Allen & Ashlyn: Valentines Day


In a matter of minutes, daddy placed his hand back on my head and held me on his cock as he shot his huge load in my mouth, down my throat. He came a lot and I had to work at it to make it all go down. I crawled back up just in time for the waiter to see me. He smiled as he sat a piece of chocolate cake in the middle of the table.

I glanced over and noticed a bulge in his pants.

Daddy and I finished the cake and he paid the bill, leaving the waiter a generous tip. On the way back to the hotel, my strap fell from my shoulder and daddy could see the top of my nipple. He smiled and said, "You are such a slut sometimes." I laughed at him and lifted my dress. I turned on the map reading light and began playing with myself. Daddy passed a big truck and evidently the guy saw me as I played with my pussy because he blew his horn. I laid the seat back a a little and made daddy distracted as he tried to drive.

He said, "Ashlyn, I should stop this car and give it to you."

We finally made it to the hotel and up to our room. As soon as we walked in, he turned me around and snapped the other strap as he pulled the dress down, off of me. I said, "Daddy, you tore it." He said, "Shut up."

I opened my mouth to speak and he tapped my cheek with his hand. "I said shut up." He picked me up and carried me to the bed, placing me on my hands and knees. "Stay there." I did as he told me too and then, I saw a flash. "What are you doing daddy?" "Taking pictures of my slut daughter." I turned and he said, "Smile baby."

I didn't know what to think as he snapped a few pictures and then he put the camera down and walked back behind me. His hand came down hard on my ass and I gasped. Then, he spread my ass cheeks and I felt his tongue rim me. I cried out, "OOOHHHHHHH."

He tongue fucked my ass as his finger began fucking my pussy and I was just about to cum, he stopped. He stood up and took his clothes off, including my thong that I had left for him.

He positioned himself behind me and rammed his cock in my pussy, making me scream out. He had never been this rough. He rammed it a few times, hitting my cervix each time and then withdrew his cock from my dripping pussy. That's when I felt his cock at the entrance of my ass. "Daddy..." Before I could get it out, his head slide in my ass and I yelled so load. His cock stretched my ass so much, it felt like it was ripping.

He slid his hand under me and began rubbing my clit as he savagely fucked my ass. He was ramming it so hard, it felt like he was in my stomach. In no time, I was cumming and so was he. We both collapsed on the bed.

(Allen) As we laid there on the bed we took a few moments to recover from the most intense orgasms ever experienced. We just cuddled and stared into each other's eyes as we caught our breath. "Baby, that was wonderful" I said. "Daddy needed that so bad."

I managed to crawl off of the bed and I picked up the camera and pointed it at Ashlyn. "Let me see what you got baby" I said as I began snapping more pictures. Ashlyn began to pose and got into all kinds of sultry positions. As I snapped picture after picture I could not help but to realize that my daughter was the most beautiful girl in the world. Using the zoom lens I got several close ups of her pussy as her lips glistened from her wetness as they hung open. Ashlyn even reached down and spread her hole open for me. There was this one picture I snapped where she was holding her cunt open and it looked like there was a tunnel leading into her.

Ashlyn began to pose in some steamy positions. Then it happened. She started to masturbate right there in front of me and the camera. Not wanting to miss a shot, I continued to snap picture after picture of Ashlyn as she continued to get herself off. The longer she masturbated, the hotter she got, the harder I got.

My cock was now standing strait out. Ashlyn motioned to me with her finger to come to her so I slowly walked towards the bed. Ashlyn sat on the corner of the bed and I approached her. Looking down with the camera I began to snap picture after picture of her as she reached around and cupped my ass with one hand while she took my cock in her other hand. Looking up into the camera I saw the love in her eyes as she lightly stroked my cock. I couldn't believe that I was about to take pictures of my daughter sucking my cock. As I snapped pictures, Ashlyn slowly lowered her head and kissed the tip of my cock.

Her eyes glanced up into the camera lens one last time before she opened her mouth and began to inch her way down my shaft. I was in heaven as I continued to take more pictures of my cock sliding in and out of my daughter's mouth. Suddenly I noticed that I ran out of film in the camera. I set the camera down on the table next to the bed.

I reached down and reached into my bag. I pulled out the scarves that I brought with me. The first one I caught Ashlyn by surprise as I wrapped it around her head. She never even saw it coming. Next I pulled my cock from her mouth and stood her up. As she stood there before me in just her heels she looked so sexy. As I stood there before her I opened my hand. Firmly I swung my hand and slapped Ashlyn across her face. Falling onto her back on the bed, Ashlyn let out a shrieking scream from the pain that she experienced. I jumped onto the bed and quickly grabbed her left wrist and tied it to the headboard. I did the same with her right wrist. I jumped off of the bed and looked at my baby girl. "Perfect I thought to myself.

I crawled onto the bed and propped up my daughter's legs so they were bent at the knees and parted. Looking into her pussy I could see she was enjoying this as much as I was. I could see the tunnel that led up into her and I could see her juices dripping onto the sheet. I reached down into my bag and took out the two longer scarves and I took her left ankle and tied the scarf around it. I did the same with her right ankle too. Next, I raised her legs up high and tied them to her wrists which were tied to the head board. There was my daughter before my eyes, tied up and horny.

(Ashlyn) As I laid then, tied up, I could feel my juices stream from my pussy down past my ass and onto the bed. Daddy lifted his hand and smacked my pussy which was spread wide open for him. I let out a small scream and he slapped it again.

The Scarf over my eyes moved slightly allowing me to be able to look at my daddy. I saw him reach for his bag and take a small canister from it, noticing it was another roll of film. He reloaded the camera and snapped 3 or 4 shots. Then he reached back into the bag and withdrew a massive dildo that looked like a big black cock. He put it to my lips and made me lick it and suck the tip of it as he snapped a few more pics and then he put it on my clit, circling it. "You know how big this cock is baby?" I said, "No daddy." He let out a small laugh and said "10 inches and it's very thick Ashlyn."

I moaned as daddy continued to tease my clit. Then, he positioned it at the opening of my clit and forced the head in. I screamed because it was so thick. "Baby, I haven't even begun with this thing."

He slid it in about 7 inches and slowly pulled it out and then back in, snapping a pic with it in me 7 inches. He smiled, "This looks so great baby, your pussy is so stretched from the girth." He snapped a few more pics and then, slid it in another inch and then another, 9 inches of big black dick were inside of me. "Imagine this is Cole, although, I don't think he would be this gentle. Close your eyes baby." I closed them and daddy pulled the cock out of me, almost the whole way and then... he slammed it back in me. My eyes flew opened and I yelled. "There, that's better."

He kept ramming it in me, stretching me, making me scream so loud. Then, he pushed it all the way in and worked it around in me, grinding my cervix.

"God baby, daddy is so hard. Tell me you want my cock." "I want your cock daddy."

Daddy took the dildo out and slapped my ass hard with the palm of his hand. I gasped and a tear rolled down my face. "You know you are my lil slut now, right Ashlyn?" "Yes, daddy." "Anything goes, whatever I tell you to do, you will do it, understand?" "Yes daddy." "If you don't, I will punish you, Ashlyn." "I know daddy."

Daddy positioned his cock at the base of my pussy and slammed it in me. Moaning he said, "I am not gonna last long but I am gonna fill your pussy with my cum." I tightened my pussy on him as much as I could but the dildo had stretched me.

"Oh god baby, you pussy is so hot and wet, you lil slut." He began slapping my ass and my legs as he fucked me hard and fast.

"Ohhh daddy, I am cumming." "Yes Ashlyn baby, I am so close.... you convulsing on my cock will drive me to... oh god... here I go Ashlyynnn."

I could feel daddy squirt so much cum so far up in me. He came so much, I felt like I was gonna pass out from the pain of before and the pleasure now. Daddy untied me and let me rest. I drifted in and out of sleep for about an hour and was awoken by daddy eating my pussy. He was licking me fast and not long after I woke up, I was cumming on his face. I was so tired and daddy seemed to be insatiable.

(Allen) We fell asleep until the wee hours of the morning when we were awakened by the couple in the room next to us. Ashlyn and I looked at each other as we heard the girl in the next room screaming as she was getting fucked. "Can you believe the only thing between us and that couple is this thin wall" I said. "MMMMM, I know daddy, I wish we were there with them right now" my daughter replied.

I got out of bed and walked to my bag and told Ashlyn to close her eyes. I walked back to the bed and joined her as I held out a dozen red roses. "Happy Valentines Day Ashlyn" I said. She opened her eyes and I could see the excitedness in her eyes. "Oh thank you daddy" she said as she reached for the roses.

I handed them to her and she immediately smelled them. A smile flashed across her face from ear to ear. I took one rose out of the bunch and told her to lay down on her back. She did as I ordered and I immediately tied a scarf over her eyes. I could tell the couple fucking in the next room was having an effect on her as her pussy was swollen and glistening again. I positioned my daughter in the middle of the bed on her back with her legs parted and bent at the knees.

I crawled up and kissed her tenderly on her lips. Her mouth immediately opened and our tongues found each others mouth's. We kissed until our breathing became erratic. "Baby, focus on the girl getting fucked next door while I make you cum" I said.

I took the one rose and began to slide the velvet pedals down my little girl's neck. I could see her moan as I heard the girl moaning next door. I traced my way down her chest to her lovely swollen breasts with the velvet rose pedals. In the dim light in the room I could see Ashlyn's nipples rise as I passed the velvet rose petals over her aerola's and nipples. The sounds emanating from the next room were becoming more intense. As I continued to rub the rose petals across my daughter's nipples she moaned "oh daddy" ever so softly as her breathing increased to a slight pant.

I slowly traced my way down her stomach with the velvet rose, pausing to circle her navel. I could see her abdomen muscles working from her breathing. I slowly traced my way down her hip and then down her thigh. Ever so slowly I traced the velvet petals down past her knee to her shin. I kicked off her sexy shoes and traced my way down the top of her foot and then across her toes. I lowered my face to her foot and kissed each toe one at a time. I ran my tongue across my daughter's neatly painted toes. "oh god daddy" she moaned as I pulled off the heel from her other foot.

I traced the rose petals over her left foot and again I lowered my lips to her sexy toes. Instead of the soft gentle kisses like on the other foot I immediately opened my mouth and sucked her big toe right into my mouth. I began to suck hard on her toe as I slid my tongue up and down both the top and bottom. I began to suck on all of her toes one at a time. Ashlyn began to pant and moan as the girl in the next room continued to moan. "Oh god daddy that feels so good" Ashlyn moaned. I began to trace my way up her left leg. The velvet petals passed over her shin and then past her knee. Slowly I traced my way up her thigh. Ashlyn shifted her position slightly making sure that her legs were spread and open for me. I slowly slid the rose petals closer and closer to her gaping pussy. "Oh daddy" Ashlyn moaned as I slid the velvet petals onto her pussy.

Up and down I slid the rose from her clit to her ass hole. I placed the rose on her ass hole and began to spin it back and forth between my fingers. "Oh my fucking god daddy" Ashlyn screamed. I lowered my head to my lovely daughter's pussy and flicked my tongue across her dripping slit as I continued to spin the rose petals on her sphincter. As my daughter continued to pant her pelvis began its involuntary response of humping my face. "Oh god daddy, FUCK ME" she begged. I tossed the rose aside as my daughter raised her legs up for me. I crawled up and lined my cock up with her dripping pussy. Ashlyn immediately wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down onto her. My cock slid easily into her pussy. Before I could do anything she was already working her pussy up and down on my cock. Instead of me fucking her, she was fucking me. "Oh god yes" were the screams we heard from the room next to us. Ashlyn continued to work her pussy up and down on my cock as I felt her begin to tremble. "Oh dad, I'm cumming" Ashlyn screamed as her body shot off like a rocket.

Ashlyn pulled my head down and locked her lips on mine. Our tongues practically slid down each other's throats. Ashlyn slowed her pace as her orgasm subsided. Slowly I began to fuck my daughter. I used a slow rhythm at first gradually increasing my tempo. "Oh baby, daddy can't last much longer" I said to her. I continued to pound my daughter as we heard the lady next door scream "I'm cumming." My eyes were locked into my daughter's. "Cum in me daddy" Ashlyn begged. As a man, those words have to be the most romantic words to hear.

Again I lowered my open mouth to my daughter's as I felt my balls beginning to tingle. Just then I felt my daughter beneath me begin to tremble in another orgasm. I tried to hold back but I couldn't. Just as my daughter's orgasm peaked, I began to tremble. I felt my cum racing up my cock and shooting deep into my daughter's pussy. "Oh good yes daddy" Ashlyn screamed. I grunted as I forcefully shot my cum into her dripping pussy. Suddenly, it was over. I laid on top of my daughter as my cock rapidly deflated. I slid off of her and we both drifted off to sleep

(Ashlyn) When we woke up, it was almost time for check out, so we quickly had to get ready and get out of there. As I got my stuff together, I noticed my pussy ached from all the rough fucking it had gotten. Daddy yelled to me as I was applying my make-up, "Ashlyn, you don't need to put all that stuff on, come on honey." "I'll be just a second daddy."

I threw my jeans on and slid my sweater quickly on over my head. Exiting the bathroom, daddy was standing at the door with our luggage. As we drove back to my apartment, daddy said, "That girl next door sounded like she was getting fucked as hard as you were honey." Smiling, I said, "Yes daddy, but she didn't have you..."

Daddy helped me take in my luggage and as we entered the den, Michelle looked up from the television, "Hello." Daddy sat right beside her, too close I thought. I excused myself to run to the rest room and as I closed the door, Michelle stopped me and entered behind me. "What are you doing?" She said. "I want to talk to you." I said, "Well, come on in." She smiled and told me she knew about us because she was in the room right next to ours the previous evening. My mouth flew open. "That's right, I know you and that hot dad of yours fucked multiple times. You guys made me so horny, I fucked Kevin like I never have before. I am so jealous." I kept standing there with my mouth open. "Ashlyn, let him fuck me." "No," I protested. She smiled, "Let me fuck him or I will tell everyone." I felt a little betrayed. She left after she said that so after I used the rest room, I walked back downstairs and asked daddy to my room. He followed me up and he said, "Ashlyn, aren't you afraid for me to come up here?" I stopped him, "Daddy, Michelle knows, she is the one who was in the room next to us last night." "Ashlyn, stop it, you are turning me on, it couldn't have been..." "It was daddy and she said that if you don't fuck her, she will tell everyone." "Come one Ashlyn." I said, "Daddy please. I don't want a bad name."

He kinda chuckled, "Baby, you are not gonna have a bad name." I said, "So, you'll do it?" He put his arms around me and lightly kissed me. "You know I love you baby. Call her up."

I called down to Michelle and she came up to my room. I noticed one of her buttons had been unbuttoned on her shirt as I thought, 'slut.' Daddy walked up to her and began to unbutton her shirt. As he unbuttoned the last button, he slid her shirt from her and let it fall to the floor. He then released her bra and pinched her nipples hard. Michelle gasped as he pinched and twisted. "My daughter tells me you want me to fuck you." "Yes," she whispered. "What?" He raised his voice. "Michelle said 'yes'." "Well, then tell me." Michelle looked at me and back to him, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you fucked Ashlyn last night." I looked down at daddy pants and noticed his raging hard on.

He unfastened her jeans and slid them off, she was wearing no panties. He told her to lie on her back on my bed and she followed directions. Then daddy walked up to me and slide my sweater, bra and jeans off as Michelle watched. As soon as I was naked, daddy looked at us both and instructed me to go spread Michelle's legs.

I climbed up on the bed and spread them, noticing she was a bit damp already. "Now baby girl, why don't you slide two fingers into Michelle's hot pussy for daddy." Turning to Michelle, he said, "You don't mind, do you Michelle?" She nodded her head from side to side and daddy said, "Good." As I slide a finger in, she was wetter than I thought, it was easy to slide both in her. Daddy began to undress himself and when he was naked, he walked to the bed and sat beside Michelle. His hard cock was standing up straight as he told her to lick it. He straddled her face and she licked it and then she took the head of it in her mouth but was not good enough for daddy. He took her hair and pulled it then, pushed her all the way down, making her gag. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers as daddy pounded her throat.

All of a sudden he stopped, I think because he knew he'd cum if he didn't. He sat back down beside the two of us and told me to put a third finger in, then a fourth. She was moaning and moving all over the bed.

"Michelle, don't you think Ashlyn has pretty little hands?" Michelle looked up at him, "Yes sir." He smiled, "Good, because it is all going inside you." Turning to me, he said, "Now Ashlyn, put your whole hand in there and fist Michelle's pussy." As I put my thumb in, she yelled and daddy took her nipple in his mouth. I began pumping it slowly as I saw daddy chewing on her hard nipples and soon, I felt her tighten. I knew she was on the brink of cumming and then, she exploded, yelling and bucking up, onto my fist. As her climax subsided, daddy told me to remove my hand and get on my back. Michelle was to get in between my legs on her hands and knees. He pushed her face into my wet pussy as he slapped her bottom. His cock lined up with her pussy and he rammed it in her, causing her to yell. "Suck her cunt, bitch," daddy said as he continued to ram her pussy. Michelle began to assault my pussy with her mouth and tongue, sucking my clit and then flicking it. Daddy reached under her and pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. In no time, she was cumming again, sucking my clit hard as she did, then daddy, took his cock out of her pussy and held it to her ass, teasing it.

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