Allie Nears Graduation


I was circling my tongue around one of her very hard nipples when I finally caught a whiff of her sex, but I didn't let the obvious sign of arousal change what I was doing. I could feel the signs of my own arousal gathering between my legs, but I pushed the feelings aside to continue focusing on Robyn. I ran my tongue along the underside of her breast (an area that is far too often overlooked), then moved over to her other breast. I started hitting her sensitive spots more often, lingering on them and eliciting louder moans and gasps of pleasure as I did.

After numerous minutes more, I finally moved my head down between her legs. However, I wasn't ready for things to end yet. Her scent was strong here, and I breathed her in, giving me a heady feeling. Her arousal was obvious, wetness glistening in the light on her cleanly shaven lower lips, which were full and open, almost inviting me to push a finger inside her. Her juices had run down her slit entirely and I saw a slight wet spot beneath her on the sheets. The stupid thought that I had just changed them entered my head for a moment, but I quickly shook it away. I blew lightly, and enjoyed it when she shivered a little, her hips quivering and moving forward slightly, seeking contact with my mouth.

Instead I latched my lips on her inner thigh, right on the sensitive spot that she liked. She bucked a little when I did, but I held on, retaining the contact. My hands rubbed at her thighs, my nails lightly scraping down to run over the back of her knees, causing another tremor from her. I kissed my way up her thigh, towards her pussy, and I could just tell from the tension in her legs that she desperately wanted to feel my tongue on her clit and my fingers inside her. I ran my tongue up where her leg joined her body, another of her erogenous zones that I had neglected so far, and she jerked her hips over, trying to reach my mouth with her sex. However, I was holding tightly to her and stayed where I was, and she only succeeded in smearing a bit of her wetness on my cheek.

Robyn let out a moan filled with protest, desire, lust, frustration and satisfaction all rolled into one. I decided to add fuel to that fire and moved my lips to the opposite thigh and doing the same things I had done on the other side. Knowing at this point that I wasn't going to let her trick or force me into the main event, she didn't make any quick movements, but did arch her back in a sensuous stretch that raised her ass off the bed and inspired me to do something I rarely did for her.

When she settled back down, I put one hand on each of her thighs, spreading her legs wide and pushing them up towards her head. This put everything on display for me, and I could tell by the sigh she let out that she was certain I was finally going to dive in. I was, but not where she thought. I craned my neck forward and let my tongue circle her anus.

Anal play is not my thing, though I had let Robyn talk me into trying it once. I just didn't feel comfortable with something up my rear and the whole idea kind of grosses me out. However, I had found the feeling of her tongue circling my little hole to be rather pleasant, arousing in a kind of naughty, forbidden way. Robyn, on the other hand, did enjoy anal play in all its forms, from the rim job to full out ass-fucking.

Knowing she was freshly showered, I managed to ignore my inhibitions to the act and let my tongue run all over her asshole, tasting the juices that had run down from her very wet lips. I was rewarded for my actions with a small exclamation of, "Oh fuck," from Robyn and I heard her fingers dig into the sheets. I spent a couple of minutes flicking my tongue back and forth, unable to bring myself to push it inside her, but still wanting to do the things she loved.

I released her thigh with one hand and ran my middle finger across her slit. Holy shit was she wet! I dipped my finger inside her, causing her to gasp in pleasure and buck her hips slightly, trying to fuck my hand, but I pulled it out quickly. It was coated in her juices. I ran my tongue up over her perineum and to the base of her slit, then positioned my wet finger at her little hole and slid it inside her. The sensation was similar to when I fingered her pussy, but different in a way that I couldn't quite identify. The feeling of her clenching was almost identical though and I slowly began to slide it in and out.

Robyn was close. There were a million signs for me that she was on the edge of orgasm, but the most obvious one was when she clenched a handful of my hair and physically yanked my head up until my mouth was on her clit. "Fuck me," she yelled, holding my head tightly. I had no intentions of teasing her further in any case. I slid two fingers from my free hand inside her pussy, and it was like sliding them into a hot bath, but somehow feeling wetter than water.

I pushed in with one hand as I pulled out with the other, getting a good rhythm between my hands as I fucked both her holes with my fingers. As I did, I wrapped my lips around her clit, not easy with how wet she was, and sucked hard as I flicked my tongue over it rapidly.

Robyn lasted maybe ten seconds. It was ten seconds of gyrating hips, loud moans, cries, and more "Oh God"s and "Oh fuck"s than I could count before she let out a final cry of pleasure and pushed hard against my face. Her muscles tightened on my fingers, the two in her pussy feeling nearly crushed by the strength of her orgasm. Through it all, I kept licking, sucking and thrusting, carrying her through the orgasm, even as I winced against the pain caused by her hand clenching my hair.

She was frozen in that position for a few heartbeats, then her hips began to buck, grinding herself against my face again. It was so sudden that my mouth slipped off her and her juices, which were already coating my mouth and chin, smeared over my nose and across my cheek before her entangled fingers pulled me back where she wanted me by my hair and I continued licking.

Four times she paused as her orgasm cascaded through her body before going limp and falling to the bed. Her fingers released me, though her inner muscles still clenched in spasms around my fingers. Loud pants escaped her mouth and her eyes were glazed and staring sightlessly at the ceiling. I stopped stimulating her clit, knowing it would be far too sensitive at this point, but continued to push my fingers in and out of both her holes, slowing down the pace that I had unconsciously quickened when she came.

My tongue and jaw felt really tired, and glancing over at the clock I could see why. I had been working on Robyn for almost an hour now. Late to class? Hell, I was going to miss it entirely. However, I found it impossible to care about that compared to the sound of Robyn's heavy breathing, the scent and taste of her in my nostrils and mouth, the feeling of her skin, her wetness, her insides, the sight of her laying in orgasmic bliss before me.

A couple of minutes passed and she just lay there quietly, the only sounds in the room her quiet breathing, the occasional pleased moan or sigh, and the squishy sound of my fingers moving in and out of her. She continued to produce more wetness, which kept trickling down and lubricating the finger in her ass, making it slide into her little hole so very easily.

I was not surprised when her hand returned to my head, much more gently than before, and urged me to move back between her legs. Robyn was a voracious lover and was rarely satisfied with just one orgasm. Despite my tired tongue I resumed flicking it over her clit, slowly to start, but picking up speed over time. Her breathing became heavy again, then moans passed through her lips as my tongue moved faster and faster.

It took longer for her to peak this time, but that could only be expected when she didn't have fifty minutes of foreplay working her up first. Still, it was only a few minutes before her thighs clamped around my head and another cry of ecstasy rang through the room as her orgasm hit. She went through only three rounds of stillness followed by frantic motions this time before collapsing back. Her fingers didn't leave my hair but instead pulled gently upwards. I slid my fingers from inside of her, noting how thickly the ones from her pussy were coated, then moved up her, the thin sheen of sweat on our bodies letting me slide over her until I was lying atop her once again.

Robyn had tears in her eyes, different from the ones before. These were tears of joy, and the smile on her lips that went with them lit up her face. Her hand went from my hair to the side of my face and pulled me in to kiss me on the lips, very tenderly. Her tongue slowly ran along my lips, tasting herself on them before sliding inside my mouth. I didn't know what to do with my hands, as I was afraid to touch her with either as messy as they were. She seemed to sense my frustration as she took the hand that had been in her pussy and brought it to her lips, sliding one of the fingers in her mouth. Sucking it clean of her juices, she offered me the other one. Without hesitation I sucked it between my lips, tasting her yet again. She took it back and nuzzled her face into my palm, though even with those two fingers clean it was still somehow both slick and sticky from her.

We kissed again and laid embraced together for a few minutes, just enjoying the feel of each other before she urged me to lay beside her. She then straddled me, and I felt her wetness drench my stomach. Robyn leaned down to kiss me again, some of her long hair coming down to tickle my sides. "You," she said breathily, still smiling broadly, "are amazing." Her smile turned mischievous as she continued, "Though you have milk breath."

I stared at her stupidly for just a moment before a bark of laughter burst from me. "Milk breath? You can smell milk from my cereal over all this," I held up my hand, still wet from being inside her, "on my face?"

"I have a superior sense of smell," she replied, loftily raising her head to look down her nose at me and doing her best to look snooty for a moment. The smile was back very quickly. "That's how I know about this." And with those words she reached behind her with one hand and ran a finger up my slit, giving my clit a firm stroke. I jumped at the contact, letting out a gasp. When Robyn brought her hand back in front of her, I could see it was liberally covered with my own juices.

I had been so focused on what I was doing to Robyn that I had been ignoring my own arousal. Since I had been hunched over while pleasuring her, I could now feel how my own wetness had trickled down my thighs, making them slick and mingling with my sweat. My nipples were erect and my breathing began to quicken after just that slight touch of Robyn's finger to my pussy and clit. That arousal only increased as I watched her slide her finger, wet from my juices, between her lips. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan, as if savoring a delicious meal.

Robyn shuffled down my body, moving into a position to go down on me. Despite my arousal I protested. "Stop. This is supposed to be all about you."

"Then shut up and let me do what I want," she retorted. She kept moving, and her hair dragged across my belly, tickling me and making me squirm. "It just doesn't feel right unless I get to taste you, too."

"Umm...You' late for class?"

Now kneeling between my legs, she wore a crooked grin, gave me the finger, then proceeded to slide it inside me. I let out a sharp gasp of surprise, the movement unexpected and feeling really good. She pulled it out and still holding it up in a rude gesture began to run her tongue over it, lapping up the wetness on it and making sounds of enjoyment.

She bent over until I could feel her breath between my legs. My pussy felt like it was on fire and needed something to quench it. Mimicking me, Robyn pressed a hand on either thigh, spreading my legs wide and up, exposing everything to her. I felt her touch her tongue to my perineum and in a large, slow motion, run up the length of my slit with a slurping sound and then flicking it against my clit. A bolt of electricity shot through my body at the contact and I quivered.

Again and again, she slowly ran her tongue from my perineum to my clit, big licks like one would use on an ice cream cone, though the only thing melting away here was my thoughts of resisting her. It was slow enough that I would not be able to cum from it, but it served to heighten my arousal even further. She used her thumbs to spread my lower lips wide, slipping her tongue as deep inside me as it would go on each pass up to my clit. She moaned as her tongue dipped inside me each time, as if she was enjoying the taste of me more than I was enjoying the feelings going through me from her actions.

The sensation was driving me crazy! It felt so, so, so good, but I needed more clitoral stimulation in order to climax. The minutes passed by, feeling like years, and each time I hoped Robyn would stop teasing me and just focus on my clit. I knew that she knew what she was doing. We knew each other's bodies almost as well as we knew our own at this point, and she knew her ministrations weren't enough to get me off.

"Robyn," I pleaded, "suck my clit. Please? I'm so fuckin' horny."

Robyn stopped what she was doing and looked up at me. "Hey, I'm trying to eat here. Not all of us had breakfast, Milk Breath." I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was pleased, though. She liked to hear me beg, and also liked hearing me cuss, which I didn't do very often. She went back to her "breakfast," making me moan in pleasure and frustration.

She did take pity on me though and began to increase the tempo of her motions. It still took minutes, but soon her tongue was running up the length of my slit each second, with a firm flick over my clit at the end of each pass. I was feeling really close now and just needed a little more to get over the edge.

So, of course, that's when she stopped.

"Ahh," she sighed, "a pretty good breakfast." She licked her lips as she sat up, though she still held my thighs apart. "I think I'm full though."

I felt like screaming. I helplessly arched my back, as if that would be enough to let my pussy reach her mouth. "Oh God, please, Robyn," I begged, "don't stop now. Don't stop."

"I thought it was all about me right now," she said, but I could hear the note of teasing in her voice. Her thumbs, which had been spreading my labia moved near but did not touch my clit, managing to keep me on the edge but just short of orgasm.

"It was," I blurted, "but you've got me so fucking worked up now." I bucked my hips as best I could with her holding my thighs. "I need to cum, Robyn, I need to cum so bad. Suck me, fuck me, do whatever you want just make me cum!"

Merriment sparkled in her eyes. "Oh, is that all you want? Okay then." With that, she leaned back down and sucked my clit between her lips. I felt her slide a finger inside me at the same time and begin to fuck me with it as her tongue flapped rapidly over my clit.

"Oh God...Oh God," I panted again and again as my body tensed, fistfuls of the sheet clenched in my hands. I think I screamed when my orgasm hit, I'm not sure, but waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through my body all the way down to my fingers and toes, then back again, inundating me with pleasure. A short eternity passed where there was nothing but the pleasure filling my body and the feeling of Robyn's finger and tongue causing it. When it ended I collapsed to the bed limply, out of breath.

Robyn kept moving her finger in and out of me, allowing me to ride out the orgasm and giving me something to clench when little aftershocks ran through me. Finally she removed her finger, sucked it clean, and then laid down on the bed beside me. Our hands found each other and we held on tightly. Our lips met, tongues once again probing, but relaxed now, enjoying the sensation rather than trying to inspire others. It took a bit before my breathing became regular, but the whole time until then I was kissing and embracing Robyn, and it just felt right.

"You have pussy breath," I whispered, grinning.

She grinned back. "At least that's appealing."

We sobered a little as we both remembered what got us to this point, the unappealing knowledge of the end of our relationship. "Okay, look," I said after a moment. "Yes, in a month or two, say three at the most, this is going to end, right?" She nodded, a wistful smile on her face. "Well, until then, I don't want any more holding back. No more pulling out of the relationship.

"And on the last day we are together, we lock the doors, let no one inside, and fit a lifetime fucking into that one day."

"I don't know," Robyn mused, "I can fuck a lot."

I couldn't keep the smile off my face. "Tell me about it. Okay, we'll fuck until we're dry, shriveled husks who can't walk because of all the fucking we did. Better?"

"We'll figure something out," she said.

"We'll fucking fuck until we can fuck no more?"

"You're so hot right now." Remember what I said about her reaction to me cussing? I don't think she was being serious this time, but normally for her it's a panty peeler. And as I thought about her words, I realized I was really hot right now. I had a layer of sweat covering my body, as did she. We'd been going at it for nearly two hours now and the sun coming through the window had raised the temperature considerably, even with the curtains blocking it.

"You'd think it was already summer," I declared, sitting up. "I need another shower. And I need to change my bedding again."

"I should change my bedding too, for tonight," Robyn said, standing up.

"Why? What's going on tonight?"

She looked at me with a fake mad look. "You promised you would make sure I slept well tonight. Remember?" She turned to leave. "I better make sure all the toys are fully charged too. Don't want you half-assing it."

I watched her go. After all that, my Robyn was still looking forward to more sex. I flopped back into the bed, now covered in wet spots from our sweat and our juices, exhausted. Brian and I had had sex last night, and then again this morning before he left. Just now Robyn and I had some pretty earth-shattering sex, and it looked like I was in for more before the day was through. God, I loved them both, but there's only so much a girl can take.

"Allie?" I craned by neck to see Robyn at the door. She had that very serious look on her face again. "Thanks. For everything. I mean that." Then she was gone.


I only had the two sets of bed sheets, so I couldn't change them until I got some laundry done. I didn't worry about it right then, as I was apparently going to be sleeping in Robyn's room anyway. The sheets could wait. The shower felt cool and inviting again, rinsing off the sweat and sex. Again. I spent an extra minute scrubbing the finger I had put up Robyn's ass. I like to think that proved my dedication to our relationship, as it really grossed me out to do that, but I knew she'd like it.

I was just shampooing my hair when she jumped into the shower with me to rewash herself. We had showered together so often by now that we didn't think anything of it, and it usually didn't lead to erotic activities anymore, so I was a bit surprised when she embraced me tightly, our breasts pressing firmly together, and locked her lips to mine. One hand held my head to hers, the other moved down and squeezed my ass, nails slightly digging into my skin. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and swirled around mine and I felt her moan in contentment.

It was a number of moments before she broke the kiss. "Again," I asked, a little breathless myself.

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