tagMind ControlAll in My Head

All in My Head


Last class of the day at community college, and I was headed for the gym to suit up for the baseball game. Don't know why I was bothering, because there wasn't much chance I'd play. I'd just warm the bench and half-heartedly rah-rah for Steve, John, and Adam — the god's-gift triplets.

Of course I stared when Andrea came walking down the hall the other way. She was wearing a white, ribbed, cotton t-shirt, and her huge tits were just bouncing away. She couldn't have been wearing a bra.

I don't know who — or what — I ran into. All I know is that one second, I was watching the bouncing boobs, and the next I was laying on the floor, wondering how I got there.

As I came back to my senses, I realized people were standing all around me laughing. "Just shut up and fuck off," I muttered as I sat up. There was this roaring sound in my head as soon as I opened my mouth, and I closed my eyes for a second until it passed.

When I opened my eyes again, everybody was walking away. They'd stopped laughing, and completely ignored me sitting in the floor. I picked up my bag and stood up, more than a little confused. I shrugged it off, counted my blessings, and continued on my way.

I turned a corner, and saw a knot of people all standing around talking, blocking the hall. Damn, get out of the way, I thought, and something in my head roared again. It sounded a little like standing outside with a really strong wind blowing into your face.

The people in front of me stopped talking in mid-sentence, and parted to the sides of the hall like I was Moses or something. They all looked glassy-eyed, and moved back together after I'd passed, acting as if nothing had happened.

It's like I'm Professor Xavier or something, I thought, and chuckled at the absurdity. I looked at a guy walking the opposite way down the hall and thought, Okay, Magneto, drop those books!

My head roared again, and the guy dropped his books into the floor.

"No fucking way," I chuckled under my breath. I knew it had to be nothing except a string of coincidences. Stacy, a girl who had laughed at me and made me look like a complete jackass when I asked her out, was flirting with some guy just ahead of me. I looked at her and thought, Say 'I have herpes.'

"That sounds great," she finished, and then much to my surprise, she added, "I have herpes."

"Yeah, never mind," the guy she was flirting with said, and walked away in a hurry. Stacy just stood there looking confused, as if she didn't remember what she'd said.

Serves you right, bitch. I knew that there was no way that one was coincidence. She wouldn't have said exactly what I told her to, let alone something that would probably ruin her reputation forever, unless I'd somehow made her.

Jeremy, a guy who'd sucker-punched me in front of everybody I knew a couple of years earlier, was the next person I saw. "Have a nice trip," I said, and concentrated on making him do it.

Down to the floor he went, tripping over his own feet. He had the same glassy-eyed expression I'd noticed on the other people, and so did his friend who was walking with him. I looked at his friend and said, "Kick him in the balls."

Jeremy let out a squeaking cry when Dave kicked him square in the sack. As soon as I passed, Dave said, "Dude, what happened?"

Jeremy didn't answer. All he could manage was a cough and a few gasps for breath.

I knew exactly where I had to go next. It was out of my way, but it would be worth it if she listened to me. I hurried through the halls and into Mrs. Ellis' room. She was sitting behind her desk, and sighed when she looked up to see me. She'd had it out for me from day one because she overheard me telling one of my friends that she had nice tits for an old lady.

Here goes nothing. "The grade you're giving me is going to drag down my GPA. Why don't you just fix that for me?"

Her eyes went blank, and she turned toward her computer. I smiled so much that it hurt as she changed my grades. As soon as she finished, I looked behind me to make sure that nobody was just outside the door and said, "Why don't you show me those tits, too."

"Yeah," I said as she lifted up her shirt and pulled up on her bra, letting her breasts flop free. Gravity had taken a toll on them, but they were still nice. She had areolas as big around as coke cans.

I looked down at my watch and realized that I would have to hurry if I was going to make it to the gym in time. Now that I knew that this was all real, I had big plans for the game. "Put 'em away," I told Mrs. Ellis as I spun on my heel and headed for the door. I glanced back over my shoulder as I walked out and saw that she was stuffing her tits back in her bra.

The coach scowled at me when I showed up at the last second for the pre-game meeting, but didn't say anything. I didn't hear a word he said, and absently whooped when everybody else did, because I was busy making plans.

Let the fun begin, I thought as I took my seat on the bench.

I picked John as my first target when he wound up for his third pitch. Throw it at the umpire.

The umpire hit the dust just as John's fastball blasted through.

The game looked like something out of a sitcom. I didn't want the other team to win, so I balanced out making the triplets look like idiots with errors for the visiting team as well. I didn't let John, Steve, or Adam get a single hit for the whole game.

When our turn at bat came up in the ninth inning, we were back at the top of the order. The game was tied at one, and I had to let Steve have a hit to put the last part of my plan in motion. The bases were loaded, and Adam was on deck when I walked over and said, "Put me in, Coach."

"Adam, get in here. Wes, pinch hit."

I could hear everybody muttering as I walked out onto the field, and Adam looked absolutely livid. "I'm sure you're just having a bad day," I said to him with a sarcastic smile as we passed.

I took a few practice swings, and then stepped up to the plate. I looked at the pitcher and quietly said, "Nice slow lob, right over the plate."

The pitch came in — and I missed it.

I guess there was a reason I spent most of my time warming the bench.

The catcher grumbled, "What the fuck?" before he tossed the ball back to the mound.

One more time. Nice and slow, right over the plate.

You won't believe how good that crack felt when I hit the ball. I kept willing the ball farther as I ran toward first, and ordered the left fielder to trip when it looked like he was going to make the catch at the fence.

I pumped my arm and yelled when the ball dropped just barely beyond the fence. The crowd went wild, and everybody boiled out of the dugout as I jogged around the bases, waving my hat.

Adam looked like he was about to explode.

I felt a little bad about what I'd done to John and Steve when they congratulated me just like everybody else, but I got over it.

Impromptu plans for a party quickly circulated, and I was looking forward to it, right up until I walked out of the locker room.

"Yeah, I'll be there," I told Steve. "Just got some things I've got to do, first."

"See you there," he responded, and then led everyone else out of the gym.

I turned back toward the girls on the soccer team heading for the showers after practice, and whistled a merry tune as I walked their way.

I waited a couple of minutes outside the locker room, leaning up against the wall until I heard a shower turn on. With a wide smile, I walked right in. The girls' coach looked up and started to stand when she saw me.

"Just sit back down. You didn't see me, and you don't hear anything."

Her eyes went blank, and she did exactly that.

I strolled into the showers and stood in the doorway. Some of the hottest girls in school were on the soccer team, and they were all naked, only a few feet away. One of them noticed me and opened her mouth to scream.

"You don't see me," I quickly ordered.

As quickly as the panicked looks had crossed their faces, the girls all turned back to their showers. One by one, I singled out the less attractive ones, and sent them back to their lockers to get dressed. When I finished, five of the hottest pieces of ass in the school were the only ones left in the shower.

"Lez out," I told them.

I had the distinct feeling that this wasn't the first time some of them had done this as they obeyed my order. Emily and Jackie locked lips, fingering each other at the same time. Helen sucked on one of Betty's big nipples while Andrea got on her knees and sat down between them to lick Helen's shaved pussy.

By the time I managed to pull my clothes off, they were all down on the tile, the water from the showers still spraying all over them. Andrea was on her hands and knees, still licking Helen. Jackie was on her back under Andrea, sucking her clit and shoving two fingers into her pussy. Betty was sitting on Helen's face while licking Emily standing in front of her.

I walked around them, my dick bouncing with every step, trying to get a good look at everything. Andrea's tits looked even better naked than they did in that t-shirt when this whole thing had started. Betty had huge nipples. Jackie's pussy lips were big and thick, like strips of bacon. All of them were shaved, but Andrea was the only one who didn't leave a little something. Jackie and Betty both had brown triangles, Helen a red, bushy patch, and Emily a little blonde strip.

All of the girls' moans were getting louder by the second. They were starting to writhe on the tile. Jackie's pussy was just sitting there, the only one without a tongue in it. I got down on my knees and changed that for her.

Jackie let out an excited little cry as I sucked her thick lips and shook my head back and forth. Her ass lifted off the tile as she tried to shove her pussy into my face. I got a good taste of her, and then rose back up to my knees. She let out a pitiful sounding whimper when I stopped licking her.

My dick was throbbing like crazy, so I slapped it against her clit a couple of times, and then slipped it inside her. I groaned, feeling how hot and wet she was inside. She was tight, too, squeezing my dick as I pumped it into her.

I started out slow, wincing a little from the tile digging into my knees until I found a better position. Once I did, I gave it to her a little harder. She whimpered and cried out, but never stopped licking and fingering Andrea.

I was feeling my cum bubble up when both of Jackie's hands grabbed my wrists, her nails digging into me. "Oh yes. Right there. So good. Don't stop," she cried out in a breathless voice, the pitch steadily rising. She yelped every time I thrust for the next several strokes, and then let out a tight-throated squeal.

I froze, breathing hard, when her pussy clamped down around me. Her nails bit into my wrists and she shook like there was an earthquake inside her. She screamed and shook even harder when I jerked out of her because I was too close to coming. Somehow, I didn't think that don't get pregnant was going to work.

I sat back on my ass, panting for breath. The urge to come slowly subsided, and I smiled as I watched Jackie play with her pussy, still shivering and twitching. Andrea had replaced Jackie's missing fingers with her own, but the girls were otherwise in the same positions, still going to town on each other.

Emily had the most perfect, heart-shaped ass I'd ever seen. I got up off the tile and walked around the rest of the girls to give it a squeeze, and then a swat. She moaned, pressing her pussy tighter against Betty's face.

I gave both of her cheeks a two-handed squeeze, and then said, "Doggy-style." The now familiar roar echoed through my head, and Emily stepped over Helen to drop to her hands and knees.

I knelt down behind her and rubbed the head of my dick over her lips while I watched the girls change positions. They ended up in a big circle, Betty licking Andrea, Andrea licking Jackie — who seemed more than ready to come again — Jackie slurping Helen's pussy, and Helen sucking Betty's clit.

Emily felt just as good as Jackie, and I loved watching her sexy ass jiggle as I pumped my dick into her. "Oh yeah — do me," she said, looking back over her shoulder at me with the sexiest expression on her face.

She must have been right on the edge before I even pumped the first time, because she was yelping and breathing hard right from the start. Emily rocked her ass back at me every time I thrust, making our bodies slap together with loud claps. In no time, I felt the itch in the tip of my cock, and knew I was going to have to pull out soon.

"Yeah!" Emily screamed, shoving her ass back at me hard. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah," she continued to cry out as her hands slipped forward on the wet floor, leaving her with her tits pressed against the tile and her ass still held high by my fingers dug into her hips.

I grunted as I gave her two quick, hard pumps, getting a scream with each one. "Shit," I half grunted, half hissed as I sat back on my legs, my pussy-slick cock flinging a strand of her thick juices up onto my belly when it popped out of her.

Emily curled up into a ball with her hands between her legs. Her face was bright red, and her eyes were closed tight. I slid off of my aching knees onto my ass just in time to hear Andrea scream when she came.

Andrea's ass quivered as she ground her pussy into Betty's face and panted into the V of Jackie's legs. Helen came on Jackie's tongue a few seconds later, letting out a loud, warbling squeal into Betty's pussy above. Helen never stopped licking Betty, and the brunette came about a minute later.

I knew that I needed a few minutes to recover, so while I watched Jackie grab Andrea's hair and pull her back down, I told Emily, "Come suck me."

I alternated between watching Emily suck her own pussy juice off my dick, Jackie holding Andrea's face between her legs, and the other two girls still twitching from coming. It wasn't long before I had to tell Emily, "Just lick it," because she really knew how to use her mouth, and she was getting me close again.

Jackie came again a couple of minutes later while Emily lapped my balls. I pushed her away and said, "Helen — your turn." I then glanced at the others and ordered them, "Pair up and finger each other while she rides me." My knees were hurting like crazy, so I figured I'd let Helen take the punishment this time.

Helen let out a hungry moan as she crawled toward me and Emily slid back over to the other two. The redhead licked her lips as she straddled me and tickled my dick with her fiery red bush. Then she reached down to aim me inside her.

"Oh, that's good," she moaned as she sat down on my cock. She supported her weight on one hand while she rubbed her clit with the other, her tits swinging back and forth in front of my face as she rode me.

I looked over at the other girls to see them sitting on the floor, four in a row, with their legs spread and intertwined. Betty and Andrea's arms crossed as they fingered and rubbed each other, while Jackie and Emily did the same. The girls occasionally kissed and sucked each other's nipples as they got each other off.

Somewhere between the wait and the position, I wasn't having to struggle to keep my cum in my balls while Helen bounced on my cock. Her face and chest soon blushed as red as her hair. She had her teeth clenched, her breath hissing between them as she rode me. "Oh yeah. I'm gonna come," she told me in a tight voice.

"Yeah, do it," I told her.

Helen sat up straight over me, her fingers moving fast on her clit. She sat down hard on my dick, and threw her head back. She trembled as her mouth hung open in a silent scream, her pussy clamped down tight around me.

After a few seconds, her chin dropped to her chest and I slipped out of her as she fell forward onto her hands. Emily and Jackie both came at the exact same time, squealing as their fingers twitched over each other.

Betty and Andrea kept at it, both looking as though they were on the edge. Even though I hadn't fucked Betty yet, I was ready to come, and I wanted Andrea bad. Her ass was just as great as Emily's, her tits were incredible, and she had the most perfect pink pussy.

She was also Adam's girlfriend.

I lifted up on Helen, and she let me up after a false start as her orgasm made her jerk. I walked over and pulled Jackie's hand from between Andrea's legs and said, "Up against the wall."

Andrea whimpered in protest, obviously teetering on the edge of orgasm, but got up and walked to the wall. By the time Andrea made it to the wall, Jackie was groaning as she came, having finished herself off.

"Bend over. Spread those legs," I instructed Andrea, and then reached around her to squeeze her tits. "Talk dirty to me. Tell me you want it."

"God, please. I want your cock. I need it. Please," she begged, wiggling her ass in invitation.

I looked over at the rest of the girls and pointed to Jackie and Emily. "Suck her tits," I ordered them. "Lick her clit," I told Betty. Then I smiled and told Jackie, "Spank her ass."

The girls obeyed, looking a little weak in the knees. All the while, Andrea begged, "Please fuck me. I need it. Fuck my pussy. I want your cock."

Once Jackie and Emily each had a nipple between their lips, Betty was between her legs, and Helen gave Andrea's tight ass a good swat, I grabbed Andrea's hips.

"Please. Please. Please," Andrea panted, and then groaned as I slid inside her.

She felt like heaven, and knowing that I was fucking Adam's girlfriend only made it all the sweeter. I nodded to Helen and she gave Andrea another swat.

"Oh yes, harder," Andrea said as the smack landed on her ass. "Your cock feels so good. I want to come so bad. Fuck me. Fuck me. Do it."

I took her hard, slamming into her as hard and fast as I could manage. I could hear the three girls slurping on her clit and nipples while I watched her ass turn red from Helen's spanks.

"Oh, you're going to make my pussy come," Andrea cried out.

I clenched my teeth, bending my will toward keeping my cum from erupting. I managed to keep pounding her just long enough.

"So close. I'm gonna..." She didn't finish, because she let out an ear-piercing scream as she came.

I took a few more strokes, and almost waited too long. She yelped when I jerked out of her and slapped my dick against her ass. I grunted as I shot cum up her back, all the way to her shoulder blades, and then blasted another spurt. I opened my eyes to see that I was dribbling, and all of my cum was running down her body, already getting dangerously close to her pussy.

"C-clean her off. Fast. Start at her ass. Don't let it get in her pussy," I ordered the rest of the girls as I backed up until I could lean against the wall.

The girls made it in time, all four of them licking from her ass upward, drinking up my cum. I slid down the wall as I watched them clean her off, and they took turns fingering her while she kept coming.

"Finish your shower," I said after a couple of minutes, when I could find the breath again. The five girls moved back to their showers, as if nothing had happened. They were all red-faced, though, obviously confused as to why they were feeling post-orgasmic.

I somehow managed to stumble to the benches just outside the shower and dry off with one of their towels. They'd all paraded by, engaged in chit-chat and wrapped in their towels, by the time I could summon up the energy to get dressed.

Pleasantly exhausted, I skipped the party and went home to bed.


I started awake with a groan when the alarm went off. I slapped the snooze alarm, and a smile slowly spread across my face as I wondered what sort of fun I was going to have today — and who I was going to fuck.

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