All That Matters

byCal Y. Pygia©

Thick and rigid, Jason's cock stood uptight against his belly.

The sight of the smooth, firm-soft cheeks of her Violet’s bare ass always excited him; he found her round, compact ass delightful. It was her best feature and, considering the rest of her, that was quite a compliment. Jason enjoyed massaging it. He'd spent the last half hour doing just that, making small circles over the sleek, lovely mounds with his palm and savoring the feel of the silky white flesh that stretched over the cushions of her full buttocks. He gave her rump a few loving pats, before kneeling behind her.

Taking his erection in his fist, he guided its purple glans into the deep cleavage of her bottom. The feel of the velvet-smooth buttocks sliding past his cock thrilled him, and he moaned.

Abruptly, his prick encountered the small, tight circle of her anus. He paused, enjoying the thought of his imminent violation of her. It wasn't actually a violation, of course, because Violet had consented to his using her in this manner. She enjoyed having a thick, hard cock up her ass as much as he enjoyed shoving his prick between her smooth, soft buttocks and deep into her rectum. Nevertheless, he preferred to imagine that he was violating her. He'd rather think that Violet was very much against his ravishing her anally. The idea that he was raping her ass excited him as nothing else did, not even the spankings to which she occasionally submitted, allowing him to put a blush in her cheeks and to decorate her bottom with a few welts and bruises. Once, Violet had even done him the honor of drinking his piss from a goblet. The sight of her soft, pink lips parting over the rim of the crystal chalice, to sip the golden urine, warm from his bladder, had been almost as exciting as taking her anally. Unfortunately, Violet hadn't liked the taste of his pee, finding it rather too bitter and too salty, and she'd refused to drink it again, despite his many attempts to gain her consent.

The memory of her imbibing his urine made his already-stiff cock even harder. He shoved his hips forward, and several inches of his massive, thick organ spread her anus as his penis forced its way through the tight sphincter. He paused, letting her asshole flutter frantically around his invading member, as if it were making a defiant attempt to block its entry or to evict the trespassing organ. Finally, the portal relaxed, opening to admit him, to accept the presence of his cock within her innermost depths, and he thrust the remaining length of his seven-inch prick into her bowels, loving the feel of the smooth ring of muscle sliding past his rigid member.

He pressed forward, until all seven inches of his erection were buried inside her impaled bottom. His balls dangled against her perineum, adding to his excitement, for they reminded him that he was using her ass for his pleasure. In doing so, it was as if he were denying her femininity. It was as if he were ignoring her very purpose as a woman by fucking her in the ass, for she could not conceive a child this way (not that Violet could otherwise, of course), and she was no more a woman to him than if she were a fellow male, since he could enjoy himself in this manner with a member of either sex. By butt-fucking Violet, he reduced her to an sexless object, a pair of buttocks, an anus, and a rectum. Using her in this manner made him feel powerful, like a god, able to take away from her that which was most basic to her identity as a woman.

Moreover, anal intercourse was uncomfortable, even somewhat painful, for the petite Violet. She enjoyed it, yes, but that was, in part, because she was a bit masochistic. The discomfort and pain were, paradoxically, pleasurable to her, just as inflicting such unpleasant sensations upon her was enjoyable to him. Psychologically, they were a perfect fit.

With these thoughts running through his mind, Jason began to fuck Violet, withdrawing his long cock until only the glans remained within the circle of her anus, pausing a moment, to enjoy the sight of her sphincter stretched to many times its normal size by his rigid prick, and then drove his organ home again, repeating these actions with greater speed, intensity, and fervor, until he was hammering her, and her buttocks flattened and rose in rapid succession as he slammed into her, rocking her body beneath his brutal thrusts. His penis slid back and forth inside her asshole as if it were a piston pumping inside a cylinder.

Violet moaned, biting her lower lip and squeezing her eyes shut. He was hurting her--which was good. She could take it, she reassured herself. His girth was uncomfortable; at times, it was even a little painful, but it wasn't anything she hadn't suffered before, and it was nothing she couldn't bear now. In a few minutes, he would reach the point of no return, anyway, and her discomfort would end in a flood of passion.

Jason had lubricated her well before penetrating her, and she could hear the lubricant squishing and gurgling around his cock and within the ring of her impaled anus as he fucked her with increasing urgency, plunging hard into her ass and grinding his pubes against her compressed buttocks. As much as Violet enjoyed anal sex, she knew that he loved it even more, and she understood why. She knew that it made him feel strong and powerful. To fuck her this way swelled not only his cock, but also his ego, making him feel like a giant among men. By fucking her in the ass, he asserted his dominance over her, his authority over her, his supremacy to her, making her adopt a role that had nothing to do with her femininity. He stripped away her womanhood, making her an object; by using her ass as a cunt, he implied that she might as well be another male, for a man could serve his needs as well as she could. In her case, of course, this was true, since he had no alternative but to fuck her in the ass.

Reaching behind her, Violet found Jason's hand and drew it around her waist, to her genitals. He frowned, trying to remove his hand, but she held it in place. "Masturbate me," she pleaded.

Shit! Jason thought. He hated to honor her request, because it detracted from his brutal use of her ass and, even worse, severely damaged, if not destroyed, the illusion that, in butt fucking her, he was stripping her of her identity as a woman. He knew he had no choice but to acquiesce, though. If he didn't, he wouldn't have access to Violet's ass for a month, and he couldn't go that long without fucking her. She was a good sport about most things he wanted to try, and she was, about all things other than her insistence that he masturbate her while they had intercourse and her refusal to drink any more of his piss, not merely submissive but also eager to please. He supposed he owed her at least this measure of gratification. He sighed. Trying not to be too mechanical in his movements, his hand closed over the soft flesh of her genitals, and he massaged her balls through the silken flesh of her contracted scrotum before pumping the taut skin of her diminutive penis back and forth upon its rigid, standing shaft. All the air went out of Violet's lungs in a long, slow exhalation of her breath; her body relaxed completely. She concentrated on her lover's fingers plying her cock and balls. A few moments later, he felt a warm, sticky fluid ooze from her shrinking, softening penis, and he knew she'd reached her climax. He frowned, wiping the semen on his fingers onto her buttocks.

For Jason, the moment was ruined. The illusion that he was stripping away Violet's womanhood by fucking her in the ass vanished with the knowledge that, despite his lover's full, round breasts, her delicate frame, her petite stature, her beautiful face, her long, silken hair, and her smooth, feminine buttocks, Violet was not a woman and, since she had elected to retain her male genitals, despite the gender dysphoria she'd been diagnosed as suffering, she would always be a man--or, at least, she would always have a cock and balls. Therefore, since she lacked, and always would lack, a cunt, there was no other way for him to fuck her but in the ass. He wasn't taking her womanhood away from her. He was simply fucking another guy--a "chick with a dick," true, but another guy, nonetheless.

None of this mattered now, though, for, although the illusion that Jason found so fulfilling had been stripped away, his body didn't care; sexually, he was as excited as ever, and his body trembled, his thighs shuddering, his buttocks flexing spasmodically, and his erection lurching and straining inside Violet's bottom. It felt to him as if he were being wrung out inside, and an intense tickling sensation flooded his loins. He cried out, nearly howling, as jet after thick, warm jet of his thick, viscid semen launched from his convulsive cock, inundating Violet's bowels. He drove as far forward, into her rectum, as he could, crushing her buttocks flat beneath his pubes, as he vented his passion, along with his seed. Clutching Violet tightly around the hips, he focused upon the agonizing ecstasy of the orgasm that swept through him and upon the quick, spurting ejaculations of his sperm deep into the interior of Violet's ass. In the paroxysms of orgasm, it did not matter to him that Violet was not a woman whose womanhood he could deny; it did not matter to him that she was a shemale; there was, after all, no gender in an orgasm. Gripped in the passion of sexual release, he cared not a whit that his lover was both male and female while being neither. All he knew was that it felt wonderful to be launching his seed deep, deep inside his lover, into the most intimate and innermost depths of her--and his own--being. All that mattered to him now was that he loved Violet, completely and ardently, with all the strength of his body, mind, and soul.

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