tagMatureAll the Senior Ladies Ch. 01

All the Senior Ladies Ch. 01

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn't be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don't expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

My attraction to much older women was undeniable and might have been classified as a fetish if I wasn't so particular about the older women I was attracted to. I couldn't really explain where it came from, either. I'd never been molested by a silver-haired woman nor did I ever have a crush on my or any of my friends' grandmothers when I was growing up. At some point as a young adult, I just happened to get lucky with a very fit, much older woman who totally rocked my world. Of course I hadn't stopped sleeping with women my age, or of any other age for that matter, but my preference was for active, older women. It may have been fate or it may have been my subconscious at work when I accepted the managerial position at a location of the chain drugstore I worked for that just happened to be within a few blocks of a high rise that catered to active seniors.

I had initially started working for the drugstore chain just because I needed a job and they were hiring. I'd worked my way up from stock boy to cashier to co-manager and it was at that first job where I'd essentially been picked up by a sexy woman old enough to be my grandmother. I'd initially noticed her because she had a very nice physique and didn't try to hide it. When I realized how much older she was, I was actually kind of confused by my attraction at first, but I quickly came to accept it. She came in fairly regularly, so we became friendly and one day, when things were quiet in the store, she expressed an interest in jumping my bones. She ended up over at my apartment for a few hours that day after work and basically altered my perceptions of older women with her enthusiasm and her abilities.

We had a pretty healthy sexual relationship up until, for a variety of reasons, she was no longer able to continue. I managed to score on a few random occasions with other older women, though I was also open to sex with women of pretty much any other age as well. I was never going to turn down the opportunity to get laid, I just happened to prefer the experience and enthusiasm of the older women. So, when I realized that my new position at my new location was going to have me in close proximity to a bevy of older women, I was obviously quite stoked. I was not planning to loiter around outside the high rise hoping to meet them as I didn't expect that would be necessary with the proximity of my store and it being the only drugstore that was nearby. I rented a townhome that was within walking distance of both my job and the seniors' high rise.

It didn't take long before I encountered a couple of unattached, fit ladies who were interested in maintaining an active sex life with somebody who could keep up with them. The first was Gladys and it was on the first occasion I saw her in the store that things started up between us. I noticed her pretty quickly because she was exactly my type. She had shoulder-length silver hair, a very fit physique and was wearing spandex capris that showed off a really nice ass. I would have put her age definitely over 60, but how far over was difficult to guess because she obviously took good care of herself. I gave her a few minutes before just happening to be in the same aisle that she was.

"Can I help you find anything?" I asked. She turned to respond, noticing my name tag and giving me a long once-over.

"How about my g-spot?" she replied. I assumed it was a test question to gauge my reaction. It didn't put me off at all; in fact, I took it as an ideal sign.

"You lost it?" I asked in response.

"No, I can find it. In fact I do quite often," she replied, "but I'd like to see if you can, too."

"While I'd be willing to give it a shot right here in the store," I said, "it might cause a bit of a scene. Do you live nearby?"

"I live in the high rise," she replied, appearing to be pleased that I was taking up her challenge, "but I can't have you come there. People love to talk."

"Well, luckily I live within walking distance," I told her, "and I'm only working for a couple more hours."

I took the notepad from my shirt pocket and wrote down my address and phone number, indicating to her through the window the direction of my townhome. I let her go back to shopping as I went about my responsibilities with a smile on my face and thoughts of her naked on my mind.

I had allowed myself time to get home and change my clothes before expecting Gladys, so I slipped into jeans and a t-shirt with no underwear and made sure that I brushed my teeth. I was ready and anxious by the time the doorbell rang and I was happy to see that Gladys looked as scrumptious as she had earlier.

"Can I get you anything?" I asked as I locked the door behind her.

"An orgasm would be nice," she replied.

Since she was right to the point, I led her upstairs to my bedroom where we started to make out beside my bed. My hands went down to her ass, which was as toned as it looked, and pulled her against the growing bulge in my jeans. Figuring she was probably good and wet and wanting to confirm as quickly as I could, I moved my hands up from her ass to the bottom of her shirt and started to raise it. We separated and she raised her arms as her sports bra was revealed. Once she was free of her shirt, I tossed it aside and briefly caressed her tits through her bra before starting to remove that as well. Her areolas were small but her nipples were hard so, after brushing my palms over them, I lowered my head to lick and suck them. Gladys was running her fingers through my hair and moaning as I stimulated her nipples with my lips and tongue.

I dropped my hands back down to her ass again and was soon sliding her spandex capris down, so I dropped to my knees. I just took her panties down along with her pants and was soon staring at a nicely-groomed, silver bush. Once she'd stepped out of her pants and panties after kicking off her sneakers, I stood and lifted her onto my bed. I had her lie in the middle with her head on the pillows and her legs spread for me. Lying between her legs, I kissed along her toned inner thighs and around her bush before running my tongue up her slit. She moaned and grabbed my head as I lapped at her pussy, tasting the juices that were flowing from it. I was definitely in my element with my face buried in a silver-haired pussy and was planning to make the most of it. As I'd figured from the beginning, if I made the ladies nearby happy, I'd always have somebody ready and willing whenever I needed a fix of geriatric snatch.

I slurped up her juices while she rocked her pussy toward my face then slipped one finger, quickly followed by a second, into her hot, wet pussy. As I pumped my fingers in and out, I started to lick and suck her clit, causing her to moan loudly. I glanced up along her body and saw a look of raw passion on her face and was happy to have put it there. One of her hands moved up from my head to caress her tits and gently tug on her nipples. I was caught by surprise when she suddenly cried out and her body started to shake. I knew I couldn't take full credit for her cumming so quickly, figuring that some of it was due to pent up sexual frustration and some due to knowing her body really well. Beyond that, I assumed my tongue and fingers played a role, as well.

I continued eating her as she rode out her orgasm and, when she gave no indication for me to stop once she settled back down, I just kept going, savoring the opportunity. With my throbbing cock anxious to escape from my jeans, my tongue and lips worked over her clit through several more orgasms. I could feel her pussy only getting even hotter and wetter with each one as my fingers pumped in and out and knew that meant that sliding my cock into her was going to be incredible. I would have kept going until my tongue collapsed from exhaustion but, when Gladys finally indicated that she was ready to be fucked, I was just fine with that, too. I straightened up on my knees and she sat up, reaching for my jeans, so I slipped out of my shirt as she got them open. My cock sprung out as she worked them down and she immediately took it in her hand, stroking it and caressing my balls.

I continued working my jeans down as far as I could, then flopped onto my back to get them the rest of the way off. She got my jeans completely off for me and cast them aside, then straddled me. I was gazing up at her mature, fit body looming over me, feeling more aroused than I had in some time. She smiled down at me as she took my cock in her hand and guided it toward her silver bush. I reached for her tits, caressing the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples, as she lowered herself onto my throbbing tool. We both moaned as her hot pussy engulfed my cock and she just sat there for a minute, embedded on it, before starting to ride it.

She started slowly, appearing to relish the feeling of my throbbing tool buried within her, as I continued to fondle her tits. As she picked up the pace and her tits started bouncing, I let my hands slide around to caress her taut ass as I watched her tits before she leaned forward, her hands on either side of my head. At that point, I was able to start licking and sucking her hard nipples while caressing her ass. I could also push up into her each time she came down so that she was getting as much of my cock penetrating her as we could manage. Our pace was growing more and more frenetic the longer she rode me and my orgasm was beginning to build. Before I was very close, though, Gladys seemed to go into slow motion as a shudder passed through her body.

She rode out another long, intense orgasm as I dropped my head back and watched the blissful expression on her face. Given the number of orgasms she'd had as I'd been eating her pussy, I was expecting her to continue riding me once she'd finished cumming and go for a few more. I was a little surprised when, after she'd caught her breath, she climbed off of me but was not disappointed when she knelt between my legs and took my cock in her hand. She pumped it briefly before lowering her head and taking it into her mouth. It was immediately apparent that she was a skilled cocksucker and that combined with her obvious penchant for sex had me thanking a higher power for bringing her into my life.

I watched as her mouth traveled up and down my tool while she pumped the base, a curtain of silver hair framing her face, and felt even more aroused by the visual. Her oral skills quickly had my orgasm building faster even though she was setting a slow and sensuous pace. I thought I'd be cumming pretty quickly due to her amazing mouth but she drew out the pleasure I was feeling like a pro. I didn't feel tortured, like she wasn't letting me cum, but just experienced a level and duration of pleasure like I was not expecting. Eventually, however, my cock began to swell even more and, when she realized that I was on the verge of cumming, changed her tactic from drawing out the pleasure to making me cum. Her mouth was moving up and down faster as was her hand on the base. When I exploded into her mouth, I let out a moan and she swallowed my load hungrily.

She continued nursing my cock until I was completely spent and starting to soften, then crawled up to lie beside me. We just lay there together recovering, our naked bodies pressed against each other, for a little while.

"What are you doing with an old lady like me?" she finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked in response, "I'm enjoying and appreciating your experience and your enthusiasm."

"Are you just into old ladies?" she continued.

"No, not just any old ladies," I replied honestly, "I like hot and horny old ladies like you but the sight of a walker, for example, is not a turn on in general."

If she was having any doubts or feeling some insecurity all of a sudden, that seemed to set her mind at ease. We talked a little bit more and appeared to be on the same page regarding what we were hoping to get out of this relationship, which was essentially just sex. She ended up sticking around for a few hours during which we tried out numerous positions and a variety of activities.

It wasn't too long after my first encounter with Gladys that I met Dixie, much in the same way. She caught my eye as soon as she entered the store, partly because she was quite pretty, partly because she had long silver hair that reminded me of Judy Collins or Emmylou Harris, and partly because she had one hell of a rack. I found out soon enough that she also had an amazing smile and a bit of a southern accent. Of course I found an excuse to see if there was any way that I could assist her.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" I asked as I conveniently crossed paths with her.

"Oh, I can think of a few things," she replied, flashing that incredible smile and tempering the suggestiveness of her response with her accent.

"You just name it," I told her, "I'd do just about anything to see that smile again."

"Anything?" she asked, giving me a sultry look and a once-over.

"Absolutely," I confirmed, then lowered my voice, "In fact, I'm really curious about whether I'd see that amazing smile when you're cumming."

"There's really only one way to know for sure," she replied and I was absolutely certain that we were on the same page. We went through the same discussion I'd had with Gladys regarding where she lived and where I lived and I similarly gave her my contact information and let her know when I'd be off work. She called later that day before walking over and, again as with Gladys, I was ready and anxious to see her when she arrived. She was wearing the same dress she'd been wearing earlier, which had buttons all the way up the front, including a few just below the collar that looked like they were ready to burst right off. I was looking forward to unbuttoning every single one. I led her into my living room and indicated that she should take a seat in my recliner.

"My word is that a big chair," she said as she stood before it.

It was an oversized recliner that I'd purchased not just because I wanted a comfy chair in front of the TV but also because it was perfect for a variety of sexual positions. I'd found that a change of pace from the bed and the couch was typically welcome.

I had her sit as I knelt before her and immediately began to unbutton her dress from the hem upward. As her thighs were exposed, I began to kiss them, alternating from one side to the other and working my way up. Once her panties were visible, a very sexy pair trimmed with lace which made me wonder if she'd put them on after we'd made plans, I stopped unbuttoning and kissed around them while lightly caressing the front before starting to slide them down. She lifted her ass for me as I exposed her well-groomed silver bush, then spread her legs once I'd cast her panties aside. I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting the copious juices that she was producing and causing her to moan. She started running her fingers through my hair as I lapped at her pussy, devouring her pungent nectar and making her squirm. When I shifted my focus to her clit and was licking and sucking that, I slipped first one then a second finger into her slippery pussy. She was humping my face in rhythm with my fingers sliding in and out of her.

I glanced up, wanting to make sure I could see past her monumental tits when she came, and was able to see the look of passion on her beautiful face. I smiled, satisfied that I was achieving my goal of providing pleasure to her, and returned my focus to making her cum. If I hadn't been able to see the look on her face, I could have figured that I was doing right by her based on how loud her moans were becoming and how hard she was starting to force her pussy toward my face. I was perfectly okay with her cumming quickly, since I was assuming that this would not end up being my only opportunity to bury my face in her pussy, but I was going to keep eating her after she came until she had me stop. I thought she might enjoy a few orgasms right up front just as Gladys had. She started tensing up a bit just before she came but all the tension appeared to leave when she let out a cry and her body started to shake.

I kept my fingers pumping and continued licking and sucking her clit while looking up quickly as she rode out a long, intense orgasm. That amazing smile did reappear on her face to replace a look of intense concentration, which answered one of my questions about her. There were still many things I wanted to learn about her, though. When she went still, she took my face in her hands and turned it up toward her face since I'd gone back to focusing on her pussy.

"Let me see your cock now," she said, so I slipped my fingers out of her and stood up.

She sat up and started working on opening my jeans, so I slipped my fingers into my mouth and sucked her juices off of them. Since I was sans underwear, my cock sprung out in her face and, naturally, she immediately took it into her mouth while continuing to push my jeans down. I savored the feel of her mouth until she had to abandon my cock in order to get my jeans the rest of the way off. I went ahead and shed my t-shirt so that, once I'd stepped out of my jeans, I was standing naked before her with my cock sticking straight out. She stroked my cock as she stood and indicated for me to sit. I had planned to finish unbuttoning her dress myself, but I found myself perfectly content to sit there watching as she did it.

She continued from where I'd left off and a sexy, lacy bra that matched her panties was soon revealed. My attention was fixed as she reached back to unfasten her bra and I was not disappointed as it slid down her arms and those beauties were revealed. Letting her bra drop to the floor, she hefted them in her hands with a smile on her face.

"You like them?" she asked and I nodded dumbly.

She brought them closer, climbing onto the chair and straddling me, but before I started to fondle them, I reclined us. They jiggled enticingly as we hit our new position, so I reached for them as she reached for my cock. I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and ran my palms over her hard nipples as she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her pussy engulfed my throbbing tool and, while I played with her tits, she just sat for a moment before starting to ride it. She braced herself on the back of the chair over my head, putting her tits right in my face, then started to move up and down on my cock. I continued to caress her swinging, bouncing tits as I licked and sucked her hard nipples. Her hot, wet pussy felt outstanding and, despite being pretty distracted by her awesome tits, I was well aware of how it felt sliding up and down my cock. My initial desire had been to fuck her and I considered her impressive chest essentially a bonus. Seeing her tits and getting my hands on those beauties did not detract from the fulfillment I was feeling from scoring with another mature beauty.

I was pushing up into her each time she came down on my tool, savoring the slippery wetness of her pussy, and I couldn't help but eventually slide my hands around to squeeze her ass. My lips and tongue continued to work on her nipples and areolas but I knew her ass, though not as toned as Gladys', was a thing of beauty as well. I squeezed and caressed her cheeks as I continued pushing up into her, feeling the stirrings of an orgasm as her pussy seemed to get even hotter and wetter the longer we went at it. Of course my hands did not remain on her ass and were alternating between it and her succulent tits as she got louder and rode me harder.

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