tagLoving WivesAll In My Head Ch. 02

All In My Head Ch. 02


We got home from the Hamptons and had a quiet evening. We didn't talk about Scott or the rumors about Jen. We went to bed early. I reached for Jen, but she said "I'm kinda pooped tonight baby." So instead of sex we settled down to sleep.

Something woke me up, but it was a gradual awakening, like when you slowly transition from a dream to being awake because of something that's happening in the real world. That's what happened here. I sensed more than felt movement next to me. In the dark, I could just see movement below Jen's waist. I realized she was masturbating.

I guess she sensed I might be awake and she looked at me. I pretended like I was still asleep. I don't know why, if I'd waken up we could have had sex. But instead I pretended to sleep, looking at her through just barely opened eyes.

She looked at me for a long time. Convinced I was still asleep, she started moving under the covers again. As she approached orgasm, her legs parted more and the movement of her hand at her pussy increased. She pulled down the covers and reached under her t-shirt to rub her nipples while she continued to fuck herself with her hand. Her back arched as her orgasm hit, and I heard her softly but urgently moan "yeah, fuck me, don't stop, fuck me hard, harder, don't stop, harder."

She lay panting for long moments. Then after catching her breath, she adjusted her panties and t-shirt, pulled the covers back over, and rolled over on her side, the way she usually slept. I listened as her breathing became rhythmic, indicating she'd fallen asleep.

I couldn't get back to sleep though. I wondered who she'd fantasized about while she masturbated. Scott? Maybe Ricky? I didn't hold it against her. I beat off all the time. I hoped it was Ricky and not Scott. But I knew it was probably Scott.

I tried to prevent it, but I couldn't stop thinking about what'd happened. There was something going on between the two of them. Jen had a lot of guy friends, but she'd never pay so much attention to a guy friend or disappear with one of them like she'd done at the wedding and Hamptons. It bothered me when she'd said "I just like him, we're buds." I'd rather she'd said, "I fucked him but I know he's a jerk."

Something was going on between them. I tried to think of ways to get control of the situation. Set it up so he fucks her? I'd done that with Ricky, so I knew how. Maybe if they fucked she'd get him out of her system, like with Ricky. It might take some time and it would hurt, but that was better than this budding romance that was going on.

But it'd be harder to set up with Scott than with Ricky. Ricky and I were friends -- at least, we started that way. I despised Scott, and he probably felt the same about me. I couldn't imagine offering Jen to him, sharing her with him.

I decided to let things play out. Scott was an ass. She'd eventually figure that out, and stop hanging with him At least that was my hope.

Later that week Jen and I were going out to dinner. I was looking forward to it because I didn't feel we'd completely reconnected since the Hamptons (or since the wedding for that matter). We planned to meet at the restaurant, but I took off early so we could meet and taxi over together. I got to her building and went up the elevator to her floor. It was past 6pm so the receptionist was gone, but of course I knew the way so I walked to her office.

As I approached I saw Jen's door was closed. But then it opened -- I think it was Jen who opened it.

I heard voices and I immediately recognized them. It was Jen and Scott. They were talking about a client project -- they must be on the same team -- but as they talked there was a lot of laughing and easy banter, just like the wedding and the Hamptons.

I silently approached and I could just see them. They were facing sideways so couldn't see me.

"How about this?" Scott said, holding up a box of strawberry Pop-Tarts and taking on a terrible fake British accent. "I say good boy, I do love poppy tarts, like strawberries and cream at Wimbledon."

"Oh that's SOOOO good I'm sure Johnny will FREAKING love it," Jen said with playful sarcasm, laughing. I knew Jen was working on a huge pitch for Kellogg, the maker of Pop-Tarts, and Johnny was her boss. I didn't know Scott was on her team.

"The chap Johnny will BLOODY love it you mean," Scott added in his fake British accent.

"Stop!" Jen said laughing, hitting him on the chest.

He grinned at her. "You say stop a lot, but I don't think you really mean it."

Jen looked away almost demurely. She brushed her blonde hair behind her ear. "Just stop okay?" she said.

"I'd never been to the Hamptons before, it was pretty cool," he said.

"Freaking amazing," Jen agreed.

"I had a really good time," he said looking into her eyes.

"Me too." They were silent looking into the other's eyes, as if both remembering something they'd done together that weekend.

"You left early," Scott finally said.

"Yeah ... Mike got kinda upset."

He nodded, as if understanding. "Is he okay now?"

"I think so." A pause, as if thinking whether to say more. Then she added, "Sometimes he can be hard."

"Only sometimes?" Scott said with a big grin. Was he comparing himself to me?

Jen gave what seemed to be a nervous laugh, again brushing her blonde hair behind her ear. "You know what I mean," she said. Was that a blush?

Scott got serious. "Are you happy with him?"

Jen paused again. Then she said "I met him in college ..." Her voice trailed off.

I backtracked out of the office and took a taxi to the restaurant. I was a swirl of so many emotions. I ordered a double scotch at the bar. About 30 minutes later Jen walked in. I was already on my second double scotch.

She kissed me and saw the scotch. "Started without me?" she asked with a smile. I ordered her a Cosmo. I picked up my glass to take another swig. Jen stopped me by putting her hand over the glass. "Wait for me to catch up cowboy," she said.

The bartender brought her Cosmo. She raised her glass to clink with me, the way we always did. "Are you okay?" she asked seeing my face.

I felt hurt and confused inside. But I forced a smile. "Sure," I lied.

When she'd sat, her skirt had risen revealing a wisp of her lacy stocking top. She pulled her skirt down as she crossed her legs. All of her skirts were short (above her knee), but this one was shorter, really a mini-skirt. That surprised me, because she usually wore longer skirts to work. Had she worn the sexier skirt because she knew she'd be working with Scott today?

Then I noticed a run in her stockings. It started under her skirt. My eyes followed the run from her thigh to where it ended at her knee. Her stockings were scuffed at her knees. My mouth went dry.

Had she gone down on Scott in her office? Gotten down on her knees and put his cock into her mouth? Is that why her knees were scoffed? And did he fucked her after she got him good and hard? Push her face down on the desk and ram his big cock into her? I remembered what she'd moaned the other night as she masturbated. "Yeah, fuck me, don't stop, fuck me hard, harder, don't stop, harder." Is that what she said to Scott as he fucked her?

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked me again.

"Yeah," I managed to say my throat dry. I took a gulp of my scotch, the fire in my throat matching that in my crotch. "Hard day at work."

"I'm sorry baby," she said brushing her hand across my cheek.

I touched her thigh and she looked down seeing the run. "I wonder when that happened?" she said in a neutral voice, her face showing no emotion.

Impulsively I pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the mouth. I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

She squirmed away from me, laughing. "What's gotten into you?" she giggled.

When we got home after dinner she went into the bathroom. "I'll be right back, I'm going to take a quick shower," she said.

It wasn't unusual for her to take a shower before bed, but she didn't do it often either. Was she showering to wash Scott off her before getting in bed with me?

She came out in her favorite fluffy robe, and laid next to me. "Hi," she said looking at me.

"Hi," I said back.

She looked into my face. I guess I looked troubled. "Are you okay?"

No, I wasn't okay, my head was still spinning from earlier. But my cock ached it was so hard. So I answered her by putting my hand on her stomach, on top of her robe. I pulled the cord to undo the knot, then I opened her robe. She was nude underneath.

I looked at her body, studied her, looked for clear evidence of her cheating. Marks on her neck or breasts. Swollen nipples. Puffy pussy lips. There weren't any, but I knew she'd cheated on me. I just knew. Gone down on Scott. Fucked him.

"Mike?" she said.

Anger welled up in me. She was mine, not his! Her body, her heart, all of her, she was mine! I got on top of her to take what was mine. Without any foreplay I rammed my cock into her. She yelped in pain, her pussy barely wet. I pumped her hard and fast. I could tell she wasn't enjoying it, but at that moment I didn't care. Images of her and Scott came into my mind. She was on her knees in front of him, her lips and hands around his cock, her hands and blonde head moving back and forth on his shaft, his head rolled back moaning, his pelvis pushing back against her pretty face as she blew him, her knees scuffling against the floor laddering her nylons.

I grunted and came. I'd been inside her less than a minute. "Get off," she said pushing against me. "What's with you tonight?" she asked anger and annoyance in her voice.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Well don't do it again," she chastised me. Then she tied up the robe and pulled up the blanket, turning to her side to sleep. The robe told me she was in no mood to be touched much less spooned.

I felt terrible. I'd forced myself on her, given her pain instead of pleasure. I thought how inadequate I must seem to her, especially compared to Scott. I was sure he got her wet before entering her, I was sure he fucked her long and hard and made her cum at least once and maybe multiple times. I was a rough jerk and then popped like an acne faced teenager.

The next morning I woke up when she touched my arm. She was already dressed, looking amazing as usual in a designer dress that hugged her curves in a classy way, making her look both sophisticated and sexy.

"I've gotta go," she said, "We have an early Kelloggs meeting. I'll probably have to work late."

"Do you want me to make you something for dinner?"

She shook her head. "We'll probably grab something."

I wanted to apologize about last night, but I didn't know how to start. She looked at me a moment more and then got up and said, "Don't wait up for me, I probably won't get home until late." She kissed me and then was gone.

After she left, I lay in bed thinking about what I'd heard in her office. From their conversation it was pretty clear they'd fucked in the Hamptons. If they fucked there, they probably also fucked at the wedding. She'd lied to me twice.

"Are you happy with him?" Scott had asked. And Jen said "I met him in college."

Not "I met him in college and I know we'll always be together."

Or "I met him in college and I've loved him ever since then."

Not even "I met him in college -- we're going through a touch patch right now but we're going to work through it."

No, she'd said just "I met him in college." What the fuck does that mean? That she got married too early? That she made a mistake marrying me? That she should have waited because she now realizes I'm not the man for her? That she loved me then but not any more?

I walked to work, needing the fresh air. But it didn't help, I felt heart stricken the entire day.

She got home around midnight. She was surprised to see me awake. "You didn't have to wait up."

"I wanted to see how Kellogg is doing. I know your presentation is tomorrow."

"You're sweet," she said, sounding tired and distracted. "It's getting there, but we need more work tomorrow morning before the meeting." She went into the bathroom to take a shower. I willed myself not to think about what that might mean.

She came out a few minutes later with my old t-shirt she wore to bed. She got under the covers. I kissed her cheek. "Thanks baby," she said tiredly. Then I kissed her neck, her shoulder, her hip. I wanted to go down on her. I didn't care if I got an orgasm or not, I just wanted to make up for last night.

But she pushed me off. "Not tonight honey. I'm really stressed."

"I know how to relieve your stress," I said with a grin.

"No baby I really need to sleep."

Her tone was final so I relented. I turned off the light as she rolled to her side. I spooned her and she didn't push me away. Well, that was something.

Jen called the next day around 6. "Kelloggs loved our presentation!" she said jubilantly. "They hired us on the spot!"

I was so happy and proud of her, and told her so. She told me her team was going out to celebrate. I felt anxiety churn inside me because that meant she'd be with Scott, but I didn't say anything of course.

Just before midnight I heard voices and laugher at the door. I opened the door and found Jen giggling and fumbling with her keys. She was clearly drunk. She wasn't alone, Scott was there. He had his arm around her. His arm was probably the only reason she was still on her feet, but still I didn't like seeing him hold her. Jealousy flared in me.

"I wanted to make sure she got home alright," he said. He didn't sound drunk. I nodded to him and took her from him.

She stumbled into my arms, almost slipping in her high heels. "We bagged Kellogg!" Jen drunkenly slurred excitedly to me.

"I know you told me," I said smiling. "I'm so proud of you."

"It wasn't just me it was Scott too" she said and she stumbled back over to him. "You sir are freaking amazing!" she said pointing a finger into his chest.

Then suddenly she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

She was drunk so it was an awkward kiss. But he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back. Soon her drunken clumsiness was gone, and they were kissing passionately. He squeezed a hand between their bodies and fondled her breast. She moaned and ran a high heeled foot up his calf. Caressing her breast with one hand, he moved his other hand and fondled her ass. Then he used that hand to raise her skirt. The breast hand came down and cupped her pussy. She moaned into his mouth.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" I yelled angrily pulling my wife away from him. Jen panted as I held her and looked longingly at Scott.

I had an awkward hold on her and she fell to the floor. It was a soft landing though, she didn't hurt herself.

Scott stood there in front of me and smiled like the arrogant ass he is. "I don't think she wants me to stop," he said smugly.

Anger boiled in me and I swung a fist at him. I'm not a fighter. He easily side stepped my punch and pushed me aside. He was a big guy and could probably kick my ass, but I didn't care. I was getting ready to punch again but Jen yelled "stop stop" and she wrapped her arms around me.

"Get the fuck out of my house," I growled at him in a low dangerous voice.

He left, but even as the door closed he still had that smug smile on his face.

I dragged Jen to our bedroom and threw her on the bed. I threw her legs open and got between them. "Have you fucked him?" I screamed at her like a mad man.

"No," she said, looking scared

"You swear? You haven't fucked him?"

"I swear!"

I leaned close to her and looked into her eyes. "You swear to god?"

"I swear to god, I haven't."

I ripped off her panties, making her yelp. I rammed my cock into her. She was soaking wet this time. I fucked her hard. "You wanted this from him, didn't you?" I demanded.

"No, I want you, you!"

"Liar!" I screamed at her. "Just fucking admit it damn you admit it!"

I came moments later. Once again she'd gotten nothing out of our sex. My orgasm hadn't been good either, although I felt empty. I was an emotional mess. I buried my head in her blonde hair and wept. She stoked my hair and we fell asleep that way.

The next day she woke up with a massive hangover. We both called in sick and I took care of her. By early evening she was feeling better.

We lay in bed on our sides looking into the other's eyes. She took my hand. "I'm sorry I kissed him." When I didn't say anything she added "I was drunk."

She could tell I didn't believe her. She looked down, not able to meet my gaze. Finally she said, "We made out in the Hamptons."

Then the story came out. They'd walked towards the big house, away from the rest of the group. They talked a long time. She felt a connection with him, from the first moment she met him at the wedding. He felt it too. Eventually he pulled her to him. She resisted at first, but then she gave in. They kissed and fondled. He unbuttoned her cover-up, pulled down her bikini top, touched her bare breasts. She reached into his bathing suit and stroked him.

He moved his hand to her bikini bottoms, cupping her mound. When he touched her there she realized what was happening. "We can't do this," she said.

Later that night in the loft bedroom she couldn't sleep. She went to him in the dark and covered his mouth with her hand. "It's me," she whispered. She took him by the hand to the bathroom, and closed the door. "We have to be quiet," she whispered putting a finger to his lips, and then she got on her tiptoes and kissed him. He kissed back and fondled her. She pulled away just long enough to pull off my old t-shirt. She'd taken her panties off before going to him, so now she was completely nude for his eyes. He kissed and fondled her everywhere. She moaned into his mouth and stroked him. He lifted her onto the basin and he stepped between her open legs. She reached between them and stroked him. "Do you have a condom?" she asked.

He shook his head. "It's back with my pants."

"Fuck," she said.

"I'll go get one," he said, but she held him back and shook her head. There were too many people in the house and they were lucky to not have already gotten caught.

"You're not on the pill?" he asked. She shook her head. We weren't sure if we were ready to start a family but we were talking about it, so she'd gone off the pill a few months ago.

"I'll pull out," he assured her. She told me she was tempted, but a little bit of good sense remained among her wild passion.

"We can't," she told him. He looked disappointed. "I'll take care of you," she whispered, and she slid to her knees. She went down on him and he came in her mouth.

Afterwards he lifted her back to the basin. It was his turn to get down on his knees. She gripped the back of his head as he made her cum with his tongue. "Does he eat you out as good as me?" I asked bitterly, moisture welling up in my eyes.

"Mike ..."

"Is that why you blew me in the car? Because you felt guilty?"

When she didn't answer, I hissed, "Is it?!"

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she nodded yes.

"That wasn't the only time, was it?"

She shook her head.

"You did it before we had dinner." It was a statement of fact, not a question.

She nodded.

"You knew I knew."

"I thought you did," she admitted.

"So you lied last night. You even swore to god."

"Oral sex isn't fucking!" she said pleadingly.

I gave her a what the fuck look.

"You scared me so much Mike," she cried tears rolling down her cheeks.

"But you wanted to fuck him, didn't you? Didn't you?"

She couldn't deny it. If he'd had a condom she would have let him fuck her. She nodded her head as she cried.

I watched her cry, and then I couldn't help myself, I pulled her to me and comforted her. We held each other in silence for a long time, way after it got dark.

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