tagGay MaleAll Out for his Coming Out Ch. 02

All Out for his Coming Out Ch. 02


It was Tuesday afternoon and Denny was getting ready to attend Barber School. He would go to the local school and commute on a daily basis. He still was in a whirlwind given what had happened in the past four days. First it was his coming out at the gay party that turned into an orgy with him as the object of attention. Then he had hooked up with Ian and Leland on Monday and then spent Tuesday with Leland. There was no doubt that he was gay, if there ever had been.

The hair stylist training would require an estimated 1,500 hours. He would attend the school Monday through Friday and have the weekends off. He was told that he would be spending Saturday's at the salon and Sundays at Roman's home. It would take about a year before he was ready to work full time at one of Roman's salons. He had broken the news to his parents about the stylist school and as Roman had instructed, told them that he had applied and been granted a scholarship to cover the costs. They were very proud of his initiative.

On Wednesday morning, he arrived at the school and he was surprised to see such a variety of people. For some reason, he expected everyone to be gay but that was not the case. There were more women in the class then guys and he didn't see any guy who appeared to be gay. Denny right then and there decided not to let on he was gay while in the school. The first three days he felt like he was drinking from a fire hose as so much information was thrown at them. He was glad that he had the weekend off.

On Saturday, he reported to the salon where Bobby, Cody and Barry worked. He handled administrative and cleanup duties as the three stylists were thrilled to have the extra help. Denny learned the duties of being an attendant. Essentially, he had was to do what the hair stylists told him. During the day, he answered the phone and handled the appointments. After the salon closed for the day he was to sweep and mop the floor. Also, he was to be sure that all equipment was clean and sterilized for each stylist.

At the end of the day after the salon was locked up, Bobby stayed behind as he was in the mood to fuck the pretty teen in his scrumptious ass. Cody and Barry had plans and they had already left. Bobby steered Denny over to one of the barber chairs and had him stand in front of it. Bobby pulled Denny's pants and underwear to his knees and had him kneel on the barber chair. Denny was disappointed that Bobby did not suck his cock as he was dying to have his cock sucked again.

Denny then felt Bobby place a tube in his ass followed by the lubricant coating his rectum. Bobby then dropped his own pants and eased his cock into the lovely ass. The thick nearly 8" shaft wormed its way into the pretty teen and then Bobby began to fuck him. Bobby reached around and took a hold of Denny's cock and jerked on it while he fucked him. Denny gasped when the hand wrapped around his tool and he knew that he would not last long before her shot his wad.

Bobby slowly fucked Denny's ass as he jerked the stiff cock. Then Bobby felt cum rush through Denny's cock and spew all over the barber chair. The first two streams shot passed the chair and landed on the floor and the next several cum shots landed on the chair. Bobby removed his hand from Denny's cock and kept right on fucking him. Denny stayed hard and he reached for his own cock as Bobby fucked him. Bobby stiffened and fired his cum into the receptive ass filling the rectum. Denny then came again when he felt Bobby's cum shoot into him.

Bobby stepped back letting his cock slip from the curvy bottom and located a nearby towel. He wiped off his dick and then handed the towel to Denny who used it to clean up the best he could. Denny wiped himself thoroughly with the towel and then pulled his clothes back on. He used the towel to wipe off the barber chair and the semen off the floor. Bobby then turned out the lights, locked up and they both headed home.


On Sunday after going to church and having breakfast with his parents, Denny headed over to Roman's home. He didn't know what to expect but he assumed that he and Roman would have sex that day. When he arrived Roman invited him in and then he saw that Dexter was there too.

"Denny. It's good to see you. So, how did the first days go?"

"Pretty well Roman, there is a lot to learn. On Saturday, I helped out at the salon as you told me."

"Good, I have some things to go over with Dexter. Go on out to the pool, some of the boys are there and there are drinks and snacks also."

"I didn't bring a swimsuit."

"Well, I think by now you know that a swimsuit is not needed around here. You can leave your clothes in the sunroom. Dexter and I will catch up with you later."

Denny got naked leaving his clothes in the sunroom and he walked out to the pool deck. There he saw Bobby, Cory and Barry all naked lounging by the pool sipping cocktails. Denny was offered one, he found it quite tasty and cool. The four of them chatted for a while but they were all anxious for sex and they didn't waste any more time. Denny was told to lay on his back as Bobby slipped his well-oiled cock into Denny's ass. Barry knelt alongside Denny's head and fed his cock to him. Denny turned his face toward Barry and gobbled up the cock. Cory knelt down by the teen and took Denny's cock in his mouth. Denny sighed as his cock was sucked by Cory and he thought that it didn't get any better than this. A cock in his ass, a cock in his mouth and his cock in a mouth was heaven. Barry played with the sensitive nipples as Denny sucked him.

Cory kept sucking and Denny knew he was close to cumming. He then felt Bobby's body stiffen just before he shot his load into Denny's ass. It was Bobby's first cum of the day and Denny could the feel the force of the massive ejaculation as streams of cum flooded his rectum. Denny tightened his sphincter around Bobby's cock in an effort to draw out every drop of man seed and he was rewarded for his efforts as the cock throbbed, pulsed and exploded in Denny's ass.

As Bobby slowly fucked Denny allowing his cock to remain in the teenager's ass, Barry announced he was cumming. Denny kept the cock in his mouth as Barry fired rope after rope of cum down Denny's throat. That triggered Denny's orgasm and he blasted his load into Cory's mouth. Both Denny and Cory sucked on the cocks in their mouths draining them.

Cory was the only one who hadn't cum yet and he switched positions with Denny. Denny moved between Cory's legs and slipped his cock into Cory's ass as Bobby offered Cory his cock to suck on. Barry took Cory's cock in his mouth and the action was repeated. This time Denny came in Cory's ass, Bobby came in Cory's mouth and Cory came in Barry's mouth. Since Barry and Cory had only cum once they moved to all fours and then Barry fucked Denny as Cory fucked Barry. Bobby sat and watched as the three of them fucked until Barry and Cory shot their wads in the anal passages.

Then they all took a dip in the pool and refreshed their drinks. However, it didn't take long for the young cocks to spring back into action. Bobby suggested that they place the lounge cushions next to each other on the pool deck. It didn't take long for Denny to get on all fours and turn his beautiful shapely ass up in the air in anticipation of Bobby's huge cock. Bobby did not disappoint him and he was soon pounding Denny's magnificent ass. Cory on the other cushion followed Denny's lead and offered his ass to Barry. Barry plunged his cock into Cory's ass and proceeded to fuck the daylights out of him.

Denny and Cory got their asses totally reamed by Bobby and Barry. Denny and Cory then got into a 69 position on their sides and Barry and Bobby slid their cocks back into their bottoms. The four of them writhed and humped until they all exploded in orgasms. Denny and Cory filled each other's mouth with the familiar taste of cum just as Barry shot his wad into Cory's ass and Bobby blasted his load into Denny's ass.

The four of them stayed in the same position for about a half hour as their cocks eventually softened and slipped from their receptacles. Cum oozed from Denny's and Cory's anus and dripped down the side of their mouths as the foursome recovered. The four of them collapsed as this time they were truly spent.

"Come one everyone, let's hit the jacuzzi and douche our bottoms," Bobby called out.

"Have you done that before, Denny?" asked Cory.

"Yes, but in Roman's big tub."

"Oh yeah, the infamous tub."

After they sat in the jacuzzi and douche their asses, they took another dip in the pool and then returned to the lounges to chillout. An hour later Bobby, Barry and Cory got dressed and left the house. Denny had been instructed by Roman to stay a while longer. Shortly after the others left, Denny found himself in Roman's bedroom along with Dexter.

"Denny, are you ready to be fucked again?" Roman asked.

"Yes, I'd like that.".

"Good because I'm going to fuck your ass next while you give Dexter a blow job."

Roman cupped one of Denny's buttocks, "Nice ass, really nice ass."

Denny got down on all fours and Roman began lubricating his anus. Roman applied an ample amount of lube to his cock too. Satisfied that Denny was well greased, he eased it into Denny's shapely ass.

"Dexter, get in front of him and let him suck your cock. Let him get you ready for his ass."

Denny took the hard cock in his mouth. In less than a minute Dexter was fully erect and he was enjoying the blow job even though he was anxious to fuck the pretty teen. Dexter's cock was beautiful and Denny loved sucking it. He gave Dexter one of the best blow jobs that he had ever given. Dexter continued to watch Roman fuck Denny as his cock was sucked by the pretty blonde. Dexter's release snuck up on him and Denny kept the cock in his mouth as Dexter ejaculated.

Denny drank down every drop of Dexter's load and he kept Dexter hard in the process. He was nibbling on the mushroom head but the sensation became too intense for Dexter so he stepped back but he continued to watch Roman fuck the blonde. "Okay here it cums," Roman announced as he thrust his cock all the way in. Roman stayed pressed against the curvy buttocks and it was obvious to Dexter that Denny was using his sphincter to drain the spurting cock. Roman eased his cock out of the sweet ass and let it rest between the buttocks.

"Dexter would you like to fuck me? Would you like to stick your big thick cock in my ass?" Denny asked sexily.

"Get on the bed this time."

Denny's 6" erect dick wavered in front of him as he knelt on the bed and raised his ass in the air. Dexter looked at him in this position and admired the smooth hairless body and great looking bubble butt. Dexter took the lube and applied a generous amount to his own cock. He knelt behind Denny and stared at the incredible ass that he was about to fuck. Dexter coated his dick making very slippery and then he eased into the teen's sexy bottom.

Dexter was gentle with him allowing Denny to adjust to the size of his cock. Soon he was buried to the hilt in the receptive ass and he fucked the young man with passion. Dexter held on to the pretty twin cheeks as he fucked him thoroughly. Denny couldn't believe how full he felt with Dexter's impressive dick in his ass. He had forgotten how thick his friend was. Denny felt Dexter tense and then fill his ass with cum. Dexter continued to fuck the gripping ass as cum backed out of Denny's anus and ran down over their balls. Dexter eased his soft cock out of Denny's ass and the two of them then flopped down on the bed and sighed.

Roman had watched the sex act and he was hard again. When Denny spotted Roman he rolled over and got on all fours with his curvy bubble butt stuck up in the air. Roman felt his cock twinge as he looked at Denny's hot ass.

"Roman, are you going to fuck me again?"

Roman's cock hardened as he approached the bed. He knelt behind Denny and began to caress the beautiful ass. Roman put an ample amount of lube in his hands and rubbed it all around Denny's bung hole. Then Roman inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Denny's ass for another ass fuck. He sawed his fingers in and out of Denny's anus and Roman was turned on by the thought of burying his cock in Denny's shapely ass one more time. Roman moved closer to Denny and lined up the head of his cock with Denny's anal opening. Roman eased his big dick into the irresistible ass.

The cock head cleared the sphincter and following Dexter's big cock, Roman's easily slid into the chamber. Denny's ass chute was warm and tight as Roman went deeper and deeper into him. Soon he was all the way in the sweet ass and he started a slow fucking motion. Roman continued to pump the curvy ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts. He caressed the smooth round cheeks as he fucked the teen.

Denny asked Roman to fuck him harder and quicker. So, he picked up the pace and he pounded Denny's ass faster and faster. Roman's balls started bouncing off of the teen's balls and Denny moaned with each thrust of the cock. Roman could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed in Denny's ass. Roman fired a barrage of cum in Denny's ass filling it to overflowing. As he continued to fuck, his seed backed up in Denny's rectum and oozed out trickling down over the perineum. Denny had learned to use his sphincter and he milked Roman's cock and drained it dry. The milking action weakened Roman and sent tingles through his body. He pulled out of Denny and collapsed on his bed next to him.

Dexter wasted no time and re-entered the pretty teen's ass. Denny had cum so many times earlier that day that he didn't feel the need for another ejaculation. Instead he just enjoyed the attention to his ass and pleasing his hosts. Dexter eventually came again and this time they were done with Denny, who fell face forward on the bed. Roman had run the bath and when he returned he told Denny to get cleaned up.

"The tub is all ready for you. I thought you would like to wash and douche before you left."

Denny was grateful for that and he moved his well-fucked body from the bed to the bathroom. He sat in the tub letting the bubbly-oily water sooth his body. He used the gentle jets to douche his bottom as he had received another four loads. Thirty minutes later, Denny was dressed and leaving the house. He thanked Roman for a wonderful day and then headed home. It was nearly 8:00 PM when he arrived home. His mother greeted him.

"Hello dear, there are leftovers in the fridge in case you didn't eat."

"Thanks mother but I had plenty to eat as we had snacks by the pool all day. I'm just tired now from the sun and swimming. I'm just going to go up to my room and read a little before I go to sleep."

"Don't forget to set your alarm. You don't want for school."

"I won't, goodnight."


Denny would be in school for five hours a day and finished up around 3:00 PM. Roman contacted him and told him Bobby was sick and couldn't be at the salon that week. He needed Denny to report there after school and help out. Cory and Barry could handle the stylist duties but they needed someone to handle the administrative work and cleaning duties. The salon was open until 7:00 PM each weekday. It would make for a long week for Denny but he was young and resourceful.

Denny explained his extra assignment to his folks so they would not be expecting him for dinner. He reported to the salon on Monday and he was thankful he had worked the previous Saturday and learned the ropes. Cory and Barry were relieved to see him and grateful he would be there the rest of the week and Saturday. By the end of the day Denny was exhausted as were the stylists. Given their fatigue and full day of sexual activities on Sunday, the last thing on their minds was sex.

Tuesday proved to be another full day and by 8:00 PM they wanted nothing but to go home. Wednesday, however, was a bit saner and the three of them were more in the mood for sex. There were no clients after 6:00 PM so Denny was able to clean up earlier and all of them wrapped up by 7:00 PM. Cory locked up and then opened a bottle of wine to share with his colleagues.

They drank the wine and chatted for several minutes. Cory and Barry wanted to hear about Denny's impression of barber school. Cory got up to use the bathroom and while he was gone Barry began fondling Denny

"A bit horny are we this evening?"

"It's your fault for having such a beautiful ass."

Denny took off his clothes and Barry got the lubricant. He began to lubricate Denny's super fine ass. He probed with one finger and quickly added a second. Once his fingers were moving easily in and out, he removed them and lubricated his stiff cock. Next, he positioned Denny on the barber chair, eased his cock into the receptive ass and began to fuck the pretty teen slowly.

"Oh yes, that feels good, fuck me."

Cory returned from the bathroom and smiled when he saw the two of them already engaged in sex. He took off his clothe and joined the twosome. He moved alongside Denny with his impressive cock in an erect state. Denny reached for the big cock and held it in his hand briefly before he finally licked the head with his tongue. He opened his mouth and only took about four inches of the 7+ inches into his mouth and began to suck on it. Barry resumed fucking his Denny as he sucked on the big dick. The act had the three of them turned on and it didn't take long for Barry to cum and fill the teen's ass with his first massive load of the day. Cory loved the blow job as it was as good as Denny had ever given him. It had also been a few days since Cory had had sex so even when he came, he flooded the teen's mouth.

"Barry, I need to cum, give me your ass," Denny gasped.

Barry moved into position on the barber chair to be fucked and Denny got the lube and prepared the lovely ass. Cory decided that he would fuck Denny at the same time. He took the lube and fingered Denny's ass. Denny slipped his cock into Barry's ass and began fucking him while Cory continued to finger fuck him. Denny actually liked the anal penetration as he fucked his colleague. Satisfied that Denny's ass was well lubed he applied a generous amount of lube to his own cock. Cory moved in behind the pretty gay and pushed his cock into the snug ass. Denny pleaded with Cory to go slow and not too deep at first.

Cory eased more of his cock into the curvy ass. He was gentle though relentless in his quest to fuck Denny. Cory would push in a little and stop allowing Denny to adjust along the way. Finally, he began a rocking motion and began fucking him slowly. Denny was comfortable with the larger cock in him and he resumed fucking Barry. As Denny picked up the pace fucking Barry in the ass he was pushing his own ass back onto Cory's cock. Cory stopped moving as he didn't need to move as much while Denny was fucking Barry.

Denny would bury his cock in Barry and in the process his ass would slide along Cory's cock. When he withdrew slightly from Barry's ass he impaled his ass on the big cock. Cory inched closer and closer as Denny took more and more of his cock. Once he felt the skin against his buttocks and he realized that Cory was all the way in his ass. He was once again thrilled and he picked up the pace fucking his colleague and impaling himself on the thick cock.

Cory came before the others and when he did, Denny felt cum shoot into his ass. His buttocks tightened as he plunged his cock all the way into Barry's ass and unleashed his first load of the day. He flooded Barry's rectum with an enormous load, one of the largest in a while that he could remember. As his sphincter clenched and unclenched as he came in Barry's ass, he in turn milked every drop of cum from the pulsating cock. Cory caressed Denny's shapely ass as he let his cock be milked dry. He liked looking at the pretty gay with the lily-white ass.

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