tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Night Cafe Ch. 02

All Night Cafe Ch. 02


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It was not a pleasant "Right this way". It was a command. Come with us, or else.

Brenda had taken off so fast from the gas station/cafe that the car had fishtailed bumping into one of the light poles. Sparks flew from the gravel and the collision. I reached for the seat belt, but couldn't bear to fasten it over my nakedness. I held on tightly to the door bracing myself against the dashboard.

A half moon rising behind the hills threw long shadows as we passed between them in the low Piedmont area. Trees, too, threw odd shadows making it difficult for me to see the roadway even with the light from our headlights.

As cum oozed from my body, it pooled on the seat. I could feel it, but I was too frightened to be miserable on the cool, sticky seat.

I became aware that the sound of the motorcycles seemed to be more behind us than either ahead or alongside. I couldn't believe that we had outrun or out-maneuvered them on this rather narrow, curving road. I wondered why they would be content to merely follow us. Their intent had been clear. They meant to have us. I had no idea how many there might be, but I had the sickening feeling that I was soon to be feeling any number of cocks in my pussy, up my ass, and in my mouth.

Though the thought terrified me, but with each passing minute, I became more and more resigned.

"Hurtled". The word itself hurtled around my brain as we tore down the deserted highway. Here and there on a sharp curve our tires left the road spraying stones, threatening collisions with roadside obstacles. "Hurtled", a trite word to describe something running almost out of control. It described us.

Brenda screamed each time the road forced her to maneuver the big SUV in unexpected directions. Suddenly as we rounded a curve, ahead a quarter of a mile or so it appeared that the road ended in a rock wall. Brenda screamed and jammed on the brakes. We slowed abruptly, but began to make out that what had appeared to be a rock wall in the shadows was a barricade comprised of several cars wedged sideways between the guard rail which ran along either side of the highway. We were trapped. Roadblock ahead, guard rails on either side and our pursuers behind.

We slowed and stopped 20 yards or so from the cars turned at right angles to the road. We were both terrified at being trapped. Brenda left the SUV running. Whimpering we slunk down in our seats. I was sweating and cold. I wormed my way into the back to find clothes and maybe even a blanket. Brenda soon joined me looking for her own clothes.

We dressed and crouched in the back seat. I became aware of the quiet. Some of the motorcycles had come alongside. Others had stopped behind us, but now the dreadful roar of their engines was exchanged for silence. Our engine was the only sound.

We looked through the windows around the SUV. They sat on their motorcycles looking at the truck, but saying and doing little else. There was no move to wrench open our doors and claim their prizes. They merely watched. What were they waiting for. A tire iron could easily break one of our windows. They could easily reach in, unlock the door, open it, and drag us out. Once out of the car, they could rip our clothes off and rape us. They could take turns. They could use us any way they wanted. We could be tied to trees. We could be forced to kneel in front of them. Made to unzip them and take out their cocks.

I could see in my mind an immense cock that I would be forced to lick and suck until it pumped semen down my throat.

Would they take me doggie style one using my mouth while another took me from behind. One cock after another using me from behind until cum ran down my legs as cock after cock was forced between my lips. I could feel a shaft in my mouth, my tongue running up and down its length as it moved inside me.

I pressed my hand up against my groin and began to grind the heel against my clit. My god, I thought, I'm really enjoying the fantasy of being repeatedly raped!

I looked through the windows to the quiet scene outside. They were watching, but doing nothing. No one had spoken. No one had approached the SUV.

I wondered which of those big men outside would take me first. I could see his big cock in my mind, feel it first in my mouth, then in my pussy. Would he cum a third time with it buried in my ass. I looked and saw another. How big was his cock? Would he want to put it in my pussy first or in my mouth?

"I really gotta pee," Brenda said softly after we had been watching them for a hour or more. "That coffee . . .

"Should I do it in here, or . . . "

Or what, I thought.

If they wanted us, we were theirs for the taking. What were they waiting for?

It began to dawn on me. They were waiting for something like needing to pee when we would voluntarily open the doors and present ourselves to them -- for their use.

"Jesus," I said aloud.

Then, "What difference does it make when they start . . . you know. . . using us? The other guy already got what he wanted. Maybe if we. . . you know. . . give up. They won't hurt us. . . too bad."

Brenda jumped out from the back seat where we'd holed up. "I've gotta pee," she cried out to no one in particular, as she climbed down to the pavement.

No one moved except for the one who pointed toward the guard rail.

I watched in amazement. I moved, crawled toward the door to shut it, against what I wasn't sure. A hand blocked me. "Time to come out," a deep male voice told me calmly.

Fear returned full blown. I trembled as the hand reached in and took my arm. He was strong. He dragged me from the car. I was through screaming. Instead I broke into a torrent of tears.

He actually helped out of the car preventing me from falling on my face, a chivalrous gesture, but not a chivalrous person. As I gained my balance he smiled and began feeling my breasts. I twisted to get away, but he held me tightly and pulled me close. He attempted to kiss me, but this my struggles prevented. I continued bobbing my head and twisting my body until he gave up attempting the kiss, concentrating instead on his hands on my breasts. I remember saying over and over again, "Please don't."

Finally even the assault on my breasts stopped. He held my hands high over my head. This was made easy with the difference in our heights. Tried and in despair, I stopped struggling. There was little use to it. I stood still arms held high by my captor while the others pushed their hands up under my top. They played with my breasts pinching and pulling my nipples. My captor aided them by pulling my top up around my shoulders providing not only access, but a view as well. Some of what they did hurt, but the feeling of being their slave on view like a slave in an Egyptian market was tantalizing as well.

"I gotta pee." The need to pee had come on me suddenly. I thought for a moment I was going to wet my pants. "Please let me pee. I'm gonna wet my pants."

They laughed uproariously. I realized that I had just become one of the gang. "Come on, girly," one said in a low, rolling bass. We'll fix you right up." He pulled my sweat pants down to my ankles. Then repeated bringing my panties down. "Just step out," he said kneeling in front of me.

"I can't pee here!" I shrieked, my face red beyond a blush. I felt light-headed.

"Jesus Christ, no," he said moving shuffling back on his knees. "But we gotta get your pants off."

I couldn't believe what was happening. I don't know if I was more embarrassed by having this stranger, my potential rapist, worrying about how and where I was going to pee or having my pussy exposed to everyone on this small stretch of highway.

I stepped out of my clothes. They were tossed aside.

The man holding my arms over my head released them and took me by the waist. He picked me up as if I weighed nothing, and carried my like a manikin over to the guard rail on the side of the highway. "Stand," he said as someone moved one of my feet to a thick wooden support and another on the rail itself. I stood, held up at the waist, my legs spread widely, the soles of my feet cold against the metal. They had placed me so that the pee would fall on the shoulder of the highway not hitting them or the guard rail -- no splashing.

"Come on, you're good to go." There was laughter along the roadway in appreciation of the pun. Everyone waited.

Nothing happened. How was I going to pee with all this attention?

"I can't pee with everyone watching," I stammered. "Let me find a place in the woods."

A hand reached between my legs from behind me. Fingers began playing with my pussy, searching for my clit. "Maybe this will help," a voice behind me apparently belonging to the fingers said to more laughter. I could feel a shoulder against my butt as he continued probing.

I struggled trying to dislodge the fingers, but the motions of my hips only encouraged him. "You like that, don't you?" he said.

He was not helping. He was hurting me. I got mad enough that I really wanted to pee on his hand. I closed my eyes trying to find a way to distance myself and relax enough to let the pee come. I stopped moving and concentrated on another world. A beach trip. Warm tropical water bathing me, relaxing me. A wave washed sedately past.

It worked. The pee gushed onto his hand. As I looked down I could see the sleeve of his jacket darkened just before he jumped backwards almost taking me with him. I heard him bellow, "Jesus Christ!" and what I thought was him ripping off his jacket.

The man holding my waist laughed with the rest of them, but waited patiently while the pee streamed. When it stopped, he lifted me and placed me on the pavement. He escorted me back toward the SUV. I thought for a while he was going to let me get back inside. As we reached it, however, he turned took hold of my top which I had managed to pull back over my breasts. Grasping either side, he pulled it up and off.

I had no illusions about what was to happen to me, but I kept snagging every bit of hope that floated by. This last bit now faded.

He leaned against the side of the SUV. He pointed to his crotch. "We're going to start you out with a blow job."

There was no reason to pretend I didn't know what he wanted or how to perform. "Could I have something to kneel on? The road will be really hard on my knees," I pointed out.

There was an immediate scramble for something for me to kneel on. A blanket was placed where I would be kneeling. "Thank you," I said quietly. I stared at it for a long while before committing myself. I knelt.

My face was about level with the man's crotch. I found his zipper buried in the heavy leather of his riding pants. It slid down easily. I parted the material.

His position allowed the moon to light the way. He was wearing bikini underwear. Black. His groin was lush with hair. He didn't smell bad, a point that again heartened me.

I began to work the underwear down, but the leather was not very flexible. Without asking I reached up and unfastened his belt. After unbuttoning him, I worked to lower his pants.

With his leather breeches at his knees I faced the little black bikini briefs. They looked to be overfull with a very hard dick. It throbbed as though it was trying to find its way out.

I pulled the briefs down releasing him. It sprang back up and pointed at me. I took hold of it tentatively. "Suck it, honey," he said. "I want to feel your lips and your tongue working up and down it," he said with a sigh as he leaned against the SUV and closed his eyes.

I looked at it. It was hard and throbbing with a droplet emerging from the slit in its head. It was turned slightly upward but still low enough that I would have to bend my head some to do what he wanted. I touched it tentatively. It reacted instantly. The droplet on its head fell. It was replaced by another which also fell.

As I watched I unconsciously stroked it the way my boyfriends liked. Without my thinking my tongue removed the current drop. Then another.

"God," he sighed as my tongue lightly touched him and retreated. I shuffled closer. Holding his cock still I lightly nibbled the head while flicking it with my tongue. He groaned and sighed. I stroked him while I nibbled and licked. I took the head in my mouth and used my tongue all around it.

As I took more of him in my mouth, I began massaging his balls with my other hand. It felt good to stroke and lick and massage. I cautiously used my teeth and nails. The groaning was non stop now. Slowly I sped up until he reached behind my head pulling me tightly against his body as he fucked my face. He gushed into my mouth but kept holding my head against his body as his motion slowed.

Even stopped he held me against himself. I used my tongue on his cock until the motion began again. "Hey," someone yelled, "let someone else have a turn." He reluctantly pulled out of my mouth. I held his cock as it fell from my mouth, still stroking it.

I bent down to where his briefs hung at his knees and used them to wipe my mouth. "I need a drink," I said. I stroked his cock while I waited. A bottle of water appeared. I let his now hard cock go and took the bottle. Looking up at him before I drank I said, "Did you like that?"

"God," he said, "you're the best." He stepped away to allow another to take his place. I had decided that my best tactic was to be the best they'd ever had. There's no reason, I speculated, to kill the goose that provides the golden lay. I looked at him as he sidled away pulling up his pants, "When you're ready, I've got a great pussy."

"I'll bet you do," he said admiringly. "I'll be back."

I turned back to the biker who had taken his place. I rubbed his fly lightly. "Baby, would you take those leather pants off. They're pretty hard on a girl's face."

Immediately he began taking his pants off. Removing boots, leather pants, and underwear take a bit of doing, but he was more than willing. When he finished and faced me, his cock was clearly ready. I took it in my hand and stroked it. It, too, was at the point of dripping. I licked it lightly.

"Honey, would you pull that leather jacket back or take it off," I asked him. He shucked it and it fell at my knees. I said nothing more, but began licking and nibbling the head of his cock. I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. I stroked it and used my nails on his balls. I slowed and sped over and over up until his groans were non stop. I felt his cock swell just an instant before he slammed my head into his groin and filled my mouth with his cum. I found his tip and worked my tongue in and around it until he stopped jerking. As I pulled my head back, I stroked him back to full readiness.

"How about putting this in my pussy while I give someone else a great blow job. I'd like to feel two of you guys at once," I suggested hoping to get them all fucked out sooner rather than later.

He moved to take me up on my suggestion, but another pushed him aside as I watched. He produced a hard cock and knelt behind me. He pushed my head down and without preamble shoved his cock in. Although I knew it was coming, I was not fully prepared and let out a bit of a yelp. He made it clear my that my cry was due entirely to his oversized cock. Who was I to argue?

He grabbed my breasts and pulled me back while he roughly squeezed them. As my head came up I saw that my next customer was ready. He leaned against the truck. He had lost no time; he was fully naked. His hard cock appeared ready for my mouth. I opened wide and began again.

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