tagGroup SexAll in... Ch. 07

All in... Ch. 07


Let's be honest here.

I had decided that at thirty-three (yes, I had a BD), my sex-life had never had it so good. I had the most understanding guy in the world as my hubby-quite the good fuck, I might add-two, count 'em, two younger hot 'girlfriends', and permission to fuck others? Not needed.

But still, selfish though I may be, even I felt guilty about my trips to pussy-ville without Jack. I mean, I wouldn't mind him watching me getting it on with another woman, but my two GFs?

Not so much.

Neither had an interest in a threesome with Jack, not even for me. Marnie had 'zero' interest in cock, not including, of course, her love for cock-shaped dildoes.

Yeah, I know, I don't get it either, but what are you going to do? Her young pussy is just waaaay too good to quit.

Vicki said it would be just too weird for her, like it was violating the special connection between her and I.

Okay, I get that.

So, that's why I surprised him with a long weekend getaway in the Colorado mountains for New Years that year. New Year's Eve in the mountains of Colorado? Skiing?

I'm in.

And so was Jack, he loves skiing as much as I do and loved the whole long-weekend thing for New Year's Eve.

"Who knows," I remember him saying, "Never can tell, might even trip up on a little 'strange' to ring in the New Year.

How prophetic...or calculatting, either way, it work out so.

We both said 'Fuck it' to our jobs and took the extra days off to make a full week of it. Both my 'girlfriends' were disappointed that we'd not be together for New Years Eve but, as I told them, I'd be with Jack in any event on that night. Disappointed, both nevertheless promised 'Welcome Back' orgasms to die for when I returned.

Especially Marnie.

Damn, that little hottie and I had two or three, mind-blowing, quickies a week! She found reasons to come over to my house even when her aunt was home at night. About once a week, the three of us would get together for some serous daisy-chaining.

I'm not complaining, mind you.

Off we flew, connecting in Denver and ingesting enough alcohol to make the approach into the Aspen airport, a small, tight airport in the middle of mountains, 'almost' bearable.

We skied our asses off for the first two days, both of us 'rubber-legged' after two long days on the slopes. Not our first rodeo, folks...we took the third day off and hit the nearby hot springs to soothe those 'not-as-young-as-you-think-you-are' muscles and aches from two days of skiing.


Four voices. Saying the same thing, at the same time, independent of the others, the weirdness of it all making the four of us laugh.

We had entered the springs at the same time, settling in across the short spanse of water from each other and sinking to our chins at the same time.

And believe me, folks, it was an "Aaaaaaah" moment.

"Gotta' say, this feels so damned good," She said.

'She' being, it would turn out, a thirty-year old Afro-American female of light skin-tone and great looking boobs that were barely contained by her two-piece suit-top.

"Oh yeah," I chimed in, "second best feeling in the world," I joked.

"I know that's right!" She agreed, both of us laughing and high-fiving.

"Hi, I'm Mavis," Ms. Cutie-pie said, "and this is my husband, Tony," her hand sweeping to the attractive, darker-toned Afro-American man of thirty-five, it would turn out.

We all shook hands and settled across from each other in the warm springs and chit-chatted about our skiing experiences since arriving, the good runs, the bad runs, good bars, bad bars, restaurants, you know, that kind of crap.

There was a good flow of vibes between the four of us, the conversation and laughter coming very easy, as if we'd known each other for years, which, of course, wasn't true at all.

"What are you folks doing for dinner?" Jack asked Mavis and Tony as the four of us dried off after finally giving up the soothing water.

"Nothing planned....just thought we'd find a place and eat," Tony replied.

"Why don't we all have dinner together?" I chimed in, picking up on what I was sure was Jack's intent with the question in the first place.

"That's a great idea," Mavis opined and thus the four of us, having quickly come to agreement on where we would eat, picked a time to meet in the lobby of the hotel...

"Damn, you look good enough to eat," Jack said, followed by a low-toned wolf-whistle.

I had chosen a pair of dress slacks that would provide both warmth and a favorable hugging of my ass and legs. My top was a simple vee-necked sweater that showed off the cleavage produced by my C-cups encased in a French bra.

"You would know," I joked back, but happy that he thought me so.

"As would your girlfriends," Jack smilingly replied.


As we got ready for our dinner date with them, Jack and I discussed our feelings about the 'possibility' of a fling with Mavis and Tony, should the opportunity present itself.

"I wouldn't kick either out of my bed," I honestly opined, "I mean, you know, if it comes to that."

"Kinda' my thought," Jack simply replied.

"Probably just wishful thinking on our part," I lamented, "but it never hurts to have fantasies," smiling to him as he held the door open for me as we left our suite.

"Never can tell," Jack replied, "let's just let the evening happen and see where it leads."

Good plan as it turned out....

As he held the door open for Mavis and I to exit the hotel first, I overheard Tony say to Jack, "We are a couple of lucky guys, Jack."

"Indeed we are," agreed my hubby.

Mavis and I exchanged looks and smiles at the comments, Mavis leaning in to say to me, sotto-voiced, "Yes, they are," bringing a chuckle to the both of us. Slipping her arm through mine, Mavis and I walked ahead of our guys towards the agreed upon restaurant.

They were from Chicago, it turned out. Tony was a CPA with his own firm and Mavis owned a chic, high-end boutique just off of the Golden Mile of the fabled city.

"I love my rich-bitch customers, don't misunderstand my rant," Mavis said after sharing some pretty funny work-place 'war stories' about her customers, "but damn, they are some spoiled cunts, pardon my French."

"Unlike you, of course," Tony chimed in with a grin.

"Yep. I'm spoiled...I admit it but you love it, baby, you know you love spoiling me," Mavis replied, following with a short kiss to her guy.

"I do," Tony sheepishly admitted.

"Hard not to indulge our lovely brides," Jack intoned with a smile to me.

Finished with an excellent dinner and our second bottle of wine, Mavis suggested that the four of us return to the hotel's lounge for a bit of drinking and dancing.

Sounded good to us, so we did.

We were able to snag the last four-top booth of the small lounge/club in the hotel, hoards of apres-ski drinkers and carousers beginning to show up now.

"C'mon Jack, show me your moves," Mavis said suddenly, grabbing Jack by the hand and leading him to the floor, "we'll show these two how to dance."

"You know that's a challenge, right?" Tony said to me.

"Yep...guess you and I are going to have to show those two what dancing is all about, Mr. Tony," I replied as I slid out of the booth and took his hand to walk to the dance floor.

Have to say that they were really good dancers, both having great rhythm and moves on the floor. The DJ kept the tempo lively, the dance floor full with gyrating bodies. We'd return to our table only long enough to slam down a sip of whatever we were drinking only to join the fray on the floor when a new tune kicked off. Finally, he threw a slow song into the mix as the four of us were leaving the floor from the latest dance, stopping us in our tracks.

"Oooooh, love this song," Mavis said, "C'mon Jack, let's go polish that belt-buckle of yours," leading Jack back to the dance floor by the hand.

Tony and I just looked to each other, smiled and returned to the dance floor as well.

He was a smooth dancer, strong hands but gentle in his grasp of mine. Half-way through the song, I snuggled up to Tony with both of my arms around his neck, our bodies close enough that I could feel his rising cock through his pants. Looking towards Jack and Mavis, they were similarly entangled on the floor, Jack's hands 'almost' on Mavis' ass, in the small of her back.

Song over, Mavis grabbed my hand when we arrived back at our table saying that she needed to go to the restroom and that I needed to go with her.

Didn't have to go but, okay.

"Oh hell no," Mavis said when we spotted the waiting line to the ladies' room, "Want to go upstairs? To my room? No waiting line there," Mavis suggested, her eyes a bit glassy from the Mojitos that she'd been downing all night.

"Maybe we ought to move the party to our room," Mavis further suggested, her eyebrow raised to me in a questioning manner.

"Yeah, sure, that works," I answered.

We returned to the table and told the guys of the change in plans and Mavis suggested that Jack and Tony should make a stop for some liquor and mixers before joining us, "That liquor store, across the street, should still be open," Mavis added.

Assuring us they would do so after they finished their newly-arrived drinks, Mavis and I headed off to the bank of elevators.

"I think your husband liked dancing with me," Mavis commented, her eyes to the side looking at me.

"Why? Did he get a hard-on when y'all slow-danced?" I asked with a grin and chuckle.

"Yeah, he did," Mavis answered, laughing with me.

"Yeah, Tony did too," I informed her which brought another bit of laughter from the both of us.

"Horn Dogs," Mavis declared with a smile.

"Very much so," I agreed, stepping into the elevator when the doors opened, Mavis following.

"Better be careful, girlfriend, I get drunk enough, I might just have to fuck your old man," Mavis quipped with a grin.

"Have at him, sweetie, he'd like that, and you won't be disappointed," I answered with a smile, "'course, you do realize that I'd have to jump your man's bones as well, don't you?"

She just looked at me, our eyes hard on each other, both wondering if the talk was serious or playful.

I broke the ice first.

"I'm game if you are," I said to her, my voice very-matter-of-fact in tone, my smile genuine.

"If you're serious......" Mavis responded, her voice trailing off into silence.

"I am," I assured her as the door opened to their floor.

"Oooh, this will be a fun night," Mavis replied with a beaming smile.

"Kinda' what I'm thinking," I replied with a smile, adding "always fun to play with like-minded people."

"Make my day...tell me you're pussy-friendly also," Mavis probed.

"Ooooh yeah, babycakes, have no fear about that," I replied much to her delight.

The truth of the matter was that while I'd screwed a couple of black guys when I was in college, I'd never been with a woman of color, sexually.

Since discovering and giving in to my new-found love for the taste of pussy, I still hadn't. Mindy, Marge, Vicki, and Marni, that was my resume of pussy-eating, and they were mayonaise-white.

Didn't mean that I didn't want to though, oh hell no, I was already getting damp thinking about getting a taste of Ms. Cutie-pie Mavis.

I let Mavis use the bathroom first since she was the one that 'had to pee', taking my turn after she finished. Finished with the task, I exited the bathroom and found Mavis laying in the large king-sized bed, naked as the day she was born and smiling from ear to ear.

"Figured they might be a while," She explained, "and, I thought......." leaving the thought hanging in the air, no further explanation needed.

"Seems as if I might be a bit overdressed," I teased as I walked towards their bed, "don't you think?"

"Definitely," was her one-word reply, her eyes already stripping the clothes off of me, the fingers of one of her hands lazily tracing circles over her hard, mocha-colored nipples.

There's something about eye-fucking.

I find it arousing, sensuous and, as the clothes fell off of my body, there was some serious eye-fucking going on between Ms. Cutie Pie and I. Crawling onto her bed, I slid easily into her arms, my hand replacing hers on her breast, her lips soft and wet as they met my own. Slowly, we both explored and tasted each other with our mouths, our tongues dancing the tango as we did so.

Ms. Cutie Pie was definitely a world-class kisser I quickly decided as my horny motor revved up. Her hand had found my breasts, her fingers tweaking and pulling at my nipples while her other hand sent shivers straight to my cunt as she traced a path up and down my back and butt.

"Mmmmmmm...ooooh yeah, babygirl, oh yeah," Mavis cooed as the lust of the moment took us for a delightful ride. Sliding my leg between hers, I felt her wetness when she squeezed her legs around my thigh which was rubbing against her pussy.

Pulling my lips from hers, I slowly explored the path to her tits, my mouth straining to swallow as much of her as I could while my tongue played over her nipples. The more I sucked on them, the wetter her pussy became as it rubbed against my leg, driving my desires even more so.

Sliding between her legs as I pushed them apart with my hands, I peeled her pussy's lips apart, marveling at the contrast of the pinkness against her darker skin. With the prize in sight, I lowered my mouth to taste her.

"Mmmmph.....mmmmmmph," I moaned and cooed or whatever you want to call it. I couldn't help it, she tasted sooooooo sweet and tangy, her juices fueling my fire.

Her hands were now on my head, her fingers gripping my hair tightly, pulling me into her humping snatch, holding me in place as her hips moved up and down against my mouth and tongue.

She had climaxed at least twice, I think, before I realized that our guys had returned and were in the room with us, watching as I gave Mavis some serious head. Their presence certainly didn't slow me down in my cunnilingus of Ms. Cutie Pie, that's for sure.

Hell, if anything, their presence only fueled my desires even more.

Feeling the added weight near the head of the bed when someone got onto the bed with us, I looked up from between Mavis's thighs to see my hubby, Jack, knee-walking towards Mavis' head as she pulled him closer with his dick in her hand. Reaching forward with her mouth, she took him deep down her throat with an animalistic groaning sound, her sucking of his cock, noisy in the room.

Lifting my ass a bit in invitation to Tony, it took him about a nano-second to slip his dick into my offered pussy.

Was he huge? No.

But, he was thick enough and long enough to provide an extremely pleasurable fuck, and for a ridiculous long time, before he exploded his orgasm into me. Jack soon followed with his own climax which I helped Mavis clean up what she hadn't swallowed.

The only sound in the room now was the heavy breathing from the four of us fighting for air. That sound was so loud in the room that before long we were all laughing and giggling at the silliness of it all.

"I'm thirsty, baby, how 'bout you and Jack mix us all something to drink, okay?" Mavis finally said after her giggling stopped.

I crawled to lean against the headboard, next to Mavis while the boys fixed us some cocktails. After the boys rejoined Mavis and I, we all laughingly toasted our 'moment' and, I swear to God, sat around on the bed, sipping our drinks as if this was a regular, no-biggie, 'thing' between the four of us.

"Lean back, baby, let Mavis taste some of that fine looking puss," declared Ms. Cutie Pie as she moved into position between my legs and lowered her head.

Oh yeah, Ms. Cutie Pie was pussy-eating capable, let me tell you!

And, staying with each other spouses while she ate me, I sucked Tony's cock for a scrumptiously long time before he damned near drowned me with cum. All the while, Jack was fucking Mavis from behind, his fingers tight on her fine ass as he drove hard into her. When he orgasmed, she screamed the arrival of hers as well.

Jack and I dragged our asses out of their suite around three'ish in the morning, both of us well-fucked and sucked.

The next day was New Year's Eve and since we had slept in, we decided to hit the slopes for a couple of runs down the mountain at noon, then spend the rest of the afternoon just chilling, no plans, no schedules.

"Enjoyed last night?" Jack asked as we strolled, casually, along Aspen's festive main drag, a gentle snowfall giving the scene a 'Currier & Ives' look.

"Absolutely...what was there not to enjoy?" I answered with a smile, snuggling against his shoulder afterwards as we strolled.

"They are a fun couple, that's for sure, even without the sex," Jack agreed.

"What time did we agree to meet them tonight?" I asked, "I want to make sure I don't have to rush getting ready."

"Eight'ish, in the lobby," Jack replied.

"Wonder if they're going to want to play again tonight," I asked, mostly out of idle curiosity.

"And if they do?" Jack responded with an arched eyebrow.

"Be a shame not to take advantage of the opportunity for another go with them," I answered honestly.

"Kinda' what I was thinking," He smilingly answered as he held the door to the hotel's lobby open for me.

Happy New Year Indeed!

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