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All In The Family


Described below serially, is a story of a family I have known. The first person used is merely to assist the writing of the plot, which I admit, is part-fantasy, part-truth.

Standing in the dark behind the curtains, hidden by my dark night suit, I watched her watching the room, unaware of my presence. The performers in the bedroom too were unaware of her presence.

Her name was Deborah (everyone called her Debby) and right now she was on her knees, spying into the bedroom through the crack in the open window and the billowing curtains that covered them. She was my wife’s second cousin (my wife’s cousin’s cousin, to be precise), around twenty-eight, five feet tall, and a hundred and twenty pounds. Most of that weight went to her large, round breasts, her tight buttocks and the top of her hips. She wasn’t all that beautiful to look at, but she was very sexy.

Right now she was dressed in an almost transparent nightie that reached midway down her knees and was very low down her breasts. Throughout dinner, when she had been in a cotton gown, I was pretty sure that she knew that my eyes were gazing at the impressive cleavage thrusting down the transparent nightie that was visible through the gown. In my mind, I fantasized that she was letting me see those incredible breasts, because maybe she was horny too. My wife had not been able to make the trip, and neither had Debby’s husband. And we were the only two without our respective spouses around that table.

I gasped drew in my breath sharply when I saw one of her hand stealing down over her body and drawing up her nightie to expose sensible white panties. She was clearly outlined by the dim light coming out of the bedroom. Her fingers disappeared inside the panties, from the top, through the elastic waistband.

I could hear murmurs coming out of the bedroom, occasionally a few gasps, some moans and a fewer muffled screams. I could not however, hear what the couple inside the bedroom was saying, though I could make out that the dialogues weren’t exactly meant for public hearing.

Silently, I crept toward the next door in the corridor so that I was now hardly a few meters away from Debby. More importantly, I could now see through the other window what the couple was doing and could also hear them.

The bedroom belonged to Derek, my wife’s brother, and Rhea his wife. I peered through the fluttering curtains and realized that both were stark naked. I have the hots for Rhea, as she has for me. Poor Derek didn’t know that we were lovers. Whenever opportunity presented itself to us, Rhea and me would invariably be doing something to each other. At the table tonight, she was seated beside me on my left. Leave alone Derek, none at the table knew that she had managed to tug down the zipper of my trousers, fish out my erect cock and proceeded to jack me off even as I had been gazing at Debby’s assets.

Rhea was in a 69 with her husband. She was lying below him, his semi-hard cock fucking her face (she always complained to me that he was seldom fully erect) as his lips slobbered over her pussy. Rhea’s legs were thrown around his neck and she was using them to press his head deeper toward her pussy.

He backed off for a while to say, “ Yeah, baby, suck that cock”.

All she could do was to hum around his cock and pull his head by her legs back to her pussy. He resumed licking and sucking.

Rhea was a large girl. In her mid thirties, she was about five feet seven, broad shouldered, huge tits, narrow waist and long legs that simply couldn’t stop. I knew her so intimately, that I could tell where and what was on her body; the moles, the birthmarks and all.

I looked towards Debby. I had missed it, but she had pulled her panties down over her hips, and had started to rub her own pussy with one hand. I could make out the furious rubbing of her hand against the dark patch of the hair between her legs. Her other hand had already unbuttoned her nightie and was now engaged in pulling out her left breast outside the bra. Jeeze! I drew my breath in sharply as I saw the exposed breast. As large as it was, there was absolutely no sag whatsoever. Rhea’s tits sagged just a bit (the weight, I presume) and maybe that was because she had an 11-year-old kid.

Debby was breathing quite heavily now, her breath coming in short quiet gasps. Her eyes were glazed and fixed on the couple doing the 69 in the bedroom. I decided to go for broke. I had to, because my cock by now was erect and throbbing inside my pajama. For a few seconds I thought about it. What if she was just having a good time, maybe missing her husband? What if she would reject me? But eventually the show of her cleavage during dinner clinched the issue and I was creeping noiselessly across the room. Soon I was directly behind her, so close, I could smell her juices and hear her short ragged breathing. I stared at the back of her head, at the long, thick and dark tresses of her hair.

Gently, kneeling down, I coughed. She couldn’t hear me, so I coughed a bit louder.

Her head flew around and her eyes widened in shock as she saw me. She was so startled that her hands on her pussy and tit remained frozen on their spots.

I brought one finger to my lips, gesturing her to remain quiet. Then, I nodded towards the bedroom and whispered: “They are really going at it tonight, huh?”

“Wha… what are you doing here?” she whispered back, the look on her face so embarrassed and frightened, that if only for the situation, it would have been hilarious.

“I reckon the same thing you are” I replied in a soft voice. “Missing Arnie?” I asked, referring to her husband. “I don’t know about you, but I certainly am missing Ronnie”. Ronnie was short for Veronica, my wife. “And they certainly aren’t helping either” I gestured towards the bedroom where Derek and Rhea were now probably on the throes of an orgasm…moaning continuously and in a steadily increasing volume.

That, I figure is how you got to hit them. I had four sentences out of me to just one question from her. Her hands still remained where they were. Like she was paralyzed. That’s what I call going for broke. I had done the same thing, though under different circumstances to Rhea too.

Finally, she shook herself out of the temporary paralysis and her hands left their places quickly and simultaneously. Her face went the color of beet – dark red. She made as if she was about to get to her feet and leave, when I said, “Look! There he blows!”

She had to look back into the bedroom. We watched as Derek now sat with Rhea’s face just under his still flaccid cock, jerking it furiously. Poor Rhea must have pretended to make it. I know her; she doesn’t come by just this kind of stimulation. However, she lifted her head so that her face was pressed against his cock.

Debby and me watched together, she fascinated. Derek had thrown his head back and his hand was a blur on his cock. Rhea, her mouth open, hands clutching her tits waited. In spite of myself, I felt my cock growing harder; if at all this was possible.

And then Derek shrieked out, “I’m cumming, Ooohh, I’m cumming baby. Take it…”

A few jets of his cum landed on her lips, and then the dying fountain caught her on her cheek and finally died at her forehead. He collapsed by her side. We waited like a couple of thieves until Rhea reached out for her gown and got off the bed slipping into the skimpy outfit. She headed toward the bathroom. Mid way, she glanced at the window through which we were peering. Lucky for us we were in the dark. We waited with bated breaths, as she closed the window. And then we heard the bathroom door slam shut.

Poor Derek! She would never do that with me!

I had not realized that Debby was clutching my hand. She may have perhaps done that when Rhea was walking towards the window. But I was going for broke remember? And I wasn’t about to lose the opportunity. I clasped her hand with my other hand to ensure that her fingers still clutched at my arm, and then gently pulled her away from the bedroom. My bedroom was across Derek’s room and closer to us. So I pretended to be in a hurry and whispered to Debby: “ If I know Rhea, she will be coming out any moment.”

Debby could not utter a word as I pushed her into my bedroom, followed her quickly inside and bolted the door. Still holding on to her arm, I said, “Any second now.”

Luck was on my side. For, indeed, we heard a door open, and then shut again. We heard footsteps going across my room and for a moment I thought that maybe Rhea would enter my room to ask me to finish what Derek had left undone. Thank God, she didn’t.

I could hear Debby’s heart hammering inside her chest (and what a gorgeous chest!) as she stared at the door until the footsteps died. She clutched me harder and held her breath. I was aware of her tits pressing against my arms and I couldn’t help it but look down furtively at the cleavage (did I mention that I am a tit-man?).

She breathed only when we heard the soft sound of music on the TV. Rhea, I presumed, was watching a program on the box. Debby suddenly became aware of me and flushed. She tried to gently pull away from me. I held her arms more tightly.

“Tell me honestly, Debby,” I said to her, “ but do you go creeping around doors at night? I sometimes do that, particularly when I am without Ronnie and I’m feeling lonely.”

“I think I should go to my room,” she said.

“You want to know what I saw the last time I came here?”

Curiosity is the ultimate weapon of this game. When a chick looks at you like Debby had looked at me tonight, when you decide to go for broke and when the situation helps you in your quest for pussy, always make them curious.

“I would like to, if you give my hand back to me.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Come, sit down on the bed…don’t worry” I pretended to laugh. “I’ll sit on the chair. Its very interesting, Debby. You will be surprised.”

She hesitated.

“Its about Rhea’s mom and Derek’s Dad,” I inserted this very slowly, mysteriously and tantalizingly.

She was shocked I could see that. But as I said…curiosity is the weapon. Slowly, she lowered herself on the bed, sitting on the edge. The buttons of her nightie were still open, and I could see almost half of her tits. Curiously, she didn’t seem to bother about buttoning up her nightie even after she saw my eyes drawn to the cleavage.

“Well”, I began, stretching my legs and covering up my crotch with my arms by leaning down and resting my elbows on my hips. “It certainly didn’t happen at night. It was when Derek and Rhea had gone out for an outing with their kid for the weekend. I was supposed to have joined them, but I had to cancel at the last moment because the meeting I was to attend was held on Friday instead of Monday. I let myself into the house with the key that Derek had given me; because it was so quiet I thought there was nobody at home. I had thought of having a couple of beers and maybe settle down and watch a adult film from Derek’s collection”.

She interrupted, her voice low, eyes wide. “You mean blue films?”

“Shocked?” I grinned. “Well, most guys my age, or Derek’s for that matter watch such films. Why, even Rhea does.”

Debby blushed. Maybe she had never seen an X-rated film before or maybe she was pretending she hadn’t. If it was the former, I made up my mind that I would introduce her to the pleasures of an adult film.

“After I closed and locked the door behind me, I froze, because I could hear someone laugh. It was a woman’s voice and I could not make out whose it was. Then I heard a mumble and I recognized the voice of my father-in-law’s. I knew instantly that something was cooking. The voices came from the very same bedroom where we saw the fireworks minutes ago”.

She blushed, but her eyes were fixed on mine.

“Boy! When I peeped through the window through which you had been peeping a few minutes earlier, my eyes almost popped off. There was my pa-in-law, Alex, and Betsy, Rhea’s mom seated on the edge of the very same bed on which Derek and Rhea just fucked themselves silly.”

Debby drew her breath in sharply and said, “Do you have to be so crude?”

“Listen Debby, you better know one thing. Love is very different from lust. A couple in love make love. A couple in lust, fuck. Believe me, Al and Bet were definitely not in love. He had his arms around her waist and she around his shoulder. Damn it, Bet was literally sitting on his lap and this had the effect of having her tits smack in front of his face. Of course, her blouse was off and her bra was pulled down. The bra supported her tits, which hung out like a pair of torpedoes”

I noticed that Debby was definitely beginning to breathe a little harder and her eyes were sort of glazed. The language I was using was finally getting to her!

“Al dipped his face into her tits and this made Betsy moan. ‘You wicked man! Go on, you…suck those tits, lick those nipples…yes, like that’ She kept chanting in a high-pitched voice that was getting through me too. I saw her hand snake down their bodies and she was pulling down his trousers. He lifted his hips to allow her to pull down not just the trousers, but his shorts too, all the while, sucking on her tits, mauling them with his gnarled hands.

‘What do we have here?’ she asked when his cock came tumbling out. He groaned when her hands closed around it. She giggled like a schoolgirl, pumping his cock up and down. He went nuts as he got off the bed, and then pushed her back on to the bed. He knelt down on the floor and pushed her skirt up over her thighs. She giggled again and raised her hips as he pulled down her panties. He flung the panties away, and then attacked her pussy with his mouth. She screamed when he hit pay dirt”.

Debby started to fidget on my bed. I noticed the slight rubbing of her thighs, the flushed look on her face and her eyes growing wider. Perhaps, she never had her cunt licked, and my description was getting through to her.

“Jeeze! Bet wrapped her hips around Al’s head and pulled him closer to her cunt with her hands behind his head. I could see that she had shaved her cunt, and from the window it looked as soft as a baby’s pussy. Al used his fingers to open the lips up so he could poke the tip of his tongue inside. That made her holler and for a moment I thought maybe the neighbors would rush in.

“That scream was a signal that she had cum; for she suddenly went limp. ‘Oh God, Al. You do it like nobody else’ she moaned. ‘Let me do you too’.

“Al was just as eager because no sooner had she said this, he stood up on the floor and pulled up Bet. She was now seated on the edge of the bed and he stood in front so that his erect cock was hanging inches away from her face. ‘Al, this is great. What a cock! Danny didn’t have even half this long and a quarter this wide’ He laughed harshly and holding her cheeks with both his hands, he pulled her head closer. ‘Suck this cock, honey’, he rasped out. And man! Did she!! Her mouth opened and without any ceremony, he shoved his cock deep into her mouth, gagging her on the forward stroke”.

For the first time, Debby spoke, and when she did, her voice was small. “Was he big?”

I decided to play innocent. “C’mon Deb, you have seen my father-in-law”.

“I mean was his big?” she blushed, looking away from my eyes.

“Was what big, Debby?” I asked.

She flushed a deep red. “You know…his…thing.”

“C’mon, Debs. Talk to me. I’m not just a narrator of stories. Both of us saw what happened in Derek’s and Rhea’s bedroom; and I’m not telling you a story meant for Boy Scouts” I replied.

She looked at me straight in my eyes and breathed deeply. This had the effect of swelling up her chest. “OK, Mike. Was Al’s cock big?”

She attempted to get the word out casually, but she could not. There was something exciting in the way she uttered the word ‘cock’.

“Average, I guess. I mean if Betsy hadn’t seen a cock of that size before, I could only sympathize with her,” I laughed softly. “It was bigger than Derek’s though” I couldn’t stop that sentence from coming out. This implied, at least to me, that my cock was larger than either Derek’s or his father’s.

We were silent for a moment. Just the sound of her labored breathing and some music from the TV that Rhea presumably was watching down the hall.

“What happened after that?” she asked tentatively. I told you, curiosity is the other name of a woman. So I continued, determined to make out this as graphic and detailed as was possible…and with my skills (I’m not bragging) I knew I could spin a fairly sexy yarn.

“Well. Betsy started to deep-throat him, fondling his balls even as he started to maul her tits, which were hanging down over her bra. He was moving his hips back and forth in rhythm with her to and fro movements. ‘I want to fuck you, Betsy’ he moaned, after awhile, pulling back so that his cock was out of her mouth.

“She laughed this time. No giggles. Just a short laugh. ‘How would you like it this time, honey?’ she asked, holding his cock, as if for support and getting to her feet. For an answer, he reached down and grabbed his cock. He sidled toward her and rubbed the tip of his cock over her pussy lips. ‘Standing?’ she asked and he merely nodded.

“She pulled his hand away form his cock and replaced it with her own. Looking down, she slowly advanced toward him so that he was entering her. He helped her by pulling her pussy lips open. And then suddenly he plunged forward. She wailed as his cock slammed into her right up to it’s hilt. Her legs came up and he supported her buttocks with his cupped palms as she clung to him. Very much like the coconut man climbing over the tree. He walked her like that to the wall, and then earnestly began fucking her. It was an incredible sight. Her legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck and him plunging in and out of her, making her cry out with pleasure.

“It lasted for perhaps four or maybe five minutes. He grunted and she realized that he was going to come. Quick as a flash, she climbed off his body, knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. ‘Ahh…here I cum baby…take me in your mouth…ahh, Jesus, aah…”

I looked at Debby. Her eyes were fixed upon mine. I noticed that she was breathing hard, her eyes were glazed, and mouth open. She was also rubbing her thighs together. I could see her tits heaving; she still hadn’t buttoned her nightie up and more that half of her huge breasts were visible.

I leaned forward and looked into her eyes. “Hey Debby. Tell me the truth. Aren’t you feeling horny? ‘Cos I am. Look”

I drew back my hands so that she could see the swelling between my trousers. She gasped. I knew that when I get hard, it’s amazing.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” She said huskily. But the fight had gone out of her and her eyes were fixed between my legs. Slowly, deliberately, I reached out to take her hand and drew it toward my erection. She did not resist. Boy! Going for broke!

I pulled her hand and she gasped again as I rubbed it against my trouser clad cock. I slid forward so that she could grasp it harder. Her eyes were fixed on the sight and she didn’t realize that I was groping for her half naked tits. She didn’t even realize that I had slid down the top of her nightie, and pushed down the bra so that her tits were now completely bare. God! What a pair! They were at least 38D. And I’m not kidding. Nipples the size of a silver dollar. I felt her finger unzipping my trousers; I slid forward to make it easy for her to strip down my trousers. She pulled down my underwear along with the trousers and drew in her breath sharply when she saw my cock.

“I am not sure that this is okay,” she whispered.

“Oh c’mon Debby. This isn’t love…this is lust. Two people attracted towards each other. I don’t see anything wrong. Gee… I just told you about Al and Betsy.”

I moved towards her and sat by her side on the bed. Turning towards her, I pulled her to me by her shoulders. My mouth came down hard against hers. She was definitely feeling hot; because she opened her mouth and promptly accepted my tongue, sucking on it. Her hand squeezed my hard on. I became bold, as I pulled down her nightie. As we kissed, I expertly unfastened her brassiere. Jeeze… what a pair. I couldn’t see them because she was kissing me, but as my hands closed around them, I couldn’t help but groan. As an answer, she moaned, fumbling with the string of my pajama.

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