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Allison Heut, Sexfighter


Words from Your Author:

Welcome to 'Episode 1' of Allison Heut's hopeful journey towards becoming a professional sexfighter.

The 'pilot' Allison Gets Licensed was recently met with some very kind words, lots of favoriting and some pretty good votes. I just wanted to tell all of you who offered such a warm reception THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I love hearing how some of you are looking forward to more, and I'm happy to say that there should be an 'episode' coming out about every 2-3 weeks.

Feel free to comment on anything you like as we go forward, and I'll be more than happy to cater to those interests as the story progresses either within the main storyline or perhaps some side-stories.

But enough of my blathering, let's get on with the show... after a quick little preface that should be starting each episode.



The following story takes place in an alternative history. All STDs were cured in the 90s and rampant population growth is controlled by year-long birth control for both sexes that's administered every time you renew your ID. Most sexual taboos are no longer a moral battlefront save for bestiality and pedophilia and sex in general is seen more as entertainment or a sport, rather than something connected specifically to love or mating.

Sexfighting, where two individuals competitively try to make each other orgasm, is wildly popular. To participate in Sexfighting, one must get their Consent License through a series of classes and health screenings.

This particular story follows nineteen year old transgirl Allison Heut. Allison is a young dickgirl aspiring to be a champion sexfighter.

Her parents are out of town for the next few weeks and she just got her Consent License.

This should be a lot of fun.



"Are you done ye-"


The squealing sound that was erupting from Allison's phone was none other than her BFF Kaylee "Trigger" Parker. Alli had just revealed she had gotten her Consent License a few minutes ago and was now a full-fledged amateur sexfighter.


"Jeez Kaylee~, it's not that big of deal."

Her friend grunted suddenly and squealed again.

"BUT IT SO IS! You've been wanting to do this ever since you found out it was even a thing! It's like your biggest dream ever! AND YOU'RE DOING IT! Alli! You're gonna be world champion in like a week. Seriously. Seriously. World. Fucking. Champion."

Allison rolled her eyes at her adoring bosom buddy's hyperbolic encouragement. She was still smiling uncontrollably. For as much as she was trying to play it cool for now, she was tens times as excited for it as Kaylee sounded.

"Thank you. Of course I'll remember to mention you when I give my acceptance speech."

"GUH! So when's your first match?"

"Actually was working on that before you called. Still setting up my profile on the app."

"OOOOOoooooo! OOO! You gotta come over later! We'll spruce that thing up and get you plenty of hot sexy opponents! MMMM I CANT WAIT! OOhhMmmmm MmmfFff"

Allison stopped and rose a brow.



"What are you doing right now?"



"On Jamesie's handsome face."

"Well, that explains the moaning. How the heck does Plain James do oral anyways? I don't think I've ever seen him open his mouth."

"MMMMMFFF doesn't have to~ He just pushes his tongue out for me and then I ride that thing unti- OHHMmmm! until I burst all over his darling chin."

"Figures. I'm so proud of you for lasting the whole call though! Maybe you're finally starting to grow out of that whole 'trigger' thing." Allison mentioned, making reference to her best friend's infamous hypersensitivity. She gained the nickname 'Trigger' because of her hair-trigger orgasms-even riding the bus had required a thoroughly padded cushion she was forced to bring everyday to school. Otherwise she'd be forced to stand the entire time or suffer the rumbly molestation of the seat with a puddle resulting.

"...I've cum three times so far..." Kaylee muttered with an audible pout in her tone. Allison couldn't resist giggling wildly at her bestie's comically pitiful vulnerability to orgasmic pleasure.

"Awww~ Kaylee~ It's okay, you know most girls would kill to have that kind of gift."

"OOhmMMmFfMMMMM OOhhMFfff...I ... I"

"...going for number four already?"


"Ohfuck! One second, Kaybear."

And then the whole world zoomed to a halt as Allison pulled the phone from ear to look at what caused the buzz.

'A Match Request!' read the notification bar.

"OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK," Allison started to mutter while hopping giddily in place.







Allison proceeded to take a deep breath, preparing herself as she swiped into the super popular sexfight-manager app Fuckr. Her jaw dropped when she saw who the request was from.


A Match Request!

From: Susanne Weiss

Hey cutie! Long time no see! I'm in town for a few days to see the fam. Happened to notice you pop up in the directory.

If you're free sometime in the next couple of hours, I'd love to see you again and maybe pop your sexfight cherry?~


Suze Weiss and Allison had a history.

They were each other's firsts. They dated on and off for years.

Allison went to every single one of Suze's many athletic events as her biggest cheerleader and even had the extreme privilege of wearing her varsity jacket.

Suze likewise went every single one of Allison's band's shows as the girl upfront who sang back the loudest, and sported the "The Awful Waffles" merch on most days.

They went to homecoming together. They went to prom together.

The relationship ultimately ended when Suze left for a prestigious college out of state on a full ride playing basketball.

They agreed, maturity beyond their years, that it would be 'see ya later' and not 'goodbye'. In the end, the whole experience with Suze just felt like a weird, perfect dream to Allison. It was too good to be true, and then just like that one day, POOF! she was gone. Still, she counted herself fortunate to have even had somebody like that in her life.

But now she was back in town for a while.

And wanted to have a sexfight.

What a day!

After some more texting back and forth, our plucky trans-protagonist rushed to the agreed venue. While she would have preferred to stop by the house and get a bit more dolled up for the occasion, Suze's tight schedule today didn't really permit that. About the best she could do was a quick touch-up in a nearby gas station restroom.

Eyeliner was quickly re-applied, framing her azure blue peepers for the second time today.

Her shaggy brunette locks were brushed and hairsprayed into flairs and a large swoop that swept down across her brow. One of her trusty pink bow hairclips snapped the swoop into place cutely.

Lipgloss to match the bow was slashed across her bottom lip and with a puckering purse was spread to the top. This color remained a theme across her clothing too. The hooded jacket clinging to her torso was a close match, but nearer bubblegum than the hot pink of her lips and while the pleated black skirt didn't exactly match either, the belt and buckle strapped around her waist was spot on.

The pink Chuck Taylors were also super cute and super pink as well.

The lack of a bra or panties was mostly for ease-of-access during her Consent License appointment earlier, although now that translated to Suze's benefit as well. Zipping the jacket up to just above her cleavage kept that fact only slightly concealed. However as she gave her top-half a testing jiggle, it would seem that her perky 32Bs were pretty obviously unfettered under the jacket.

"Well, here we go Allison. Time to start fucking your way to the top." She told herself in the mirror in a corny attempt to hype herself. Pumping her fists in the air helped in this effort, but then her jacket came unzipped in the process, giving herself a quick flash of her own tits before she squeaked and zipped it up higher this time.

It was a sentimental conclusion to use their old makeout spot-A fairly unused gazebo in West Conley Park tucked in towards the far back. Several parts of it had their initals carved inside of hearts. This was their Paris.

Allison arrived shortly after Suze made it there. Catching just a glimpse of Suze from the distance had her heart-pounding far more intensely than it had been in the doctor's office too.

It was impossible that Suze, blonde athletic tanned goddess Suze, could have gotten any hotter. Yet there she was, hotter.

Tiny denim shorts let her gorgeous legs shimmer in the sun. Her tanktop hugged her like it was jealous. She looked like Ambercrombie ad made flesh. Just perfect bronze, perfectly chiseled into a toned hourglass. The aesthetics of youth were now partnered by the confident poise and form of an amazon. Her biceps were more pronounced. Her calves were killer. If Allison had found her intimidating before, she was now utterly overwhelming.

Allison's only reprieve in this was familiarity. It was still Suze, and that was made positively clear in her sunshine smile as she approached.

"Get up here and kiss me before I tackle you, muffin." Suze playfully commanded, her curled come-hither-finger feeling like it actually pulled Allison closer.

They kissed. They kissed hard. Lip-to-lip, chest-to-chest, almost forgetting to breathe.

"Missed you~"

"Missed you too~"

They were stuck for a moment, just gawking into each others eyes until finally Suze spoke up.

"So, how about the loser takes the winner out to eat on Wednesday? Or Thursday. Leaving on Friday so needs to be-"

"Wednesday works. You'll be treating me to sushi too." Allison declared, smugly teasing Suze.

"Oh really now?" She answered, grinning as she unzipped Allison's jacket.

"I'm afraid so. It's just too bad you've only got time to lose once today."

Suze didn't answer back this time, instead she leaned in and took one of those peachy crests capping Alli's breasts between her lips to suck on hard. Allison flinched at the sudden suction and pulled back, freeing her nipple with an audible SHHHCkkPPOP! when it left the blonde's liplock.

"Awww~ still too sensitive?~" Suze cooed, nuzzling a palm under Alli's rump then gripping and pulling her closer by her rounded seat. This had their middles kissing, navel on navel as they returned to another round of lusty eager tonsil hockey. They grinded into each other, making it clear how ready they were. Alli's cock was rocking along the curve of Suze's denim-clad cunny. Alli was hard, Suze was wet and both were made extremely aware of this when those daisy-dukes got tugged down.

Alli went up on her tiptoes, tilting her hips as she tried to angle herself to meet tip to juicy slit. Suze was more than happy to help with the effort, taking control by grabbing her bare ass from under her skirt with both hands now and lifting Allison off her feet and guided her like this to her waiting sex.

"MmMFff OOhhhfuck!" Allison huffed out as she was essentially used as a dildo with her ass as the handle. At the moment, she was stuck clinging to Suze's chest while she was pumped into her forcefully.

"Aaww~? What's wrong Allibaby? Did you think I was going to take it easy on you?" Suze continued to seductively coo, now lips nudging her ear as she teased back.

Alli leaned back, flashing her high school sweetheart a simmering glare(and her jostling fair-skinned tits) while her hips began to churn into each carried yank up into her sopping box.

"MRmrrr You better not!" Allison half-growled, half-moaned up at her. Each time they hilted, Alli stirred around aggressively. It caused her thick throbbing shedick to grind around roughly inside of Suze's heavenly snatch. When dating, Alli used to do the same thing when fingering her and it always drove her wild. Apparently, it worked just as well with her pretty cock balls-deep inside of her.

That was just the start.

Clearly, the rowdy circle-humping was working Suze up, but to really push her over the edge, it was going to take more than that. Luckily, Alli knew her 'sweet spot'.

Rather than the wild raw riding she was doing now, Alli strapped both arms around Suze's neck and likewise belted her legs around her hips. Both of them were huskily moaning, but Suze's turned to passionate groans when Alli hiked up and galloped away against her. The upward tilt of her hips on each slam caused her shaft to scrub into that beloved squishy spot. Each repeated knock against Suze's g-spot made her slump against the gazebo wall more and more until she was almost sitting. The reduced angle caused Alli to knock her knees into the wall but still she persisted.

Susanne struggled to keep Alli pinned against her waist, getting treacherously close to squirting her brains out if this kept up. The spunky dickgirl wasn't that easy to keep still though. Even when grappled tight, she kept squirming and nodding her hips in that amazingly effective arc.

So Suze started to squeeze. When those velvety walls became several times tighter, Alli belted out a whining murr as her traitorous cock was smothered with inescapable slick friction. It wasn't long before they were both teetering on the edge. Their bodies shuddered against each others, communicating in shivers and spasms while their lips gradually found each other again.

The world outside of their embrace disappeared into a blur of color. Sound was muffled by each other's ragged breathing between moans and/or feverish french kissing.



"EEeeY YEeaaasssSSssszzzz! YEesS!"


They were both cumming. Both wide-eyed into each other, speechless save for the incoherent mumbling of each other's name. If the gushing of fluids between them wasn't enough of indicator of this, their CL-bands were buzzing and glowing in tandem as well.

It took a while to come down from that.

Tender pecks back and forth along with petting rubs along each others cheeks. Smiles. Cooing pleased sighs.

"Think it was a tie?" Suze hummed out as she leaned back, bracing the lovey-dovey afterglow they going.

Alli plopped back, exhausting catching up to her as she dramatically splayed out.

"Felt like it."

"Hmmm..." Suze murred to herself as she pulled out her phone to check. The matchmaking app Fuckr also detected when the CL-bands triggered and registered them. It happened to show that Ms. Allison Heut won, but only by a literal second.

Suze rolled her eyes and snorted, "Looks like I'm buying you sushi Wednesday. Beat me by one single second, champ."

Alli cheered, arms flinging up in a victorious pose before going limp and falling back behind her head.

The sound of a zipper caught her attention, a glance down revealing it was Suze zipping her pink hoodie back up. The simple act made Alli swoon, butterflies fluttering around in her tummy.

"I'll be expecting a rematch then too." Suze added, now working on composing herself in turn. The shorts pulled back up and her tanktop shifted back so it covered both breast, rather than having the one d-cup that spilled out stay free. Allison was going to declare that act a crime, but she was far too busy trying to remember how words worked.

"See you Wednesday, hun." Suze now atop of Allison, leaving her a long smooch before heading off.

Alli laid there for a while longer, soaking it all in.

While she was thrilled that her first fight had been a win, that eerie waking dream feeling was rushing through her again with Suze's casual departure. It numbed her for most of the walk home, even nearly getting hit by a bike messenger on her way home.

"Hey there, Princess"

The voice immediately snapped Alli out of her daze. There was no mistaking it.

It came from Mrs. Madison Koufax, the Heut family's long time neighbor and Allison's biggest wet dream since she first started having wet dreams. 'Mrs. K' as she was commonly called by Allison was a strikingly beautiful mother of three who also ran her own bakery downtown. For as long as Allison could remember, Mrs. K always called her Princess and it always seemed so special coming from someone as impressive as her. The buxom and three-quarters redhead was just always positively radiant. While unfortunately her husband passed away sometime ago, she remained a beaming, infectiously joyful matriarch. Her pies were a common fixture at home, the Heuts often used as her personal taste testers for new flavors and all sorts of creative pastries.

"Is that a CL-band I spy on your wrist, young lady?~" Mrs. K said in her approaching stride. The breezy white and red polka dot sundress wafted slightly in wind along with her fiery rouge mane, giving an air of majesty about her.

"Yea... I got my license earlier today." Alli bashfully informed, already blushing several shades of enamored as she feel into those emerald green eyes of her MILF crush.

"Oh of course you'd wait until your parents were out of town~ Speaking of which, they're due back in just a couple more weeks aren't they?."

"Mhmm sometime during the end of the month depending on how Mom's confrence goes."

"Well, I'm sure they'll be ever so proud of their blossoming little sexfighter. Any matches yet?"

"Just got back from one actually! I WON!" Allison couldn't resist blurting out excitedly. Now that the butterflies in her tummy were starting to settled down, the impact of her first win was beginning to boil up.

"Fantastic! Already a prodigy~ Now, if you're not too tucked out Princess, do you think you could do me a tiny favor?"

So many fantasies started off with variations of those words. If it wasn't for her recent match with Suze, her skirt would be tenting right up at this point.

"Sure, Mrs. K. Anything at all." She chimed back politely, her super pervy brain already anticipating a number of flirty or outright raunchy follow-ups.

"If it's not too much trouble, I just need someone to steady the ladder and help me get a few boxes down from the attic crawlspace."

"Is that all? Pfft, I'm your girl." Alli insisted while doing her very best not to ogle the freckled vixen's ample cleavage... too much. Of course, the voluptuous neighbor noticed but just flashed her young admirer a charmed smirk and a wink before turning to lead her inside.

"I was going to have the boys help me but they're staying at friends, probably practicing their tag-team game before the cookout this weekend. OH! You'll be able to come now won't you! Isn't that exciting!"

The cookout she referred to was actually a weekly event that the neighborhood sexfighting league held. It was like any other potluck or block party-except the backyard also featured several matches over the course of the evening. Sometimes they'd offer up fun little prizes, but otherwise these matches were also worth double the ranking points. Whoever had the highest local ranking at the end of the season got sponsored for the next upcoming qualifiers.

Allison had been admiring Mrs. K's bountiful backside when she blinked and returned to reality yet again at the sound of her voice.

"Soooo excited! I've always been super curious what those are like."

"Well, their pretty friendly but... occasionally they can kinda wild." Mrs. K then turned back to face Allison as they reached the aforementioned ladder. Her ruby lips curled into a sultry grin noticing the rosey color flood the young Heut's cheeks.

"Alright, so just keep it steady while I'm getting up there and then I'll pass you down the boxes. Sound like a plan?"

The hazel-haired teen nodded the affirmative and proceeded to grip the side of the ladder, holding it as still as she could managed. As soon as Mrs. K was on the second rung, Alli realized the inevitable vantage point she was going to have right up her kitschy polka-dot sundress.

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