Allison Ch. 01


Tim felt warm tears of his sister flow on his chest mingled with her saliva and snot from her running nose as her tears overflowed in to her beautiful nose. Allison seemed to think she sobbed and cried for an eternity when she felt a soft thud, so it seemed to her, as her brother's groins slapped her soft bottom signifying the he had buried his massive penis fully inside her ass. Allison felt bursting full as two of her three brothers' monster cocks were now embedded to their root inside her voluptuous body.

Allison lifted her beautiful face covered with her tears, running nose and saliva, "Mickey please fuck me slowly to begin with." Mike kissed the sweet skin of his sister's back in acknowledgement.

Allison's sobs slowed down and she felt that the excruciating pain had dulled into a constant pain that she could not only bear but felt alive with. Mike slowly pulled his gargantuan cock out of his sister's throbbing rectum short of few inches and gently buried it back. Tim could feel the all too familiar steel of his brother's cock through the thin membrane diving the two channels of their sister invaded by their inhumanly sized cocks.

It only took another ten minutes of steady fucking of Allison's ass by her brother when she started to moan distinctly in a different manner. Both brothers knew their sister was now ripe for her first double fucking. Mike lifted his sister's ass towards him as he impaled her obscenely dilated anus with his monster pulling her cunt noisily off her brother's cock. As he buried his cock to the hilt in Allison's rectum he drove her hips down with his embedded cock to impale her equally stretched cunt onto his brother's waiting hungry cock.

Soon all three fell into a rhythm. Allison moaned as she felt her two aching channels violated with a welcome pain by her two brothers. The room was soon filled with the fragrance of illicit love as two brothers fucked and buggered their divinely beautiful sister with their inhumanly dimensioned cocks with smooth ease and steadiness of a metronome.


Her loving doting brother did just that. Tim held his sister's hips at a definite height enabling him and his brother to thrust in and out of her two orifices at their own pace. They had abandoned the metronomic in and out alternating rhythm to a more brutish independent steady thrusts. Mike grabbed his sister's both dangling large breasts in his huge hands and still a lot overflowed out of his grips. Mike used his powerful grip on his sister's beautiful breasts to hammer his cock in and out of her ass, which had gathered a brown splatters of her rectal goo liquidised by his giant shuttling cock. Mike's cock was smoothly coated with the similar brown layer enabling him to piston his mammoth cock in and out s his mewling sister's obscenely stretched ass.

Tim was hammering his equally huge cock using his strong back thrusting it to the hilt. Each time Allison felt her one or the other brother's brutish thrust she moaned loudly. When both somehow synchronised their thrusts together they made her scream as her channels felt painfully full with two massive inhuman cocks.

"Mickey, Timmy I am cumming. Please make me cum. Fuck me please," whimpered Allison within twenty minutes of furious double fucking, "FUUCCKK MEE PLEESE. MICKEE FUCCKK MY ASS. TIMMEEE MY PUSSY HURTS FUUUCCK MEEE."

Allison felt her second long awaited orgasm grab her suddenly as she felt the thrusts from two giant cocks continue unabated. Her breasts felt mauled painfully as did her two passages. Allison screamed as if in pain and went first rigid then limp. The strong gale force of her orgasm tore through her body. Allison felt as if she would not be able to survive this climax. Her two brothers had seen this before and they continued their solid pace of thrusting allowing their sister to struggle with her body shattering orgasm.

Allison took many minutes to recover from her climax. She woke up to her two brothers fucking her with fast strong pace as if she had never come. She held Tim's face in her hands and glued her open mouth onto his as her two brothers fucked her towards another orgasm. Allison rubbed her face against her brother's rubbing her saliva and snot all over. She kissed his lips and nose repeatedly as she felt each thrust from their marauding cocks invading and violating her ass and cunt like she had never imagined could be done. Allison felt another orgasm tearing through her body. She engulfed Tim's nose inside her mouth and sucked on it as her two virile young brothers fucked her relentlessly. Allison shoved the tip of her tongue deep inside her brother's nostrils alternating from left to right. She tasted the peculiar flavour and liked every bit of it.

Allison opened her mouth in a silent scream as her orgasm finally exploded. Her open mouth hovered over Tim's nose and she drooled saliva over her brother's nose. She mewled and squealed initially and then let out a constant wail, "AARRNNGGGGAAIIIEEEE.....FFUUCCKKK MEEE. I AM CUUMMEENG. AAIIEEENNRRGH."

Both her brothers fucked Allison with long powerful strokes fuelling her orgasm to another notch. She had been double fucked for well over forty minutes and her third orgasm was going to be a killer. As she exploded emitting a strangled scream her two brothers slammed their cocks to the hilt and exploded. Allison felt her cunt and rectum even fuller as her two brothers spurted huge volleys of thick hot cum deep inside her. Her own orgasm made her cunt twitch and spasm. Her anus hurt in a nice way. The pain of two gigantic cocks thrusting her body seemed to enhance her orgasm even more. Mike brutally squeezed his sister's breasts as he grunted in the throes of his own body wrenching orgasm all the more sweeter as he was erupting inside his beautiful loving only sister's ass.

Tim moaned in a guttural voice, "ALLIEEE. I am going to cum inside you. AAH FUUCKK." His monster cock erupted deep inside his sister's exploding pussy filling it with virile thick potent cum. Both brothers spurted in an never ending streams that seem to go on and Allison's each spasm of orgasm was met with equally powerful throb and lurch of her brothers' ejaculating cocks. Three siblings' orgasm seemed to have continued unabated for almost five minutes. Allison collapsed on her brother Tim and her older brother Mike put his head on his sister's back as a token of surrender as all three went quiet in the aftermath of their explosive orgasm.

Allison was brought back from her stupour as Mike gently pulled his cock out of her tortured ass. Tim smiled as his sister softly kissed his mouth.

Allison winced as his brother's massive still hard cock snapped against her tight anal ring, "Timmy, you are still hard. I cannot believe it."

"Allie, It is a blessing to fuck our beautiful sister. I would wish my cock never flagged." Tim kissed his sister with love as she kissed him in response to declaration of his love towards her.

Allison felt Zach move towards her back and she knew what he intended to do but before she could say anything, Tim spoke, "Zach, it is my turn to take my beautiful sister's ass." Allison giggled like a little girl as her twin young brothers quibbled over her.

Allison got up pulling herself from her young brother's monstrosity. as her cunt cleared Tim's cock it leaked rivers of her cunt juices and her brother's thick creamy cum. Zach soon replaced Tim and Allison smiled at her youngest brother who had been waiting patiently as her two older brothers took their sister. Allison Held Zach's massive cock with her tiny hand, which was dwarfed by its girth and length and adjusted her weeping cum soaked cunt on its giant head.

Allison felt unbound love fro her kid brother as she saw a blissful ecstasy wash over his extremely handsome face with each gargantuan inch of cock sheathed deep inside his sister's soft tight cuntal passage. Allison tried not to wince as she felt her cunt walls expand to accommodate her brother's giant girth. It took all of few minutes until Allison had her brother's full length inside her cunt making Zach sigh with pleasure. "I love you so much Allie," Zach whispered in all honesty of a eighteen years old kid brother.

"Zach, I love you too. I love you all three so much."

The tender moment was broken by Tim who placed himself where Mike was not too long ago, "Zach move down on the bed a bit."

Zach seemed to comprehend what his older twin wanted. He scooted down few feet on the bed. Allison winced and giggled as her little brother's huge cock spread her deep pussy walls almost painfully with his jerky movements to move down the bed.

Tim moved behind the most beautiful sight of his sister's full bottom spread out in front of him. He could see his sister's cunt obscenely stretched on his younger twin brother's cock. Tim put his gigantic cock head covered with his cum and his sisters' cunt juices against her still slightly gaping anus covered with brown and white cream fermented by his older brother's buggery.

Allison sighed as she steadied herself for another painful invasion of her anus. Tim slowly but steadily pushed his giant cock head inside his sister's anus. Allison gave an involuntary moan of pain but nowhere as bad as when Mike and Zach had invaded her ass. Tim stroked his sister's ass to suggest he would be gentle.

Allison felt a dull sometime sharp pain as her brother pushed his giant thick cock inside her ass. She gulped air but managed not to scream as her ass seemed to have adapted to his entry so much more easily. Allison felt her brother Tim push his massive cock until he was fully buried inside her defiled rectum.

Allison bent forward and found her oldest brother sitting with his legs apart to the right of Zach, his monster cock covered with her rectal goo and his cum. Allison waited for few seconds as her other two brothers adjusted themselves and then leant towards her oldest brother's crotch.

Allison took her brother's soiled giant in her hands and smelled now familiar fragrance of fusion of her rectum and her brother's cum. She started to lick her brother's giant manhood as her other two brothers started to fuck her pussy and ass in steady manner. Allison savoured the taste of the heady mix as she gulped and licked all that was coating Mike's massive cock until her brother's cock was gleaming with her spit.

Allison took her brother's giant cock head and two inches in her mouth to fellate him as her body shook with her fresh orgasm.

Tim and Zach savoured every second as their monstrous pole pistoned in and out of their sister's voluptuous body. Allison felt each inch of her brother's massive cocks' skin, every nuance of their shaft as they both fucked her to three orgasms within no time. Her mouth was full of her oldest brother's cock. Her mouth was painfully stretched around Mike's cock, her beautiful nose appeared flattened, so huge was her brother's cock head. She tried her best to give her brother a proper oral sex but the shear size and her repeated orgasm sometime simple allowed her to keep his cock in her warm salivating mouth.

Mike was quite content to feel his beautiful older sister's mouth around his cock. He was waiting for one of her brothers to cum. Tim and Zach slammed their monster cocks making their sister mewl and squeal with each orgasm that ravaged her body.

Nearly an hour later both slammed their cocks to the hilt and exploded deep inside their sister as she yet again felt the shattering orgasm tearing through her body. The shear force of her brothers' ejaculation made Allison wince as her own body wrenching orgasm made her moan and wheeze as if she was sick.

All three rested for few minutes as Tim pulled out of Allison's shit splattered ass making, his sister wince involuntarily with pain. Mike pulled his cock out of open mouth of his sister and moved behind her. Allison had been fucked for nearly two hours and had cum many times and felt depleted. Her brothers were insatiable.

Soon Mike had filled his sister's now relaxed ass with his giant cock as Allison cleaned Tim's cock. Zach and Mike set up a frantic fucking pace making Allison squeal with each thrust. Her face was covered with the rectal goo and cum as her cleaning was erratic and Tim's cock jerked and smeared her face each time her one bother or the other slammed his cock violently inside her ass or cunt.

Mike slammed his cock at lightening pace slapping his sister's upturned ass with loud pistol shot like sounds, with his groins. Zach kept with his brother's pace. Allison was now in throes of multiple orgasms and she shook and convulsed as each one felt stronger than the preceding orgasm. Both brothers fucked their sister for another half an hour when they both exploded inside her to match one of her own orgasm. Allison was now not surprised as they both kept on fucking as if they had never cum.

Allison did her best to moan and suck Tim's cock as she was buffeted for another forty minutes of furious fucking. Mike grunted and slammed his cock in brutal sharp thrusts as did Zach and they both exploded inside Allison's body triggering their sister's own orgasm that nearly left her breathless and limp. Allison simply flopped forward her brother's cock jerking out of her slack mouth as her other two brothers held her tight and felt their ejaculations spurting deep inside their sister's cunt and rectum. Tim could not help but stroke himself and soon spurted all over his sister's beautiful face. Tim hot cum covered his sister's face, nose and eyes. Tim moaned deep inside his chest and gently lifted his sister's face and with half closed eyes with lust saw his massive spurts fill Allison's beautiful nose.

All four slumped into stupour for many minutes. Mike gently disengaged from his sister's ass. Zach held his sister tight with love his half hard cock still buried inside her spasming cunt as she gasped and wheezed with the exhaustion of marathon fucking.



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This story was very good I blew my load multiple times
Reminds me of the double teaming my brother and gave my cousin
#real incest
Can't wait your next story

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