Allison is Born


What a wonderful day this is. This is the first day of my new life but before that I should give you some history about me. My name is Allison, I am a 24 year old male that lives in a small town in Ohio. My father died when I was very young and I was raised by my mother. I guess you could say I am in touch with my feminine side due to the fact that I was raised by her and her alone. I believe she always wanted a daughter but she did a great job raising me.

Most of my life I have been self conscious about my looks because I am feminine looking as well as acting. I'm the type of guy that if I was walking down the street in a pair of tight jeans you'd say, "Look at the ass on that chick." You'd be wrong about the chick part but you'd be right about the ass. I have had a couple of girlfriends that would have killed to have my ass. It would make J-Lo jealous. Anyway, my mother passed about a year ago and I was left alone in this world. Since that time I have decided that I no longer want to live as a man and from this day forward I will live as a woman.

Today is a wonderful day because my scars from the surgery are healed and my chest is no longer sore. I have the most perfect and beautiful set of 38D tits that you have ever seen. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. I am about 5'10" tall and weigh 140lbs. My measurements are 38D-24-36 and I am a very passable shemale. If you saw me on the street you'd never know the difference. If it wasn't for the cock between my legs I could be a centerfold. The hormones have done nothing but complete my transformation. My skin is smooth as silk and my body is hairless in all of the right spots.

This morning I went shopping to pick out an outfit to celebrate in. Tonight I will seduce a man for the first time. Right now I am in front of my mirror admiring my new body. I pull a pair of black thigh hi stockings up each of my slender legs. The feeling of them on my skin makes my cock stiffen and I have to put a movie in to relieve myself of this pressure building up. I lay on my bed naked except for my thigh highs and I stroke my cock as I was a transsexual porn star deepthroat a massive cock. My excitement builds as I imagine myself in her position. On my knees taking that swollen cock between my waiting lips, I can hardly help myself and I can feel my cock twitch and then I shoot a huge load all over my stomach. I use my finger and scoop some of it up for a taste. I can't wait to experience another man shooting his hot come down my throat.

Back to the mirror I pull out a lacy black thong and I slide it on hiding my now limp cock back between my legs. Next I put on a very sexy black lace bra the hooks in the front and pushes my beautiful tits up and together. My dress for the night is a one piece black spandex mini. It's one of those that barely covers you from half way up your thigh to just above your tits. It shows enough skin to make a man hard but still leaves some mystery about what is underneath. Next I slide on some 4" come-fuck-me heels and I am ready to go. I've spent months practicing for this night. I have the walk down, the makeup and the voice. By the time he knows what hit him it won't matter.

I arrive at a bar called Lucky's, I thought that was fitting because I was trying to be. I pick a seat near the end of the bar and order myself an Amaretto sour. I damn near broke a few necks on my way in and I was feeling really good about myself. I was only there for about 20 minutes before I was approached. A gorgeous man about 35 came up and sat down next to me. He bought me a drink and introduced himself as Steve. He was very muscular and tall. He had to be about 6'5" or so and I already wanted to know if it was true what they sat about tall men. We talked for awhile and he wasted no time finding my thigh. I didn't want him to learn too much too quick so I stayed his hand and asked him to dance.

We were on the dance floor and the music was thumping loudly. We were really getting into each other when he turned me around and started grinding his cock against my ass. I was so turned on because it was true. This tall man was hung like a horse. I couldn't wait to get my lips around that cock. We were dancing hot an heavy and his hands were exploring my body. He had my nipples at full attention and I was getting really turned on. I turned around and grabbed the back of his neck and brought his hear to my mouth. I purred a little bit and asked him if he would like to get out of here and go back to his place. He answered while nibbling on my ear and we were on out way.

We got into his Vette and headed down the road. The windows were tinted very dark so I took advantage and went exploring. I undid his pants and slid my hand into his briefs. I was amazed at how big his cock was and it had actually gone down since we left the bar. As I freed him from his briefs I was awe of what I was holding. It was a full 9" of cock and still growing. It had to be an inch and a half thick and not yet hard. I lowered my head to his lap and took him into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock it just kept getting bigger. It had to be every bit of 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. I was almost scared what it would do to my tight little virgin ass.

I had been working on his cock for about 10 minutes when the car came to a stop. Thank god he had a garage because I don't think he could get that python back in his pants as big as it was hard. He led me into the house and into the living room. He turned to me and put his lips to mine for a long hard kiss where our tongues explored each others mouths. I broke the kiss off because I wanted that beautiful cock in my mouth. I pushed him down onto the couch and knelt between his legs. I grabbed his cock at the base and slowly lowered my mouth onto him. I could only get him half way into mouth before I started gagging. I really wanted to take all of him so I was gonna have to relax to get it done. I let his cock slip from my mouth and lowered myself to his huge balls. I could only get one of them into my mouth. I was glad that he was completely shaved. While I licked and sucked on his big beautiful balls my hand worked up and down on that massive cock. I wanted him inside me but I had to wait.

I looked him in the eye and told him that I had never had a cock this big but that I wanted to deepthraot him down to the base. I just needed him to be patient. He said that he was mine to do whatever I wished and that he had all night. I went to work on his cock again slowly pushing him farther to the back of my throat each time I went down on him. It took 20 minutes of teasing my throat and relaxing the muscles when I finally took him to the base of his cock. I was amazed that I found it so easy to do. It is such an incredible feeling to have something so big penetrating into your throat like that. Each time I slid up his cock I found it easier to get back in. I was working him good and he was loving it. He was moaning loudly and pushing me down on his cock. He had my hair pulled back out of my way and wrapped around his hand. He had my hair pulled tight and it felt good for him to take control of me like this.

I was deepthroating him like a pro now and I could feel the head of his cock swelling. His breathing was getting faster and I knew he was getting close to cumming. I picked up his pace and took him as deep as I could. He told me he was ready to come and I took him as deep as I could and held him there. I felt his cock jerk and swell and felt the flood of his hot thick come shoot spurt after spurt down my throat. His load was so big I could hardly take it all. I back off to the tip and started swirling my tongue around the tip and he could hardly take it. I grabbed the base of his cock and milked the last thick gob of cum from his cock. I used my tongue to clean the cum from the head of his cock and he twitched because of it. I sat there between his legs for a few minutes letting him recover. He pulled me to him and kissed me deeply, tasting his cum on my lips. He told me that he wanted to fuck my tight little pussy. I tensed up and he asked what was wrong. I told him that he couldn't fuck my pussy. He got a little upset but what the hell he already had his so he wasn't to mad.

He wanted to know why we couldn't go any further. I wasn't sure what to do so I figured I should go for honest and see what happened. I sat next to him on the couch and started nibbling on his neck. I could already see that he was not done by a long shot. His cock was still hard and wanting more attention. I started stroking him and he started to play with my tits through my dress. He wasted no time pulling down the top of my dress and freeing my breasts from my sexy bra. He took one nipple into his mouth while he twisted the other between his fingers. As he sucked and nibbled on my tits his other hand started working its way down my body. He placed his hand on my knee and started sliding up my thigh. He slowed a little bit and finally made it under my dress.

He found my panties quickly and started to pull them aside. His finger went further between my legs to where a pussy should have been and then it registered with him that something was wrong. He stopped and looked at me. I was still working on his cock with my hand when he said, " What the fuck is that?" I was scared. Then I looked him in the eye and told him that I was no ordinary girl. He asked what that meant so I stood up and showed him. I lifted my dress and pulled off my thong reveling a 7" cock that was just as hard as his. His eyes got wide and I could see the anger contort his face. He started to get up but I protested and pushed him back onto the couch. I told him that he could fuck me like a woman just not in the usual sense. He wasn't sure what to do so I made the first move. I asked him if he like to be on top or on bottom. He said that he wanted me on top and facing away from him because he didn't want to see my cock. I said fine and dropped to my knees.

I used my mouth to get him hard again and slicked up. After he was hard and his cock was slick with my saliva, I turned around and wet my asshole with my spit. I straddled him while on my knees and reached back to guide his cock into me. I lowered myself onto that huge cock head and tried to work it inside me. He wasn't even in me yet but I could tell it was going to hurt. My mind wanted me to run for the door but my body wanted me to plunge myself onto that cock. I licked my fingers and got the good and slick and put one finger then 2 into my ass to help a little bit. I was working my fingers in and out when I noticed that he was stroking his cock watching me. I finally relaxed a bit and decided I would try again to get that huge piece of meat into me again.

I grabbed the base of his cock to hold him steady as I touched the head of his cock to my asshole again. It started to slide in a little bit and I could feel a burn from the pain. It was good and bad at the same time but I knew it would get better. I finally worked the head of his cock all the way into me and I just held him there. It felt wonderful but I had to relax a little more if I was going to be able to take all of him. I slowly gyrated with just the head in me until I could feel myself stretching to accommodate this huge piece of meat. I decided to go for it and let myself drop onto that cock until it was buried to the hilt. The full felling it gave me was intense and satisfying. I never imagined that it would feel so good. I would have sworn that it was gonna pop out my throat it was so big but damn did it fell good. I stated rocking back-and-forth slowly on his manhood until I found a rhythm. I was moving up and down that huge cock like I had been doing it for years. He was moaning and I could tell he was really getting into it. It must have been a beautiful site for him to see his cock sliding in and out of my tight round ass. He started meeting my thrusts and it felt so good.

I'd had the beautiful cock in me for about 5 minutes when he decided to take control of the situation. He had a hold of my hips and was forcing me down onto his cock. God did he feel wonderful. Pre-cum was oozing from my cock as he pounded into me. He was pounding me hard when he decided to change positions. He stood up off of the couch with his cock still in me while holding me up in front of him. My back was to him and he was holding me up by the back of my knees. This allowed him to get deeper into me yet. I had my head back against his shoulder and my arms up and around his neck while he slammed my asshole. He was pounding my ass so hard and it felt so good that my own cock started shooting all over the place. He didn't notice but that was fine by me.

He walked us over to his pool table where he proceeded to bend me over it. He was slamming into me and his balls were slapping against mine. His pace quickened and he really started pounding me. His fingers were digging into my hips as he pulled me back and fucked me like the little bitch that I had become. I could feel him swell as he buried himself into me to the hilt and I felt his hot cum shoot into me. He pumped a few more times and each time I felt another hot shot of his cum. We stayed there for a few minutes panting and sweating. I could feel his cock start to go limp inside my ass. He withdrew himself from me and I felt his cum ooze out and down my balls. I used my fingers to scoop it up and I turned around and sucked my fingers clean while looking him in the eye. I stepped to him and gave him a long deep kiss and thanked him for the time. I pulled my dress down and grabbed my things. As I headed for the door I threw my panties to him and told him I'd come get them some other time.

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