tagToys & MasturbationAll in a Day's Work Ch. 01

All in a Day's Work Ch. 01


It started off as innocently enough, me watching and drooling. Him, waving and smiling.

I work in a high rise downtown. One of those big glass and steel monsters, wedged in besides another dozen of the same big steel monsters that make up the downtown core. A single street separates the buildings. I'm on the 12th floor, and it was there, while I was staring out the window looking for inspiration that I first saw him.

His office was directly across from mine, I could see clearly into it, and of course he could see clearly into mine. The first day I noticed him I was just staring out the window in puzzlement, you know that deep in thought kind of stare. That's when my eyes landed on him.

I actually gave myself shit for not noticing him before. I mean he was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, dark wavy hair, wide shoulders, he looked like a wet dream wrapped in an Italian silk suit.

His face was clean shaven, his cheekbones high and pronounced, nice kissable lips full that every once and a while curved into one of the sexiest smiles I think I've ever seen.

I liked to imagine that I could see the color of his eyes, and they were a striking deep blue, I couldn't, but my imagination filled that part in.

I couldn't help but stare as I watched him work. Every day that first week I ate lunch in my office, noting that he usually did as well, the whole time staring at him out the window.

The day he noticed me I was graced with that smile. I looked away embarrassed that I'd been caught staring. He smiled even bigger as my face turned hot, I'm sure he could see my blush like a big red beacon as he lifted his hand in a little wave.

I waved back, mumbling to myself, "Mmm hello gorgeous, can I have a bite? and I don't mean the sandwich." watching him as he stuffed a little more of his lunch into his mouth and kept working away.

I sighed to myself and went back to my own work, 'No chance for you there girl, quit pining."

I don't harbor illusions about myself, I am not the kind of girl that Mr. 12th Floor dated those waif thin models, you know the ones: designer clothes, plastic boobs, perfect face, long legs, and amazing hair. Everything that I wasn't.

I ran my hand through my own plain brown hair glancing down at my slightly chubby but very curvy body encased in poly blend coordinates from Wal-Mart.

Nope he defiantly wasn't for me, but a girl can dream can't she?

He became the star of my all my wet dreams.

One day he wasn't there, I was surprised to see his office empty but he came in later than usual, just after lunch and had obviously hit the gym, or ran into work cause he was barley dressed, shiny blue shorts and a white t-shirt, a towel around his neck, his dark hair was wet plastered to his forehead.

I moaned low and felt a little twinge between my legs as I watched him dry off, rubbing vigorously at his hair. I love the way a man looks after a good hard work out, simply delicious!

His muscles bunched and flexed as he pulled the t-shirt over his head with one hand, you know the way that guys do that with a simple tug and suddenly BOOM! a yummy chest comes into view.

Yummy was an understatement where this guy was concerned. He was buff, hard and defined. Even I could tell that from where I sat. A light covering of hair ran across his pecs, and then disappeared as my eyes moved down his abs, only to reappear just above his waistband, circling around his navel and disappearing under his shorts.

I couldn't help myself, as I watched him dry off and move around his office, I slipped my hand under my skirt and pressed hard against my throbbing clit through my pantyhose as I imagined my hands and my mouth moving over his hard body.

I moaned as he turned his back to me, heading toward his bathroom in the corner of his office. His shoulders tapered down to his slim hips and his ass looked amazing in his shorts.

Damn! I wanted to bite that!

I closed my eyes, opened my legs wide and stared to rub myself hard and fast, in my mind seeing him on his knees with his head between my legs. His tongue flicking lightly over my slit. I groaned loudly and came in a rush, soaking the crotch of my panties as my body shook and my pussy spasmed.

I closed my legs and leaned back letting myself relax, my eyes fluttered open; the first thing they saw was him, standing in the window watching me.

I jumped out of my chair and ran from my office, my face burned, my hands shook. I was completely mortified! He must have come back just in time to see me get off! God I hoped he wasn't completely disgusted or didn't plan on reporting me to my boss!

My heart raced as I thought about the ramifications and the repercussions, running everything through my head as I paced back and forth in the hall in front of my closed office door.

Its not like I could change offices, and I had to go back in there.

I took a deep breath and gripped the knob; I didn't even glance at the window as walked in and sat down at my computer. I wasn't typing anything but at least this way I could look at the screen and keep my eyes away from the window.

My heart pounded and I stole a quick glance, I really couldn't help myself. I was totally unprepared for my next sight.

He was standing there just as I'd left him, but with one very important difference, One hand was flat against the window and the other was resting over his cock through the shorts, and from where I sat I could make out the outline of a very impressive erection.

He was staring at me with what I would like to think was a hungry look on his face.

I looked up at him, my eyes wide. He looked back at me and smiled that amazingly sexy smile of his as I saw his hand start to move, rubbing his material covered cock against the palm of his hand.

I gulped as I watched, my body responding to what I saw. He stopped for a moment and turned to his desk, quickly writing something down on a piece of paper. He came back to the window and held it up.

It was a phone number.

His, I hoped as I picked up the phone and started to dial. It rang once....twice as I saw him reach for the phone and bring it to his ear.

His mouth opened and closed in speech as I heard his deep and incredibly sexy masculine voice in my ear, "Show me."

I didn't say anything back, I thought about for about a nanosecond and then just turned my chair towards him and dropped my hands to the buttons on my blouse, slowly undoing them one by one. I peeled the thin material away from my 38d's and unhooked the front clasp, letting my full breasts fall against my chest.

I heard his moan, his low whisper, "Mmm...beautiful."

I watched him as he gripped his cock through he shorts, sliding the silky material against his erection. I felt empowered; beautiful and daring. This sexy as hell man that I had been drooling and fantasizing about the last few weeks was hot and hard for me!

I tiled my head, holding the phone under my chin as I lifted one breast to my mouth, darting my tongue out and licking over my now very hard nipple, my eyes never left his as I repeated the action with the other.

I cupped them in my hands, lifting and pinching my nips between my fingers as I let out a little moan. Kneading the soft flesh, I watched him slip his shorts down his legs, freeing his hard cock. It sprang into view, inciting another moan from me as I tugged at my nipples, feeling it all the way down to my now throbbing clit.

I watched as his hand closed around his cock, he stroked slow as his heavy breathing and low moans filled my ears. "More."

I leaned back in my chair, sliding my skirt slowly up my legs. Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my pantyhose and undies I tugged them down my legs, throwing them on the floor beside me as I opened myself to his eyes.

He groaned loudly as my almost completly shaved pussy came into view. "God that's beautiful."

I moved my hands down and slipped one between my legs, my clit was pulsing as I ran my fingers up and down, brushing over it lightly. I watched his strokes quicken as I teased myself, my juices slowly trickling down my thigh.

He grunted, "Mmm...Show me baby...open yourself for me."

I moved my other hand down and pulled open the lips of my sex. The cool air conditioned air hit my clit and my whole pussy clenched. I moaned loudly into the phone.

"God that looks so good," his voice was a breathy whisper as I watched his hand move faster up and down his shaft, "Finger it."

I complied and slipped one finger inside, then two. He moaned loudly, his eyes glued to my hand slipping in and out of my wet pussy.

"You're so wet, I can see it from here...Taste yourself for me."

I brought my fingers to my lips and sucked them inside, tasting the erotic salty sweetness of my own excitment.

He grunted again...louder this time as his hand was a blur in his cock, I could see his hips pumping hard and faster.

"Three fingers...fill it."

I slipped back inside myself, my fingers filling my sopping pussy as I started to rock my hips against my hand. I moaned louder and louder as he half spoke and half groaned at me.

"That's it baby...fuck yeah nice and hard... fill that little pussy for me....you want my cock don't you?...you want me inside you....fucking you....feeling my balls slap against that ass."

I moaned in agreement at everything he said, my whole body moving in time with my fingers pounding in and out of my pussy. His words were turning me on so much; I was practically dripping as I listened to him. My hand slapped against my pussy as I fucked my self harder and harder.

"Come for me baby." He moaned and I knew he was getting close. "Rub that clit hard baby....come for me." His voice was so encompassing, very dominant.

I was right on the edge, his words made my sex pulse and when my fingers came in contact with my clit, I shattered.

I cried out loud into the phone, "Oh god yessss..."

I think I actually saw lights behind my eyes and heard ethereal music as I came. My whole body bucked as I felt my muscles squeeze tight around my fingers. I heard his cries in my ear echo my own and watched him as his body jerked, his hot come splashing in big white blobs against the window pane while his hand stroked and squeezed the last few drops out and then finally stilled on his shaft.

His breathing was heavy, mirroring my own panting. "That was amazing...you are beautiful."

He smiled at me and I was about to reply when I heard the knock and saw his head whip around to his closed office door.

"Shit...Sorry...I have to go."

I heard the click in my ear and scrambled to get myself back together. I laughed as I saw his trip over his chair to get his shorts up and then glance around desperately to find his t-shirt.

I re-buttoned and sat back down at my desk as his office door opened. He stood just in front of the window, now fully dressed, to hide the evidence of his release. I chuckled to myself as he spoke to the man that entered and then looked at his watch...then quite obviously ushered him out of his office as quick as he could.

I slipped out to the bathroom and when I got back. His office was empty.

I sat down in my chair and let out a big breath. I worked until the clock hit 5, he never returned. I packed up for the day, glancing one more time at his empty office. Wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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