Allen & Ashlyn: New Years Eve


As I talked with my insurance agent I couldn't help but to watch Ashlyn. I saw her talking to this black guy and became a little jealous. He seemed to have eyes for my daughter and she didn't seem to be in a hurry to leave. Finally Ashlyn and Mrs.. Henderson walked to another group of people. I felt a little better once my daughter was away from that African American.

As I continued to talk with my insurance agent I noticed that people began to dance. As we conversed I kept my eye on my daughter. Suddenly I saw the black man walk up to Ashlyn. I knew what he was going to do. Before I could get out of my conversation to go to Ashlyn, I watched as he held out his hand and walked her to the dance floor.

Jealousy filled me as I watched her lay her pretty little head on his broad dark shoulders. I watched as his hand rubbed up and down her back from her neck to the top of her ass. Sure, I was jealous but also at the same time I was turned on. As I talked to my agent, I had an erection in my tux as I watched Ashlyn dance with this black man.

Mrs. Henderson approached me and took me by the hand. "Darling" she said, "your daughter looks so lovely tonight."

"Thank you Mrs. Henderson" I replied. "Nonsense, Call me Catherine" she said. Pulling me by the hand and heading towards the dance floor Catherine looked over her shoulder and said "dance with me baby." As I walked with her I did notice how fine she looked. Her ass was nice and tight as I knew she had a gym in her basement. Her dress was low in the back revealing soft smooth skin. A string of pearls around her neck showed what kind of income she had. What caught my eye the most was her sexy legs and feet. Her sequined dress was much shorter than Ashlyn's and a lot of thigh was visible. She sat atop a sexy pair of six inch platform heels.

Turning around and placing her arms around my neck Catherine pulled herself close to me. The dance floor was now crowded but I could still see Ashlyn dancing with that black man. "Your daughter has grown into a lovely sexy woman" Catherine whispered into my ear. "How do you keep your hands off of her" Catherine whispered again as she kissed my ear softly. I looked down into Catherine's eyes and smiled softly terrified to answer that question.

As we danced I watched Ashlyn. Catherine felt so wonderful against me. I just wanted to fuck her right there on the dance floor but I knew Mr. Henderson wasn't far away. I began to rub Catherine's back. Her skin on her back was so smooth as I slid my finger tips across her velvet like skin. I could feel Catherine's breasts pressing against my tux as she drew even closer. As she pulled closer I felt her rub against my hard cock.

Catherine looked up in my eyes as she felt my bulge. Her eyes seemed to sparkle as she just stared into my eyes. Pulling herself even closer Catherine began to rub her dress covered pussy over my cock. Catherine pulled her head closer to my ear and whispered "Oh your so big Allen." Just then I felt her warm lips on my ear as she kissed me. Her tongue slid into my ear as her hips were grinding against mine. I thought I was going to cum right there but Catherine pulled herself away from me and excused herself to call everyone for dinner.

Dinner was announced so I found my way to my assigned seat. As I sat down Ashlyn sat down next to me. I still was filled with jealousy as I looked into my daughter's eyes. "Daddy, I need to talk to you about an offer I got later." Looking at her I nodded and said "for you sweetie anything anytime." As I looked at Ashlyn I couldn't help but to wonder what her breasts looked like under that dress. Without a bra on I knew that there was only a thin piece of material keeping me from seeing her lovely charms. But I could see her nipples as they were partly poking the material outward.

We began to eat dinner. The food was magnificent. About halfway through our dinner Ashlyn got up and excused herself to go to the ladies room. As I looked over I realized that Catherine was sitting next to Ashlyn. She looked at me and gave me a sexy seductive wink. I smiled back at her and then Ashlyn sat back down.

I felt something touch my hand and when I opened my hand I felt Ashlyn's hand on top of mine. She slid something into my hand. Glancing down I knew instantly what it was. Ashlyn went to the ladies room and removed her panties. I slowly took my hand and slid it into the pocket on my tux jacket. As I slid the dainty material into my pocket I could feel my daughter's wetness on the material. Looking over at me I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked back. I didn't know how I was going to be able to contain myself the rest of the evening. I knew the only thing covering her sexy body now was that dress. Glancing down I could see my daughter's naked leg showing clear up to her waist as her slit in her dress was parted.

I couldn't take it any more and I excused myself to go to the men's room. I walked into a stall and dropped my pants and boxers. I reached into my pocket and took out my daughter's panties. I raised them to my face and inhaled her scent. I realized that she was wearing a thong and I slid my tongue through her wetness. My cock was dripping pre cum into the toilet as it twitched and ached. I took my daughter's thong and wrapped it around my cock. I knew I couldn't be long so I began to pump my cock quickly. Her thong felt so wonderful and soft wrapped around my member as I stroked it. I closed my eyes and imagined that black guy dancing with Ashlyn and sliding his hands through the slit in her dress. I imagined his hands feeling and squeezing her naked ass as he lowered his head and kissed her hard on the mouth. Just then I began to tremble as I knew I was going to cum.

I pumped faster and faster and finally I had my release. Cum shot out of my cock and missed the toilet and hit the wall behind it. I aimed the rest of my cum into the toilet. It felt so good to get rid of that pent up energy. I took some tissue and wiped my jizz off of the wall and flushed the toilet. Suddenly something came over me. I became so horny again. I stepped out of my pants and boxers and took my daughter's wet thong and began to step into it. I began to slowly pull it up my legs. It was tight and I stretched the waistband as I pulled it over my hips. Feeling the back end slide into my ass crack was an additional turn on. God this felt so wonderful and sexy. I pulled my pants back up and put my boxers in my pocket. I washed my hands and returned to the dinner table feeling relieved but still desiring more.

I took my seat next to Ashlyn feeling so sexy and alive now. I couldn't believe I was wearing my daughter's panties but I didn't care. Ashlyn looked at me again and this time I'm sure she could see the lust in my eyes.

Dinner was now over and I asked Ashlyn to dance. I reached down and took her hand escorting her to the dance floor. Once there we were crowded by several other couples. I pulled Ashlyn so close to me. She smelled so wonderful. I lightly kissed her neck. "Thank you for the present at dinner sweetie" I said. I wicked evil grin showed on her face. "I'm glad you liked it dad" Ashlyn whispered back. "Now I have a surprise for you" I said to my daughter as she had her arms up and around my neck. Looking into my daughter's eyes I could see her excitement. "Reach into my pocket baby" I whispered. Ashlyn slid her pretty little hand down my chest to my pocket on my jacket and reached inside. A puzzled look came over her face as she fumbled through my boxers. She looked down as I saw her pull my boxers up far enough to look at them. She realized that her thong was no longer in my pocket but my boxers were.

A glow came over Ashlyn's face as she realized that I was wearing her thong. Ashlyn cupped my face and pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Our tongues shared each other's in the most passionate kiss ever imagined. Ashlyn broke the kiss and said "god daddy that is so hot for you to be wearing my panties here." She lowered her head to my shoulder and I caressed her back. We were in a corner now so I slid my hand down over her ass and squeezed her cheeks. Again our eyes made contact, this time knowing that everything that was happening was mutual.

Catherine broke in and asked me to dance and at the same time she came with the black man and he began dancing with Ashlyn next to us. The music was loud but soft. There were only slow songs playing As I held Catherine, her head was on my chest. I watched Ashlyn as her head was on the black man's chest looking at me. God how I wanted to be the one she was dancing with.

(Ashlyn) After dinner, we began dancing again. Daddy lead me to the dance floor and we began dancing to the slow music. Daddy let me know that he had slipped on my panties in the rest room and for some reason, that just turned me on like nothing ever had. I felt my nipples pushing the material of my dress out and I felt my smooth lips moisten. I had to kiss him and I kissed him hard.

Catherine broke in and asked daddy to dance. She winked at me and I held daddy's hand out to her. She smiled and said, "Don't worry Ashlyn, you'll get him back in one piece." We both laughed and as I walked away, Cole took my hand and invited me to dance with him.

He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his hands right at the small of my back. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he told me how beautiful I was. I thanked him and he said, "It's my pleasure to dance with you." We both shared a smile and he pulled my head to his chest. I rested there as our bodies swayed to the movies. I closed my eyes and then, I opened them back to see daddy's hands practically on Catherine's ass, pulling her close to him. I was a little jealous but more turned on. I began to rub myself slightly against Cole and he let out a soft moan, and lowered his hands a little. I looked up to him and he leaned down and pecked my lips. I couldn't believe he had done that, but I didn't mind it at all. He backed away a little and whispered, "Sorry, I don't know what overcame me." I smiled and told him it was fine.

He noticed my nipples really jutting out and smiled. "You know Ashlyn, I would really love to... never mind." I said, "What?"

He said, "Just because I want something doesn't mean I get it. I mean I could be banned or even fired, I guess." I said, "What Cole?" He said, "I would love to see you. You are so sexy and look so delicious."

I smiled and told him he was being a bad boy and he told me that he thought I liked that. He then leaned down to my ear and said, "I would love to kiss you all over." His words made me so wet. Just the thought of his hands and lips on me... oh god!

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to find Catherine. "I think your daddy wants to dance with you and I sure would love to have a dance with Cole, that is, if you don't mind." I smiled and said, "No ma'am." I slipped from Cole's arms and told him it had been very nice. He told me likewise.

As soon I was in daddy's arms, he smiled. I could feel his raging hard on through his pants. "Did you like dancing with Catherine daddy?" He tuned a lil red and said, "Yes honey." I said, "She is beautiful daddy." He agreed and said, "So are you my baby." I put my head on his shoulder and began to nibble his ear. Then whispered, "You know I'd love to have that hard cock tonight." The alcohol had had more of an affect on me than I had thought.

Daddy let out a soft moan, then said, "You sure you don't want someone else's?" I looked at him and said, "No daddy, I want yours." Just then, people began to count 10...9....8....7....6....5....4....3....2....1... Happy New Year's. Daddy took my face in his hands, brought my face closer to his and kissed me. Our tongues danced with each other. I knew we had to leave soon or people would find out that I wanted to please my dad. A few more songs passed and I told him I was ready to go.

(Allen) As we continued to dance, I continued to watch my daughter get fondled by this unknown black man to me. I saw his hand slide through the high slit of her dress. I knew she wasn't wearing anything under her dress and his dark hand was caressing her soft creamy white ass. Just then Catherine began to grind herself on my aching cock and I could tell she was cumming. There we were at her husbands party and she was dancing with me on the dance floor and cumming as we danced. I could feel her trembling and shaking as she breathed heavily in my ear. "Thank you for the dance Allen" Catherine said as she straitened her hair. She turned away from me and broke into the dance Ashlyn was sharing with the black man.

Ashlyn turned to me and fell into my arms. Just then the count down began for the new year. 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year everyone screamed. Ashlyn turned and looked at me and reached up and pulled my face down to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Almost forgetting where we were I kissed her back. My tongue was in my daughter's mouth on the dance floor at the Henderson's party. Suddenly Ashlyn reminded me where we were and decided that it would be in our best interests if we went home real soon.

After a couple more songs Ashlyn announced that it was time to go. We went back to our table and gathered our belongings and began to say good bye to our hosts and several other people. It seemed like an eternity before we were walking out the front door. As we began to walk towards the car, Ashlyn reached out and placed her arm around my waist. I did likewise and we walked arm in arm to our car. Nobody would have guessed that we were father and daughter.

I opened the door for my lovely daughter and she sat down. As she stepped into the car her slit opened exposing her leg clear to her hip. Ashlyn saw me looking and said "like what you see daddy"? Nodding my head all I could muster was "uh-huh."

I closed her door and walked around and jumped behind the wheel. As I pulled out of the drive way Ashlyn had slid over to sit right against me. I was partially intoxicated from the champagne but also partially intoxicated from the beauty of my own daughter. Ashlyn turned towards me and began to kiss my cheek and the corner of my mouth. She nibbled on my ear as I drove causing my cock to rise to full attention.

Ashlyn began to caress my stomach and chest as she bit lightly on my neck. Glancing over at her I could see both of her legs as her dress had fallen between her thigh's. Suddenly Ashlyn pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard on the mouth. Again I almost forgot I was driving as I slid my tongue into my daughter's mouth. At the last moment I managed to look out the wind shield and kept control of the car.

Suddenly I felt something. Ashlyn's hand was caressing my cock through my pants. I felt her head lower and then I felt her biting my engorged member through my pants. Just then Ashlyn pulled on my pants and my button popped open. Using her fingers she slowly slid my zipper down allowing my cock to have more room in it's tight confines.

"UUUGGGHHHHHH" I moaned as I felt my daughter's little hand run over my thong covered cock. The material of my daughter's thong made my cock feel so good. As she rubbed my cock the head was already sticking out above the waist band. Just then I had the most erotic feeling ever in my life. Ashlyn lowered her head and licked the tip of my cock as it poked out of her thong.

God it felt so good as Ashlyn pulled down her thong causing my cock to tower strait up in the air. Suddenly I felt my cock encased in something warm as I realized that my daughter was now going down on me. I looked down as her head bobbed up and down in my lap between my stomach and the steering wheel.

I knew I couldn't hold out too long. We were almost home and I wanted to cum so bad. I knew I had already came that the party in the rest room and was afraid that if I came now then I might not get another erection tonight. Suddenly Ashlyn began to suck harder on my cock. I felt my balls and the rest of my body begin to tingle. My balls were boiling as I began to moan. Just then I began to thrust my hips as I began to cum. Ashlyn never pulled off as she began to swallow my load as it shot violently into the back of her throat. I panted and moaned the whole time I came.

Just then I pulled into our driveway. I jumped out of the car and opened the door for my daughter. I escorted her up the steps and into the house. As soon as the door closed Ashlyn and I turned to each other and embraced in a wild passionate kiss. Our mouths were glued together as our tongues explored each other's mouths like a father and his daughter never should. Ashlyn began to unbutton my shirt after she ripped my bow tie off of me. She had trouble with my shirt buttons so she took the material in her hands and just pulled hard causing my buttons to pop off and fall on the floor.

I reached down and scooped Ashlyn into my arms and picked her up. She held on around my neck as I began to carry her up to my room. Ashlyn again began kissing my neck and tonguing my ear. I walked into my bed room and placed Ashlyn on her feet. I cupped her cheeks and kissed her open mouth. Our tongues danced in mid air as I reached around her and unhooked her dress in back. In one quick second I watched as my daughter's dress fell to the floor right in front of me. All that remained on her body was her sexy heels. I admired Ashlyn's nakedness for a moment. Her breasts looked so inviting as they had such a sexy sway slightly to the sides. I could see her pussy lips glistening in the dim moon light as they were completely parted and hanging down between her legs.

I moved back to Ashlyn and kissed her hard on the mouth. I slowly began to kiss her neck and ears as she stood there before me. I bit her neck lightly and even her ear lobes. "I love you Ashlyn" I would whisper in her ear as I slid my tongue into her ear canal. Slowly I began to drop to my knees in front of Ashlyn. My hands slid down her back as I began to kiss and nibble my way to her lovely breasts. I began to rub my cheeks and lips back and forth over her breasts feeling her hard nipples brushing over my skin. Her nipples must have been a full inch long and rock solid. I took one nipple in my mouth and began to stroke it with my tongue. Hearing my daughter moan was such a turn on. I reached up and pushed both of her breasts together. Again I lowered my mouth to her breasts this time taking both of my daughter's nipples into my mouth at the same time. Using my teeth I scraped her hard nipples causing her to moan. I could feel Ashlyn's hands running through my hair as she moaned. I didn't think it was possible but I swear my daughter's nipples were getting longer and harder.

I sank completely to my knees and before my face was my daughter's bald pussy. I reached around her and caressed her ass as I inched my face closer to her glistening pussy. Cupping her ass cheeks I pulled Ashlyn closer to my face. I could smell her aroma as she had been turned on for so long tonight. Lightly I licked her labia. I slowly began to lick her wet exposed slit from her hole to her clit. I kept repeating this motion over and over making sure that on each up lick I was grazing her clit.

I repositioned myself slightly and began to tongue my daughter's depths. I French kissed her pussy like a mad man. Ashlyn lowered her hands to my head and held my head in position as she began to thrust her hips. She smashed her pussy on my face as I slid my tongue deeper into her pussy. Just then Ashlyn pulled my head harder and began smashing her pussy on my mouth. "Oh god daddy" she moaned as I felt her pussy juices begin to stream across my face. Using my hands I pulled her ass cheeks apart and pressed a finger on her ass hole. Suddenly Ashlyn screamed "OH MY FUCKING GOD DADDY" as she began to cum a second time.

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