tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAll That We See or Seem

All That We See or Seem


"Just a normal black coffee"

She remembered that it was those words that first caught her attention. Too many men who tried to convey a sense of power by ordering half decaf double cappuccinos or Sumatra Santos blends, and then he orders just plain black coffee.

Tammy had gone to the coffee shop a few times and was there enough now to recognize the servers and she met the owner once or twice. A small little place that you wouldn't notice if you weren't looking for it, but the coffee there was the best in town. The shop had a steady stream of regulars that she noticed, but when this one man came in, she'd hoped he would come back.

Not just his unpretentious coffee preference, but his bearing, his attitude was intriguing. He half flirted with the girl behind the counter, and the owner greeted him like an old friend. As the man got his coffee, he settled into a chair next to the window and opened small leather bound black notebook. He would jot a few notes, look around, and write a little more. She even once caught him looking at her as he wrote. Instead of the embarrassed quick turn away that most people do, he merely smiled and nodded. Regardless of what he did, it was backed with a subtle self-confidence that was rare. Not an arrogance, but quite sure of himself.

She was also drawn to his book. He seemed to be writing in it constantly, but she had no clue as to what he was writing. It couldn't be just a journal, because he looked around too much, searching, seeking the world for something that would spur the next few words he put down. She wondered what he wrote the time he was looking at her. It had to be more than just the day's thoughts and observances. Once she had walked past, trying to peer over his shoulder. It wasn't a schedule either...Words on a page...but she couldn't make out the sentence or more than a few words.

And then this morning...Fate began her games and for whatever reason, the mysterious writer left his book on the table when he left. Tammy sat staring at it nearly five minutes debating what to do. Finally rationalizing that she should pick it up before someone else did, she walked past and scooped it up as she left. In the front seat of her car she kept looking at it, wondering whether to open it, using the search for a name and address so that she could return it as an excuse. On the inside front cover was the name Jeff Allen...and the address was across the street from her apartment! This was too eerie to be true.

She told herself she would take it over to him with dinner. A way to make an introduction "Hi...you left your book and I brought you some food"... the more she held it though, the greater the temptation to read evens just a little bit.

"No...its his private writings...it could be his diary of sorts…it would be wrong." She told herself over and over. And then she would equally argue the permission for reading just one little bit. Finally just before going to bed that night, with the book on her nightstand, she gave in to voyeurism and opened to the first entry.

I can see her in her window; talking on the phone, walking around as she laughs with her friend on the other end. Her eyes twinkle when she laughs. I wonder what her voice is like, how could I call her without knowing her. Maybe just call and say it was a wrong number.

She started to get undressed, I watched as she pulled her shirt off, and was glad to see she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples are such a rosy pink. The air wasn't cold enough to make them hard instantly, but I think she likes going topless. She seemed so natural, so relaxed. I nearly lost it when she wiggled out of her panties. She didn't bend over to push them down, she slid them down just enough to get past her hips, then let them fall, wiggling her hips to help them down. She just stepped out of them… leaving them there on the floor. I wish more women were more comfortable with their bodies like she was.

I finally gave in when she took out her vibe when she went to bed. She just lay back on her bed and started with her fingers, rubbing her pussy and pulling at her nipples. It only took her a few moments to get worked up enough to slide the vibe in. Eyes closed, mouth parted in deep drawn breaths as she pleasured herself. I was stroking myself without evening know it…my hands falling in rhythm with hers.

She started to arch her back, and grabbed at the sheets with her free hand. Her knees came up and she was really working that vibe on herself. I was pumping for all I was worth, and hit my climax just seconds before she hit hers. I wanted to call her… to tell her how I was watching her, joining her, how close we came to cumming together. Maybe some day…..Probably not.

Tammy found herself aroused and thinking about her mystery man. He seemed so respectable and nice in the store. Hell, how did she know what he was… here he's a peeping tom by his own admission, getting off watching some woman in her bed. She looked down to realize she had slipped her hand beneath the waist band of her panties, and had a finger working inside her. Ok…so maybe perversion is contagious. What the hell…she reached for her vibrator, and wallowed in her guilty pleasures. "I'll take the book to him tomorrow at the coffee shop " she promised herself as she slipped into her post orgasm dreams.

The next morning, she read another entry over breakfast. He recounted how he watched her getting ready for a date. Her hurried preparations and indecision as she tried different outfits and various hairstyles. He gave a silent approval of her final dress choice, and made note of his slight jealousy when the guy showed up. Though he watched a moment as they made out on the couch, as it became obvious they were headed to the bedroom, the writer gave her privacy for the time. Seems there are some lines even voyeurs don't cross.

Tammy carried the images in her mind as she showered. The idea of someone watching and fantasizing from afar was an equal mix of disturbing and arousing. Evidently this Jeff Allen wasn't all creepy stalker guy, just some one who liked to watch this woman he found. She doubted he would end up on America's Most Wanted for abducting her, but she wondered what the woman would say if she found out. Would she find him sexy and fulfill his fantasies? Would she find it invasive and intrusive, yelling at him and calling the cops? Tammy even wondered what she would do if Jeff were watching her. Reading his words, seeing that he was more talk that action, would she let him watch, maybe even teasingly putting on a show for him. She smiled beneath the water and lathered her body, exaggerating the motions as if displaying herself to her pretend watcher. The imaginations were fun, and she let herself play with it. When the water turned cold, she got out, and toweled herself off, wrapping the terry cloth around her head and walking through the apartment wearing nothing else. If he weren't watching, she'd be giving someone a show. She dressed and headed to the coffee shop, hoping to see him there.

"Jennifer, have you seen that guy who comes in all the time with the black notebook?"

The tall brunette behind the counter turned around "Oh you mean Jeff…. You just missed him actually. He came in looking for it then had to run to check for other places that he might have left it. He seemed pretty desperate to get it back too."

"Well, if he comes back, could you give him my cell phone number. I picked up yesterday by accident." She jotted it down on her business card and handed it over.

"Great he'll be happy to hear it. He treasures that book as if it were a child. He's a writer you know."

Tammy merely nodded trying not to reveal how much she knew of his writing. "I wondered. Well, maybe he'll let me read some of his stuff when I get his book back."

"Maybe…he's a really nice guy. I'll call him and let him know you have it."

"Great awesome…. Well gotta run." Tammy headed back to her car and called in sick to work. If she was going to have to give up the book, she wanted a little more time with it. She flipped to what seem to be the next entry, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge as she settled down on her couch.

I watched her again today. I'm so transfixed by her. I know that this is illegal and probably listed as deviant behavior, but I can't keep my eyes off of her. The way she walks around in nothing at all. I don't know if she knows how beautiful she is. I keep thinking of her in terms of works of art or songs or sculptures. God how did I get so sappy and worked up over a woman I had never met.

She looked up and out her window, wondering which one was his across the street. Who was he looking at? What could he see? As she scans across the façade of the building she saw movement in one two doors down for hers. As she looked at it, she saw the jacket and hair that she thought she recognized as Jeff's. As he turned around, she saw his face and was amazed to learn that she could see right into his apartment.

He hung his jacket by the door and left his shoes there as well. His shirt came off next, and Tammy had to stand to watch him take off his pants. The world went into slow motion as he opened the button, and then undid each button underneath. She saw each button in the fly sparkle as he loosed each in turn. His boxers underneath had a distinct rise in them as he pushed the denim to the floor. Finally he removed the cotton garment as well and stood as if embracing the sunlight streaming through is window; arms open wide, head back. She saw that he was aroused and that his cock stood proud and tall. He was shaved on his loins and there were no tan lines on him at all. Just a moment and she watched his pose…drinking in the image as if tasting the first wine from the cask. Then turned and walked back towards his bedroom and she lost the angle to follow him.

"God…I'm falling into the same habit he is…I could stare at him forever. I want to watch him take himself in hand. I want to see him when he is watching her. Damn it…when will he come back."

She looked back at his book and brought it over to read it by the window waiting for him to come out.

I watched her getting ready for work today. She must be in a spicy mood, she went out without panties or bra. The skirt was knee length but he slit on the side went to nearly her hip. She left her blouse open an extra button too. I couldn't see her shoes, but I'm sure they were "come fuck me" heels.

Tammy remembered the days when she would go out like that…not really anticipating getting laid, but certainly keeping the options open. And enjoying the raucous attention she would get as she walked.

I called in sick…spending the day relishing the image of taking her home in that outfit. Fucking her on the floor, right inside the door. We are at each other like animals, clothes flying in attempt to remove them faster and faster. No words, no foreplay or teasing; our mouths are locked in desperate twining to taste probe and explore each other.

She saw him come back into view. The tube in his hand she couldn't make out, but she quickly realized its purpose as he squirted its contents onto his cock, spreading the slick clear liquid all about. Tammy was sharing her attention between the man and his words as she continued reading.

Clothes flying, ripping tearing, removing any hindrance to pressing our flesh together as one. We fall to the floor, she mounts on top of me; her own hunger driving her to make quick and deep thrusts onto my hips.

Tammy glanced up to see Jeff stroking himself, slowly with one hand. He was seated on a chair, she assumed watching TV. Quite different from the furious fuck she was reading.

Her juices flow out and down my length, skin slides against skin as she raises and lowers herself. I watch her breast bob with the motion, and I let my gaze fall down to her thighs, watching the muscles dance beneath the skin. The way its lifts and stretches that tendon puts me in a trance, and I fall into the rhythm she sets. All of the rest of reality falls away and there is only the two of us and the pounding of our hearts and bodies.

Another look across the street and she sees that he is into a faster pace than before. His eyes are closed and he is concentrating on his pleasure. She can see that he is breathing hard, and the muscles of his chest and stomach tighten. Suddenly a white stream sprayed out of the tip and over his hand. He took a deep breath and let it escape as a second and third smaller stream came out.

I hit my orgasm, and shoot into her. I grab her hips and hold her as she keeps moving. She is close to hers and goes into her own world of pleasure. She moans in the satisfaction of release and runs her fingers through her hair as the waves of ecstasy pass over and through her. She falls forward onto my chest we lay there, just breathing. Words are lost from the beginning and we have no words no for what we feel.

Giving in to the fantasy she read, Tammy reached down and began to finger herself under her pants. She thought of Jeff across the street and the moment of pleasure he just experienced. She pulled her own pants down, catching the panties with them to expose her pussy to the air and the fingers she wanted to serve it. She was already damp with excitement and the slim fingers slid in easily, focused on massaging her clitoris and rubbing against the walls of her vagina. She slid down on the floor to give her legs relief from holding her up and she lay back to give her hand a better angle to the nerves within her.

Her orgasm came quickly, and she just stayed flat on the floor to catch her breath. Her moment of basking in the after glow was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. Not trusting her still wobbly legs, she crawled over the phone and rolled over to her back as she answered "Tammy here"

"Tammy, this is Jeff…from the coffee shop. I believe you have my book."

Her heart leapt into her throat and she jumped to try to look out the window again. He was walking around, still naked, phone held to his ear. She tried to reach for her pants, and compose herself as she spoke. "Umm Hi Jeff…yeah…I see Jennifer called you about the book."

"Yeah…I feel so dumb leaving it like that. I'm usually not that careless with it."

"Well, I'm sure you just had something on your mind, busy day, something like that. Happens to the best of us." She was able to pull the waistband over her hips with one hand as she spoke.

"If you don't mind I'd really like to get it back as soon as possible. Could I come over and get it?"

"How about we catch a late lunch? In all honesty, I would like to meet you and talk a little. I've seen you at the coffee shop and you seem to be a nice guy…" her voice trailed off as she wondered if she was being to forward, hoping she wouldn't reveal that she had read his innermost fantasies.

"Ok…sure. I'm over on International Boulevard near Spring Street. How far away are you?"

"She bit her lip and sunk below the window to try and not be caught looking at him. "Oh…not far from you then. See you in 20 minutes. Give me a few minutes to get dressed?"

"That'd be great. I need to throw some clothes on myself."

She almost giggled at the thought, knowing how true the statement was for him. Great see you then." Tammy wondered what best to wear and then decided to go with the outfit she used like the woman in his writings. Losing both her bra and panties she went looking for what she thought he would like. Her white silk blouse was too tight, and an open button would display her 34C bust beautifully. She had a red mini skirt she liked to wear, and 4-inch heels to match. After a quick check in the mirror, she picked up his book and headed out the door. It took her going around the block four times to waste enough time to make it 20 minutes and then she went across the street to his building.

Jeff was waiting in the front stairs for her. She looked at him and guessed that he was as nervous as she was. He had put on a black T-shirt and gray jacket with his button fly jeans pants. His went wide as he saw her, and then he looked from her to his book and back to her again. She knew the question "Did you read it?" was heavily on his mind, but he seemed to be struggling with something else as he tried to find the right words.

"HI…I'm Jeff…you must bee Tammy." He extended his hand in greeting.

"Yeah…nice to meet you too. Sorry again about the book." She shook his hand and noted the firm strong grip. He was wearing great cologne too. God…she could feel heartbeat faster, and she clutched the book a little tighter.

"I know this great little Italian place not far form here. Care to walk or are those heels more for show?" His eyes dipped down to look at her legs and shoes. It took significantly longer for them to come back up to look her in the eyes.

"No…a few blocks should be ok…might need to rub them a little when I get home though." She was already starting to get excited just talking to him, glad he was so impressed by her look.

"Great…let's go."

They were half way down the block when Tammy realized she was still holding his book. "Oh…I almost forgot again…your book."

"Thank you…I don't know why I've been so forgetful lately. Must have other things on my mind." A slight blush reddened his cheek then just as quickly faded.

"Oh really? Such as?" Tammy knew she was prying, but couldn't help herself now.

"I know the first time I forgot the book was when you were wearing that tight Oilers T-shirt and shorts." His blush deepened and stayed longer. He turned away and looked at the traffic on the road.

"You liked that one huh? And this outfit? Too dressy?" She was teasing and she loved it. She had him in the palm of her and was enjoying the tension between them.

"No…its…uhh very nice. Complements your figure very well."

Tammy turned and preened a little. "Thank you… I'm glad you like it."

"Here it is…Fellini's…ever been here?"

"No…I haven't…looks fun." The building was an eclectic mix of posters from concerts, movies, and prints of artwork. She lived only four blocks away and didn't know this place even existed. She might have to get Jeff to take her out more often, just to find what's nearby.

Lunch passed with pleasant conversation and they talked about their jobs, tastes in music, movies, etc. Tammy noticed Jeff looking at her now and again over the course of the meal…not quite leering, but definitely more than mere glances. They were walking back to Jeff's apartment and still talking when they realized they were at his door.

"Would you like to come up for a moment?" He asked hesitantly.

Tammy replayed the fantasy in her mind, seeing the two of them passionately stripping and then greedily feasting on sex in contrast to the polite lunch they had finished. "Sure. I have the day off…let's spend some time together."

As Jeff opened the door, Tammy touched his hand. She hastily debated telling him about reading his book, and then decided on living out the fantasy first, then confessing later. He might not get so upset if he's exhausted. "Jeff…I have to confess…I really want you. Now."

He led her inside and closed the door. She began to open her shirt without even saying a word. Jeff quickly took of his jacket and pulled his shirt off as well. Standing before him bare to the waist, breasts rising and falling with each breath that seemed to come more quickly, Tammy stopped his hands as he began to undo his pants. She opened the jeans for him, letting each button pop open as she peered at his cock, growing with each pop of fabric. His pants fell in a heap and she stepped out, then pushed them aside with his foot.

Tammy unzipped the edge of the skirt and it too fell away, leaving her naked save for her shoes. Jeff shed his boxers and then reached out to pull her close, kissing her deeply. She opened her lips and slipped her tongue forward searching for his response. He opens his mouth and their tongues intertwine as their bodies begin press together and arm wrap around.

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