All or Nothing


Chapter One: The Stakes

Riley went with her four best friends to Las Vegas as a summer vacation from their jobs. Each woman was in her late twenties and just establishing themselves in their various careers. After years of school and early success at work each of them wanted to do something special to celebrate being young, beautiful women.

The ladies knew each other from their college volley ball team, so each was tall, fit, athletic and confident in her physicality. As such they had collectively made a pact for this trip. All the ladies had sworn to indulge in any reasonable offers they got from men during their vacation. None of them had boyfriends currently; that was a condition of the journey, and the pact was that they would all get laid at some point this trip.

Riley wasn't one to sleep around, she was no prude, and had as high a sex drive as any of the women on this vacation, but she usually found men to be unimaginative in their approach. Riley was intelligent and enjoyed having her brain stimulated as much as her body.

So as she and her hotel roommate Cassie dressed for the night Riley was cautiously optimistic about her chances of meeting a man worth bedding tonight.

For this first night the ladies agreed to dress their best for a night on the town. Riley wanted to look accomplished and alluring so she wore a simple, elegant black dress that showed her figure to its best advantage.

The hem was high and showed off her long legs to great advantage. Her lean limbs were toned and sculpted from years of aerobics and jogging and the recreation league volley-ball the ladies all still competed in. Her bare arms were tanned and firm, not an ounce of fat to make her hesitate to show off. Her back was exposed in the dress, and showed no tan lines, as she enjoyed lying out topless in her back yard.

The front plunged further down than any of her friends dared because Riley had the smallest breasts of the group. Her A cups were taut and firm, but small and perky. Her constantly hard nipples poked through the thin material, but she had stopped worrying about that years ago, accustomed to the attention her chest drew went she went out.

She wore her long golden hair down so it could cascade over her shoulders and back, the soft tresses caressing her sensitive skin. Her make-up was subtle and classy showing off her high cheekbones and elfin features to great advantage, her hazel eyes seemed warm and inviting when she glanced at herself in near-by reflective surfaces.

Riley didn't really think any of them would actually find a partner on the first night. All of them were intelligent, considered women, not prone to wild indulgences, and so as the ladies began to play games in the casino she paid little attention to the men that began to gravitate toward her and her attractive friends.

Wherever they went, from table to table, and even switching casinos the group of them drew men to them like magnets. The six of them were between five foot six and six foot one, and in heels Sonja, the tallest, was six foot four. They all wore sleek sexy dresses over their lean, tanned, athletic bodies and men flocked to them whenever they stood still long enough to be approached.

All night they didn't pay for a drink as men approached, individually seeking to cut one off from the herd, or as groups of other vacationers hoping to set up an even bigger party.

Riley herself was asked at least three times if she were an escort. At first she was very insulted until she spotted and eventually spoke to an actual escort in one hotel casino. These women were everywhere and looked just like she and her friends; beautiful single women dressed up nicely wandering the casino floor.

It was an exciting evening, and Riley was more than a little tipsy from all the free drinks, as well as being high on all the attention from men. Riley was used to being hit on, in college she had even dabbled in modelling, so she was attractive enough to draw attention pretty much anyplace she went, and at five eight, thin and blonde she knew on some level that she was a type often idealized in the media as a being "perfect".

Riley didn't see herself as perfect, but she knew she was pretty. Yet, even so, tonight was crazy. Every which way she turned men were looking at her, assessing her, lusting after her and she found the attention overwhelming.

Yet it was also arousing. Suddenly for the first time in her life she understood her power as a sexual being. Looking around the room right now she made eye contact with as many men as she could. Every man who met her eyes looked longingly at her and studied her figure and face, some smiled, some didn't, but they all raked her with their eyes.

It dawned on her that she could sleep with any of these men. It might take a little more work with some, but none would prove difficult. Not here and now, in Vegas, in these hotels.

The realization made her horny. It was embarrassing too, but arousing more than anything.

She was standing near the back poker tables, and clusters of players and non-players were grouped around the small tables watching the intense action of high stakes poker. The limits at these tables were higher and the players better than elsewhere on the floor.

Riley made eye contact with a man in a very nice suit, he looked to be in his early forties, tanned lean and confident. Something about the way he was looking at her caught her eye. He seemed more wistful than sexual. His posture, although seeming calm on the surface, looked on some subtle level frozen, or even nervous.

Whatever it was, Riley met his gaze and she too stopped in her scan of the room. His eyes caught hers and they shared some kind of significant moment she couldn't explain. She was sure they had never met, but she felt intimately connected to him immediately.

The eye contact lingered for a moment that seemed poised on the edge of something almost dangerous. Then he broke the looming sense of danger by smiling a warm friendly smile that utterly disarmed her. His smile seemed bashful, self-deprecating and amused. He shook his head as if laughing at a private joke and he sort of half shrugged as he looked back and saw her still watching.

When he began to move toward her as she stood staring back at him Riley saw that he moved smoothly, like a dancer or something, every limb in perfect harmony as he negotiated the ten feet between them.

"Hello. I apologize for staring. I hope I didn't bother you." His voice was low and smooth and he spoke just a hair too quietly for the volume of the space. Riley instinctively moved closer to hear him speak and found herself brushing her arm along his.

"It's funny, but for a second I wondered if we had met before or something." She said, her own voice sounding high and weak after the confident tone in his.

He stood just over six feet and Riley in heels was five ten, so she was happy that she had to look up into his warm blue eyes. His dark hair was short and wavy, and she had a strong urge to mess it with her fingers. His strong, handsome features reminded her of an actor, but at the moment she couldn't think who. Riley found herself attracted to him and hoped he was single.

With a flash of his white teeth the stranger smiled back at her, "I had a similar sensation myself. It was a little unnerving if the truth be told." There was something about his voice, a slight accent, a certain delivery that thrilled Riley. It was intimate and familiar in ways she couldn't process. "My name is Josh, pleased to meet you."

He took her hand and as they shook, his warm, slightly callused palm pressed to her own soft one, Riley felt a true frisson of pleasure tingle along her nerves at the contact. "Hi. I'm Riley."

A look of sadness flashed across his eyes as she said her name, and she felt his hand release slightly from her grip, but instinct told her to hold on to him and she squeezed his hand slightly as he appeared to begin letting go.

They finished the handshake with a couple more gently pumps of their hands and then let go more organically.

"Well, it's been nice to meet you... Riley." The slight hesitation before her name was full of emotion, and Riley felt herself immensely curious about this man. He appeared to be excusing himself and Riley was at a loss as to how to keep him talking to her, or why she should. He was older and obviously very wealthy from the look of his clothes, he wouldn't be interested in her, a physical therapist that made less than forty thousand a year.

He turned away, then stopped and turned back. He flashed a rueful grin and asked, "Have you ever seen the private poker room?"

Riley was so happy that the interaction would continue that she didn't even hesitate, "No. I would love to though." She could care less about poker but she wanted to spend more time with this compelling man.

"I am on the list, and should be called in soon. It might be boring watching a bunch of professional poker players- I don't know if you play, but you are welcome to be my guest. You can't play, but then again you need a pretty big pot just to get on the list, so..."

"I'm good just watching. I'm really curious." She sounded so young to her own ears. Everything she said when compared to how he spoke sounded childish to her ears.

"Great. Shall we?" He offered her his arm and she slipped her own through his without any hesitation.

It wasn't until they were across the room that it occurred to her that she might want to tell her friends where she was going. Looking back quickly she saw that they were all out of sight already. With a mental shrug she figured she could text one of them when she was inside the poker room. She felt no fear; she was in a crowded casino going into what was likely a highly secure room.

The next few minutes impressed Riley by an order of magnitude she was challenged to accept. The opulence of the room, the deference of the staff, and the ostentatious show of wealth all stunned her more deeply than she would have imagined.

Riley realized that she was suddenly moving in a circle so far beyond her norm that it may as well have been another planet. The clothes, the jewels, the way people moved, spoke and played poker all indicated an opulence she had only glimpsed in movies. She felt like an imposter immediately.

The staff spoke to Josh and called him Mr. McAllister with familiarity and respect that put her on high alert. The man she was with was Somebody. She noted not a few querying glances her way, but everyone was too polite to inquire as to what she was doing here.

As he sat at a table and a large stack of chips was placed in front of him and he ordered them both drinks and began to play.

Riley couldn't follow the game at first, she couldn't keep her eyes off the beautiful women standing behind many of the male players, and their jewels dripped of them and glinted blindingly. The perfumes she smelled were far richer and more subtle than any she had smelled before, and when her cocktail came it tasted better than any she'd ever tasted in her life.

After fifteen minutes of gaping around her like a bumpkin Riley began to pay more attention to the game in front of her.

It took her a couple hands to comprehend that Josh was holding his own. He played quietly and confidently, and the other players seemed to respect him.

Conversations, what little there were, came out muted and hushed as the games at the various tables went on and on. Josh kept his cards on the table rarely touching them, taking quick peaks as they were dealt then not touching them again.

When he folded, which happened every few hands, he would turn to Riley and comment on what was happening, whispering in her ear, his warm breath intimate on her skin as she bent over to listen.

More than once she caught the men and women across the table looking down her top as she bent to hear Josh, her low plunging neckline obviously displaying her breasts to popular advantage.

It occurred to Riley then that she might be able to use that to Josh's advantage.

Riley knew that on the surface society seemed to prefer large breasts as a rule. Movie magazines and reality T.V. rewarded large breasts with a lot of attention, but in her experience over the last ten years of having breasts, (she was a late bloomer, and her blooms were small,) Riley had noticed that almost any breasts partially exposed would attract a lot of attention.

The next time Riley saw things heating up for Josh, his pile of chips was mostly in the middle of the table, she shrugged her shoulders forward and pressed her arms together under her breasts to plump them up and out as best she could and she leaned over to ask Josh a question.

"Do you want another drink?" She whispered it in his ear, getting very close to him and bending far over to show as much of her breasts as she could. Josh barely looked her way, his focus on the game, and said "No, thank you." His drink was almost full.

Riley leaned an arm on the back of his chair as if considering what he had just said and she allowed her breasts to do their work.

The neck line of her dress plunged below the bottom of her breasts in a deep V, and by bending over and shrugging her shoulders forward she could let her boobs hang unfettered by cloth. From straight in front her breasts would swell into small round mounds that threatened to spill out of her top, from the sides anyone low enough, say sitting at the table... they would have a good chance at seeing nipple as her tiny buds hung free of her dress.

Riley had always been a bit of an exhibitionist. By developing late she had appreciated the changes in her body more than other girls who grew large breasts early. Riley had been thrilled to grow any boobs by the time she did at sixteen, and having A cups meant she never wore a bra unless she absolutely had to.

All through her late teens and early adulthood she had taken most opportunities to show them off. She was proud of the perfect little mounds she had grown. She had the same sort of perfectly circular tits that so many models had. Her small firm nipples centered prettily and the meat of her flesh aesthetically positioned on her chest. She knew they were great, small though they were.

Tonight proved her point once more. As she slouched over Josh she could sense eyes wandering over her skin. She grew flushed as she saw the glint of eyes twitching from cards and looking for tells from opponents to glance at her exposed flesh.

Feeling naughty and salacious Riley shifted ever-so-slightly this way and that adjusting her position to display her body for the other players. She did this for the next few hands and saw that Josh won three out of four of the successive pots.

The pile in front of him grew bigger and Riley enjoyed her own game of peek-a-boo, challenging herself not to get caught, but to distract as subtly as she could.

Using her experiences as a model to display her body this way and that, revealing her charms while appearing to be interested in the game, she boldly flashed her breasts, legs and her back as much as she dared without being too overt.

After a time the other players polarized.

Some grew numb to her tease and were able to focus on the game, but half of the players, including one woman became so distracted by her that they began to lose rapidly and expensively.

Riley could tell it were her breasts doing the majority of the work. The poker hands she focused on exposing her tits during were the hands that Josh won most often. It was thrilling her to be such a big part of his winning, and as he spoke to her from his chair, filling her in on the proceedings quietly, or flirting with her subtly she felt like an old partner in crime to him.

They were a great team, and he didn't even know it.

As the drinks flowed and her confidence grew Riley began to have even more fun in this foreign world of wealth. Josh clearly liked her, even as distracted as he was by playing high stakes poker he still had time and focus enough to flirt with her and make her feel pretty and desirable.

Riley didn't need any man to tell her she was special, but it was nice none-the-less to know she was attractive and interesting to such a compelling man. More than once she had been able to make him laugh a genuine, surprised sounding laugh, and it excited her almost as much as showing her breasts to the others.

She had no idea how much time had passed in that back room, but she was getting ready to leave, to maybe take this man home and spend the night with him when things at the table grew suddenly more intense.

The major players had been whittled down to three big spenders, and Josh had a huge pile of chips in front of him after many hands and much flashing of skin on Riley's part.

The current hand was really heating up. It seemed that all three players had good hands; the chips in the middle were a bigger pile than Riley had yet seen and people were gathering to watch the game. No-one was watching the pretty girl behind one of the big players; all eyes were following the play.

The bets kept climbing and Riley felt dizzy when she realized the pots were climbing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The player to Josh's right debated long and hard over the last raise, which had been ten thousand dollars. The crowd around the table held their breath as the player considered his move.

After a small age, and quick check of his cards the guy folded, to the shock of the watchers. It was now down to Josh and one other.

Taking his time assessing the other player Josh looked him up and down. The other man in turn went still and tried to give Josh nothing to read in his demeanor telling what his hand might be.

"One moment please." Josh said to the dealer and he turned to Riley and made eye contact. She bent over, displaying her chest once more, but this time with little aim to flash the last man at the table.

Whispering into her ear, hidden behind the curtain of her golden hair Josh said, "I thank you for your efforts this evening. Your distractions have been very helpful. I would like to reward you if you will let me."

Riley was surprised on two levels; first that Josh had noticed what she had been up to, second that he could disengage so fully from the game at this moment to speak to her like this. He had never done that in any other hand that carried so much weight.

Going along with it Riley asked "How so?"

"If I win this hand I will give you the entire pot, which you helped earn, if you will spend the night with me and let me do anything I want to you."

Riley was stunned.

It was such a provocative offer, like something out of movie, and the amount of money in the middle of the table was huge. She would have spent the night him anyway, he was sexy, interesting and she was very aroused from all her flashing, but the added incentive of all that money had her breathless.

But she was an independent woman not prone to having her head turned so easily.

"What if you lose?" she asked coyly.

The crowd were murmuring among themselves curiously about what on earth they could be talking about at such a time. She ignored them looking into Josh's eyes instead, daring him to come up with a suitable answer.

"I will pay your hotel bill, and not bother you again the rest of your stay."

Riley's room was paid already, but if he would reimburse her for the five hundred her stay had cost that would be fine with her. But she wanted him to bother her again. She wanted that very much.

"In that case you'd better win." She looked into his eyes and then planted a long lingering kiss on his lips in front the dozens of onlookers. When Riley stood back up she could feel a blush spreading down over her cheeks and across her chest.

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