tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAllison Kilgore's Promotional Tour

Allison Kilgore's Promotional Tour

byCharles Petersunn©

This story is within the celebrity section because the characters are actual persons (i.e., porno stars). However, the various scenes include other themes, such as exhibitionism (but not much), first time, and a bit of spanking. The story primarily involves the theme of fan appreciation, if you are familiar with that genre. All of the characters are at least eighteen years old. Enjoy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Allison Kilgore was starring in a new series of adult films. She was excited about it. She felt it was going to be some of her best work. However, she had to admit that the industry was not like it used to be. DVD sales were down; way down.

The industry was different in another way as well. This was most definitely no longer the classic age: the days of Deep Throat, Taboo, Debbie Does Dallas, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Pretty Peaches, Behind the Green Door, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Passages. Allison so much enjoyed those older movies, but they just didn't make them like they used to.

So many times Allison felt she was born in the wrong age. Of course, if she had been born 40 years earlier she would now be so much older than she is now with so many fewer years left to enjoy. She would not really want to be that old. But, she would at least have obtained more satisfaction from her career, as an actress.

What had gone wrong?

Many felt that it was an effect of the internet. Clearly the internet owes much to pornography. Approximately 25% of internet searches concern pornography. Approximately 12% of all sites are pornographic. Put another way, every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. In that same second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S. Actually, it's probably much more than that, if one counts all of the brief amateur videos.

And that was the problem for the "mainstream" porn industry. The competition was now so fierce. Why go to a video store to rent an adult DVD when the guy can simply download hours upon hours upon hours of pornography for the same price as a few hours worth of one DVD rental. Plus, with the internet he no longer has to deal with the embarrassment of standing in line with all the "normal" people, many of whom are women, at times women with kids. A guy can get some pretty bad looks in these lines. And, even if there is nobody in line, the cashier might herself be a young lady, who gives him a funny, if not disgusting, look. How does he rent "Spanking Young Coeds" from her? And, worse yet, what if a colleague or neighbor comes in while he's purchasing "Hannah Honeypot Gets in the Backdoor!"

A man can, of course, go to the purely adult DVD stores, but so many of them are going out of business. Why shlep all the way out to that section of town when he could simply order on-line, already wearing only his underwear.

Of course, mainstream pornography is also sold through the internet, but the costs are so exorbitant to make a feature length film. There are so many production components that are required when there is an actual story and script, relative to the many, many sites that sold brief, cheap flicks, most of which were just fuck scenes.

Some of the sites did at least provide specialty scenarios, such as college, spanking, MILF, big boobs, little titties, pissing. Really, just about anything. Well, actually, yes, most definitely anything.

And, that was the problem. Why would anyone purchase a feature length adult film with a story line, character development, and twists and turns to the plot, when he can cut to the chase and have scene after scene focus precisely on his particular predilection. Feature films are not what the common man wants when it cums to his porn.

Allison was so disappointed. It was like she had finally signed a contract with CBS to star in a new drama series and all they were broadcasting now were reality shows.

The starlets of modern porn had to be creative to promote their products, to help make them stand out, and Allison was doing just that. She was on a publicity tour, promoting her new series, "Allison's Cosplay Adventures."

Porn star publicity tours are not anything new. They have been going on for quite some time, but they have been confined largely to providing featured acts at a local gentleman's club. Allison decided to try something new.

Her first stop was Townsend, Michigan, where she would work as a saleslady for a day within Alice's Sex Shop, which sold various toys, props, costumes, and one of the largest collection of DVDs, for rent or sale. Alice even carried Japanese videos, which was rather surprising as none of the customers could understand anything that the actresses were saying and the genitals were hidden by a mosaic. Why do porn movies when you can't see anything, Allison wondered. The customers had to be duly warned before they made a rental or purchase of one of these films.

Alice even carried some VHS cassette tapes, but they were all recycled from older customers who had not yet made the switch to DVD. They were only for rental, as there was simply too few of them to spare.

Allison was ecstatic when she discovered them, as this section of the store was a gold mine of classics. Alice even had Passages, which was now hard to find even on the internet. There really should be a public auction, "garage sale" site on the internet specializing in pornography. Of course, there probably was but Allison hadn't found it. She asked Alice if she could purchase some of the VHS tapes but Alice said that it would alienate the customers who still relied on them.

Alice wanted to set up a special table for Allison, along with a stack of her videos, where she could provide autographs on ones that a customer purchased. Allison agreed to this, but she also wanted to try something else out, in the morning.

That was not a real loss as not too many people come to an adult store in the morning. It wasn't really clear why this was true, other than perhaps the obvious fact that men worked in the day and it was easier to leave work early than to arrive late. But, the morning was a good time if one wanted to avoid being recognized by other customers.

Allison's heart was racing a bit as she waited for her first customer. She really wasn't too sure about this, but she did want to at least give it a try.

She was pleased to see that the first person to enter was an older male, not real old, not elderly, but certainly middle aged. He might be familiar with at least one of her movies.

"Hello sir," she cheerfully greeted as he entered the store.

Michael Douglas looked at her kind of funny, and clearly confused. He could understand Walmart having greeters. Apparently their customers liked that. He was himself disappointed, if not annoyed, when Krogers started doing it too. Plus, it had to be a rather demeaning job. And, who is really cheered by a greeter? In any case, he really didn't understand it at an adult DVD and sex novelty store.

But, then, as his eyes took in her pretty eyes, her gay smile, and her so very large breasts that were bursting out the front of her pearl button pink cashmere sweater, his heart changed. He smiled back. Actually, this was kind of a nice idea.

He always liked it when an adult store had female clerks. He somehow felt less slimy, less perverted, when he purchased pornography from a woman, at least when she worked at an adult store. It was like the female sex was giving her approval for his interest in porn. He didn't care for it at a regular video store, but that was because she was more likely there for the selling of "normal" videos. Clearly a woman could not be disapproving if all that was being sold was adult products.

This was even better. This female sex, and a very sexy one at that, was even welcoming his arrival. What guy wouldn't appreciate that. "Hello," he replied courteously. It wasn't much of a response, but he never felt particularly comfortable or assertive with a pretty, sexy woman.

But, Allison wasn't going to let him off with just that. As he walked by she took him by the arm and asked, "Can I be of help, sir?"


"Were you looking for anything special today?"

He instantly switched from enjoying her presence to finding her very uncomfortable, if not annoying. He hated to go to stores in which the salespersons worked on commission, who hounded him constantly until either he just walked out or bought lots and lots of stuff. And they were never honest with him. Everything apparently looked great on him, was perfect for him, was exactly what they liked as well, was the bestselling item, was a real good buy right now. There was no way he could leave the store without buying something as they had invested so much time in him. He'd feel so guilty. But, of course, it wasn't so bad as jade, silk, or pearl government stores in China. He really hated those (albeit the saleswomen were really very cute).

This could be even worse. The purchase of an adult DVD was really very personal, involving very specific tastes, perhaps even idiosyncratic tastes. One might even say fetishistic, perverted tastes. And, what if he had planned to purchase a male masturbation device? Clearly that was now entirely off the table. Well, Alice might now be losing some of her business.

Of course, that was assuming that this woman was going to follow him around the store. She wasn't going to do that, was she? "No, no, just browsing," he replied. This was his common line at stores with pushy, intrusive salespersons. Never refer to anything specific as that would only encourage further conversation.

"Well, if that's the case," Allison suggested, drawing him closer to her, pressing a breast against his arm, as they strode arm-in-arm deeper into the store, "Let me see if I can help you find just what makes you the happiest."

'Oh, this was just so weird,' he thought. It was like when he went to a strip club and he was accosted by the first girl who saw him enter, who must have been hovering by the door like a hawk waiting for a squirrel to venture in, immediately latching onto him, not taking the hint to leave him alone. He wanted to be the hawk: considering, studying, evaluating all the various strippers that were available that night, until he found the one that pleased him the most.

However, he could usually shake the girl who grabbed him by just asserting that he was waiting for "Bambie" or "Heather." The girls usually respected a customer who was a regular and had a particular girl in mind. Of course, the risk was that she would go get a Bambie or a Heather, who would turn out to be so, well, he hated to say it, skanky. Of course it took a certain kind of girl who would be willing to work at such a profession. And, maybe some guys, perhaps lots of guys, like the hard, trashy look but, that wasn't Michael's particular preference. He wanted the nice girl next door who, surprisingly enough, enjoyed giving guys lap dances. Okay, it was not a very realistic taste, but if he was going to pay for a dance he should at least be able to choose the girl.

In any case, waiting for Bambie wasn't going to work with this girl. He would just have to make a minimal purchase and then get the heck out of there.

She was at least pretty, and pleasant. She would in fact be the kind of girl from whom he would seek a lap dance. She had a natural, seemingly chaste girl-next-door prettiness. She had straight blonde hair that hung just past her shoulders, long bangs that reached her eyebrows, ruby red kissable lips, and a cheeky, always smiling face that made her seem far too nice to be working at a place like this. Her smile was just so endearing, so adorable. But, perhaps her nicest feature, along with her lean and lovely curves topped by a natural set of ripe mouth-watering breasts (38 DD, which contrasted so well with her 25 inch waist), were her lovely blue eyes.

Her eyes were sparkling with a coquettish joyful flirtation. They just seemed to twinkle with playfulness. Plus, they were not perfectly symmetrical in shape or size. It was hard to put one's finger on it but it was like one of them was always squinting just a very little bit. It wasn't at all unattractive, however. In fact, it just made her all the more charming, engaging, and truly unique.

He even liked her outfit. She wasn't dressed like a stripper (but that would make the stripping all the more appealing). Along with her pink cashmere sweater the woman was wearing a white linen Bogner's pleated Silvy skirt (embroidered with colorful flowers along winding green vines) with a scalloped hem and double ribbon tie waist. It was really very sweet and feminine. She in fact looked so girlish and innocent that he wondered if he could really buy an adult DVD from her. Still, he could feel a nipple atop a humongous breast pressing into the muscles of his arm.

Michael suddenly recognized her, or at least he felt that she most definitely resembled someone. "You know, you look just like someone I know."

"Now, sir," Allison replied, smiling sweetly, "that's a pretty old line, don't you think?"

He smiled in return. "No no no. I didn't mean it like that. I don't in fact actually know her. You just remind me of someone. I mean, like you could be her spitting image."

"Allison Kilgore?" Allison offered.

"Well, yes! You've heard this from other people."

Allison squeezed his arm against her breast, the nipple poking him deeper. "It's because I am Allison."

He stopped in his tracks and stared at her. "What? No! Really?"

Allison gaily smiled at the man's obvious surprise and confusion. "Oh, I am very real, sir. I'm at Alice's to promote my new series."

Michael smiled. Really? This was so cool. He had once attended the AVN convention in Las Vegas, hoping to meet a lot of the stars, perhaps even get some autographs. But, he had been disappointed. He did not recognize one actress in the session with fans. A lot of the girls were indeed very, very attractive, and hot, but he didn't recognize any of them, and he had seen quite a few movies.

Well, this more than made up for that bummer. This was really Allison Kilgore, standing right by him, even holding his arm, pressing into one of them her big soft squishy boobs. He glanced at them, and then shyly looked away. He always enjoyed seeing them. He wondered if he could ask her for her autograph.

"And," she added, "may I ask your name?"

"Michael, Michael Douglas."

She gave him a mock look of skeptical disbelief. "You're not a movie star too, are you?"

"No, no, I get that a lot," he chuckled. "I mean, just with the name. I was named after this TV character, not the movie star."

Allison never knew of any TV character by that name, but there was nothing to be gained by letting him know that. "Well, Michael, have you ever seen any of my movies?" Clearly he must've, given that he recognized her, but it was the obvious thing to ask him.

"Oh yes," he admitted, and then glanced around, feeling a little self-conscious about saying that so emphatically and loudly within the store. They were by now though fairly deep into the store and, in any case, only one or two other customers had yet arrived that morning. The only other person was a man behind the counter, who didn't seem to be paying any attention to them.

"Don't be shy. Tell me. Which one did you like the most?"

Michael had at times wondered if someday he might meet a real movie star, a Hollywood star, and then be asked this question. What if he couldn't recall at that moment any of her (or his) movies? He wasn't particularly good at remembering the names of movies, and he could very easily forget the characters' names. That would be so embarrassing, and perhaps for the actress as well. But, there was no such problem now.

"Well, man, I mean, well, I really liked a lot of them. Let's see, I really liked 'I Swallow.'" His face immediately flushed when he admitted to that. How often do you tell a pretty girl, one so innocent looking as Allison, that you like the movie in which she took a big load in her mouth?

Allison giggled. "I bet you did. Do you like to cum in a girl's mouth?"

Well, that was a question he was not asked very often; actually, just about as often as he had in fact done it. He didn't say anything other than a sheepish smile.

Alison asked, "Did you also like 'Creme de la Face'?"

That didn't help with his blushing. He liked that even more. He nodded, just a bit.

Allison stepped up to him, her breasts lightly touching his chest. "I can see that. Your face is so, so red."

He could now feel both nipples pressing against him. This was not going to help the redness in his face go away. Her perfume wafted across his nostrils. Funny, he had never associated a porn star with perfume before. Goodness, she smelled as sweet as she looked. He so wished he was wearing briefs. He stepped back. He didn't want her to think that he was trying to do something with her. Just because she is a porn star that doesn't mean one can just walk up to her and brush her boobs.

"Yes, well, yeah, I guess," he finally acknowledged.

She wouldn't let him get away. She stepped up to him again, pressing her soft boobs against him. "Rodney Moore has so, so much cum. Do you cum that much?"

He was feeling a little lightheaded. What a question to ask a guy, with squishy breast flesh and hard nipples pressing against his chest. He shook his head and smiled sheepishly, "No, no, sorry." Why did he apologize, he wondered. It wasn't like she was asking him to do it! "I mean, no, of course not, wish I did." Few persons cum as much as Rodney.

Allison finally stepped back. "Well, I've found that guys who cum less can shoot it a lot harder."

"Really?" He noticed how hard her nipples appeared, poking out from her feminine sweater like bullets at the end of big round nose cones.

"Sure," she acknowledged, but not really. Still, it was a nice myth.

"Nineteen!" He just remembered another scene he really liked.

She smile with appreciation at his familiarity with her films. "I was on the cover of that one."

That's right. He remembered that. "Yes, yes, you were wearing a red plaid skirt and a white brassiere, holding onto something, a book maybe, as you looked right at the camera." It wasn't a particularly sexy brassiere but it was clear that her boobs were so fucking big. One had to wonder what this college girl was doing without her blouse. She looked a bit upset or annoyed. "As soon as I saw that picture I had to see the movie." The actual scenes didn't always measure up to the pictures on the box though. He could never understand if they knew how to make a sexy picture why couldn't they be as sexy with the movie?

"Well, you are a big fan," she smiled, her eyes drifting down to his crotch.

"Sure am," Michael responded, but then saw where she was looking and wondered if he should clarify what he meant.

"Oooooooh," Allison recalled, "but that scene was so, so bad."

"It was?"

She gave him a mock expression of shock, and embarrassment. "He put his cock up my butt, for goodness sake!"

"Oh yeah, that's right." Michael looked around self-consciously.

"I'm just teasing," Allison reassured him. "I thought it was fun." She reached out and squeezed his arm. "I am glad you liked it."

"Yeah, well, I did," he quietly admitted.

"Did it make you cum?"

"Ms. Kilgore!" Michael complained. That was kind of a personal question.

"Now who are you to complain," Allison playfully scolded him, stepping back up to him and now crushing her breasts deeply against him. "You get to watch me do all sorts of things, and yet you won't even tell me one thing that you've done?"

Well, that was a pretty darned good point. It can be difficult to overtly, publicly admit that one jerked off to a dirty movie, but it did seem a bit silly to be reluctant to admit that to a porn star. It was kind of like talking to a doctor about one's personal illnesses. She was a professional. "Yes, well," he replied, still feeling a bit self-conscious, "yeah, I did."

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