tagIncest/TabooAll We Knew Ch. 02

All We Knew Ch. 02


All the characters in this story are above the legal age of consent and are adult. The world they inhabit is mine, which I share with you, timelines are compressed as required.


The music from the DJ's Sound System blared across the Main Hall, with it's sunken middle area for dancing and the raised platform around the room filled with couples and groups chatting away. Julie walked in beside Chris, and looked round the room, hoping to see Jane and her brother.

"Drink M'lady?" asked Chris in his best imitation of a butler.

"Yes please Carson, they're doing a non-alcoholic punch over in the side room," she said, so Chris wandered off to investigate.

As he made his way back he saw Julie with a girl who looked similar except her hair was slightly shorter and her figure slightly rounder than Julie. She had her hands over her mouth and was obviously holding back a shriek, beside her stood a tall well built guy with a thunderous look on his face and hands bunched into fists by his side.

"Hi guys, I'm Chris, Julies older, smarter brother, sorry if I knew I'd have brought more drinks," he turned to the girl and proffered his glass, "Would you like this, I've not touched it and I can go and get some more,"

The girl took the glass and nodded her head in thanks. The guy scowled and said, "I can go and get some it's no problem."

"Chris," Julie said, "this is Jane and her brother Kevin, Guys this is Chris."

They shook hands, and Chris felt Kevin scoping him out as they mashed hands. He smiled and said, "Quite a grip Kev, you work out?"

Kevin looked glum, "A little, when I can". He seemed ill at ease and looked around to see if anyone was too close.

"Kevin," said Jane, "relax, don't get upset, look, Julie and Chris have the same problem as us, now quit scowling, you have a beautiful smile, use it!" she twisted slightly and jabbed him lightly in the ribs. He smiled and his face changed.

"Sure Sis," he said, glanced at Julie and Chris and mugged 'Stupid', "Sorry, on edge a bit, nerves."

Chris was intrigued by Jane's comment and was about to broach the subject when Julie trod lightly on his toe, he glanced at her, her face said "leave it" just by slightly raising her eyebrow. He smiled and nodded slightly.

"Okay, " said Julie, "why don't we happy people just mingle and dance and drink and dance and about 10'ish head out to our cars and meet in the car park, ok?"

They all nodded and moved out to work the room, smiling shaking hands and generally having a good time. The boys stayed close to the girls and the freaks and the nerds stayed away from them as they hoped. Dances with each other, other girls and their partners followed and finally a slow dance, Julie with Kevin and Chris with Jane. They headed out to the car park. Julie pulling Chris away from their car turning towards Jane and Kevin's. They all got into the unlocked car and sat, Jane and Kevin twisting round in the front seats so they could see Julie and Chris.

"OK, said Julie, "better get this started." She paused and then spoke slowly and deliberately, " guys you may not know this but Jane and I are very close, and it appears we share a similar problem as regards our love life." she paused waiting for the penny to drop, and it did.

Both boys looked at each other and reddened, looked at the girls with mouths slightly open, both brains trying to mesh into gear and send a request to their lips, but failing.

"Incredible!" said Jane, " astounding." She shook her head and grinned, "OK breath deeply and hold... and relax, okay anything you boys want to say?"

"Wow", said Kevin, "I don't know what to say, I never expected that, you guys look so relaxed, not on edge or anything, wow."

"Kevin, I thought you looked tense and a bit hostile, I can understand why, your sister is fantastic looking, you're a very lucky guy, nearly as lucky as me," said Chris with a sheepish grin, sticking his hand out to shake Kevin's, whose eyes lit up, as he swung his hand forward and grasped Chris's back with none of the menace of earlier.

"okay, well now we're all clear on where we stand, and thank you for the vote of confidence Chris," said Jane, " we do however have a problem, and we need your help", Her eyes misted slightly, as Julie reached over and held her hand through the gap in the seats. "Chris, I understand your parents, err, I don't want to b crude but they caught you "at it". No, that seems unfair and sounds sordid, oh I give up, let's just say your parents know."

Chris and Julie nodded, Chris smiled at Kevin and sighed, "Yes, not good, better than I expected but not good, family conference tomorrow night, could be interesting, " he looked towards the floor and smiled ruefully. "so okay, what can we do to help?"

Jane looked at Julie and Kevin, grabbed Kevin's hand and looked Chris in the eye, " if our parents found out about us, Kevin would be in police custody charged with rape and I'd be off to my Aunt in the country before you could blink." She leaned into Kevin who drew his arm back slightly so she nestled into the crook of his arm. "I couldn't bear not to see him again, I would die..." Tears formed in her eyes and Kevin's other arm swung over to allow him to massage her arm with his free hand.

"It's so fucking unfair," he cried, "what have we done wrong, nothing, just fallen in love with each other, we can't be apart, we can't," tears welled up in his eyes and soon sobs were wracking his large frame.

Jane swung her free arm to his shoulder and she slipped her small hand to his face, "Shh, it's alright, it's ok, don't worry, we're going to work this out, come on Kev, hold it together now, for me, please love, please." She continued to hold his hand and use her other to wipe his tears away.

Julie turned to Chris and buried her face in his chest, loud gasps and sobs coming from her heaving chest. Chris wrapped her in his arms and hugged her close, tears rolling down his cheeks. Pretty soon the car windows started to steam up and the light from the streetlamps outside made softer patterns on the interior. As they all calmed down, Julie twisted and opened the rear door. Stepping out she opened the front door and leaned in pulling Jane from Kevin and guiding her to the rear seat next to Chris, she shut the door and stepped into the front, closing the door.

The others looked at her, she smiled, "Rule 1 always make the others expect the expected. Four people in a car that's misted up, with sobs and cries and a slight rocking motion. Two couples enjoying a double date and who'd guess it wasn't what it seems." she smiled triumphantly at her explanation.

Chris and Kevin grinned, "Genius," they said together. Jane smiled and hugged Chris, Kevin grasped Julies hand and kissed her cheek. They sank back in the seats.

"So what's the solution?" said Chris, arm around Jane and forehead creased. Looking towards his sister and Kevin. Silence sat in the car as they each tried to find a solution to their problem.

"Perfect!" said Kevin, they all looked at him, "Double Dating," he shouted and waved his arms wide above his head, "Double bloody dating, You beauty," he said and leaned in to give Julie a resounding smooch on her lips, his hands waving like a demented conductor along the roof line of the car. He brought both arms around Julie and drew her into a monstrous bear hug and swayed from side to side, all the time a huge beaming grin lighting up his face. He kissed her lips again.

"Do you know if you weren't going out with him, and I wasn't deeply in love with my gorgeous sister, I'd sweep you off your feet, you are perfect, perfect and I love you very, very much." his grin now as wide as the backseat. He released Julie, who, red faced, sat back smiling.

Julie glowed and gave a mock bow, "Wow, you are sure full on Kevin, how do you keep up with this hunk," she said to Jane, grinning as wide as Kevin and leaning in so he could cuddle her again, "I can see why you fell for him".

Jane sat back into Chris's arm and snuggled up to his chest, " Hun, I like them quiet and reserved too. This guys gorgeous and if I wasn't so in love with Kevin, I'd be on your case to let me make a play for him. She turned and kissed Chris's cheek., "You're hot hun, and I love you too."

Kevin sobered up and his grin faded, "okay people how do we play this, my, I mean our parents won't guess, but your folk know how you feel, so they aren't going to buy this story so easily." He looked at Chris, "also, I can do the whole dewy eyed hand holding in public soppy love struck idiot bit, little kisses etc., but I have to say I can't pretend that I want anyone other than Jane, Chris?"

"Got it in one mate, I don't mind fooling the public, but I just want to be alone with Julie. Much as I love your sister, there's only one girl for me."

"Well if we're all going to be so Goddamn honest with each other, then you should all know I will kill any woman who gets in my way meaning between Chris and I," said a determined voice from the front passenger seat."

" Exactly! Stay away from my man girlfriends" echoed from the rear left seat. Both girls sat hands on hips and glaring at their siblings.

"Cool!" said Kevin, "well that's a relief." he started the car engine and turned the heater on. "Sorry," he said, "but I'm feeling a little weird with the whole steamy windows thing!"

The others nodded and smiled.

"We need to plan this so we can appear as if we're double dating but get time alone with our partners," said Julie, "Jane we need to talk this out, can you guys trust us to sort this?" She looked at the boys.

"With my life," said Kevin.

"Both of you have my absolute faith," said Chris.

"OK then," said Jane, "time to go home, will you two be together tonight?" she asked wistfully.

" Sure will," said Julie confidently, "Have you two, err, you know, err, oh, err, sorry that's way beyond friendship, sorry forget that, come on Chris." she turned to open the door, reddening by the second. A strong hand gripped her shoulder and pulled her back into the seat.

"You've been truthful with us so time to reciprocate. The answer is not yet, Jane's very keen, sorry hun, but it's true. Me I'm still worried in case I'm to fast, to forward, pushing Jane too quickly into something she might want, but realises later, wasn't right for her at the time."

"Geez mate, said Chris, "that's exactly how I felt, the girls got to be absolutely sure, so check and check again, make sure you're not leading her to fast."

" Bloody hell," said Jane, I can't believe it! I'm in the car with my brothers long lost twin, Jesus guys what's with you two, are you really not related."

They all laughed as they opened the doors and moved towards each other, kissing and hugging, shaking hands and slapping hands on backs. Promises of more evenings out together were made and they parted as real friends.

Julie and Chris crept back into the house and slipped up to her room. Shutting the door she switched the lamp on by her bed.

"Wow what a night, " she whispered, "They are such crazy people, do you really like them?"

Chris smiled, "Jane is lovely and Kev's a big softy, thank God we have our parents, not theirs," he replied."They are so sad and yet so happy, boy what a fix."

"We can hear you, you know" shouted their father from his bedroom, "Go to bed and sleep well." They heard a muffled voice and their Dad's "What, What I do..." and then he laughed out loud.

"Night you two," called Angela, "ignore your Father he's rambling again."

They shed clothes and climbed into bed. rolled towards each other and kissed.

"Chris, " said Julie, "I'm really tired, do you mind if we just cuddled and went to sleep?"

"Sounds great," said Chris, and hugged her to him, soon all that could be heard was their gentle snoring.

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