have opened my legs any wider I would have as I wanted more and more of this hateful woman inside me. She must have realised what I wanted because her tongue moved up to my clit and she pressed one, then two, then tree fingers into my pussy.

"That's it! Fuck that cunt. Get your hand up her."

My ex couldn't have been more crude. I hated everything he was forcing me to do yet my body continued to respond to every assault upon it. I had to at least try to resist. How could I let any woman, let alone her, do this to me?

"Please tell her to stop. Please. I'll do anything. Please."

He didn't even look at me. He was too busy watching her forcing her hand deeper and deeper into me. Once she got her fourth finger, then her thumb, inside my aching pussy she made a fist inside me and began to work her wrist in and out of me. Meanwhile her fist was brushing against my G-spot and I knew I was going to cum again.

"That's it! She's going to cum again. Keep going!"

Her hand thrust in and out of me, in and out, in and out. I was being stretched like I had never been stretched before and I knew I was going to cum on this woman's hand. In and out, in and out, I could feel it building deep within me and I knew it was going to be as big as ever.


That was it. The thought of my ex photographing me cumming with his girlfriend's hand deep inside my pussy was too much for me. I exploded with an almighty scream and nearly pushed her hand out with the force of my pussy's contractions. It seemed to go on forever as my whole body trembled and convulsed. It seemed as if I would never recover.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


I don't know if it was the noise they were making or the way the mattress was bouncing, along with me, that woke me up but when I opened my eyes I had a birds-eye view of my ex-husband's cock thrusting in and out of his new girlfriend's cunt. They had both straddled my head and shoulders with her back against the wall above the headboard. They had obviously being going at it for some time because within moments I could hear them both screaming in orgasm. (I was trying not to look by this point). As the bed stopped rocking as they slowed down, I took the chance to open my eyes again. Big mistake.

As his cock slipped from her cunt, I could see it was covered in her juices but, worse even that that, was the sight of his spunk slowly dripping from her pussy. The worst thing of all was the fact that it had only one thing to drip on to – my face!

Sure enough, as my ex husband sank onto my chest and forced his dirty cock into my mouth, he leaned forward and held my head in place, just in time to receive my first drop of his spunk fresh from his whore's cunt. It landed on my forehead just as I realised that the strange taste on his cock was his bitch's cunt juice. Here I was, tasting a woman for the very first time from my ex's prick while she was dropping his cum on me from her dirty cunt.

I really thought it couldn't get any worse than this; nothing he had made me do already was as degrading as this. Wrong! As he removed his dick from my mouth and got off me, she sunk down on top and her pussy landed right on my mouth.

"Lick it, bitch!" they both shouted in unison.

This was one thing I couldn't force myself to do but when she reached forward and pinched both my erect nipples, hard, I started to lap at her cunt like it was the sweetest of cream. I had always hated the taste of my ex's spunk and he knew this; to have to eat it straight from his latest cunt's cunt was almost too much. Of course he couldn't help himself and I could feel him climb on to the bed as he started to take new photos from all angles. At least, I thought, he hasn't taken any of my face this time. Wrong again!

"Lick her cunt too," he demanded of his slut on top of me and she leaned forward into the classic 69 position. Her position on my mouth shifted slightly so that her cunt could still be reached by my tongue but now I found my nose pressing against her arsehole. And to complete my humiliation I saw my husband appear just above her with his ever-present camera and took a shot of my tongue licking another woman's pussy.

He climbed off the bed and left the room. I didn't have time to worry or think about where he was going because the tongue invading my pussy was doing all the things I liked done to my wet slit. (Had he taught her his technique?) Whoever had taught her it was obviously having the usual effect on me as I soon felt my orgasm building from deep inside me. I was no longer paying any attention to her cunt as the way she was now flicking my clit with her tongue while she plunged two fingers in and out of me meant my whole being was centred on my own cunt. Faster and faster her fingers battered my pussy, slower and slower her tongue lapped at my clit until, very quickly, I came. My juices squirted out, coating her fingers and making a pool on the bed below me.

Still trembling from my orgasm, I heard her complaining to my ex who had just come back into the room.

"She didn't make me cum," she whined.

"Well, let's make her pay for being so selfish. Put this on."

I couldn't see what he had given her from my prone position on the bed and, to be honest, I had no energy left to lift my head. But already I was fearful.

Inexplicably, I looked up to see him unfastening my binds at my wrists then he moved down to the foot of the bed to release my ankles too.

"Move over," was all he said so I slid over to the side of the bed and suddenly saw what he had given his whore. Sticking out from between her legs was the biggest strap-on dildo I had ever seen and I knew I was about to suffer. She got on the bed beside me and lay down on her back.

"Climb on board, slut. I want you to fuck yourself."

I looked in disbelief at him, at her, at this huge plastic cock that I was somehow to fit into my already throbbing pussy. I also knew that I didn't have any choice and if this was to be today's finale then I had better get on with it.

"What are you waiting for, cunt? Get that cock up your pussy and be quick about it."

I struggled up onto my knees, lifted one leg over her prone body and lined up this huge, plastic monster with my hole and very slowly, very gently, started to slide down its length. "Faster, you cunt. I want to see you cum on it."

Like that was ever in any doubt. As I finally got to the bottom of the 12 inch beast and felt our pubic bones resting against each other, I knew that I was being filled like I had never been filled before. As I began to slide myself up and down, up and down her plastic dick I tried to concentrate on the amazing feelings building deep within but all I could see was her grinning face and her tits. I always liked this position for sex but it felt so wrong to look down and see another woman's face, to see her face, to see her pert tits juggling with her attempts to fuck me. As she started to raise her hips to meet my downwards slide, I felt the 12 inches slide deeper and deeper.

"Are you going to do it now?" she asked him. I didn't know what "it" was but I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it.


"Just had to get a final shot of you two fucking," then he dropped the camera, climbed on to the bed behind me and got between my legs. Now I knew what "it" was. He shuffled forward towards me until I could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse cheeks.

"Are you going to do it? Are you going to fuck her up the bum?" she asked incredulously, while her hands reached up and pulled my cheeks apart.

"Oh, yes," was all he said as I felt his dick pressing against my tight hole.

"Do it!" she laughed. "Fuck her arse."

So he did. With one powerful, painful push his whole length slid balls-deep into my arse.

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse, fuck her big, fat, stinking arse!"

So he did. He fucked my arse while she fucked my cunt."

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse, fuck her big, fat, stinking arse!"

So he did and I bounced between them like a limp rag doll.

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse, fuck her big, fat, stinking arse!"

So he did, ploughing into my ravaged hole, leaning forward and pushing me down so my droopy breasts were rubbing against her perfect boobs.

"Fuck her arse, fuck her arse, fuck her big, fat stinking arse!"

So he did, harder and harder, faster and faster until I could feel him swelling up inside me and letting loose more gallons of cum than I had ever imagined possible.

It was also enough to set me off again and I came for the final time with an intensity that I had never felt. He collapsed on top of me, pushing me even closer to her and all I could see was her smug grin.

When I woke, they were both dressed. I must have been really out of it because I didn't even feel them taking their cocks out of my holes. They left me lying in a pool of cum as usual; left me with his usual, "See you next week;" and left me wondering, as usual, what on earth he was going to do to me next.

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