tagNovels and NovellasAll Things Come... Ch. 02

All Things Come... Ch. 02




I sat back in my chair and sipped my third glass of wine. I had fallen into the habit of eating out two or three times a week, just to avoid the stifling atmosphere of the dining room and Frau Kurtz' presence. As the weeks passed I had felt sorrier and sorrier for the kids. Karl had some friends, burnouts like him, trapped in the military style school that was judged suitable for boys of his type, but Ulrika had no-one. She was close to her brother, possibly closer than she should be, I thought, but essentially she was a profoundly lonely girl. When we were in class I could sometimes catch hints of despair that shouldn't have been part of a nineteen year old's make up. When she got out into the big bad world she was going to be a sitting duck.

The pretty young waitress brought me my bill. Apart from avoiding Frau Kurtz, my main reason for coming to this little bistro was about to come and collect my money. We were on first name terms by now, and I always tipped generously. One should always have a fallback position. She came back with the change and I gestured to her to keep it.

'See you soon, Olga', I said affectionately, and left. I thought she looked after me with a mixture of curiosity and fondness, and hoped I was right.

The bistro was only ten minute's walk from the Fischer's house, and it wasn't quite half past ten when I opened the front door. Vienna is a capital city but it's not a patch on Amsterdam or Madrid for nightlife. The house was quiet. Karl and Ulrika were doing homework, I hoped, and Frau Kurtz had her own sitting room where she watched endless soap operas. I went silently up the stairs to the third floor and opened the door of my room.

As I was fumbling for the switch I noticed a thread of light under the door to the adjoining room. Odd, I thought. Unless Frau Kurtz had had a sudden urge to improve her English grammar there shouldn't have been anyone there. I stepped quietly to the door and opened it.

Sitting at the table was Frau Fischer, Karl and Ulrika's mother. I'd only met her once before, for a formal inspection, and had been left with an impression of sophisticated and well maintained beauty, a casual attitude to wealth, and a complete disregard for her children, their teacher, and anything else that interrupted the business of being one of the leading lights of Vienna society. It was obvious that the children had inherited her looks. When she was nineteen she must have looked just like Ulrika. She had to be at least forty, but looked ten years younger, and I guessed Herr Fischer had paid some hefty cosmetic surgery bills in his time. Her suite was in the other wing of the house and I hardly ever heard her, let alone spoke. As far as I could see she only paid attention to her children when she remembered about them. As I opened the door she looked up.

'Herr Lancer, I'm glad you're back. Frau Kurtz says you go out quite regularly.' 'Please call me Luke, Frau Fischer,' I said. 'Frau Kurtz is quite right. Your cook's a marvel, but the atmosphere in the dining room is often a little too strained for my taste. I'm a more relaxed type of guy.' She laughed, and I noticed a large glass of what looked like Scotch and ice on the table next to her.

'Frau Kurtz is not a relaxed person. Did you know that she regularly suggests that your contract be terminated?' I shrugged.

'I'm not surprised. We have different attitudes to the world. Have you accepted her recommendation?' She laughed again.

'Certainly not. I received Karl and Ulrika's half term reports yesterday. When I'd looked at them I called my husband and read them to him. He asked me to talk to you. The party I was attending tonight has been cancelled, so here I am.' She took a healthy swig of her Scotch and smiled at me.

'And the reports?' I asked. She spread her hands.

'I couldn't believe them. For the first time in ages they speak positively about the children. Ulrika's form teacher writes that her attitude has improved enormously and her grades are significantly better than last term. The comments about Karl are very similar. Herr Fischer has asked me to express our thanks to you.' I shrugged again.

'You're going to pay me a very handsome sum of money when they pass their exams,' I said. 'Children like Karl and Ulrika are my job, and I take my job seriously.' She took in another mouthful of Scotch and nodded.

'Would you like a drink? I must say, you're not at all like the tutors I had as a girl.' Without waiting for a reply she picked up her glass and started out of the room. I followed her, admiring the way her ass rolled as she walked.

She led me across the hall and up the other staircase.

'You've never been in this part of the house, have you? Herr Fischer and I have adjoining suites.' She laughed again. 'He's here so little that he needs a map to find his own room, let alone mine.' She opened a door and entered, leaving me to close it. The room was feminine and overfurnished. She gestured to a sideboard.

Drinks are in there. Help yourself.' She looked down at herself. 'I feel ridiculously formal, but I was dressed for the party. I think I'll change.' I fixed myself a glass of wine and sat down, wondering what to do. One never refuses a lady, but on the other hand knobbing your employer's wife is considered bad form in most circles and I didn't want my income stream to dry up. Executive Europe is a gossip mill and Herr Fischer could put the verbal boot right in if he got upset.

I had expected her to come back in something expensive and revealing, ready to seduce the hired help, but to my surprise she was wearing a pair of sweats and some old slippers. Now I felt overdressed. On the other hand, judging from the way things were moving around she was going commando, at least upstairs.

'Herr Lancer...'

'Luke.' I reminded her. 'Only Frau Kurtz calls me Herr Lancer anymore. Even your cook and that nice little maid have learned my name.'

'Then you must call me Angela. Luke, I'm not the best mother in the world, but the change in the children since you arrived is astonishing. I was serious when I said that Herr Fischer and I are surprised and grateful.'

'When they pass their exams you can recommend me to your friends. It's how I find work. I don't think I've actually applied for a job for eight or nine years. This is good wine.' I was thinking while we talked and looking at her as casually as I could. She looked back and shivered slightly.

'You're very intense, Luke. Why are you examining me like that? You look as if you're trying to see into my soul.' So much for casual. She was projecting sexual tension and I decided that I'd put my balls on the table. She didn't seem devious. Shallow maybe, but shallow is often fine. Maybe I could trim her sails. Temptation is a terrible thing.

'I'm wondering why you invited me up for a drink, and I'm trying to work out contingency plans.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, either you just want to say thank you and give me a drink, or possibly you want to give me a drink and suggest that we fuck, or maybe you want me to suggest that we fuck after a drink, or maybe it's all a deep laid plot and I'll suggest we fuck and Herr Fischer will spring out of the closet with a shotgun. I'm just not sure.' She laughed again, and this time it sounded genuine.

'Well, you are a surprise. You're right to be cautious. I like that. Let me see...Maybe I should say that Herr Fischer and I have an understanding. His tastes and mine are too similar.' I looked puzzled. 'We both prefer men,' she said, 'and to be honest that suits me fine. I choose who I take into my bed, and I promise you, they're few and far between. On balance though, and after mature consideration, you've managed to make up my mind for me. I think your second scenario is best. Finish your drink and let's fuck.'

She got up from the couch in one fluid movement and stretched delicately, raising her arms above her head so that the top of her sweatshirt slipped up. I got a glimpse of smooth tanned stomach and a fair sized diamond winking in a pierced navel. I reached forward and drew a fingernail across her abdomen, flicking the navel stud as I passed it. She shivered and lowered her arms.

'Would you like to undress me here or in the bedroom?' I put my empty wineglass down and got to my feet.

'Comfort first, that's my motto.'

She led me into the bedroom and pulled the duvet back carelessly, then kicked off her slippers and lay quietly on the bed. I began to undress, trying not to look as if I was hurrying. Luckily a shirt and a pair of chinos don't take long. She watched me, keeping up a low voiced running commentary.

'Socks off before trousers: that's always a good sign. Better body than I'd imagined. Oh good, a nice fat cock with a decent length to it. Angela, you've chosen well'.'

My prick was throbbing as I approached the bed. Her eyes were half closed but I caught a glint of excitement from behind her lashes. I climbed onto the bed and sat cross legged facing her, and she reached out lazily, cupping my balls in her palm.

'Nice weight to them. Maybe he'll come on my face and in my mouth, or maybe he'll think of something else.' I felt like a prize bull being inspected.

'He thinks of everything, and his first thought is to get us onto equal terms.' I knelt and lifted the sweatshirt gently up over her torso. She dropped a shoulder and let me ease her arm out of first one sleeve then the other. I supported her neck with one hand and slid the sweatshirt over her head with the other.

'Oh, he's done this before. Angela, you're a very lucky girl.' I bent over her and cut her off in mid sentence with my mouth. She tasted of whisky and lipstick, and my cock jerked. Her tongue slid into my mouth but I pulled away and replaced it with a hand. She continued probing and licking between my fingers, and I leaned further over and swiped my tongue over her puckered nipple. Almost immediately I felt it firming and I closed my lips round the teat and sucked gently. A muffled moan came from behind my hand and I moved it down to her other nipple, wetting it with her own saliva and sliding two fingers round it to twist it delicately. She moaned quietly again and her hand reached out and stroked my prick. Her fingers traced arabesques up and down the shaft, and her nails scratched my balls lightly. Four glasses of wine were slowing me down and I muttered a silent prayer of thanks. My cock was at half stand and as she slid her hand along it I felt it growing and the foreskin beginning to retract. I moved my tongue over the curve of her breast, into the soft valley of her cleavage, and carried on south.

From close up the diamond in her navel looked real. I ran my tongue round the knotted dimple, then took the jewel in my teeth and tugged lightly. My hands had slipped beneath her sweatpants and I felt her abdominal muscles ripple as my fingertips found the waistband of a silky pair of panties. I probed under the elastic and scraped the soft skin with my nails. She squeezed my prick gently, and a soft finger spread pre-cum over the head. As I moved my hands down her flanks and rubbed the soft globes of her ass she raised herself slightly and let me slip the sweats down over her hips, revealing emerald green bikini panties pulled tight over her smooth flesh. She rolled her head towards my prick and I felt a whisper of warm breath on the head, then a luxurious wave of pleasure as her tongue slid greedily over me. A pair of soft lips encircled the helmet and sucked gently, then her teeth scraped delicately down the shaft as she took me further into her mouth.

I twisted away from her and slid off the bed. Her eyes followed me as I took a small penknife from my trouser pocket then went to the foot of the bed and tugged at the legs of her sweat pants. They slipped over her ankles and I dropped them on the floor. My cock felt hot and urgent. Her body glowed in front of me, her golden tan highlighted by the white sheets, and her blonde hair spread over the pillow in a cloud of spun gold. Her hands were toying with her breasts, rubbing them gently and cupping the nipples, squeezing the areolas so that her teats stood out even further. Her torso gleamed in the soft light and the emerald panties were stretched across her hip bones, leaving a slight gap that begged for exploration. Her thighs were smooth and strong and her legs went on for ever. She watched me looking at her and splayed her knees slightly, thrusting her mound towards me as if for approval. There was no hint of pubic hair through the translucent material and I could see the contours of her fat pussy lips pushing at the taut fabric. A thread of darker green ran the length of her slit, and I watched it expand slowly as the silk drew the juices from her greedy cunt.

I leaned over her and dipped my tongue into her navel again. Her stomach muscles fluttered and she clenched her buttocks, thrusting her pelvis upwards more urgently. A soft purring noise rumbled in her throat and her hands reached down from her breasts and stroked my hair. The purring turned into words.

'Oh, Angela, he's being so gentle and slow with you. You can still spot them, darling, you've done so well... What's he going to do next, I wonder? Are you ready for it, Angela...?' Her voice slurred back into an almost soundless whisper.

I lowered my mouth to the top of her panties and licked under the waistband, moving my head from side to side. My tongue ran up the slope of her hips and I nuzzled the soft skin, then traced the line of the panties down her groin, almost to the edge of her pussy. Her hands were still teasing my hair and her humming had risen in pitch. The material was smooth against my mouth and the sharp musk of her arousal was strong in my nostrils. I pushed the tip of my nose into the damp material at the top of her slit and inhaled, feeling my cock react to the pheromones, then blew softly, pursing my lips and directing the warm breath over her crotch. She writhed, her hips rolling, and I licked along the edge of the panties, forcing the material away from her body, and running the tip of my tongue along the outside of her labia.

She was pushing her cunt rhythmically against my face now, and I slipped my hands under her asscheeks and lifted her gently. Opening my lips slightly I planted my face firmly over her pussy and sucked the damp material into my mouth; she gasped and bucked, and I flattened my tongue and pressed the thin silk back into her slit. Her hands left my head and scrabbled at the side of the panties, trying to push them down her body, but I reached up and grasped her wrists. I raised myself and placed her hands back on her breasts then lowered my head back to her cunt. The panties couldn't absorb any more of her juices and a thin trail of lubricant oozed down the inside of her thigh. I licked it up then pulled back. She gave a soft mew of complaint as I stood up, and her eyes flicked open.

I picked up the penknife and opened it, then leaned forward and traced the tip of the blade down the valley between her breasts and along the slight crease below them. Her eyes widened and she watched the knife fixedly. I dragged the blade down to her navel and flicked the diamond stud, then zigzagged my way down to her panties. I slipped the knife under the waistband and she flinched. Taking care that the sharp edge didn't touch her skin I slid the steel over her hip and began to saw at the material. In a moment the fabric parted and one half of the panties slipped down. Her smooth mound was exposed and I pulled the back of the knife across it, following the line of the waistband again. I pushed the blade under the silk covering her other hip and the material on that side sheared and fell away. I dropped the penknife on the floor and stroked her flanks, feeling the heat of her bare skin. Her hands were clenched tight on her breasts and the purring had started again.

The loose flap that had been the front panel of her panties was lying across her mound and I caught it in my teeth and pulled it off her body. It slipped between her legs and I saw her pussy fully. She opened her knees wider and exposed herself completely.

Her mound was completely hairless, and the top of her slit seemed to run a little further up her belly than normal. She had the fullest, plumpest cunt lips I'd ever seen; even though her legs were splayed and the skin of her inner thighs was stretched taut, they seemed to be sealed together. Her inner folds were invisible and her clitoris was completely hidden. As I watched, a drop of moisture oozed out of her slit and began to dribble down towards her ass. I reached out with one finger and ran it gently down her crack, from the top of the slit to her puckered brown anus. The lips only parted a little and they seemed to resist my finger and try to clutch at it at the same time. My finger was sweeping more lubricant before it as it moved down, and a tiny flood of her juices trickled over her asshole. I slipped my finger round the rim and then pressed the centre of the tight little rosette. Like her lips, it seemed to reject and beg at the same time.

My prick was throbbing and I touched my wet finger to the tip, mixing my lubricant with hers, then leaned forward and offered the finger to her. Her tongue snaked out and licked experimentally, then she raised her head and took the finger into her mouth, sucking greedily. I withdrew it and ran it down her slit again. This time the lips parted a little more and I saw the delicately furled petals of her inner sex. Her cunt was sodden and my finger slid through her folds and down to her asshole again, pushing a wave of her musky honey in front of it. The flow dribbled over her anus and I pushed my finger into the centre of the little star. Her sphincter relaxed and my finger slid in to the first joint. She moaned surprisingly loudly as I twisted it and her muscles clamped down hard. I pulled it out and offered it to her again. She took it into her mouth and ran her tongue over it. I could see a pulse beating rapidly in her neck.

'Please, oh please.' The words were muffled by my finger. Her neck was flushed and she was rolling her body from side to side. Her sexuality was strong and demanding and it seemed as though I could feel her needs through my fingers.

She released my hand and I lowered myself to her again. Slipping a hand under each soft buttock I raised her slightly from the bed and dipped my head into her crotch, sliding my tongue down the same route that my finger had taken. As the tip of my tongue parted her slit I felt the nub of her clitoris and then the intricate folds of her inner lips. The intrusion released a pent up tide of lubricant which flooded over my lower lip and chin. I swirled my tongue round the rim of her asshole, and then pushed into it. She tasted earthy and thick and I slid my little fingers round from under her buttocks and eased them into her as I withdrew my tongue. I heard her draw in her breath sharply and every muscle in her body tensed. Her sphincter contracted and clung to my fingers as I raised my mouth to her cunt. Her outer lips were still almost sealed and I forced my tongue between them and ran it up the length of her slit until I felt her clitoral hood again. She raised her knees and pulled them up to her chest. As her back curled, my fingers were dragged out of her asshole, and I slipped a hand under her and replaced them with my thumb.

She began to pant quietly and I hooked my other hand round her raised leg, spreading her lips with my thumb and middle finger. At last she was open to me and I saw the soft opening of her cunt and the tip of her clitoris. I slid my tongue deeply into her. Here her taste was sharp and astringent, softened by the smooth fluid that she was secreting. I felt her vaginal walls ripple as my tongue slid over them, and flexed my thumb in her anus. I pushed my nose into the top of her slit and rubbed it over her clitoral hood. Now her panting became more ragged, and I moved my mouth up to her clitoris. Her hands moved past my head and she held herself open for me, her fingers digging into her flesh. I moved my hand from under hers and looped two fingers into her vagina. As I twisted my fingers into her I rotated my thumb and felt it sliding across the back of her bowel.

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