tagGay MaleAll Out for his Coming Out Ch. 03

All Out for his Coming Out Ch. 03



Denny was lying in his own bed on a Sunday morning. He was naked as he always liked to sleep in the nude even alone. His cock was hard and he was stroking it but not in an effort to cum. He just liked playing with his erection that particular morning. Next week he would graduate from Barber School and begin work the following week. As he lay in bed playing with his dick he thought about the past nine months and how his life had changed.

It all started with his coming out party and ever since then he loved being gay. He loved being naked with the other gays whether it was group sex or couple's sex. He was looking forward to working and getting his own place or at least one to share with another gay. He missed having another naked body in bed with him. He loved the feel of smooth skin and hard cocks. It was always great when he got to crash with Cory and Barry or got to stay over at Roman's house.

To wake up in the morning with a naked body behind him cuddling up to him, is what he desired. He loved to feel the hard-stiff dick slide into his hot receptive ass. An arm draped over his body and the hand seeking out his stiff cock to get his juices flowing. The two of them moving slowly, the cock sliding in and out, the hand stroking his cock, this is what he craved. The cock would explode in his ass and unleash the surge of syrupy semen into his rectum. He would tighten his buttocks to trap the shaft and keep it from escaping. Then his cock would surge from the masturbation and shoot his seed onto his body.

Last week he stayed with Cory and Barry. Bobby had also crashed there and it was wonderful. The guys were naked on Saturday night and sporting boners. Barry and Denny had sucked each other's cock in a 69 position on their sides. Bobby fucked Denny and Cory fucked Barry. After they ejaculated into the sweet asses they switched places. Cory fucked Denny and Bobby fucked Barry. Of course, Denny and Barry had cum in each other's mouth. Before they went to bed, Denny got to fuck Barry who then fucked Denny. That night Denny slept with Bobby and he loved the feel of a naked body next to him. Before they dozed off Bobby fucked Denny in the spoon position and as he did he hugged the pretty teen to him. Denny loved being fucked like that, being held and cuddled.

Thinking about Freddie, Denny would pick him as the perfect roommate as they were both so effeminate and liked the same things. He was already thinking about next weekend, Roman was hosting a graduation party for him. He knew that Dexter would be there as well as the stylists who worked for Roman. Denny would stay over on Saturday night and he was already salivating about all the cocks he would have that weekend. It would be just like his coming out party except that he was quite experienced now.

Denny decided to get up and shower. Later that day he would be going to Leland's house. Ian would be there as well that day and there would be plenty of sex among the three of them. His parents thought it was nice of Leland to invite Denny over to go swimming. Leland's parents were gone for the weekend and wouldn't return until Monday. There would be no worries about them arriving home early.


Denny arrived at Leland's house around 1:00 PM and Ian was already there. They had been sunbathing in the nude so Denny removed his clothes and joined them. However, once they got a look at Denny's marvelous ass again, they had to have it. Leland wanted badly to fuck the pretty blonde again and Denny was anxious to feel that big dick in him. Leland got the lotion as Denny lay on a lounge cushion and rolled over on his belly.

Leland began to caress the shapely ass from behind. Denny felt the lotion running down the crack of his ass just before Leland caught it and pushed it into the receptive bottom. Denny felt the welcome intrusion. Leland kept fingering the scrumptious ass and applying more lotion until he was able to insert a second finger. Denny groaned with pleasure. Leland fingered him with two fingers until they moved easily in Denny's ass. Leland next removed his fingers, coated his cock with lotion making it as slick as possible.

Denny felt Leland's presence behind him and then he felt the soft mushroom head at the entrance to his ass. Leland pressed forward as the spongy head squeezed in and Denny sighed as he was filled with cock. Denny dipped his head and groaned as the stiff shaft wormed its way into his tight passage and stuffed his rectum. Once again, there was the rewarding feeling of fullness in his ass.

Leland began moving slowly as he liked fucking Denny. Leland really got into it and he started caressing the curvy buttocks as his cock slid all the way in and out. Denny had completely adjusted to the cock in his ass and he liked the feel of it sliding in and out. Denny pushed his ass back to receive Leland's cock. Ian sat by and stroked his cock as he watched the two lovers, patiently awaiting his turn at the lovely teen.

The two gays were now caught up in the act and Denny began to moan, groan and tell Leland to fuck him. Leland was incredibly turned-on and he felt his release building in his balls. He didn't want to cum that soon as he loved watching his cock slide in and out of Denny's shapely ass. As much as Leland tried to prolong his ejaculation his body took over and he fired a massive load into the clenching rectum. Denny's eyes widened when he felt the surge of the discharge and he instinctively contracted his sphincter muscle around the spurting shaft. Leland pressed forward burying his cock in the sweet ass and savored the feeling of his release. He remained in the teen's ass as Denny squeezed the cock with his sphincter until it eventually softened and slipped out.

Leland stared for a moment at the ass that he had just fucked as he was thrilled that he had it again so soon. Denny remained on all fours for a few more minutes as he expelled some of Leland's cum from his anus. He felt the semen ooze from his hole and trickle down the inside of his thighs. The feeling was erotic to Denny and he now needed to get off. Denny rolled over on his back and grabbed his erect cock and began to jerk off.

"I need to get off."

"Well you can jerk off or you can have Ian."

"Let's go Ian."

"Did Leland fucking you get you all excited?"

Ian rolled his naked body over on all fours and wiggled his ass in Denny's direction. Denny lubricated Ian's anus with the lotion and then he hurriedly shoved his cock in the curvy ass. Leland walked to the other side of the lounge and offered his cock to Ian to suck on. Ian gobbled up the big dick and he soon had Leland hard in his mouth. Denny was moving rapidly in and out of Ian's ass and was so turned on that he knew he would cum quickly.

Denny held Ian's hips as he drove his cock all the way in and ejaculated in the pretty gay's rectum. Denny always had massive loads especially the first one of the day. He flooded Ian's rectum and he could feel it coat his cock. Ian loved the rush of the warm man seed in his ass and he was rock hard and now ready to fuck Denny. Ian told the blonde to get on his back on the lounge cushion so Denny pulled out and watched his seed run out of Ian's ass.

Denny got on his back and spread his legs looking forward to another butt fuck. Ian lubed his cock and moved into position to fuck Denny missionary style. Ian pushed his cock into the receptive ass and held him by the back of his knees. Ian leaned into Denny and began fucking him. Leland watched the two cuties and he got turned on by Ian glutes contracting. Leland took the lube and applied it liberally to his big cock. Leland knelt behind Ian and eased his dick into the familiar ass.

"Oh God, I love this," Ian called out.

Leland let Ian do most of the work. As he fucked Denny he also impaled himself on Leland's cock. Ian secretly wished he had a third cock for his mouth as it was his favorite action of all time. He loved having his cock buried in a nice ass while he was getting fucked and sucking on a third dick. The memory of him, Leland and the pool boys passed through his mind. Denny stayed erect the whole time and his cock slapped against his abs as Ian fucked him. Denny then reached down and took a hold of his dick and jerked off.

Ian came first and Denny cried out, "Oh yeah, I feel it."

Leland felt Ian's sphincter clamp around his cock with each contraction as he ejaculated into the pretty teen. Leland was the next to cum and emptied his balls into Ian's rectum. Denny was furiously jerking off with urgency to cum again. Leland eased his dick out and watched as Ian stayed hard in Denny's ass and continued to fuck him. Denny's hand flew over his shaft as Ian drilled his ass. Leland watched his seed flow out of Ian's ass and run down over the balls onto Denny's buttocks. Then Denny unleashed another one of his volcanic ejaculations. It was quite a sight.

They would rest, take a swim and sit in the Jacuzzi, allowing their bodies to rejuvenate. They were not done by any means as these virile young men were capable of at least four ejaculations in the course of a day.


Denny received his hairstylist license on Wednesday and he celebrated the evening with his parents. They went out to dinner and his parents were thrilled with his accomplishment. That Thursday and Friday he would help out at the salon and have some unexpected fun with Bobby, Cory and Barry. Saturday was the big day and Roman was having a party in Denny's honor. Denny had already planned to spend the night at Roman's house.

At the end of the business day Thursday, Denny stayed to help clean up as he always did when working at the salon. As he was sweeping the floor, he wondered what was next. What salon would Roman send him to work? Bobby then left and said good night to the other three. Right after that, Cory dropped his pants, sat in one of the barber chairs and began to stroke his cock.

"Denny you haven't had this in a while. Would you like to suck it?"

"Yes I would, very much so."

"Well then why don't you get started."

Denny moved over to Cory's barber chair and got between his legs. He took the semi hard cock in his hand and guided it toward his mouth. He began to kiss and suck on the impressive dick causing it to grow to a full erect state. Denny liked it when a cock stiffened in his hand. He took as much of the cock in his mouth as he could without gagging. He held the cock with one hand and fondled the balls with his other hand as he bobbed up and down on the rigid member.

Barry moved in behind, unfastened Denny's pants and let them fall to his ankles. Then he pulled Denny's underwear down his legs. Barry started caressing the lovely butt cheeks and then tickled the bung hole. Denny shivered with desire as he felt Barry's finger graze his anus. Barry took some cream and worked it into the crack of Denny's ass and then he started to finger fuck him. He slowly worked his finger in and out of the teenager's rectum coating it with cream. He then added a second finger and Denny cooed on Cory's cock as he felt the pleasant intrusion in his ass. Barry knew that Denny enjoyed the anal penetration as he readied the sweet ass for his cock.

Barry knelt behind Denny on the floor and eased his hard cock into the pretty teen's ass. He loved watching the aperture open up to accommodate his well-lubed dick. Denny sighed as the cock went all the way into his ass and he felt pubic hair against his ass cheeks. Denny enthusiastically sucked Cory's cock as Barry slowly fucked his ass and he again felt he was in heaven with these two young lovers. Denny felt Cory's balls tighten and he knew that it wouldn't be long before he was rewarded with cum in his mouth.

Denny was a very good cock sucker and Cory had no trouble cumming in his mouth. Cory's body tensed for a second and then he fired his load into the succulent mouth. Denny swallowed as quickly as he could as cum shot into his mouth bouncing off the back of his throat and filling his mouth. He felt like he was drinking from a fire hose as the ejaculation seemed endless. Cory finally stopped cumming and he relaxed as Denny continued to suck his cock draining it of all the dick juice. Cory stroked the teen's head in a gesture that signaled he was pleased with Denny's performance.

Barry had been slowly fucking him as Denny concentrated on Cory's cock. Watching Denny suck his lover's cock dry drove Barry to his brink and he came in the sweet ass. Denny felt the warm sperm enter his bottom and coat his rectal passage. He loved it when someone came in his ass and he wiggled his bottom in response to the fucking. Denny squeezed his cheeks together and used his anal sphincter to milk Barry's cock dry of cum. Barry kept his cock in the teenager's ass until it softened and slipped out with an audible pop.

Denny rolled over on his back and reached for his throbbing hard cock. Barry leaned over and took Denny's hand off his cock and covered it with his mouth. Denny was thrilled when Barry began to suck his cock. He wondered if Barry would let him cum in his mouth again. Denny didn't have to wonder too long because he felt his load building in his balls.

"I'm going to cum."

Barry just kept on sucking the boy's cock and when he grasped the testicles that sent Denny over the edge. His body went rigid as he blasted an enormous load of cum into Barry's mouth. He was pleased when Barry swallowed every drop of his seed. Barry sucked Denny until he was dry and went soft in his mouth.

"That was incredible. It was my first blow job since Sunday."

"Well good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Would you like to fuck me next?"

"Oh yes I haven't done that since Saturday."

He couldn't believe his good fortune working with these two men and now Barry was going to let Denny fuck him. They rested for a short while and then Barry told Denny to lube up his ass while Barry sucked Cory's cock. Barry took up the same position that Denny had earlier and started sucking his lover's cock. Denny took the lube and massaged it into Barry's anus and finger fucked his ass. Denny got hard immediately as he finger-fucked Barry's ass. He quickly replaced his fingers with his cock and it slid into the receptive ass with ease.

Denny came before Cory did in the excitement of the moment. He fired a huge load of cum into Barry's hot ass and Barry used his sphincter on Denny just as Denny had done to him. Denny held on to Barry's ass cheeks as he watched the gorgeous ass work on his cock and then he massaged the round globes as he emptied his balls into the gripping rectum. Cory then fired his load into Barry's mouth and as usual Barry sucked him dry.

Before they left Cory fucked Denny and since it was his third ejaculation, he fucked the teen for quite some time. Once Cory had cum, the three young men disengaged, cleaned up and re-dressed. The three of them finished cleaning up and then they locked up and left the salon. Denny went home filling sated and wonderful. He didn't think that he would ever be able to have enough cock in his ass and his mouth. That coming weekend he would have plenty.

Friday was nearly a repeat performance of Thursday, as the three gays sucked and fucked each other again. Cory cautioned them on not cumming too many times and to save some for the party on Saturday. It was going to be a pool party and Roman had decided to close the salon so that the stylists could attend. Barry, Cory and Bobby had some regular clients and they agreed to work until noon but they did not accept any walk-ins or appointments.


By 1:00 PM everyone was gathered at Roman's house for the pool party. A buffet had been set up and the guests helped themselves to food and drink. It didn't long after lunch that swim suits were coming off and naked bodies were splashing around in the pool and the guys were playing with each other. The jacuzzi was full with naked bodies as well and the orgy was underway.

Denny was surprised and thrilled that Roman had invited Freddie to the party. Freddie had flown up from Miami and it made Denny's day even more special. Roman also had a business arrangement to discuss with Freddie which would also impact Denny's future. That discussion would happen Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, everyone was to enjoy themselves. Dexter was not there yet as he planned to arrive later in the evening.

Roman did not get involved in the in the orgy taking place that afternoon but he enjoyed watching his gay guests go at it. He would fuck both Freddie and Denny later that night as would Dexter. In the meantime, Roman kicked back with a cocktail and watched the youthful gay bodies engaged in sex. One particular hot scene was taking place in the swimming pool.

Denny was lying on a rubber raft sideways with Cory behind him and Bobby in front of him. They were in the swallow end so that they could stand and their cocks were above the water line. Cory was fucking Denny who in turn was sucking Bobby's cock. It was very erotic to see Denny's lily white shapely ass sticking up on the raft. When Cory came he pulled out and shot his load into the water. It was a wild scene to see the semen enter the pool and slowly sink to the bottom. It looked like some sort of marine life swimming away.

Bobby then replaced Cory and he began fucking Denny. Another gay, who Denny did not know, stepped in front and fed his cock to Denny's mouth. Over in the Jacuzzi, Barry was sitting on the edge and Freddie was sucking his cock. There was a gay behind Freddie fucking him and another stroking his cock waiting his turn at the sweet ass. Freddie was the only one there who was completely tan. All the others had tan lines and white bottoms. Freddie had been taking female hormones because he was interested in developing breasts. His hair was longer and he had the signs of budding little titties. He really looked good.

Freddie and Denny were definitely the objects of everyone's attention as the gays moved around and rotated taking turns in the mouths and asses. Every so often a guy would get out of the water and relax with a drink for a few minutes. There were enough guests whereas, Denny and Freddie continually had cocks in their mouths and asses. Eventually everyone got back on the pool deck to rejuvenate and enjoy a cocktail.

Freddie and Denny were then let to pleasure each other as neither one of them had cum yet. First Freddie fucked Denny and then Denny fucked Freddie. Denny loved fondling Freddie's new titties as he fucked him. Both of them shot enormous loads into each other as they were really worked up. The orgy resumed on the pool deck and Roman watched as Barry, Freddie and Denny were placed on all fours with cocks in their asses and mouths. It was nearly 7:00 PM when the guests thanked Roman and departed. Only Freddie and Denny remained behind.

Dexter had arrived and now it was his and Roman's turn to enjoy the pretty young gays. They took it into the sun room. Dexter and Roman, even though they had seen them naked before, kept staring at the pretty gays somewhat in awe but at the same time in admiration of their magnificent effeminate bodies. Denny and Freddie knelt on the sofa facing the back of it. Their incredible asses were calling out to be fucked.

"Dexter, I'm going to fuck both asses first and loosen them up for your cock," Roman stated.

Denny and Freddie took up the subservient doggy-style position on the sofa as Roman lubricated both asses. Dexter was dying to get his cock into one of their asses as he watched his friend prepare them for anal sex. Denny and Freddie had their heads turned toward each other. They reached out and held hands as Roman worked on their asses. First, he moved behind Denny and eased his cock into his shapely ass. Denny groaned with the anal penetration and squeezed Freddie's hand tightly. He didn't fuck Denny for very long and then he moved over to Freddie and began fucking him.

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