All Tied Up


He planted his hands either side of my head, his torso pressed heavily upon my own. I noticed every little thing about him: his smell, the sound of his breath, the taste of his lips as they brushed against my own. He had no concern for me at all. He adjusted himself to line up properly and then pushed forward with his hips, sinking the whole of his considerable length into me.

Oh, my God! I shouldn't be loving this, should I? It's not what a married woman should do, but his cock was filling my tight, wet pussy so well and so bloody sensuously as he powered it into me stroke after stroke. His well-honed body slapped against mine as he drove it into me, bringing me nearer with ever thrust to the inevitable climax I knew he would give me. Momentarily I had another pang of guilt as I thought about my hubby somewhere in the woods – but then, this is what he wanted, wasn't it?

The big strong man between my thighs soon took any feeling of guilt away as he rammed into me harder, making me cry out as my orgasm hit me and sent me over the edge in such a fantastic way. It wasn't like a normal climax. This was so intense, so strong that my head swam as wave after orgasmic wave drowned me in its luscious depths. By now I didn't know or care who I was with as he brought me to yet another climax. Over the top, time after time he sent me to the most dizzying heights imaginable, but his cry of satisfaction brought me back to the reality of the situation. He was about to fill me with his spunk. Though I knew I couldn't get pregnant, that didn't diminish the thrill of feeling a stranger's cum inside me. I almost wished he could make me have his baby just to prove I had done it with another man.

'Yeah .... yeah ....' I groaned.

He thrust into me with renewed fervour.

'Shoot it up me!'

I cried out so loudly that anyone within half a mile could have heard me. It must have taken him over the top, because hardly had the words left my mouth than he plunged extra deep into me and emitted that strangulated noise you men make when you cum, a sort of primeval growl of dominance, as he flooded me with his spunk. It felt so hot that it seared my insides and he pumped me so full that his creamy flow oozed out around his big cock, still deeply embedded inside my cunt.

He eventually got off me and laid beside me his cock flagging at last he was satisfied. His mate, however, was not. He stood at my feet. I could hear him wanking himself slowly, admiring his own stiffness. All he wanted in the world was for his mate to get off me and allow him his turn at fucking this captive girl they had found handcuffed and waiting in the woods.

Grinningly, he said, 'It's my turn now. Get on your knees. I want you from behind.' I felt a stab of real fear. Please God, don't let him fuck my ass. I hate that, it hurts so much more that it thrills. And it's not meant for fucking. Since my pussy was specially designed for that, why not use it for what it was intended for? He grabbed me and helped me into a kneeling position, my hands still securely fastened behind my back. I was so helpless he could do whatever he wanted with me, but at least he wanted to fuck my cunt rather than my ass. So it was almost with relief that I felt his cock deep within me. Kneeling, I was not being able to support myself on my hands. I was bent double, my head on the ground giving him the best access to my pussy exposed between my thighs. Little did he know that this is my favourite position for lovemaking. Except, of course, this was not lovemaking, this was bestial fucking, sex at its crudest, rawest and most intense. My face buried in the blanket and my cute little ass presented for his pleasure, I adored every stroke of his cunt-thirsty cock as it filled and re-filled my cunt, still dripping with another man's cum.

His strong hands took hold of my hips bones and used them as handles to pull me back onto his dick. As he thrust forward, he drew me back, driving his whole length into me, his balls banging against my clitty, naked, aroused and begging for attention. All of my fear and shame had disappeared. I threw myself into our sex session as if I was a hooker just doing for the money but really I was doing it just for the thrill, for the experience, for the knowledge of what it felt like to have a strange cock filling my wet cunt, fulfilling my dream of so many years. In fact, one of my earliest sexual dreams was to be raped. It was frightening at the time and I thought there must something wrong with me, but the reality was hundreds of times better than the dream, confirming my early ideas of how sexy it would be to get used by some stranger and not be able to defend myself. Somehow I felt so sexually liberated even though I was handcuffed and being used by strangers who could do whatever they wanted to me.

But liberty was not something even these big, strong men could give me because only my husband could release me from the confining grip of my handcuffs, and he was nowhere to be seen. By now Fred was giving it to me so hard he couldn't last much longer. I would have loved him to keep this up for hours, or until I could take no more, but he was grunting in his excitement. Perhaps it's a bigger thrill for a man to fuck a captive stranger than it is to make love to his wife or girlfriend, especially if he finds her bound and almost naked in the woods, obviously very turned on and begging for it, then taking her for yourself not having to worry about recriminations if you didn't make her cum or give her a good time, just enjoy yourselves and walk away. Is that the equivalent of my dream of being taken by a stranger?

He rammed it up me harder and harder. He was obviously getting close but I had already cum several times. In fact it was almost a continuous orgasm now, just peaking every now and then. He cried out again, that strangled cry of male climax, he pulled my hips back so hard it hurt. But I didn't mind because his cock went even deeper as he shot me full of his cum. It spurted deep inside me just as his mate had done again. The terrible thought crossed my mind how ironic it would be to fall pregnant and not know which of these men or my husband was the father. I could feel Fred's stuff running down my thighs as he pulled out of me. I know my pussy was open wide and couldn't be the pretty little slit it was earlier, not after the seeing to it had received this afternoon. He slapped my ass as he withdrew, telling me I was a dirty little slut, that I should have been taken by a whole regiment of squaddies and next time it might happen as we were on the very edge of the training ground for the army. The though made me shudder but not with fear or trepidation, it was a shiver of anticipation.

They had the decency to ask if I would be alright as they walked away. As soon as they disappeared from sight, I heard a rustle in the bushes and the whirring of my husband's camcorder as he approached me hurriedly. The dirty sod had recorded it all. I thought that after my ordeal he would just let me loose and go home but I should have known better. He set his prized video cam on its little tripod and walked over to me.

'Did you see it all?' I asked as he approached. He pulled off the blindfold and I blinked at the early evening sun.

His eyes were on fire. I had never seen his face so alive, his movements so driven. There was about him the rough look of a predator.

'Yeah' was all he said. I didn't know whether he was angry, hurt or excited. Then I noticed that his cock was as stiff as a ramrod. He unlocked the handcuffs and I rubbed my wrists together to soothe their aching.

I could feel myself being aroused by the knowledge that I had turned him on so much.

'Did you film it?' I asked.

'Yeah. You loved it, didn't you?' he said. He was pulling off his t-shirt.

'Did you?' I asked, knowing the answer.

Now he was unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants and pulling them down. He had only one thing on his mind, and I was it.

He lay down on his back, cock as erect as a fence post, and motioned to me. I knew exactly what he wanted and I would do my very best to give it to my lover man. I crouched over his body and lowered myself down until my pussy, still dripping with cum and my own fresh juice, was just touching the tip of his cock. Then I let myself drop, taking his full length in one hard lunge. He loves that feeling. And the look on my face! Oh, my! But this was so different from usual. My pussy was stretched and lubricated by the spunk of two men. It was wonderful, not painful at all – just bloody great.

However, the next part tested all my stamina and agility, if you consider that I had spent the last two hours shackled and abused (in the nicest possible way, of course). He wanted me to ride him like a horse, a wild, galloping stallion. I love riding my own pony, feeling the heat of his sweating flesh between my legs, but riding my man is so much more rewarding. I put my hands on his shoulders and started to fuck him in long, smooth strokes from the very tip of his cock, right down until his groin was hard against my ass. My buttocks slapped against his skin as flesh met flesh.

'Tell me what it felt like,' he demanded as my cunt stroked his cock with a rhythmic efficiency.

So, as I rode my delicious husband with increasing fury, in breathless tones I told him everything: about my fear, about the thrill of anticipation, about the smell, touch and taste of my tormentors, the feel of a strange cock in my mouth, between my breasts, inside my cunt, the overwhelming pleasure of it all, of knowing that I was getting them off and, by doing so, turning on my darling husband. Then I told him of the bliss of my cumming and, as I did so, as I relived every pussy-wetting moment of my exquisite ordeal and as I recalled what a tart, what a slut and a whore I was, I could sense it happening all over again.

My titties were bouncing up and down as I rode him. He grasped them firmly in his paws and that brought my climax even nearer. I knew he wouldn't want me to stop, so I tried so hard not to cum. But it was a wasted effort: I was going to cum no matter what I tried to do because he was thrilling me so much and talking so dirty.

When it hit me, Oh God, it hit me with such force that I almost fainted. I collapsed on top of him only to feel his hand swipe my ass.

'Get on with it!' he yelled. After all, he wasn't just lying there for the benefit of his health. He wanted a fucking as complete as those that he had filmed earlier. I forced myself up and made the best effort I could to continue riding this bucking bronco of a man but he felt so good inside me that it only took a few strokes to bring me off again. This time even his spanking my ass couldn't make me work again because I was so knackered, fucked to a standstill. He accepted defeat and, lifting me up on his arms until he was only just inside me, he drove his cock up into me, fucking me from underneath, taking me from one peak to the next without any rest whatsoever. I must have blanked out because the next thing I knew he was shooting yet another load of cum into me. I really was a cum slut, because somehow I still wanted more. This had been an awakening in my life, something I never dreamt I could want, or get, but, once tasted, it was addictive. I wanted more of this and was going to make sure I got more.

When we had both recovered, he dressed and collected up our belongings. Then he carried me, covered by his jacket, back to our car. I had noticed him retrieve my shorts and stow them in his bag.

'A memento,' he said smilingly. Another item for his collection to remind us of this special day. He drove us home and, curled up beside him, I drifted off into a contented sleep. As soon as we were home, he poured a foamy bath for me and I wallowed in its luxury as he cooked a special dinner for us both. I was aching in places I didn't know I had. But it was a rewarding ache like that of an athlete who has broken some record.

In my bathrobe I descended to champagne and dinner. He had set up the DVD and began to run the footage he had filmed. We watched silently as we munched on our food and sipped the vintage champagne. Watching myself in my sexy white costume, blinded by the silk scarf and fettered by the handcuffs, and then seeing me fucked and fucked and fucked, was beginning to make me horny again and I could see that my hubby was just as aroused.

He reached over to me and planted a sumptuous kiss on my lips as his hand delved into the folds of the bathrobe and cupped my titty.

At last, I said, 'Those men. Who were they, love?'

He knew what I was thinking, he always knows what I'm thinking. When can you invite them again? Can we make it even better next time? Can't you be involved more? Can't I watch your face as you enjoy watching me get fucked to oblivion?

He smiled enigmatically and then he gave his reply.

'I've no idea who they were. I'd never seen them before. I guess they were just out looking for a cock-hungry whore.'

I looked at him in amazement. Then the realisation of the true danger I had been in began to dawn on me. But it didn't frighten me. It just made me even more hungry for cock.

He turned me over onto my front so that I was kneeling on all fours on the settee, just how I love it. I was moaning in expectation as he lifted my robe over my hips, revealing my ass and soap-scented pussy. He unzipped his pants and knelt behind me.

'Now, my cock-hungry whore, I want you to tell me again what it was like when you felt a stranger's dick fill your cunt.' His own cock, hot and throbbing, slid into me. And, as I closed my eyes and my pussy hugged him tightly, I began to relieve that wonderful afternoon. And I knew that it would only be a matter of time before this cock-hungry whore would be repeating the experience with other strangers for the pleasure of her adorable and adoring husband.

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by aroonkumarhot12/23/17

really nice

Nice one chris, every character done their role really good. I hope u excite us like this in future too.

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