"You're hoping to get that greedy little cunt of yours stuffed, aren't you?" I taunt.

Allison's chin is still dripping with saliva and her lips and throat are probably swollen and sore.

"Yes," she coughs raggedly.

"Right idea, wrong hole," I snarl and place the head of my cock against her virginal back door. Like Allison's face, my latex covered cock is slick and dripping with saliva.

"Relax," I command, "and push yourself back onto my cock."

I hear her whimper. I reach around and run my fingers across her cunt. Allison moans and rocks back a little. Her cunt is incredibly wet.

"Your ass is long past due to be fucked and you know it. You've been fantasizing about having your ass fucked, haven't you?" I accuse while strumming her swollen cunt lips.

"Yessss," she hisses back.

I spit at the spot where my cock has pressed against her back door and rub my cock in circles to spread it around.

"Focus on relaxing. Take deep breaths," I tell her and angle myself to push forward.

I grab her hips and pull her slowly back as I press relentlessly forward. I feel her tight hole resist me, but I hold my cock on target with one hand while whispering "relax" over and over. Allison whimpers, but it only serves to further arouse my lust. After what seems like a small eternity of whimpers and resistance, Allison lets out a cry of surprise as I feel the head of my cock pop past her ring. Her head jerks up and her breathing is sharp. I reach around and find her cunt is still slick and swollen with desire.

The difficult part has passed. I press slowly in another inch and then pause while she adapts. I drool spit down the crack of her ass and watch it run down to where her once virginal hole is stretched tightly around my cock.

I rock subtly back and forth. Not enough to slide in or out, but enough to flex and stretch the muscles gripping me. Allison's whimpers are taking on new characteristics. Every now and again a moan of pleasure escapes her lips. I push in slowly. My cock is about half way into her tight ass.

Allison moans, "Fuuuck, yesss."

I alternate between gentle, stretching rocking motions and slow, minute slides until finally my cock is buried to the hilt in her ass. I rock gently there for a moment listening to Allison's breathing and then begin to slowly withdraw the same way. Allison begins to whimper and moan more loudly. Her head is turned to the side, resting on the armrest. I see tears and grow concerned.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

Allison whimpers and a tear falls from the eye that I can see. I stop everything. Now I'm worried.

"Never felt like this," she sobs quietly. "Hurts a little. But feels so good."

Relieved, I begin slowly rocking my cock back out of her ass. As I get toward the end, Allison pushes back suddenly and deeply. She whimpers and I feel her ring tighten for a moment when she forgets to relax. My cock is buried fully in her ass again.

"Does my ass please you?" Allison stutters. "Does my tight slut ass feel good?"

"Your tight little ass feels amazing," I confess.

"Please use it. It hurts, but I like it. I'm just a dirty little whore that needs her ass broken in. Break my ass in. Fuck my ass like you fucked my mouth," Allison pleads.

I pull back in one long slow motion and hold her hips firmly away as I pull out.

"NO!" she cries.

"Roll over on your back, slut. I want to watch your face while I fuck your ass," I snarl, hiding my concern.

Allison slides back onto the couch and rolls over. I pull her knees up onto my shoulders, slide my cock between her cheeks and press the head against her freshly broken hole. This time, gravity works with me and I easily slide up and in. She throws her head back and her face is a mixture of pleasure and pain. I let her legs drop to the side.

"You're tight little whore ass feels so good. Tell me how much you like having my cock up your ass, slut," I growl.

Allison moans and winces obscenities as I begin slow thrusts in and out.

"I love your cock in my ass, Sir. Fuck! Wanted it for so long. Oh! Never dared. Fuck! Yes!"

Even through a condom, after several minutes her tight greedy ass proves to be too much for my self control. I pull out and stand up.

"Get down on your knees in front of the couch, slut," I command.

Allison obeys and gets into position as I peel the condom off of my cock. I grab her by the head and fuck her mouth mercilessly. She gags out of control and spit foams out of her mouth to run sloppily down her chin onto her chest and lap. She can tell I'm about to cum, because I feel her starting to swallow.

Over the top I go, still pounding my cock into her mouth like a mortar and pestle. She hums, moans and swallows as I pump stream after stream into her mouth. I hold myself deep until my cock begins to soften a little. Like a good slut, her hands are still behind her back.

I pull out of her mouth. Her chin and lips are covered in a frothy mixture of spit a semen. My cock is a bit of a mess, too. Once again, I use her tangled red mop to clean and dry my cock off as much as I can. Her hair is sticky and matted with spit and cum.

"Has this little slut pleased you, sir?" she asks.

"I am quite pleased," I reply.

"Please, then, Sir. Can I get off. I'm so fucking close. Just a few touches," Allison begs.

I get up and grab her by the hair and begin to walk down the hall with her in tow. At the end of the hall is a full length mirror. I push her down in front of it.

"Kneel and spread your knees. Wider, slut. I want to be able to watch in the mirror. I want you to look at yourself in this mirror while you get yourself off," I tell her.

Allison takes that as permission, and her hands fly down to her cunt. Her face, chest and hair are a mess of drool and semen. She kneels wide legged at my feet with my hand gripping her by her red tangled top.

"Thank you, Sir," she moans.

It's not even a minute before her back arches and she howls and sobs herself through an intense and prolonged orgasm. As her orgasm begins to subside, I let go of her hair and sit down behind her.

After a minute, she opens he eyes and looks at herself again.

"Can I use the shower?" she asks.

"Absolutely. Towels are in the closet," I say with a gentle smile.

She reaches down and explores around her slightly loosened ass with her fingers.

"Can we do that again? Maybe in a few days?" Allison asks with a tired smile.

Lilly is going to be pissed.

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