tagLoving WivesAllan Shares Arta

Allan Shares Arta


I drove into the alley at about 13:00 hrs and I was surprised I was on time for once. Allan’s big dick is a sure motivation. The door was open so I got in, my cunt fluid was set in motion. I could hear water splashing in the bathroom and I take it Allan is cleaning his dick for me to suck. I personally do not mind about cleanliness as long I get to suck cocks to suck. I prefer an unclean one as the odors emanating is more arousing. What to expect from a fuck slut like me!

I removed my social innocent garb and dressed as a whore. The dress is very important as it can make men twice as much harder so I get the benefit of their hardness into me. I dressed up in my red checked dress offered by my husband for screwing purposes, wore my black stockings, red string panty and a white silvery top without bra, my tits bulging out. I gave my face a fresh look and applied the paints where required. Ten minutes later I was the perfect whore anybody would want to screw until death. I looked myself in the mirror and assured myself I was very fuckable.

Allan completed his bath and entered the bedroom. He greeted me as usual and let his towel slide to show the gem I am wanting desperately. Even in its retracted form the dick was surprisingly attractive and I knelt down to start my work. I took the flimsy dick into my mouth kissing the dick in sign of welcome back and started working on it seriously. It grew in size in my mouth like an inflated balloon and I could feel Allan was now ready. He pulled on my hair and I sucked fiercely making him more happy. He lifted me and pushed me on the bed and fell backwards opening my legs for my sucker. Pulling my panty aside, he sucked on me like never before throwing his tongue inside my fuck hole. He licked my ass and drove his tongue in. I reacted by pulling his hair and he drove his tongue deeper.

Pulling up, he lied on me and drove his monster cock into me. My cunt was now used to that big tool and welcomed it gracefully by pulling apart to the right size. The fat dick drove into me like a shaft sending impulses of pleasure all around my body. I shivered with pleasure, it was too good. He started his to and fro motion and I closed my eyes traveling in a sky of pleasure beyond description. I asked for more and more and more I got.

Just then someone entered the room, he was ok type and I blushed because of the situation, it was the first time I was screwed in front of somebody. His dick stuck in me, he presented me to Mike, a friend of his. To my surprise or delight he asked Mike to join us. The fucker was waiting for that only. He undressed displaying a smaller yet acceptable black dick. I was happy being screwed by two men for the first time in my life. Mike came on the bed and shove his dick in my mouth. There I was a fuck slut with two dicks. How I wished my husband taking that scene with his camera. I sucked his dick which started erecting in my mouth while Allan pounded my pussy hole now more fiercely being aroused by the scene. I did Mike dick nicely sucking the pole like honey. Down there My hole was getting hotter influenced by the dick doing me in the mouth. It was beyond description, of fuck, oh so good!

Allan pulled out his dick and half the pleasure vanished. Mike too did the same and I was miserable, not for long though. They changed sides and Mike got into me at one go, Allan throbbing my mouth with his monster dick. Both of them pounded my holes like hell and I got back in the sky of delight. They screwed harder and harder and I experienced a level of pleasure never attained before. I was happy I met Allan.

They pulled out at the same time and Allan lied down on the bed. He asked me to sit on the dick and I let myself slip on his tool. He pulled me towards him and started kissing my mouth fucked by him just now. My ass hole was showing and Mike got in. It pained at first when the dick head tried to go through and when the shaft traveled up my ass, a high voltage surged around my body. It was the first time a was double penetrated and I like this very much. My cunt fluid flew abundantly out of my pussy hole and down on my legs. They both screwed me in that position, a big cock into my cunt and another one in my ass. I came for the first time like a river in flood, and as I recovered, I came again and again and again. They kept screwing me and I came about 15 times.

Both of them increased their tempo and I felt both of them would cum together. They did. Each one throwing bursts of hot cum in my ass and cunt at the same time. I came again, this one lasting for more than a minute. Fuck liquid was pouring out of my holes and we all remained still each dick shoved to the deepest into me. That was terrible. We shivered together and appreciated this fuck to the fullest. Mike moved out first and I got up pussy juice dripping down my legs. I was happy I had my share of fuck for the day.

Mike dressed up and before leaving gave me a Rs 500 note. He thought I was a whore so I took it and thanked him. Even this was sending impulses of pleasure to my holes. He left and I dressed up in my social dress and cleaned my face. Allan felt asleep I suppose as he did not move.

I left for home and reached at 16:30 hrs. My husband was there and he asked me if I had a pleasant day. You bet I had. I proceeded to the kitchen, pussy juice soaking my cunt. I already started dreaming about tomorrow’s session in the school gym where Allan was supposed to meet me for more fuck. Slut, I said to myself...

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