tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAll In The Family Ch. 02

All In The Family Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Voyeurs

Debby was relaxed, now that we were familiar with each other. Though we had not yet fucked, we explored each other till there was little left to learn. She was exciting, and by God, she was one hot woman. She never seemed to have enough of me; the feeling was of course mutual. Whenever and wherever we got an opportunity to fondle and play with each other, we took it.

Sitting opposite each other on the dining table, she would fondle my cock with her toes. I would reciprocate. When she wore skirts or nightie, my toe would find it's way inside the skirt. She would invariably not be wearing panties, so that I would be able to thrust my toe in her pussy. On the other hand, when she would be wearing jeans, she would casually lower her hands below the table and pull down the zipper. During these times, she herself would guide my toe and allow me to rub it against her pussy. It was kind of funny and highly erotic too, I guess, pleasuring each other in the presence of others seated at the dining table.

At times, she would be leaning over the balustrade skirting the first floor and overlooking the living room on the ground floor. She would be talking to someone while I would be sitting down on my ass, my face between her legs, munching on her pussy. Other times, it was she who would suck me off as I did the talking.

Another favorite place was the garage inside Derek's car. This was usually in the late evenings when the folk would be watching TV and we would sneak off, separately of course, to the garage. Most of the times, she would be the first one to go; I would follow discreetly after a while. She would be in the back seat, with all windows up and I would lock the doors from inside after getting in with her. We would grab each other, beginning with a wet French kiss (she loved kissing) mouths open, tongues exploring. Without breaking away from the kiss, our hands would be busy undressing each other. Of course, we never got completely naked (it was too risky), but she would pull my cock out of my fly and I would push her blouse / shirt up over her tits and the skirt / jeans up over her waist. We would usually finish up doing the sixty-nine; she seemed to be fascinated with that position ever since she had seen Derek and Rhea do it. I had confessed to her that I was fucking Rhea on the side and she kept insisting that she wanted to see us together.

I had initially thought of telling Rhea about my affair with Debby; on second thought, I figured that there was no need to hurry. Maybe, I reasoned, I would tell Rhea after I would actually fuck Debby.

Since it was not possible to get on with Rhea at such a short notice (Derek wasn't well and had been advised bed rest), I told Debby that she would have to be patient if she wanted to see Rhea and me together.

"How did it begin?" Debby was one hell of a curious girl.

We were in Derek's car inside the garage, on the back seat to be more precise. I had just finished giving her an orgasm by licking her cunt. This was after she had sucked me off.

So, I told her about how it had started with Rhea.

We were crammed inside the elevator, riding up to the eighth floor on our way to Derek's office. There were nine people inside the elevator that was meant to take only six. My back was pressed against the far corner. Rhea was standing with her back to me. On the first floor, a couple got off, but three other guys got in. Rhea was pushed against me.

When Rhea backed into me, I felt her large ass press against the front of my pants. And suddenly, I had a hard on. I tried to keep it down but it was impossible. I suddenly became aware of her firm and rounded ass and the feeling it gave me when she pressed into me. She glanced at me sharply, her eyes widening, perhaps with surprise. I pretended to ignore her, looking at a point in space in front of me.

She turned partly away from me, and now, I felt my throbbing hard on press against the side of her thighs. The way she was standing, in profile, I could see her chest. She was dressed in a loose blouse that was tucked inside her tight jeans. She was tall, no doubt about it, but I was much taller, and therefore, I could clearly see a part of the top of her swelling tits. The crowd in the elevator had cramped her for room, and she had drawn her shoulders together. That had an effect of bunching her tits together, emphasizing her deep cleavage.

The sight did nothing to help me control my erection. On the contrary, my dick reared up further more inside my pants.

When the elevator stopped at the fourth floor to let off a couple of guys and admit another couple, I felt her swaying ever so slightly, that it would be impossible for anyone to realize that she was moving. She undulated her hips, pressing them harder against my bulge. I was amazed, and titillated.

She pretended to yawn, bringing her right hand up to cover her mouth, hunching down slightly. That exposed more of her tits to my eyes, and try as I would, I couldn't look away from the magnificent sight.

I felt relieved when we got off on the eighth floor. Now that there was no longer any contact of any part of her body, I willed my cock to get back to normal. When we were walking towards the far corner of the floor where Derek had his office, she looked into my eyes and smiled slyly.

"It's always crowded like that," She murmured huskily.

I nodded, looking away. "I know".

"But sometimes, one does not mind the crowd, huh? In fact, I am beginning to enjoy it."

I glanced at her sharply. There was a hint of a smile on her lips and suddenly, I lost the will to fight against the blood surging inside me. I stole another glance at my crotch. Any damn fool could make out the bulge there, and I cursed myself for having worn tight jeans.

In the office, I thankfully settled myself on the large overstuffed chair positioned in front of Derek's. He was giving a few finishing touches to some kind of drawing he had made. He was great with drawings, had always been, which is why he had chosen architecture.

Rhea stood behind him, her arms resting against the back of the chair. Since the chair was quite low, she had to bend down. I suddenly noticed that at least two buttons at the front of her blouse were undone. I knew that she had done it intentionally. I could now see through the front of her blouse: the black lacy bra was clearly visible, holding her sumptuous tits inside it.

Obviously, I wasn't going to be at ease in this situation. The torture lasted for all of forty-five minutes, until, thankfully, Derek decided to call it a day and we left the office.

The next time that I happened to be riding the elevator with her, there was considerably lesser crowd. Even then, she did something that sent my blood pounding in my heart. With barely three others in addition to us, she managed to back into me, and sure enough, I could feel her swaying ever so slightly against my cock. Between the sixth and eighth floors, the two of us were alone, and just before the doors opened into the eighth floor; she quickly extended her right hand in front of her and grabbed my bulging crotch. She squeezed it, looking deliberately into my eyes, a smile on her lips. Before I could react, the door was opening, and she had withdrawn her hand.

She was a master cock-tease. A couple of buttons undone, slight opening of her legs when she was sitting down, light brushes of her tits against me, and finally, the quick strong grasping of my crotch. I finally decided it was enough of fooling around and it was time to move on.

The chance came my way when Derek had to go away for a week for some work. I drove over to the building where his office was located, and called up Rhea on the cell phone.

"Hi, Rhea. Mike. Look, I hope I'm not bothering you, but I've left a file at Derek's office last week. I am driving to his office now and would be there in about a few minutes. Would you mind bringing the office keys there? It's a Sunday and I know that the office would be closed."

"Why, sure thing. No problem, Mike. Give me a few minutes to get ready, ok?"

I sat in the lounge of the tall building pretending to read a magazine. My eyes were on the entrance. The building was quite empty. I felt my heart thudding so damned loudly; I thought the receptionist could hear it.

I saw her walking in exactly twenty minutes later. She had apparently dressed to kill. A tight blouse cut dangerously low in front, an expanse of skin below and a short black skirt, also tight.

I pretended I had not noticed her till she was standing in front of me. Even if I hadn't, I could have felt her presence: she was wearing one of her favorite perfumes. I looked up at her smiling face.

"Hi there. So sorry…"

"It's ok, Mike. Besides, I wasn't doing anything important at the house. Just chatting with Ronnie. Come on, let's go."

I rose, and walked with her to the elevator. This time, we rode alone. As soon as the door had closed and I had pressed the button to the eighth floor, she leaned forward, and looking straight into my eyes, grabbed my crotch.

I pulled her to me, groaning. She came willingly into my arms and raised her mouth to me. I kissed her and she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Her grip on my crotch tightened as I crushed her to me.

Her large firm tits mashed against my chest and I swear I could feel the pointed nipples digging into me. We fought to push our tongues inside each other's mouths as I lowered my hands, sliding them down her back, gripping her ass and pulling her closer to me.

The elevator suddenly stopped and we just about managed to push each other off before the door opened. A longhaired guy smiled at us as he got in. We were on the sixth floor. I was feeling sort of hot under my collar, but Rhea looked cool: it was as if nothing had happened between us before he had got in.

We got off the eighth floor. There was nobody in the lobby, and Rhea grabbed my arm and practically pulled me towards Derek's office.

"No more elevator now, big boy," she whispered, unlocking the door.

She walked into the empty office and I followed, kicking the door shut. Even as she turned to me, I reached out and pulled her to me. All pretensions gone now, I kissed her mouth, almost violently. She pushed her hands between our bodies to grab at my crotch, humming erotically into my mouth.

I groaned, as her hands closed around my hard on. I brought my hands up to grab those massive tits in my hands. They were half out of that wicked blouse of hers and I strained down to look at the enticing cleavage without letting my mouth off hers.

I pushed her back, continuing to kiss and grope her till her legs came up against the receptionist's table.

"Show me that cock!" she breathed huskily, pulling away from my mouth.

"Only if you show me your tits," I answered, my hands already pulling her blouse down over her braless tits.

She assisted me to pull down the blouse till both her large and heavy tits were completely exposed. God! Were they huge! Like a pair of melons topped up by cherries. Her nipples were a deep pink and her tits surprisingly firm.

I groaned and bending down, buried my face between those orbs. She sighed, her fingers busy with my belt. I felt my pants dropping down over my knees; then, she was tugging my underwear, pushing it down to free my cock straining and almost to the point of bursting.

I fastened my mouth over one nipple as she grabbed my naked cock in her hot hands. Blindly, I reached down and pulled her tiny skirt up above her waist where her blouse was lying: at her midriff.

She began to jerk my cock furiously. "Oh my god, its just like I knew it would be, so large and hot and hard, oh god, oh god, yessss…"

I put my palm over her wet pussy, gripping it like a vice. I squeezed my cupped palm hard, making her moan louder. One of her hand slipped down and took hold of my swaying testicles.

"Please, please fuck me, oh god, Mike, shove that cock in my cunt, oh Jeeze, come on now, you bastard, fuck my cunt…"

Continuing to suck on her tits, I bent down, and shoved my hips forward, not bothering to aim at her cunt. The first thrust missed the opening, but she herself guided the tip to the entrance. I paused till my cock head was inside her, then in one swift movement, I shoved my dick all the way inside her hot tight pussy.

"Ooohh…yessss…god, that feels so great, oh yes, now, Mike, now, fuck me…yeah, like that, oh god, yes, yes…"

I held her plump ass cheeks as I began to steadily hump in and out of her. I licked and lapped her heaving tits, wetting them with my saliva. I would gently chew on one nipple, then the other before completely taking as much of the mound of flesh as possible (which was not even a third of her). I felt her hands encircling my neck, and then her legs came off the ground as she leaned against the table. She lifted her legs and they encompassed my hips, heels digging into my buttocks.

"Shove it in, you beast, ah yes, such a big cock, oh my god, I am cumming, oh yes, fuck, fuck, you beast, harder, oh yes, faster now, Ooohh…bang me, baby, my cunt's been waiting for so long, oh my god, fuck harder…"

She was a talker, all right. She obviously loved to talk when she was fucking. This suited me fine, because I love to fuck a girl when she talks. It's a big turn-on for me, hearing such unladylike words coming out of a girl who under other circumstances seems to be such a staid and respectable lady.

The table began to slide back as I socked it to her. She squeezed her legs around my ass harder and I knew that she had cum. Relentlessly, I continued to fuck her, amazed that I was still holding on for so long. Down at the lounge, waiting for her, it had seemed to me that I would most likely have erupted in my pants when I would be riding the elevator.

She lowered the top of her body onto the table. From her ass down, she was off it, her legs now up, wide apart to accommodate my thrusting body between them. I leaned back, my hands now mauling her tits as I began to fuck her like a rabbit – fast, hard strokes.

"Don't cum in me today…its dangerous time, Mike, oh, god, I want you to splash your cum on my body, oh fuck, Mike, take me now, cum for me baby, let me see your juice spilling out on me…"

I reached boiling point; throwing my head back, I let out a groan, slamming into her one last time before pulling back. I held my pulsating dick in my hand, feeling her legs leaving my back and sliding onto the floor. She slipped down, watching me as I now jerked my dick furiously, wanting to cum.

She moaned as my juice spilled out, arcing across our bodies and landing on her face. She reached out and taking me in her hand, directed the stream of the juice over her heaving chest, rubbing the cream over her tits with the other hand. Her eyes were glazed and she had the look of a contented cat on her face.

When I finished telling Debby about the encounter, she kept insisting on getting the opportunity to watch me fuck Rhea.

"You can manage it, Mike. I know you can. Just once, please. I would love to watch you doing it to her. She's so sexy, I wonder how it would look like, you and Rhea together."

This really set me thinking. My fantasy had involved Trish getting fucked by three guys. Here was an opportunity of trying to arrange two women with me, that is, if I played my cards right. So I began to work in that direction, which wasn't very difficult at all considering that Rhea loved every little opportunity she would get to fool around with me.

It was during one of Derek's weeklong trips that I set up the whole scenario. I had hinted to Debby about "today is the day" after Derek had left and I had winked heavily at Rhea. She had kissed me wetly on the mouth and had nodded at me, her eyes glazed with lust and longing.

Debby announced that she would be leaving for her office (she had dropped in at the house in the morning to take a few tips from Derek before he left).

There was no one else at the house and I managed to smuggle Debby in the walk-in closet, which had a door at the back opening into the passage. A small Plexiglas opening at the top of the closet door would offer her a clear enough view of the bedroom. The closet, being located away in the corner, was ill illuminated and I was pretty sure Rhea wouldn't be able to see anybody there (especially, an horny Rhea)

I was waiting for Rhea, lying on her bed, fondling my cock through my trousers when she walked in the room.

"Naughty, naughty. That's for me to do," Rhea smiled, as she came to a stop beside the bed and leaned down toward me. Her hands quickly unbuttoned my trousers, pulled down my shorts and she was holding my erection in her hands. "Wow, Mike, your cock never fails to amaze me; it's so big and hard," she began to masturbate me.

She was wearing a skirt and a blouse; the blouse low cut to expose half of her tits. I found myself comparing the size of her tits with Debby's. I came to the conclusion that perhaps both had tits of the same size. I am a tit man, and I couldn't be wrong.

I pulled her tits out of her blouse. She wasn't wearing any bra; she seldom wore brassieres. I peeked at the closet and could clearly see Debby peeping through the opening. Rhea moaned when I squeezed her nipples and bending down took my cock in her wet and hot mouth. One thing about her; she never closed her eyes when she gave a blowjob. She cradled my balls in her hand and started to suck my cock. I let one of my hand stray down over her smooth leg. It traveled up until it disappeared in her skirt. Wow! No panties either! She had come prepared. I let one finger enter her moist pussy.

She almost bit my cock off, giggling and moaning at the same time. Debby was getting a clear side view of us. I grabbed Rhea by her head and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth as if I was fucking her pussy. She reached down with one hand and started to play with her own cunt.

I couldn't take any more. The fact that Debby was watching perhaps set me off. I flopped down on the bed and lifted her on to my body. She reached down and guided my cock into her hot pussy. I groaned; it was like dipping into a well of boiling oil.

She started to move up and down. She brought her mouth down and kissed me. I could taste myself as she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into my mouth.

Soon, I was sucking on her nipple, my hands filling up with her tit flesh. Her hands weren't idle either. She was cupping my balls, occasionally scraping her nails over the base of my cock whenever she drew back and upward. I looked toward the opening in the closet. Sure enough, there was Debby, the door half open, standing there, watching us. I could clearly see the movements of her hand inside her shorts and I figured she would be rubbing herself off like hell. Didn't I say she was a hot one?

"Wait, Rhea," I managed to gasp in the face of her assault. "Let's do it in standing position" She giggled, but rose to face the bed. Naked, she looked magnificent. I stood up and in front of her, my cock swaying between my legs. I was now standing so I was facing the door of the closet. Rhea took two steps, so that our bodies touched and said, "Hold my ass".

I did so by cupping her tight ass cheeks. She hopped slightly, so that I was now holding her body. She wrapped her legs around my hips, simultaneously, letting my cock enter her again. She put her arms around my neck. "Go to it, cowboy".

I started to pump into her as she started to move up and down on me. I managed to bend down and take hold of one tit and started to suck.

I could make out Debby standing at the door and this time, she had her pants unzipped, her panties down over her hips and was furiously rubbing her naked pussy.

Intentionally, I made a big slurping noise over Rhea's breast. I saw Debby's eyes suddenly look straight into mine. I winked, managing to smile with all that tit flesh in my mouth. I swear she blushed.

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