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All Tie Up at Work


I had been looking forward to this day for a week. I put in to have today off so that I could come to work with you and be a "volunteer" for your company. Since you're a semi driver, I know that we will have a whole day together with only your drops to get in the way of our time. Working as much as we do, I treasure the time I get to see you but it never feels like enough. So I am happy to get this chance to ride around with you. But it seems I didn't account for the fact that you had other things I can do as a "volunteer".

Now I'm lying in the sleeper of your Peterbuilt, tied tightly down to the bed. I'm dressed in a gag ball, my studded collar, blindfold and restraints. You made me put in earplugs so I can't hear if you are coming back to play with your fuck toy. My breasts are bound so tightly they are probably as purple as the monster cock that is buried in my soaking and sloppy wet fuck hole. Now when I say monster, this toy is huge. It is 18 inches long and 9 inches in circumference.

My nipple clips are clamped tightly and thanks to the rope system that you rigged up, my nipples are now being stretched towards the roof of your tractor and are pulled in whatever direction you decide to turn. My tits are so painfully sensitive that I could almost cum. Instead, my cunt is gushing girl goo and I am making a puddle beneath my ass.

I feel the truck stop again, but it could be for another red light. Nevertheless, my whole body reacts and tingles with anticipation. After what seems like and eternity, I realize you have gotten out of the truck, leaving me alone and waiting, which adds to my torment. Then, when it seems like I have been alone forever, I feel the monster being yanked out of me along with an earplug. You slide your fist into my cunt with no effort. "I bet your so wet I could get a watermelon in your sloppy pussy. Would you like that whore?" I shake my head no since I can't talk with the gag ball and my panties shoved in my mouth. "Yes you would. You always want something bigger crammed in your hole."

You continue fist fucking me till I'm about to explode. You pull your fist out leaving me empty and so frustrated I could cry. You replace the earplug and start the truck making me think that we are leaving. Suddenly I feel a much larger object sliding into me. You had to use a little effort for this one, but I'm still so wet that the Tre Semme shampoo bottle slides in relatively easily.

I know your expectation, I am to make sure that whatever you put in me stays in me or I am to be whipped. Since my highly sensitive jugs and overheated snatch are what's exposed, I have little time to concentrate on my sexual frustration since I have to focus all my energy on keeping the bottle in. I almost accomplish it too. At the next stop you have to hit the brakes a little harder than normal to avoid a collision with another driver. This causes the ropes on the clamps to pull harder shooting my attention to my over sensitive breasts and the bottle slips out. My noise of distress alerts you of my failure to follow your command.

Even though you know it isn't my fault, after you get done at the next stop you uncoil your whip and smack my boobs, stomach, thighs, and pussy until they are a bright pink. You remove my earplugs and explain that you didn't whip me till I had welted because you understand that the bottle falling out was not open defiance. You were lenient because of this. However, I still had to be punished so I would remember who's in charge and that your understanding wouldn't equal complete mercy. I nod my understanding and you replace the earplugs.

I feel you sit on the bed between my legs then feel your fist slide into me again. I relax and enjoy your abuse of my body. I feel your body weight shift and then your hot tongue is bathing my nipples, one then the other. I almost cum, but again you stop.

I let a frustrated growl slip and you take charge again. This time you decide my punishment should be stretching. You pull your fist out and start sliding both hands inside my cunt. Thanks to the shampoo bottle, there is more room. You move your hands apart and start stretching me further. I feel like you are trying to pull me in half, but I can't communicate with you at all. If I struggle I pull my nipples and add to the sensitivity and I am sufficiently silenced. All I can do is lay here and allow you to do whatever you want.

I feel your hands moving in and out but now they are twisting as well. The pain is turning into pleasure now and you can tell that from my moans. You take advantage of my relaxed posture to push your hands in hard and fast. Both hands disappear into my slutty cunt and you smile triumphantly. You give me a few seconds to adjust then interlock your fingers inside my twat and start fucking me with one huge fist. I've never felt my pussy so full. I manage to last for a few seconds before I orgasm so hard that you think for a few seconds that I might have peed instead. Soon you realize that it is wave after wave of girl cream shooting onto your forearms, jeans and bed.

I pass out with my release, but you don't feel as though I should be resting just yet. I soon wake to the feeling of being stretched even farther then I ever thought was possible. The Tre Semme bottle is wedged back in my cunt, but after being double fisted, it doesn't quite feel that big anymore. Now you are trying to stuff my snatch with the monster dildo as well.

My breathing alerts you to the fact that I am no longer dead to the world. I realize that the earplugs are gone when you start talking to me. "I should've done this sooner. With you tied like this. I can finally make my pussy the gaping hole I've always wanted without any fights, struggles, or complaints from you. After seeing both my fists disappear, I am realizing what a good whore that I have. I am going to have to find bigger objects to fuck you with soon. Maybe a two liter bottle?" I shake my head in disagreement again just as you get the monster in with the shampoo bottle.

"What do you mean no? With what is in my cunt already I know you can handle it. And it is my cunt isn't it slut?"

I know if that's what you want, it's going to happen so I don't even bother to respond. I can only hope that you don't plan on it being today.

Again you take the driver's seat and I marvel at your self-control. Two stops and the knowledge of the constant torture of me and I would have figured that you would be ready to bury your cock in me to see how loose I actually am now.

The truck stops again, but you inform me that it is not a scheduled stop so we won't be playing again yet. I hear the door open and close then the door lock. I am thankful that you have granted me back that sense. It's much easier to keep my mind off my throbbing tits and snatch when I am concentrating on trying to hear your approaching footsteps. I hear the lock pop and the door open and close again. Your voice reassures me that it is indeed you. "Boy do I have a surprise for you. This is really going to stretch that slutty twat of yours further than it has ever been before. I can't wait to see it buried inside you, your fuck hole wrapped around this baby. I think I'll wait till we get home to use this one though."

You make me stay like this through stops three and four but then make one more unscheduled stop at QT to get something to drink. You are finally nice enough to release me from my ties and torment. As I get dressed, I feel as though I have been fucked "with" the semi rather than riding in the back all day.

You climb back in and hand me a bag with a two-liter of soda in it with an evil grin. I shudder inside, but silently take it. "If that's what he wants" I think to myself when we get back to the yard. I get into our truck and wait for you to clock out. I am so lost in thought about the day's events that I don't see you until you are climbing in the truck. You start the engine and head for home.

As I climb the stairs to get to the door you ask me why I am walking bow legged. I don't answer but instead shoot you a look that says you know why. The door hasn't even fully closed before you start ripping my clothes off again. You push me onto my knees in the doorway and fuck my face, grabbing my hair and not letting my head move. About ten strokes in, you slam your ten inch cock down my throat not caring if I can breath or not and shoot your load directly into my stomach.

After you pick me up and take me into our bedroom where you throw me onto the bed and promptly tie me down again. You get off the bed and leave me alone to wonder what you are doing now. I hear you get into your backpack and then you walking back towards the room. I know that you are carrying something when you come back, but you are hiding it so I can't see it. You go directly into the bathroom and I hear the water start running. "That unscheduled stop I made earlier was at the bowling alley. I managed to get our newest toy for free. I'm going to wash it then I'm going to fuck you with this bowling pin!"

I shudder in fear thinking that it's not going to fit, But I feel my pussy gush with anticipation. I must have creamed a lot more than I thought because I see you look between my legs and grin. "I know what your thinking, don't worry, I'll make it fit and I see how excited this makes you. Your eyes are saying NO, but your pussy just screamed YES!"

I lay there waiting watching your every movement. You sit on the bed between my legs and start to work the bottom of the pin in. I start to argue, but you cut me off. "With everything that has been shoved inside you today, I have faith that you can handle this too. Now shut up and don't make me have to gag you and torture those poor tits again." Promptly I shut my mouth knowing any further argument will get me in trouble.

You grab some lube for the pin and coat it and then I feel the bottom push into me. The farther you push the further I stretch. I feel my pussy finally give in to your demands and half of it slides into my cunt. I cry out in pain but it doesn't matter to you. You keep fucking me slowly with the huge object until I start to moan in pleasure instead.

After a few minutes, you pop it out of me, untie me and make me get into doggie style. You get some rope and securely tie the bowling pin into my cunt. Then I feel lube being applied to my back door. You slowly start to push your cock in, I play with my clit quickly while it feels like your cock is ripping me in half. I can't hold out and cum fast, but your not anywhere near done with my asshole yet. You continue to ride my ass telling me how tight I feel and how I am now well beyond a whore or a slut. No whore or slut would allow anyone to fuck them in the ass with a bowling pin in their slit.

I can tell that you are getting close to cumming now because you are pounding, my nasty asshole with such animalistic force that you don't care if you are hurting me or not. You shoot your load deep into my bowels while calling me every name you can think of, but I barely hear you past my own orgasm. I cum so hard that I squirt my juices out around the bowling pin and onto your thighs.

We both fall onto our sides, your cock still in my ass, completely exhausted. I start to drift off when I hear you say "I hope that pin doesn't bother you since you will be sleeping with it in you. I want to fuck you loose pussy in the morning and I want your cunt good and loose. If I enjoy it then I might make it an every night requirement."

"Yes Master" is all I can say.

The last thing I hear before sleep takes me is "next time it'll be your ass getting stretched and you will not be allowed sleep until that pin is used as a butt plug!"

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