tagIncest/TabooAllie's Pilgrimage Ch. 03

Allie's Pilgrimage Ch. 03


I could barely pay attention to anything all day. It's been like this all week long, ever since I caught Joe in his bedroom. But today it was especially hard to keep my mind on things.

I was standing in the washroom stall furthest down the row. One of the ones that almost never gets used. I was leaning back against the tiled wall with my plaid skirt hiked up immodestly high, trying desperately to give myself some relief. If this was any indication of why, I could definitely understand the motivation for women to shave the kinky hair growing on their pussy lips. But I definitely have to wonder how clean-shaven women get anything done.

Last night I remembered how the woman I saw in Joe's movie had only a strip of hair left on her mound. This morning, in the bathtub, I thought I'd give shaving down there a try. I had no idea how good it would feel. I already decided I would never grow hair there again.

Walking was exquisite torture. Each step rubbed the baby-smooth softness of my nether lips together. And when I sat down, the little ergonomic curve in the moulded plastic seat of the chair pressed as enticingly and firmly against my clit as my fingers have been doing these last couple of days. All morning long, it's been all I could do not to rub myself up against that ridge.

By 10 o'clock in the morning, I had to throw my panties out. I made for the bathroom and stuffed them, soaking wet, into the napkin waste disposal container in the corner. And then I hiked my skirt up.

I've been bad. Real bad.

It's 11:30, now, and I've missed my History class. I've never skipped a class in my life before. But then, I've never been this hot.

The wall was cold against my bare buttocks, but somehow that just made everything more intense. I could hear the soft smacking sound of my flesh against tile as I rode my fingers, bringing myself towards another intense wave of pleasure. I forgot how many I had already. It might have been three. Probably more.

My hips bucked and my hand froze as I spasmed again, trying desperately to bite back a scream that still snuck out as a loud groan. I could feel my juices leaking down my thighs, dripping close to my white stockings. My knees nearly gave out, and I had to lean hard against the wall.

I couldn't keep this up. It was nearly lunchtime, and if I stayed here pleasuring myself I was sure to get caught. I couldn't let people find me fingerfucking myself silly in the girl's washroom. I had to go home.

* * *

Despite the slick trail of wetness I had left running down the bathroom wall, the journey home was no easier to bear. I was so horny and distracted that it was like being stricken blind. I barely remember entering the house. I only know that I found myself and my brush in my parents' empty bedroom.

I remembered seeing the tapes in Joe's underwear drawer, left ajar that day earlier this week. Cautiously, I pulled his drawer open again.

There, in all it's unlabeled glory, was Joe's stash of films. I took one at random and stuck it into his VCR, hopping onto the bed with the remote control. It must have been pure serendipidous fate that I pulled out the tape I did.

I had picked out a tape of a girl "losing her virginity." With eyes the size of saucers, I watched as the unsuspecting co-op student was seduced and deflowered by her boss, a man of greater than substantial endowment, on his ultra-modern glass desk. Seated on the edge with her skirt hiked up to her waist, she demurely turned her head away when he ripped out the crotch of her pantyhose and pressed the head of his throbbing cock inside of her. I watched, hardly able to breathe, as the camera tracked in for a closeup. His hips began to pump slowly, forcing himself into her millimeter by millimeter, and her innocence faded with every push; her mien grew more wanton.

Mine did as well. The rhythmic pulsing going on between my legs was fast becoming unbearable, and how desperately I wished that I was the recipient of that monster prick. I was fucking myself with my brush in time to his movements, but something was still missing. I was still hungry in a way I had never known before, and until I got what I needed, my appetite was going to be insatiable. I moaned long and low in my throat, a sound of desperation and mingled pleasure. And in response, I heard a sharp gasp.

It seemed that if my choice in videos was guided by some unseen force, so too was Joe's decision to come home early that day.

Alone in the house, thinking I was safe for several hours, I hadn't shut my parents' door. So Joe had been greeted at the door by the sound of moaning pornstars, had made his way to the doorway of his room, only to discover me half naked on his bed, masturbating to one of his movies, so totally engrossed that I never realized he was there.

I might have died of embarrasment, I think. If I hadn't seen the lust in his eyes and the bulge in his pants that my condition provoked.

"Allie, honey," he began in a strangled voice. "What are you doing in here?"

How could I explain what I was doing to the man who was the only father I've ever known? What I so desperately needed? I pulled my skirt down, wondering if I was going to cry.

He sat down on the bed beside me, trying not look at the television, where the co-op was facedown on the glass tabletop now, breasts smooshed against its surface, being rocked by the force of her boss' thrusts. He tried not to look at me either, or the bed where my brush lay, handle still glistening with my juices. He was having a difficult time finding anywhere safe to direct his eyes.

"It's ok, baby, it's ok," he said awkwardly, rubbing my back with a hand. "It's a normal part of growing up, really, to... uh... masturbate." Then he laughed, shortly. "I thought this was only something fathers had to have discussions with teenage sons about."

The feeling of him rubbing his hand on me inflamed me further. "What?" I asked, feeling almost like I had done something criminal. "Girls aren't supposed to masturbate?"

"No, no," he assured me quickly. "Honey, when you start having... relations with a man, you'll find out that most of them like it when women... touch themselves."

I looked up at him, and saw he was telling the truth. His eyes were warm, and...

"So..." I temporized, "you like it when women touch themselves?"

He flushed, slightly embarrassed, and grinned. "Absolutely."

"And... did you like what I was doing to myself?"

Joe coughed, cleared his throat. "Honey, the important question when it comes to masturbation is, uh, whether or not *you* like it."

"I did like it," I admitted softly. "But..."

"But what, Allie?"

I looked back up at the screen, where there was another closeup of that monstrous cock sliding in and out of the girl's pussy. Something clenched inside of me, making my legs feel weak with desire. "Does it... feel good?"

"Sex...?" Joe asked. "Yes, baby, it feels wonderful."

There was a tense moment, and I knew we were on the verge of something exciting and forbidden. I willed him, suddenly to touch me. Almost as if he heard my thoughts, his hand gingerly touched my leg.

The touch was like fire, and inside me, something snapped. I spred my legs slightly, and though this was obviously not what he expected to happen, something in him responded as well.

"Allie," his voice was choked and husky. "I shouldn't do this..."

"I won't tell, I promise. I won't tell mom."

He let out a low groan. "Oh, God, Allie..." And then, frustrated need overtook him, and he swept me into his arms. "You want me to be sweet to you, honey?" he breathed heavily into my ear. "You want me to do to you what he's doing to her?"

Joe had set me on his lap, and his hands slid beneath my short, plaid skirt to cup my buttocks. Never had I felt anything so wonderful in the world... until he squeezed me closer to him, rubbing my naked pussy over the hard bulge in his jeans. I squirmed on his lap, trying to rub more of myself on him, feeling the crotch of his jeans grow slick and wet. His heavy breathing excited me almost as much as the pressure between my legs.

"Yes... please..."

He nuzzled me closer, thrusting his hips a little. "All right, I'll make my little girl into a woman," he whispered. "But I want her to call me daddy."

The lewdness of the remark shocked and excited me. Whatever it was that turned him on about being called daddy right now was turning me on too.

"Please, daddy, be sweet to me," I gasped.

"You bet I will, honeypie." Joe pushed me backwards onto the bed and ripped open the front of my blouse, snapping two buttons clean off. "Undo your bra for me."

"Yes, daddy," I whispered, releasing the clasp in front and sliding the straps down off my arms. Joe reached down and flicked away the bra, leaving my blouse hanging open down the front. He stared at the half-exposed curves of breast peeking out from under the edges and gently smoothed back the cloth to expose my nipples.

The contact of his hands on my breasts sent a convulsion through me. My nipple hardened on contact and I shuddered as he reached back to rub it gently between thumb and forefinger.

"You're so beautiful," he murmered, filling his eyes with my flesh. He slowly slid his other hand up my thigh, pushing the edge of my skirt before it, exposing a neatly shaven patch. Then he withdrew both hands and stared, rubbing the soaked patch of his pants a little.

Suddenly, he stood and was out of his clothing almost faster than I could see. Naked, he crawled back on the bed beside me, his erect, throbbing penis jutting out, moving slightly, as if reaching for me.

"You still want this, baby?" He asked, taking my hand and rubbing it over his cock. I closed my hand around it and played with it, feeling the soft skin slide over the rock-hardness beneath. Rubbing my hands over it made me feel even more wet below.

"Yes, daddy, please, I want it."

Joe leaned over to kiss me, and at the moment his lips parted and he thrust his tongue into my mouth, he slid his first finger into my tight, wet pussy. I cried out, spasming involuntarily, at the welcome invasion of my body. He slowly began to thrust the finger in and out, copying the movement with his tongue in my mouth. "Mmm, you're so tight, baby," he whispered in between thrusts.

It felt wonderful, every bit as wonderful as his smile told me it would be. Even the small stretch as he slid his midde finger in beside the first was nothing compared to how it felt when he began to wiggle them inside of me. He leaned heavily on my side, thrusting both fingers up against the top wall of my cunt, fucking my mouth with his tongue, for what seemed to be hours.

And then, he popped my cherry. With his two fingers, he stretched me open until I tore, and kissed my face until I settled.

"Did that hurt, honey?" he asked, concerned.

"No..." I said slowly, realizing that it didn't hurt much at all. "I feel ok now."

He brushed hair out of my face. "Do you like it?"

I nodded vigorously,

"Good, because Daddy can't wait to get his cock inside of your sweet little pussy."

I giggled, then, spreading my legs further open. "Will I like this too?"

"I sure hope so," he laughed. "Because I'll be unhappy if I don't get to do it again!"

With a long groan of pleasure, he settled himself on his elbows, leaning into me a little. I wriggled a bit, feeling the skin of my mound and nipples sliding against his smooth, slightly furred flesh. Then he positioned his cock at my entrance, pushing ever so slowly.

I could feel myself stretching, my insides shifting to accomodate him. It was such an odd feeling at first that I didn't even notice pain. It was only a little uncomfortable, until he sheathed his entire length inside my cunt. And then the discomfort eased.

"How's that?" he asked, bumping his crotch against me a little. I wrapped my legs around him and he bumped again. This time, it rubbed my clit and I shivered a little.

"It feels good," I said, trying to rub him against me some more.

With a chuckle, he began to fuck me, groaning long and slow as he withdrew, my flesh trying to hold him tight inside. I moaned and tried to hold him as well with arms and legs, but not so much that he couldn't keep producing that wonderful sensation growing between my legs as friction built. Gradually, he built up speed, and the shaft of his cock slid more easily in and out of my pussy. As Joe pumped in and out, over and over, a sheen of sweat grew between us, slickening the movement of our bodies over one another.

My nipples grew hard as his chest rubbed against mine, and before I realized what was happening, his thrusting against my clit brought me to peak of pleasure so intense it was painful.

My sudden orgasm caught Joe by surprise, and my muscles milked him so hard that he came as well. I felt his cock pumping a flood of semen into me as he cried out "Come for Daddy, honey. That's right...!"

He thrust into me a few more times and then collapsed in a sprawl against me.

I had never felt so terrible in my life. The only man I had ever known as my father was slumped between my legs, his limp tool slithering slowly out of me as it shrunk back to its normal size. I felt sticky, sweaty, dirty and I ached in places I didn't even know existed.

Joe rolled over, kissing my cheek and fondling my breast. "Remember, honey, this is our little secret."

In spite of myself... once more I felt warmth between my legs. I was bad... I was evil. I was going to burn in hell, fucking my father. But I knew I wouldn't be able to wait till he did it to me again.

(To be continued...)

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