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All Our Fantasies


"It's a long list," Marie exclaimed, wriggling her naked ass back against me, and being rewarded by my rapidly hardening cock pressing between the cheeks of her firm little ass.

"A bit like one of your shopping lists then," I joked, only for my reward to be a swift jab from her elbow.

"It is a bit like a shopping list though, " she confessed, "Our shopping list – of things we want, things we need," she added as she rolled over to kiss me, to press her naked body to me.

We made love again, gently, lovingly, differently to the driving force of only an hour ago, the frantic sex that had led to the "shopping list". Afterwards, I lay on my back, my hands behind my head, while Marie dozed next to me, her arm thrown across my chest as I thought about how we had got to that list.

It was hard to believe that we would have been married for twenty five years in only three weeks time. We had met at eighteen, married at twenty, had two great kids, and were still together after almost twenty five years - unlike many of our friends.

We love each other with a passion, and have always been faithful, even through the difficult times that all couples go through. For my part, it wasn't as if there hadn't been opportunities. There had been - especially a gorgeous little receptionist at work who had made it clear what she was willing to do for me. But somehow, even when things were tough between us, there hadn't been the desire to "stray".

I don't think that Marie had ever been unfaithful to me either. I know I had my suspicions a few years back when she seemed to be very close to a friend of ours as he went through a divorce. Even now, I still wonder when we see him and his new wife, but no, I don't think that anything really happened.

There have been tough times, especially when the children were younger. We were both tired all the time – Marie from dealing with the children, and me from working too hard at building my career. But now, the children were eighteen and twenty, more or less independent, and my career had worked out just how we had wanted it to.

Now, we found ourselves with more time together, and more time on our own. So, we had gradually "rediscovered" each other, and were probably happier than we had ever been. And the sex was brilliant!

As the children had got older, we had, over the last few years, started to take the odd holiday without them – only two or three days at a time to start with, but time that was for us. And during those breaks, we had discovered all sorts of things to liven up our sex life, things that we wanted to do. I imagine that some of things we did were fairly "normal" to some people, but to us it opened up a whole new world.

Over one weekend we discovered role plays, on another sex in public. Over a third, Marie wore a loose, wrap around skirt all weekend, with no underwear. We prayed for a gust of wind as we walked, but it never came. But I did spend much of the weekend with my fingers inside her pussy as we drove, as we sat in traffic.

Gradually, we took these things home with us, and our sex life took on another dimension – especially after we started to buy sex toys for both of us. Now, we couldn't wait to be alone, whether it was for ten minutes or for hours. We always knew that it would end up with us together – whether it was for a quick fuck on the kitchen table, or hours of fun in whichever part of the house we happened to find ourselves.

We started to watch porno movies together, and I couldn't help but notice how excited Marie got when we watched threesomes or two women together. We started to talk about our fantasies as we fucked. As I drove my cock into Marie, I would tell her how I knew she would love to have another cock in her mouth or her ass, or she would cry out what she wanted. She would suck me, murmuring about how I would love another mouth, another tongue, on my cock at the same time, or how she wanted another cock to play with, how we could share.

All these things heightened our already explosive orgasms, driving us both wild. We sometimes talked about our fantasies afterwards as well, as we lay in each others arms, telling each other what we wanted before making love again. But somehow, it never went any further.

Until today. Until the "shopping list".

It had all started when the kids went out and left us on our own for the day to have some fun. We had started in the garden, trying to top up our tans before going away for two weeks to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Marie was wearing a tiny little bikini, as she wanted to get as much of an all over tan as she could.

The top was little more than two small triangles of flimsy material, held together with string. The triangles seemed to barely cover her dark, wide aureoles, let alone her pert, but full, breasts. The bottoms were skimpy as well, little more than a thong really, leaving most of her firm ass naked for me to leer at.

The strings of the bottoms were tied at the sides, leaving her long, tanned legs naked to blend into the soft swell of her hips, and upwards to her smooth, flat belly and slim body. The bottoms fitted snugly around her ass and pussy, the outline of her mound clear for me to see.

Her blonde hair was tied back in a pony tail, away from her pretty face, with her full, kissable lips and bright blue eyes.

As I looked at her, I marvelled at how young, how beautiful, how sexy she looked. As soon as I had seen her in the garden, and she had seen the look in my eye and the growing bulge in my shorts, we had both known exactly what sort of day we were going to have. We were soon acting like a couple of twenty somethings, rather than the mature forty five year olds we were meant to be.

Within the minutes, the idea of sunbathing had been abandoned, and we were fucking frantically in the kitchen, Marie bent over the worktop, her cute ass in the air as I drove into her from behind, her pussy lips stretched around my thick, hard cock. We eventually made it upstairs, to the bedroom, where we spent much of the remainder of the afternoon and early evening.

As we were fucking later, as yet another orgasm ripped through her lithe body, I whispered hoarsely in her ear about her having more cocks to play with, to suck, while I fucked her hot cunt. I told her how I wanted to watch her sucking on a long, thick cock while I fucked her, how I wanted to watch her taking more than one cock at a time, how I wanted to see her sucking and fucking.

As I drove my cock into her, her head shook from side to side as she murmured "Yes" to every thought, every suggestion. As my cum slammed into her pussy, she told me that she wanted to share me, to hold my balls while I fucked another woman, to do whatever I, whatever we, wanted.

We had clung to each other after that, catching our breath as our bodies relaxed. It was a good few minutes before either of us could speak. When we did, it was Marie who spoke first as she cuddled up to me. She spoke slowly at first, as if she was picking her words carefully.

"We should you know," she started.

I looked at her, waiting for more, knowing, or hoping that I knew, what she was about to say, but not quite believing it.

"We should do these things…..we would be together…..we trust each other.....why not?"

Even though I had somehow sensed what Marie had been going to say, I couldn't quite believe it, but as listened to her, I knew that she meant it, that she wanted this as much as I did. She even mentioned our holiday.

"What a great time to live out our fantasies …" she told me, her eyes bright with lust.

By now my cock was rock hard, despite having cum only a few minutes before.

"You like the idea, then?" Marie grinned, her hand sliding sensuously along my shaft.

After we had frantically made love again, we each agreed to write down our fantasies – honestly and fully, in the realisation that we would seek to live them out, to do them.

I lay back and shut my eyes while Marie found a piece of paper and started to write. She wrote quickly, as if all her pent up thoughts were bursting out of her. Suddenly, I felt nervous. Did I really want this? Where would it lead? What if …?

When Marie was finished, she folded the paper over so that I couldn't read what she had written, and passed it to me. She turned away from me, as I reached out and grabbed a book to rest on. After a moment's hesitation, I started to write, slowly at first, but then more quickly. When I had finished, I folded the paper over again and gave it back to Marie.

Marie rolled onto her side, her back to me, the piece of paper on the bed in front of her. I snuggled up behind her, reaching around her to cup her firm breasts, her erect nipples pressing into the palm of my hand. We were both quiet, both staring at the piece of paper, wondering what it said. I leant forward and gently kissed the side of her neck.

"Go on," I told her softly, "Let's see we want …."

Slowly, Marie opened the paper out so that we could both read it. I gasped as I read it. The list was longer, much longer, than I had imagined. Marie had been quite detailed, quite graphic, in what she'd written, whereas my comments were shorter. Some of what we had written we had spoken about, fantasised about, before. But some of it was new. It was then that Marie had made her comment about how long the list was.


For the next two weeks, as our trip to The Maldives approached, nothing was said about the list, or about us living out our fantasies. In a way, I was relieved, especially after reading and re-reading the list. But in other ways, I was disappointed.

But as we were saying our goodbyes to the children, the car already packed for the drive down to the airport, one of the children asked if we had everything. I don't know why I said it, but without thinking I innocently asked Marie a question.

"Have you got the shopping list?"

She looked at me, a glint in her eye, and nodded. Our daughter laughed at the thought of us taking a shopping list on holiday with us, and asked what could be so important. Marie took my hand as she explained that it was a list of "… special things that we wanted …". I squeezed her hand, and quickly led her to the car before the growing bulge in my jeans became too obvious.

As we drove to the airport, my mind was filled with thoughts of what might happen. How? When? Where? I had a feeling that that I wouldn't have to worry about such things. And it didn't – the fun began even sooner than I could have imagined.


As part of our holiday, we had treated ourselves to first class tickets. The ticket price included passes for the Executive Lounge at the airport. So, after we had checked in our luggage and picked up a few things at the shops, we made our way to the lounge, with an hour or so to kill before our flight would start boarding.

Once we were settled in the lounge, I went to fetch us a drink, while Marie went to the restroom. When she got back, there was a glint in her eye that certainly hadn't been there minutes before. I didn't think anymore of it as we sat together, chatting, reading and passing the time, although Marie did seem a bit fidgety.

By the time we were on our third drink, we were sat close together, with Marie's hand on my thigh, squeezing gently. I could feel the heat of her leg against me, even through my jeans. I couldn't drag my eyes away from her legs as her already short skirt rode up even higher. In the end, with my cock growing in my jeans, I told Marie that I needed to go to the bathroom. She murmured "okay".

I went quickly, feeling Marie's eyes on me as I crossed the room, and went through the door that led to a small hallway, and then into the male restroom. I wasn't in there long, but when I came out, my heart missed a beat when I saw Marie waiting for me.

She didn't hesitate, but pushed me backwards through the doorway, before dragging me into a cubicle. She shut the door quickly, bolting it behind her. Before I could speak, she had pushed me again so that I sat down. Moments later she was on her knees in front of me.

As we both heard the outer door open, and someone else come in, she unzipped me and pulled my hardening cock out into the open. Seconds later, her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked me wetly into her hot and willing mouth.

Her hand reached up to quickly cover my mouth as I groaned, as she sucked me deeply into her mouth, her tongue swirling around my cock head. Her other hand was on my thick, hard shaft, squeezing me in time to her deep, hard sucking.

She slowly took her hand away from my mouth, making sure that I was quiet. I gritted my teeth, trying hard not to moan out loud as waves of pleasure washed through me, as Marie slid her hand into my jeans to cup my balls, one finger reaching out to my ass. I felt sure that the wet, sucking noises we were making must have been echoing around the room, especially when my hips started to bounce upwards, pumping my cock into her mouth, but I didn't care, I just wanted it to last for ever.

Marie started to moan as well, her soft cries muffled by my cock, her lips stretched around me, her teeth grating along my shaft. I reached for her breasts, feeling her rock hard nipples before she pushed my hands away. Seconds later I came, my balls tightening in her hand and her finger slipping into my ass as my cum erupted from me.

I seemed to be cumming for ages, Marie's lips clamped around me, sending waves of pleasure rocketing through me as my cum filled her mouth. At last, my cum stopped pumping and she looked up at me, cum dribbling from the corner of her mouth. She knelt up and kissed me, her tongue bringing the taste, the feel, of my cum with it as it slipped into my mouth. We both groaned as we kissed, as our tongues thrust into each others mouths.

This time Marie didn't push me away as I reached for her, as I slid my hand along her soft thighs, and inside her skirt, her skin hot against me. Her panties were soaking as I pressed the flimsy material against her clit and pussy. I could feel her throbbing against me, and this time it was me who had to muffle her cries as I pulled her panties to one side and thrust one, and then two, fingers deep inside her.

She clamped her thighs together, holding my hand tight, her pussy gripping my fingers as I fucked her slowly. She held my hand, pushing my fingers deeper inside her as we each reached for her breasts, her nipples, our lips crushed together as our tongues began thrusting again.

Her orgasm crashed through her seconds later, her hot juices flooding onto my hand as her pussy pulsed around me, as she squeezed me relentlessly. Our mouths stayed crushed together, our kissing frantic until Marie slowly started to relax.

I pulled my aching fingers out of her pussy and held them up to her. She licked, and then sucked, them slowly, her eyes never leaving mine as she cleaned me of her juices. And then we kissed, slowly, passionately, sharing our tastes.


By the time we got cleaned up, our flight was being called. We stumbled out of the restrooms, not really caring if anyone saw us, both of us giggling as we rushed around, gathering our hand luggage together and heading for the plane. As we sat waiting for the plane to take off, I squeezed Marie's hand and leant over to whisper in her ear.

"I don't remember that being on our shopping list," I told her.

She grinned at me.

"Not complaining, I hope?" she asked, her tongue flicking over her full, red lips, before she added, "Anyway, I think this holiday is going to be full of surprises."

Before I could answer, a stewardess came around to offer us a drink, and soon we were into the usual long haul flight stuff – meals, drinks, choosing a movie to watch. All of this filled the first four or five hours of the eleven hour flight. By then, as it got late, most people started to doze off.

We had taken off in the late evening, so by the time the early hours of the next day arrived, the plane was in darkness, with most people asleep. I dozed for a while, with Marie snuggled up next to me, her head on my shoulder and her hand resting lightly on my thigh under the blanket we were sharing.

I only realised that Marie had woken up when I felt her hand stroking firmly up and down my thigh, her fingers wandering perilously close to my growing bulge. I rubbed my eyes, half listening to her apologising for waking me up, before saying that she needed to get past me to get to the bathroom.

I pulled my legs in, and let her wriggle past, my hands running smoothly over her hips as I reached out to her. I sat for a few minutes after she had gone, still aware of her, of her smell, of the bulge in my jeans, of the silence and darkness in the plane. I glanced over my shoulder at the red "engaged" sign, trying to work out which of the two cubicles Marie was in. As I looked, the lighted sign turned to green.

I didn't hesitate any longer, but stood up quickly, stepped across the aisle and through the curtain that separated first class from the rest of the plane. The cubicle was just the other side of the curtain. As the door inched open, I stepped inside, pressing my lips to Marie's so that she wouldn't cry out as I pushed the door closed behind me.

Marie gasped as I held her tight, but then she recovered, her tongue sliding sensually into my mouth as we kissed. In the tight confines of the cubicle we had no choice but to stand close together, our bodies hard against each other.

As we kissed, Marie reached for my cock, deftly undoing my zip and dragging my cock into the open just as she had done at the airport. I helped her, undoing my button and easing my jeans down my thighs a little so that my cock and balls were free for her to caress, her thumb smearing the dribbles of pre cum over my cock head as our tongues explored.

I turned her around, my cock catching on her as she leant over as best she could. My back was against the door, my cock rubbing against her bum as she wriggled back towards me. I eased her skirt up over her rounded ass so that it was around her waist. Her knickers had ridden up into the tight valley between her cheeks, leaving one firm, creamy buttock naked.

I groaned as I reached for her, running my hands over her hips and ass, over her cheeks and slowly down the valley between them before easing the flimsy, wet material of her knickers to one side. We both moaned as she pressed herself back against my hand, as my fingers found her pussy, as they slid easily into her hot, wet body. She twisted her head around.

"Fuck me," she hissed as she arched her back, presenting herself to me, "Fuck me quickly."

I guided my cock between her thighs and into the hot wetness of her pussy, driving deep into her in one steady thrust. I reached around her, putting my hand over her mouth as she cried out, trying to muffle her sounds but feeling her wet tongue darting along my fingers, licking her juices off me.

With my other hand, I reached for her breasts, rubbing and pinching her hard nipples through the thin material of her top and bra, holding my cock inside her, my belly hard against her ass as her pussy throbbed around me, as she squeezed my thick, hard cock.

"Fuck me," she whispered again, "Fuck my cunt."

I pumped into her slowly, aware of the door just behind me, of the wall just in front of Marie. I reached into her as deep as I could, savouring the feel of her hot, wanton pussy around me, of her juices pouring from her. Our orgasms built quickly, from our lust, our need, our daring. I held Marie's hips and drove into her, her pussy moulded around my cock as I fucked her harder.

Marie buried her face in the crook of her arm to muffle her cries as she came, her ass pressing back against me. I held her tight, my cock buried inside her, her pussy throbbing around me as her orgasm flooded her body. As her orgasm faded, I fucked her again, harder, deeper, my balls slapping against her thighs.

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