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All in the Mind


Jess tapped one fingernail against her glass and glanced up towards the door to the restaurant, trying to seem casual about it. The glass was almost empty.

She sat in the chair with an elegance most women would kill for, one long leg draped artlessly over the other, revealing just enough skin to be enticing. The blood red gown clung lightly to her hips and chest while a beautiful silver bell and ruby necklace rested neatly between her breasts. Her dark hair was done up in gentle plaits, a few locks allowed to hang free softening her features.

And she was being stood up. By her own husband.

'Soon to be ex husband if he doesn't hurry up,' Jess muttered to herself and took a delicate sip of wine.

She stared at the ceiling for a while then allowed her gaze to graze the door. Still no Philip. One last sip of wine and she was ready to leave. She should never have agree to this date to patch things up.

'Ah, don't look like that,' said a man, sliding into the chair opposite her before she could rise. 'I'm here now.'


His grin grew wider. 'I'm your date for this evening! Dear Philly Phil couldn't make it,' the man said, tossing her husband's name around like a cat with a mouse. 'See, I object to your husband. He's telling me all about you, how you're a whore and a slut and you cheat on him behind his back.' The man held up a finger before Jess could speak. 'I know, I didn't believe him either. It was possibly the way he said it, sitting in the back of my limo, or maybe it was the sight of that strapping gardening man of yours taking your husband's dick up his arse. Who knows?' he asked, the grin verging on the insane now.

'All that matters,' he continued, 'is that dear Phil is even now at home with a dildo that is, frankly, disgustingly big, jammed up his behind and he's signing your divorce papers like you asked him to. And including a sizeable amount of his property in the deal.'

Jess sat there open mouthed, barely able to take the information in. She wasn't surprised about Jack, the gardener. This wasn't the first time Philip had been caught in flagrante with him. But...the divorce papers? Philip had been brutally clear about those. He would never sign. As far as he'd been concerned Jess was his, for life, come hell or high water or, in Philip's case, a string of affairs so long you could knit with it.

'H...How?' she managed after a long pause.

'Ah!' the man said, clicking his fingers. 'That there is an excellent question. I can make people do things,' he said without preamble, 'whether they want to or not. Ferrr instance,' he said practically humming the 'for', 'I could make you get in my car parked out back and use the vibrator on the back seat to make yourself cum.'

Jess just watched him, totally unable to form a proper thought in response to this information.

'Orrrr,' he said, 'I could make you finger yourself right here, right now. Hell, I could get that lass over there,' he gestured with a thumb to their left where a young woman was giggling at something her friend was saying, 'to present you her pussy to lick. Would you prefer that?' he asked lightly, eyes sparkling with glee.

Jess shook her head stiffly.

'I could make you enjoyyyy iiiit,' he almost sang.

'No. Thankyou.' She didn't believe he could but it wasn't worth risking.

The man didn't seem upset by her refusal. 'Fair enough. How about coming home with me? I promise a night of pleasure like you've never had.' He put his elbows on the table, interlocked his fingers and rested his chin on his fingers, posture so relaxed it was almost childlike.

Jess looked at him, assessing. If he was right about Philip - and she had no reason to doubt him - her night had been wasted thus far. And it had to be said that she hadn't had any fun in a very long time. Philip didn't like her kinks - too much hassle and faff apparently - and she'd point blank refused to be a cheater. But...

'Is he really signing the divorce papers? Now?'


He was lanky, more beanpole than she preferred, but there was a gleam in his bright green eyes Jess liked. His face was framed by gently wavy brown hair that she had a sudden image of grabbing as she pushed his face into her pussy.

She felt very warm all of a sudden.

Her decision must have been clear on her face because he grinned again and it lit up his eyes like a sunrise. 'One last thing,' he said carefully. 'This will be the last choice you get to make. After this,' he flicked her wine glass, echoing her action, 'I call the shots. Still want to come?'

Jess allowed herself to ponder for a moment longer but she wanted something to wipe away the sour taste Philip's final betrayal had given her. And this man - she hadn't even asked his name - intrigued her. As for 'making people do things'? Well, everyone had their quirks. Maybe he just was that good at persuading.

'You have yourself a date Mr...?'

The grin he gave her this time was nothing short of wicked. 'You can call me Sir, my dear Jess. Shall we?' He offered her an arm.

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by Anonymous12/11/18

“Interesting start... looking forward to you developing further”
here having the meaning of “Incomplete”

How hard is it to write more than a single page if you’re just going to leave it hangingmore...

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Interesting start . . .

. . . Look forward to your developing further

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