All Things Come... Vol. 2 Ch. 08


'Hold me till I fall asleep, Luke. You've washed all the shit away and now there's only the tiredness left. I love you so much.' The words blurred as I helped her into bed. I didn't need to hold her: within five seconds her body had relaxed and her breathing had slowed and deepened. I arranged the mosquito-net carefully, lowered the blinds as quietly as possible, and tip-toed out, closing the door.

I was preparing salad and wondering whether to risk a touch more garlic in the fish marinade when I heard sounds from upstairs. I had orange juice in the fridge and was on my way up when the toilet flushed, and she emerged from the bathroom, still looking sleep-rumpled. I followed her back into the bedroom and handed her the glass. She drank thirstily and passed it back, then pushed her hair back off her face.

'I'm here, and you're wonderful and whatever you're cooking smells delicious, and I want a proper kiss and the guided tour, please. Kiss first.' She melted into my arms and we lay for a long time, our tongues dancing together, our noses brushing, looking into each others' eyes. Her nipples hardened and pressed against mine, but I knew that this wasn't the time for anything more. She broke the silence.

'How long was I asleep and where am I? Geographically, I mean'.

'Nearly six hours, and it's early evening, and you're about thirty kilometers from the sea and fifty from Alicante, in a little village whose name you won't remember for ten seconds, because it's quite long and complicated, on the top floor of a two-storey house which used to be a cow-shed till I bought it twelve years ago. Do you want to see it?' She nipped my ear lightly.

'I want to get used to being with you again before I start spilling all my woes. Anyway, they seem smaller already and I need to put them in order. Maybe if I put some clothes on we could go and look at the village. I bet there's a bar where you know everybody.'

'There's only one bar here, and one shop, and one hairdressers and one everything,' I said, 'and they're all in the same place. Come and have a look at the house and then get dressed while I put supper on hold.'

It didn't take long. Two bedrooms, a shower and toilet; one large room and a kitchen downstairs. Air-conditioning, which is a necessary curse for half the year. A small patio with wisteria and vines competing for space. A tumbledown stone shed that would be a garage one day when I lived here more and needed to buy a car instead of renting one, but which meanwhile was a riot of flowering plants that I'd put there to hide the ruins. She was entranced, and I glowed with vicarious pride.

'Did you do all the work yourself?' I threw my hands up in horror and came clean.

'Hell, no. Everything was done by local people, as and when I had the money to pay them. I made a point of never going outside the village for help. It took longer of course: in fact this is only the second year it's been properly habitable, but everyone knows someone who's worked on it: I could probably leave the doors open when I'm away. I'm their pet English guy and they're proud of me. We're off the tourist track here, and I've become an honorary local. It's quite fun most of the time. Going to church is dull, but I try to make the effort or there'd be rumors flying around that I'm a practising Satanist.' She laughed whole-heartedly.

'I'd never have imagined it in a million years. What will they think when they realize you've got a woman here? Won't your reputation suffer?' I smiled at her.

'The whole village knows already, so you'd better be prepared for a lot of curiosity. There'll be sighs of relief all round that I've managed to find someone at last. They probably thought I was a chronic masturbator at best, and a child molesting necrophiliac at worst.' She hugged me cheerfully and I ran my fingers down her naked back and buttocks, feeling a tingle of desire. She stuck her ass out and wiggled it against my hand

'I'm your woman and I've got a right to be inspected. Oh, Luke, you were so gentle with me and I feel so much better. How can I thank you?' I put a finger to her mouth.

'Don't ask silly questions. Go and get dressed, you hussy. I unpacked your stuff while you were snoring.' She thundered up the stairs and I slid food back into the fridge. God only knew what time we'd stagger back. They keep late hours in Spain.

I love my village. The only thing it hasn't got is my kind of work. So I visit when I can, and pay the mortgage faithfully, and make plans, and stay on good terms with the local power structure. And now I was bringing a woman into my private place. I'd thought it through in an objective kind of way, but the reality was different.

The reality reappeared in the doorway and my doubts swirled away like used dishwater.

'Do I look OK?' she asked. 'I don't really know what to wear when I'm being inspected. Will a skirt and blouse do? I don't want to shock people.'

'You're perfect.' I said, and discovered that I meant it.

She held my hand as we walked the two hundred meters to the main square, her eyes everywhere, gobbling up the new sights and storing them for examination later.

'There's a stream running down the side of the road,' she said wonderingly.

'Used to be the water for the whole village. It's about the only one round here that doesn't dry up in summer.' She dipped a hand in the water and flicked the drops at me.

'Why?' she asked suddenly.

'Why what?'

'Why me?' she said simply. 'Mum says you've never brought anyone here, and last year I had to drag the fact that you even had a house out of you with pliers, and now you casually invite me to come into your private world, and you don't seem to have thought twice about it. Though I know you must have,' she added, 'because you think about everything. But my question stands. Why me, why now?' I shrugged.

'Have you been reading my mind? I thought about it more than twice, I promise you, and I was nervous as a kitten till I saw you. It seemed the right time, and don't insult yourself by saying "why me?" No-one else comes close.' She didn't press me any further, but she squeezed my hand hard.

This place is out of a history book,' she said after a moment. 'Is everything as old as it looks?'

'Most of it. The Civil War managed to miss them and they didn't get a proper road in here till the seventies, and you might have noticed it's a bit steep, so there's not much space for development. There's a castle about a kilometer down that lane. I'll show you tomorrow.' We turned the corner into the square and I stopped suddenly. The little terrace outside Manuel's bar had more tables than usual, and was full of people. As far as I could see the interior was full too. To my horror I saw that a table by the entrance was conspicuously empty. 'Oh, shit.' I said.


'Take a look. You're going to have to kiss a lot of total strangers tonight. It looks as if it's going to turn into a memorable evening.' She gave a little skip.

'Let's do it then. When it's us we can do anything.'

* * * *

'Memorable was right,' she mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste. 'Do they party like that all the time?' I shook my head.

'Usually only during fiesta week. But it's Saturday, and there was a new person to be curious about, and they like me, and they loved you. I didn't expect dancing though. You looked good when the Mayor was whirling you round.' She rinsed and spat.

'He must be seventy if he's a day and he was feeling me up like a randy teenager. I couldn't believe it. Good job I put a bra on or he'd have had a stroke. The kids were sweet too, staring at me as if I was from Mars.'

You're the first natural blonde they've seen. You must have kissed the whole population of the place twice. Thanks for putting up with it.' She blew me a kiss.

'I was with you, so it was alright.' She yawned and stretched. 'I can't believe I'm still tired. I might fall asleep on you unless you're very forceful.' I put my arms round her and pressed myself against her buttocks, looking at our reflections in the little mirror over the basin.

'We'll take it as it comes. Look at us: are we conventional?' She caught my eye in the mirror and we smiled at each other.

'Well, we'll go to bed and see what comes up,' she murmured, 'and if it doesn't there's always the morning.'

'Warm enough for no sheets and a mosquito net to be romantic under,' she sighed happily as we spooned peacefully against each other. 'I could drift off like this, no problem. There's something happening behind me though.' I groaned.

'Not my fault. I can smell you and feel you and I react. It'll go away in a while.' I felt her silent laughter.

'Don't you dare apologize. Anyway, it's a two-way street.' I felt her hand move to her crotch and she wriggled slightly, then a finger nudged my lips. The rich scent of fresh woman filled my nostrils and I suckled her finger greedily. My cock throbbed and she pushed her ass against it.

'If you just slide it in gently and leave it there, then we'll either fall asleep or we won't, and it doesn't matter which.' She raised her thigh a little and I guided myself along the valley between her labia till the tip of my cock was nudging the entrance to her pussy. She squirmed and I slipped into her moist depths. I was aroused, but curiously I felt no sense of urgency, nor any need to do more than let my cock nestle in the warm cavern that seemed to have been designed for it. She pushed her rump against me and squeezed briefly once, then relaxed again. We sighed simultaneously as the comfort of union filled us, and she gave a soft mumble of appreciation. Her body relaxed and after the shortest time she was asleep. Within minutes I had followed her lead.

When I woke I was alone. The sun was filtering through the blinds and dappling the opposite wall with a tiger-striped pattern of light and shade. I needed to piss so badly that I could hardly contain myself.

Mission accomplished, I rinsed my cock and balls with the showerhead, cleaned my teeth, and went back to bed. There were breakfast type noises floating up the stairs and I wouldn't spoil her fun. I raised the blind halfway so the room was swamped in morning freshness, then lay and counted my blessings till footsteps sounded on the stairs. When she saw I was awake she looked disappointed, but put the tray down and slid through the mosquito net.

'I'd hoped I could wake you up gently and seduce you. I didn't bring the coffee up, because I didn't want it to get cold while I was doing that.' I flaunted my body at her and growled.

'Think positive, please,' I said. 'I've had a piss and cleaned my bits, and my teeth too, and your wish is my command: I can go back to sleep in a flash if that's what you want.' Her eyes sparkled.

'Do it.' I closed my eyes obediently, my cock beginning to stir already. After a very few seconds the familiar sensation of her loving mouth sliding over my glans and down my cockshaft forced a long exhalation from me. I swiftly converted it into a snore and felt her muffled giggle vibrating through my groin. Her tongue slid over the head and my hips lifted reflexively.

'I think I woke up,' I said, 'and I notice you're wearing panties and a T-shirt. That seems unfair.' She raised her mouth from me.

'I'll take the T-shirt off, but the panties are your problem.' She kneeled up and pulled the T-shirt over her head, then dropped her mouth to my cock again. I tapped the nearest thigh.

'Cooperation, please, or I'll nod off again.' She ran her teeth lightly along my shaft and straddled me, pushing her rump back into my face. The tips of her breasts were brushing my belly, and I could feel the taut nipples sliding across my skin. The tight gusset of the panties was darkened by a growing patch of moisture and I blew softly against the material, then raised my head and ran my tongue along it. The outline of her pussy lips showed very clearly through the thin silk and I could taste her sweetness. She shivered and attacked my cock again, and as she laved me, drawing me to full erection, I lapped at her masked pussy. She grunted softly round my shaft and pushed back again, forcing the sodden scrap of fabric against my nose and face. Frustrated, I hooked a thumb into the edge of the panties and pulled them to one side, exposing her completely to my mouth, and slid my tongue along her slit, releasing a flood of musky syrup. She gasped out loud and jerked upright.

'No fair! You're meant to be sleepy, not violating my underwear and taking over.' I pulled her back and rubbed my lips over her engorged folds, inhaling her scent and flicking my tongue round her labia.

'You said the underwear was my problem. Let me deal with it my way.' I flexed my cock so that it stood clear of my stomach. 'Back to your work woman, and give me a chance to figure this out. I bet you can't distract me.' She sank back over my shaft, laughing softly.

'I'll take that bet, Mr. Smartass.' I sighed involuntarily as her lips closed over me again, and she snorted triumphantly. I held the panties away from her body and lapped her soft entrance again, then reached out and fumbled for the drawer of the bedside table. Thank God for Ikea and silent runners. The nail scissors were at the front of the drawer and I palmed them and brought my hand back. Gathering the material of her panties in one hand I raised my head and attacked her clit with lips and tongue, and as she gasped and twisted I snipped the gusset and the tiny garment was suddenly a scrap of elasticated material round her waist. Her head whipped round.

'Luke Lancer, I don't believe it! You're cutting my clothes off me as if I was an accident victim. You're outrageous!' I pulled her rump back down and spoke round her clitoris.

'Lateral thinking, sweetheart, and I've had enough of this. I want to screw you slowly and then again, and then think about a third helping. Do you want to argue?' She had been struggling as I spoke.

'When you do that it makes my whole pussy vibrate and I can't control myself. Can we do it fast first? I won't be able to manage slow the first time.' She turned smoothly and balanced precariously on me, her mouth inches from mine and her body trapping my prick between us. She spread her arms and stared down at me. 'Look, no hands.'

'Glad to see you're still feeling positive.' I rolled her over gently and propped myself on one elbow, tracing the clean line of her cheek and neck with one finger. Her lashes fluttered and she gazed up at me, her eyes huge, as enticing as water in the desert, so that a man could drown in them, choking with pleasure as he sank. She reached down and squeezed my rigid cock.

'Why isn't this fat thing doing its job? I want to be stretched open and fucked.' She wriggled and kneeled up. 'In fact I want to be stretched open and fucked from behind, right now, so if you would be so kind...' She snickered at her own mock-formality and stuck her tongue out, then turned and presented her ass to me and I scrambled to my knees. The perfect twin globes framed her pink lips, her posture separating them and displaying the darker, blood-swollen petals of tissue between them. The mouth of her pussy was fluttering visibly, and the musk of urgent need caught in my nostrils. My cockhead was glistening with pre-cum.. I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the pucker of her anus, and she shivered.

'Don't tease, Luke. I'm like a bitch in heat here...' She spread her legs wider as she spoke and I slid my mouth over her parted labia, then straightened and moved towards her. My cock lodged itself in the crease of her ass and she leaned forward, letting it find its way down. The tip grazed the pursed ring of her sphincter, still wet with my saliva, and I leaned into her, sliding the head forward. As I did so she raised her body and my glans was forced through the mouth of her vagina and she was gripping me hard. She exhaled with pleasure and I ran my hands over her buttocks, rocking gently as she relaxed and accepted the full length of my shaft. My whole person was gathering in my groin and I felt the rhythm that she wanted beginning to sound in my brain. I closed my hands on her asscheeks and began to move slowly.

The Ancient Greeks defined "catharsis" as the expulsion of repressed, negative, and unwanted emotion through acts of drama and dance. Generally speaking, they defined a lot of things wrong, but this one has always rung true to me. Underneath the surface, half-hidden by her teasing arousal, I could hear her whole body begging for the purging and cleansing that physical release can offer, and what is sexual union if it's not drama and dance and releasing emotion?.

I began to stroke her more steadily, dragging the top of my shaft along the back wall of her pussy as I withdrew, massaging her G spot with my glans as I drove back into her. She began to pant and her body trembled. I could see her slender arms tightening and relaxing as she thrust frantically back at me, forcing me harder into her. The panting changed in tone and began to mingle with sobs as the charge built. I felt anger and hurt and frustration and doubt hovering round her like an aura, and I met her rolling hips with my own instinctive response, wanting only to drive them away. She was sobbing out loud now, and I slipped one hand round to her clit. As I rolled my thumb over the tip the crackle of desire seemed to sting my hand like a static charge and her body spasmed, bucking under me. I realized that my voice was muttering to her.

'Drive it out, darling, push it out where we can get rid of it, come now and blow it away in the explosion, darling, burn it up so we can...' I didn't know what I was saying, and the mantra hung in the air as I pinched her clit gently and the pressure cooker of stress exploded. A growing shudder enveloped her and she collapsed beneath me, thrashing in the grip of her orgasm.

She screamed, a long scream of pain and recovery, and I imagined I saw the dark aura brighten and flare momentarily before shredding like smoke in the wind. The scream turned into a dying fall of pleasure and her body convulsed violently over my cock, and then again, drawing me to the brink and then tugging pleadingly. A flash of something coursed through me like a hot blade of joy, and with little warning I swelled in readiness, straining deep within her, trying to force the last remnants of poison from her. She lifted her hips to take me more completely, and my vision blurred as my balls contracted again and I spurted hard into her, helplessly thrusting as my own doubts and fears were burnt out of me. She remained still for long moments, then collapsed again, and I sank onto her, unable to do more than nuzzle the salty drops on her sweat-covered back; although my eyes were closed I knew the room was full of sunlight.

Time passed, and we rolled round each other until we were entwined, face to tear-stained face. Uli looked at me, then dropped her eyes.

'I had no idea I had so much shit in me. You felt it, didn't you?' I nodded.

'Better out than in. Don't talk about it for a bit.' I slid out of her embrace and sat up. 'Two minutes in the shower, because it's a bloody tight fit, and then some breakfast. What did you fix? Juice, fruit, yoghurt, Yum..' She looked down at herself.

'I've still got the remains of my underwear round my waist, you beast. You actually ripped my clothes off me and took me by force. How did you know that was what I wanted?' I stared at her and felt laughter welling up inside me

'Because your body told me of course, blondie. Come and get clean and we'll pretend it never happened.' Her face was creased in a wide grin and she rolled to the edge of the bed, then raised one leg delicately.

'No way. Clean me down there and then let me taste it or I'll scream rape. Then I'll clean you, and make you scream rape, and then we'll have a boring old shower.'

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